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Wednesday, March 3

postheadericon And the truth shall set you free...

Ok here it is, the "OFFICIAL CEASE & DESIST" from Tila's camp. I guess this means we've made it to the big leagues....which can only lead me to wonder why the dirty gremlin Tila's trying so hard to shut us up. Before you go on to read the nonsense for yourselves...allow me to just point out a couple of things for you...

1. Any claim(s) that we are infringing on rights or material of anyone, trademarked or not, are complete and utter bullshit. This is a completely NON-PROFIT parody/satire blog made to point out the many lies and contradictions of Tila...these are comments taken from her mouth(fingers) directly. Call it "whistle-blowing" if you will. As such, this blog and all of its contents falls under US Copyright Law: § 107. Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use40

2. By Tila wasting her money having her camp send us this C&D, they are now tampering with possible federal evidence. Because there is the possibility of federal charges pending the investigations being brought forth for the alleged misconduct not only by Miss Tila herself, but as well as her websites.

3. The last thing that I would like to point out is....if you'll go to the 3rd page of the C&D I posted(technically pg 29 of the shenanigans), you'll very clearly notice that they have actually whited out (edited) our very own disclaimer....tsk tsk...that's naughty....

Through counsel with our attorneys, it has been determined, there is actually NO law breaking going on here. As always kids, this blog is here for you to use along with your own intelligence, and determine what you will from the postings. Thank you for reading <3

UPDATE: I'd like to thank our very good friend Eduardo Retardo for pointing this doozy out for us. As you can very clearly see here...Tila states that "Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen" isn't even her real name.....LMFAO!!! I wonder what the gents who sent us the above Cease & Desist have to say about this....I also wonder if Tila truly doesn't know which voice to listen to anymore.
Tila, if you're reading this....the voice you should listen's the one telliing you "you're done"...check yourself into rehab!!!!

As TRS so eloquently put it AND THE SHOW WILL GO ON!