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Saturday, March 13

postheadericon Smile pretty, princess!

Look at this gorgeous example of womanhood, ladies and gentlemen.

As you can see, this picture was taken of Tila at LAX as she was leaving us for her whirlwind tour to Australia. You know, the one where she called out the wrong name of the city she was in...but can you blame her?

"When u tour in so many cities & fly out every single day, u sometimes tend to forget what city ur in next." Gosh Tila, I'm sure that doing this for a whole three days really is taxing. I mean, wow. Everybody golf clap for Tila.

Anyway bitches, let's get back on topic. Last night we all saw the most epic fail ever on the internets when Tila claimed she had a miscarriage when that mean ol' chair fell on her. That happened 28 days ago. I know this because her old account is still accessible at Way over on page 36 you can read about the chair falling on her. Or you can just gaze upon it here in a lovely screen cap:

(Side note: You can go to pages 29 and 30 to see her having severe pain and going to the doctor as soon as the the office opens O WAIT NEVERMIND LOLOLOLOL the day before leaving for Australia)
So if you count 28 days ago, that's February 13. She performed in Adelaide on February 18. That means, math wizards, that picture of Tila at the airport was taken February 17 - 4 DAYS AFTER A MISCARRIAGE.

Can we consider this for a moment? I mean, look at the smile on her face. Is that the smile of a woman who just lost a baby? That sentence doesn't even make sense. Who the fuck smiles after losing a baby? And for fuck's sake WHO THE FUCK WEARS WHITE LEGGINGS 4 DAYS AFTER A MISCARRIAGE?

Tila? Real talk - you fail. No, seriously. You fail.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, I just wanted to maybe point out that the stuff Tila is saying she bought, is probably the free swag she scored at that Oscar gift party she crashed. It looks to be in line with the usual swag they hand out (usually a bag or two, perfumes and makeup along with gift cards and other things) I dont think she bought this at all, in fact I'm pretty sure this is the swag she got and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

hahaha love it.

Terri said...

off subject, but on facebook, under her videos for blue dress, she says "I have a big showcase in LA singing this song plus 3 more from this EP with a live orchestra!!!!!!! March 13th at Bordello!"

Guess that was a lie too!

Terri said...

and thanks for pointing out the white leggings after a miscarriage!

Anonymous said...

oh my god. it's so funny, it's tragic. i pray for her sad, sad soul.

Anonymous said...

Reading this Blog opens up so many old wombs for the real women that has been through such tragedy such as losing a child or a woman who cant even conceive.

Tila has never walked in our shoes. And to see her play around with this topic alone makes me nauseas.

I have NEVER, EVER in my life seen a celebrity(Whatever today’s society labels this “THING” to be) that would go through this much or take it this far to draw attention to herself.

Thank You to the writers (and your little helpers) at the Tilasrotspot for putting in the time, patience, late nights and I know headaches in airing out this “THING” and who she really is.

On the behalf of so many women, REAL WOMEN who gathers the strength to still keep it moving after losing a child that they’ve carried under their hearts and not take this as some form of a sick twisted joke! There's NO excuse for her bullshit at this point.

Again?!....Thank You for being the voice to so many of us who has been through this!

Lots of Love,


Eduardo Retardo said...

Vy, that almost made me cry. I cannot express the rage I feel toward Tila right at this moment. Last night when she wrote that note I saw many of my friends react to it, friends who have been through that situation and who were genuinely hurt and VERY angered that she would toss it around like it's nothing. It made me furious. I'm pretty sure the other authors feel the same way.

Thank you for the lovely comment and please, rest assured that we aren't going to stop this. As I wrote on the hotspot earlier, her other lies have been tame in comparison. But this one is low. REAL LOW.

Anonymous said...

Recent Tila tweet -just ate my pizza & passed out and just woke up again. I have camps on the bottom left side of my belly! bleh! anyway u wanna phone chat?-
Hmm already with the cramps? Didnt she say that she could feel her baby on the left side?


Now shes going on about spending 18 grand on herself. Louis Vuitton is the easiest fake to get, you can get really nice real leather ones that will fool anyone. The rest of the stuff looks like free swag. As well that metallic pink bag is several seasons old. And the only thing that comes up when I do a search for it is a lot of fakes and talk about it from 2005.

My guess is that these are bags she bought when she had money in 2005/2006. Sad.

I love how she says she has spent 30g on her baby. Seeing as she has claimed to have several miscarriages you would think that spending that much on a fake week old embryo would be the furthest thing from her mind. A normal sane woman who had several real miscarriages would never go around talking about her pregnancy before the first trimester was over. Let alone go out and buy stuff. Plus where would Tila even put 30g worth of stuff in her 2bdrm apartment? I love that she thinks moving into a two story house is some sort of major claim to fame.

Oh and seeing how she hasnt been of twitter or Facebook for more than like an hour in the past few days when does she think she went shopping? Wouldnt all her paparazzi be following her? Cos shes so hot and famous?

Sarah said...

Haha! I saw those fake ass bags she posted too. Along with the (probably) empty cosmetic containers. She's so full of crap.

ALSO...isn't she supposed to be in London? And has been there for the past month? 1.) I can see her dirty ass house in the background of one of those pictures. 2.) How does she explain being at that "Secret Room" thing last week? 3.) How is she seeing her Dr. every other day if he's in LA and she's in London? 4.) How long ago was her trip to Australia? Was it even a month ago?

Hmmm... Once again... somethin' in the milk ain't clean!

Anonymous said...

Okay this isn't really about this post.. well one thing. On facebook she says she spent 18 grand.. but on twitter wasn't it only "10g's" according to her?
The thing I wanted to ask was.. didn't she say in a tweet that she was drinking redbull? or maybe it was an older one. Anyway the point is... if you're going to have a fake pregnancy you should read the label of what you ingest so you don't hurt your fake baby. Redbull and all other energy drinks say NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PREGNANT WOMEN or young children. Of course fake alien babies might be different who knows?

faka dez said...

Jesus. This bitch is lower than low.

Back in December I went in for a prenatal appointment and the baby no longer had a heartbeat. I was exactly 10 weeks along and the baby measured 9 weeks 6 days which means it happened just the day before. I was scheduled for a D&C and the entire process from beginning to end was the absolute most horrifying experience of my life. The feelings of loss and emptiness were almost too much to bear after wards. To see this bitch make light and an absolute mockery of such a terrible situation angers me beyond belief.

Oh, and white leggings 4 days post-miscarriage? Give me a fucking break. Go to hell, Tila.

Mailee said...

The more I read her garbage the angrier I get about her fake pregnancy. I am one of those women who lost a child only I carried mine to term and lost him @ 3 months to SIDS. She, with her lies have opened up so many wounds for me and I am angry. I had finally found a bit of peace with it but now with her lies I have lost that peace and now only remember
the pain and anguish of losing my Kyle. How dare she make light of losing a child to miscarriage and then lie again about being pregnant when Drs. always tell you, after a misscarriage, to refrain from sex for 6 weeks. So how can she be pregnant already? How could she possibly have any symptoms or even feel the baby? And how would she have a clue that it's twins? My money is on she os preparing to announce a miscarriage any day now. I am just so fucking angry. How dare she lie about something that is so heart wrenching for so many of us?

Sarah said...

I'm so sorry Mailee, that must have been extremely painful. I can't even imagine. :(

But please do not let this greasy little hobbit upset you! Don't let her have that power over you. Don't let her take your peace away from you. She's insignificant. Yes, what she's doing is HORRIBLE but she will pay for it...karma's a bigger bitch than she is!

Miranda said...

Hmmm. On page 30 she says her doctor is a girl, but Dr. Danzer seems to be a man. Hmmm. It is going to be hard growing up for her kid if she can't even tell a man apart from a lady.

TRS said...

I KNOW couture bags VERY well. LV is the easiest to fake. In any big city you can find them on street corners left and right being sold. One of hers in the picture isn't even a real purse in the line it's a replica of. Meaning, the pattern on the bag and the style of the bag itself together isn't something made by LV. This usually happens with knock offs. They mix and match patterns and styles that you can't get without buying it knock off. There are huge factories in China that make replicas of all of these things (purses/bags/shoes/clothes/etc). I used to know someone who bought/sold this kind of thing here in the states from various sellers in China.

TRS said...


I understand how you feel. Something similar is what has fueled my fire. Let's just spread the word and get rid of this twat!

I'm so sorry for your loss :( xxoo

Anonymous said...

either it is a pic of the swag she got at the oscar suite, or she was going through the garbage at the mall looking for empty boxes to pose with the fake LV....wouldn't surprise me either way...garbage is as garbage does..

Sarah said...

I saw a girl today at Old Navy wearing some raggedy ass clothes, a terrible weave, cheap shoes and a LV bag! I was like WTF...who do you think you're fooling? Dumbass.

And Anon @ 4:59...the mental picture of TT digging around trash bins is hysterical! And not completely unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I must be blind or something! Where on the screen cap does it say she claimed to have had a miscarriage?


Anonymous said...

At the time of the "miscarriage", she did not mention it. She hit her head, twittered about it, went to the ER, was out in an hour and then flew to Australia in white leggings for her karaoke bar-hop.

Only recently has she stated that she had the miscarriage when she hit her head with the chair. Those screen caps are shown in some other entries on this site.

Sarah said...

She didn't really even come out and say "I had a miscarriage". She says some BS like, "I was pregnant, then something horrible happened and I wasn't pregnant anymore but now I'm pregnant again! YOU figure it out!"

Anonymous said...

here's a snippet...

The reality of Tila Tequila's situation
Casey Johnson's death sent her into a tailspin. Now the 'Shot at Love' star
says she just wants to be a businesswoman. Can she really step out of the
March 13, 2010|By Amy Kaufman >>>
Tila Tequila had looked everywhere, but she could not find her pills.
"I need to take my medication. My happy pills," she said, as she pushed
aside some of the empty Red Bull cans that were strewn about her Studio City
house. She wouldn't name the medication but explained, "Just so much has
been going on, my doctor has been giving me stuff to help me cope."
It was a late, very rainy evening in January, and the 28-year-old reality
television star and tabloid mainstay -- born Thien-Thanh Thi Nguyen -- had
not had a good day. Only a few moments earlier, she'd opened the door to her
home to find that her dog, Onyx, had chewed up a pair of her Lucite heels.
She chained him to a stripper pole. With a Swiffer mop from the kitchen, she
tried to brush aside the pieces of chewed up shoe, but the Velcro mop
affixed itself to her rug instead. "I don't know how to use this thing," she
said, tossing it aside in frustration.
She was trying to clean up before being photographed, a prospect she found
irritating, although she had previously agreed to it.
"What is this for again?" she said, sitting down at her piano, which was
covered in Christmas tree lights and vases of roses. "I'm not gonna do like
a model, Maxim thing. That's not who I am anymore." Instead, she had opted
to play a tribute song to her late fiancée, 30-year-old Johnson & Johnson
heiress Casey Johnson, who died in January from diabetes complications.

the entire article:

Mailee said...

Thanks so much Sarah and TRS...I'll get past it. She just gets under my skin and I shouldn't let that worthless piece of shit do that. I just wanted to thank you both and yes we do need to open others eyes to what she is.

Anonymous said...

I was bored and reading Tila's crap on twitter.. she showed her "new" things on facebook and put a link to it on twitter. well in the post right after she says this is the kind of thing that will be at her garage sell and links to the same pictures! The very next post is about buying the stuff again. Did she "buy" it just to sell it in her garage sell? ;)

Anonymous said...

tila needs help. read this:


Anonymous said...

Oh I was wrong in my post from.. earlier. She first says her purchases were "10 G's" then it was $15,000 next was $18,000. I don't care how much money you have there is a big difference between 10 and 18 thousand.

I want to say ladies that I am very sorry for all of your losses and struggles with fertility. I hope and pray that each of you one day have the beautiful babies that you all deserve! I have been blessed with two girls of my own so I would never dare say I know how it feels. I have watched both of my sisters go through similar situations though. One sister has suffered miscarriages and the other had to have an ovary removed and has so far been unable to conceive after years of trying. I feel guilty for having the children that my sister can't. So it makes me so sick to see someone act like having a child is no big deal. Once she even said something about any woman can have a child... I wanted to smack her and say No they can't! Sometimes it doesn't work out that way!... bitch! I can completely see why Tila outrages everyone. I'm disgusted by her on behalf of all women. :)

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see her twits over the past 24 hours?

1) Claimed to be in London visiting her 'baby daddy' where she has been 'for the past month, pretending to be in LA.' Used a ridiculous fake British accent and sounded in complete meltdown.

2) After an anti-fan jokingly spoke of breaking into her house (very obviously a joke) she claimed to be phoning the police - a tweet which she subsequently deleted (I have the screen grabs).

3) "I'm gonna go take Onyx for a little walk now and grab a bite to eat to see my best friend. Have a wonderful night everyone!" Less than 12 hours after claiming to be in London?

4)"Anyway, I also have to finish filling out all this paper work for adopting a baby. It's a long process but I'm very happy about it. Muah! nite." I thought the adoption process was nearly over? And "a baby"? That's a far cry from her darling boy who is sick and alone in an orphanage waiting for 'mama Tila."

I have screen grabs for all this crap.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for exposing Tila's lies. This kind of crap burns me up.I have dealt with infertility for years now and I have had 4 REAL miscarriages.If Tila had a miscarriage at 15 weeks, she would have more than likely been admitted to the hospital and certainly would not have taken off to Austraila in 4 days.I've never had a miscarriage that late, latest was 12 weeks.But it took me literally about 2 weeks to feel like getting out of the house at all and that was just to pick up some food.
Now, if Tila has done has already been uncovered, it would be a long process with taking ovulation induction medication or injections, etc.If she is due December 1st, she would have had an egg retrieval on the 10th, approximately.A few days after the retrieval you go in and get the embryos implanted.Also after the embryo implantation you have to stay lying down for,I believe, a day.A blood pregnancy test would not even be positive until about 3 or 4 days from now.So she has NO way of knowing she is now pregnant.This pisses me off.There are SO many people who have suffered the real pain of miscarriage and child loss..there are so many people who would give anything to be able to just up and do ivf or adopt from Russia or wherever(like my husband and I)but can't because it is so expensive.
BTW, I have done another round of fertility meds this month..just so happens I ovulated on the 10th,which gives me a due date of Dec 1.I dont have a clue yet whether I am pregnant or not.And I won't for a while.
The last thing Ive ever thought of doing is lying about being pregnant to fill the void(?).It's crazy.She is crazy.
Tila makes me realize just how unfair life is.Some people have all the fake problems there are to have,and they get all kinds of attention.Those who have real problems, well, they just have to deal with them best they can.I pray that this woman will get the help that she so obviously needs.

Anonymous said...

@Mailee: Sorry for what you are going through. I can feel your wound. Stay strong lady.

She has cause enough damage to people by ranting about "Fake Miscarriage" Entertaining adult sexual behavior towards minors. God knows what will be next.

boytoy said...

on march 12th tila was supposed to be in montreal to make an apperance at lounge/bar. I clicked on the link of course her apperance was confirmed and i even emailed the club owning but with no reponse, while with that flyer there was another flyer for tila i think april 6th or 7th apperance in miami.