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Tuesday, March 2

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The last week has been one busy week not only for the retched TT but for myself as well. I have spent much time filling out various reports, speaking with various persons about the exploiting & enticing of these minors, and speaking with attorneys. So with that said, let me go ahead and answer a few general questions.

I've had numerous emails asking me if WE were being investigated. For what, I really don't know. I'd hope that it's no big secret that I AM diligently working with different agencies/media/etc with having the charity fraud and exploiting & enticing minors with lewd sexual acts investigated. I will give out as much info as I am authorized to do. However, please remember that no one knows every detail of this at this point nor will we probably ever. Thus far, according to my hosting service, the ONLY "investigation" that has been done is the hits (you all) I've had to the page and the multiple attorneys that we have spoken to have read through it. They have not been contacted for any investigative search because WE have not broken any rules.

I'm also getting a lot of emails on why we haven't been updating on a regular basis. I've mentioned before that I wanted to keep the important info at the top so that it would be easier for people to see the REAL issue here and have THEIR CHANCE to try and help put an end to the unlawful acts this "celebrity" is doing right in FRONT of peoples eyes. I'm very passionate about getting this information out. Therefore sometime this week I will be adding an additional page to the blog with that info alone on it. That way it's always easily accessible. Which brings me to the "big question". "Did you all get a C&D from TT & Co.?" The answer to that question is ... well, kinda. I did indeed receive something sloppily thrown together that might have said C&D on it. My attorneys got a good chuckle. Let me explain:

No matter how intimidating the letter may seem, and no matter what deadlines or penalties are mentioned, just remember: this is not a court order. It's simply a letter drawn up to try and scare you into keeping quiet about something when someone has something to hide. You CAN draw up your own if you feel you have legitimate reason to ask someone to cease and desist. However, it is usually something that is drawn up by an attorneys office that is quick and gets the office/firm a quick $600 - $1000 per person that it's sent to. Do you REALLY think she has THAT kind of money to be throwing at all of us who don't like her? Exactly. However, I will point out that impersonating an attorney/firm/government official for reason of threat for personal gain IS punishable by law. ;) The fact is that whereas we didn't use "Tila Tequila"(registered or not) in our domain, they cannot issue a cease and desist for the blog. Well, they CAN but it's as useful as scribbling on the kitchen table with a crayon, taking a picture, and emailing it to me. IF my blog was being investigated or if I was doing anything illegitimate my hosting company would have to be subpoenaed which, according to them, has not happened. So TT & Co have nothing to stand on. If they did, they would have sent the host server notification of copyright infringement and my attorney(s) wouldn't have giggled like school girls about how delusional your favorite whore REALLY is.

So ... with THOSE things being said ... ON WITH THE SHOW...

A NEW saga has begun ... stay tuned ... to be continued ... again