Monday, July 19

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Remember when Tila was bragging about her 'one hour interview' with a CNN-type BBC tv show? I don't have time to dig up her crap to prove it, it's out there like a million times. Anyway, she was interviewed by Westwood for BBC 1Xtra today, which is not a CNN-type tv show, it's a hip hop radio station.

She is there to introduce the "Hot 6@6", not to have an interview exclusively for herself . Interview is interspersed throughout, between songs.

Tila comes in on 2:05:06:

Westwood obviously likes her. She probably has her rancid cooch hanging out. Ugh. His first question is if her tits are real. She offers him a feel, he declines until after the show. He immediately brings up her relationship with Soulja Boy. She is shocked he knows anything about that. She accuses him of being a stalker and that he has spies. He pushes the question, and says he got his info from ustream. She laughs, and says nothing happened. 

He then asked how many tattoos she has. She replies "12", in contrast to the "10" she posted on the flog the other day. She says she'll be doing a 'naughty photoshoot' and getting more tats.

The first song she's to introduce is Freemason by JayZ. Westwood asks her opinion about whether she thinks JayZ is a Freemason, despite JayZ's denials. Tila jumps on this and claims her blogs are very popular on this topic and that's he's most definitely a Freemason.

Before the next song, Westwood asks about how she got 'famous', and the backstory behind her "Tequila" nickname. Again, she claims he's a stalker for knowing so much about her. She then goes into the same old blah blah blah about growing up in Houston and how everyone knew she would be a star. The lol started when she seriously claimed she'd be 2 inches taller had she not grown up so fast and stunted her growth because she wasn't jogging or taking vitamins and was partying instead. Seriously. Let that set for a second, 'cause I had to rewind to make sure she wasn't joking. Damn, that was so funny, it's worthy of its own call out:
she'd be 2 inches taller had she not grown up so fast and stunted her growth because she wasn't jogging or taking vitamins and was partying instead
She then does that pathetic thing where she claims she missed out on her childhood, she's a confident woman, but inside is an innocent little girl...ugh, gag me already. Westwood seems to get excited about this claim, and her offer for him to be her daddy is rebuked as he explains that's not the relationship he wants with her. Ickers. I'll tell ya, the only relationship you get out of Tila is with a bottle of penicillin and some itch cream.

He cuts her off to intro the next song, and the interview is continued on the flip side. There she talks about 'dominating Playboy, Maxim, etc' and then she "bursted on the scene with my bi-sexuality".  The way she phrased it and her intonation made it sound like her bi-sexuality was a lark. I don't know how to describe it, but it just sounded contrived. This leads to questions about her Shot of Love shows and she claims she was offered a 3rd season but SHE TURNED THEM DOWN, because she had to juggle 30 paramours at a time, when she could usually barely juggle 3 at a time. She also said she likes to keep her relationships private, mwahahahahhahhahahaha. Yeah, I'll remember that when I think of Casey, and Casa, and Sean and whomever else you unlocked your scabied legs for!

The next song is a Chris Brown song, and she does that annoying quasi-English accent to introduce it.

After Chris Brown, Westwood asks her what she thinks of Chris Brown. She says she likes him and that 'they' are trying to replace him with Justin Bieber. He then asks about Rihanna and she says they've had a beef and she refuses to comment. Next up he brings up Drake and she's quick to claim she knows him. Westwood tries to get her to admit to a relationship on the line of Soulja Boy, but Tila won't admit to anything. 

Then he brings up the Game and you hear crickets from Tila's seat. She gets all flustered, and you just know she's thinking OMG!!! JELIS HATERS! She claims she doesn't know him. Westwood repeats the question about what she thinks of Game, and Tila says she doesn't know him. Poor Game. In another couple of months Tila was going to put him on blast when she could prove the paternity of her fakby, I mean fake baby!! This will devastate him!

He asks about Trina, Tila had a beef with her too, but now they're good. He asks about Kat Stacks and Tila adopts this ghetto accent, which I totally didn't understand and then said Kat is on a different level than her, the level under her foot.

News break and the reporter is questioned by Westwood about how he could deliver his news with Tila sitting there so sexy. He stays professional, despite Tila being shocked he wasn't affected by her appearance. She asks if he'd like to adjust her 'boob tape' that's holding one of her Picasso nipples in place. He declines and says he has to go home. Westwood says 'home to his husband'. Believe me, that guy only turned gay when Tila walked in the room. Hell, I praise God every day I'm not on her team!!

 During the next break Westwood and Tila shout out her flog url. Westwood asks about the blog she did on the naked pix of P Diddy.  Tila, of course, is friends with P. Diddy *eyeroll* and she claims she texted him to tell him someone was shopping the pix. She then describes the pix, telling him once again what a great friend she is to P. Diddy, and how she would never hurt him

Last break, a barber calls and says because of listening to Tila he can't cut hair because he has to lean in...Lord the shit I have to listen to for you guys. Ugh. 

She's set to introduce the number 1 song, and is disappointed because she thought her stupid song about fucking a dj would be number 1. She's told that her song was too risque for the afternoon show. HA!!! Who wants to bet she'll claim she did sing it after all!

The show ends with a lot of stupid flirting between Westwood and Tila. She then shouts out her next barfly tour destination.

Ok bitches, I was suppose to be out of here 15 minutes ago!! I gotta fly, I'll edit when I return, lol!


Anonymous said...

I listened to the interweb feed of the show and I was chuckling to myself that on the BBC1xtra website there was this little webcam button. It didn't refresh quite as often but it's funny to see that her new coif looked like a nasty, nappy, smelly rat's nest.

I seriously hope someone slaps her for trying to talk with a British accent. How would she like it if someone started talking to her with a Vietnamese accent.

Ben said...

So basically Westwood brought her in there to get laid. She barely plugged her album and they can't even play the clean version during the day, so the only point of her being there had to have been for Old Man Westwood to get some.

SpitFire said...

Hahahahhah! Funniest thiing of this whole post is the qote of "Hell, I praise God every day I'm not on her team!!" So ficking true!

Anonymous said...

Dr Drews wife Tweets that Tila didnt pass the PYSCH TEST, HAHAHAHA! Love it!!! And the new POST!! :D

Vintage Pink said...

It pisses me off that this idiot is in London and I am not. Well, not yet.
I dont see how she can afford any of it.

Joann said...

Tila will always blow up everything she does to make people thing she is important and we all know she's not. She can't help it. That's how sad and pathetic she is.

I didn't even listen to the interview because I knew it wouldn't be nothing but a bunch of lies on her part.

This was posted on the DJDrapes web site today:

"As of this afternoon Tila Tequila has withdrawn from the drivetime interview with DJDrapes citing “professional differences”. We thank everybody who took interest in this event and/or had an opinion on it."

I guess they wanted a unrestricted interview and she refused.

boytoy said...

what;s this westwood dude look like?

Fatty McFatterson said...

I think Westwood was setting Tila up with some hot button artists. Why else would he have Soulja Boy, Drake, Chris Brown, JayZ, and especially Game? Those are all artists that Tila would be expected to have a reaction to.

Notice after these events, Tila doesn't report on them? She makes a huge deal beforehand, complete with the truth stretched as far as possible, and then drops the subject.

I was disappointed she didn't do a shout out to the Jelis Haters (sorry Tila Army, we stand out more in her mind than you do!) or go on and on about what a respectful mogul she is, and I totally wanted to hear how the 'dethrowing' of Perez is doing.

Well, she has other interviews, it's quite possible I'll be satisfied.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Imoutofit, what would be worse that talking to Tila with a Vietnamese accent, would be talking to her with a Slutinese accent. Of course, to perfect the Slutinese accent, you'll have to smack your lips after each word, and mumble incoherently, ramble excessively, and wipe at your rancid twat like you're strumming a banjo.
It's not as easy as it seems. My niece tried out for the school talent show speaking Slutinese and she was expelled from the whole town.

Joann said...

Just finished makin a porno with Tila Tequila @tilaOMG - ride on the big dawg! about 8 hours ago via TweetGenius

This was on Westwood's twitter today but I'm sure he was being sarcastic.

kristi (myhrette) said...

My first thought was, "Run Greg Run!" I love how he didn't want to touch her.

That whole interview was more disturbing than the Howard Stern. Usually accents make things more charming, but that host just seemed super creepy. I think I need to take a super hot shower to wash it all off, and maybe hide the tears.

tilas said...

"SHAWNE" not Sean..... just sayin' :)

Ben said...

If you check on Westwood's wikipedia it says that he's 53, kinda makes it even more disgusting that she was playing along with his flirting since he's old enough to be her jailbird father. Additionally it says that he's the wigger who inspired Ali G.

Sounds just like Tila's type.

Anonymous said...


Lol, I forgot the twatwaffle's mother tongue is Slutinese!

Anonymous said...

How do i listen to the interview?? I click on the link and the video player says no longer available... =(

Anonymous said...


Hold the phone. In an earlier post, Uncle Eddie capped a tweet from DJDrapes declaring that he had no intention of interviewing Tila at all. Now it's posted on his website that she cancelled a scheduled interview? Wassup with that?

Joann said...

@Nother....yea, at first DJDrapes did said no but when he started getting tons of complaints(including mine) about having Tila on his show he basically said because people are complaining about her so much I am going to have her on the show and if we would have kept our mouths shut(not his words) they would have passed on interviewing Tila.

When I went back to his page the next day I saw the statement about Tila refusing to be interviewed.

blahblahblah said...

Westwood is a twat of the highest order. He's so painfully "ghetto" in the way only middle aged white men can be and I would rather puncture my eardrums with my hairpins than listen to him pretend he's cool, hip and/or with it. Seriously, my mum is cooler and SHE knocks on people's doors to spread the good word.

I have been reading the papers (ie The Sun) and my beloved glossy (ie trashy) magazines. No mention of our favourite munchkin. Am I looking in the wrong places? I'm IN the UK...?

PS love the blog!

Anonymous said...

hearing "rumors" of her being some sort of 'high class escort' got me thinking...(you'd be surprised how many celebs/playmates/models/porn stars actually DO a little bit of this and that on the sidelines. seriously! so it makes me think of tila's 'tours'...she says she is going to italy, WHO will be meeting her there, you know? it made me wonder about this interview. he is a dj, and her song she is promoting is, i LOVE the dj, or her more crass version. from the sounds of the interview, i'd say a little somethin' somethin', extra, occurred on the sidelines. wouldn't surprise me one bit!

Anna said...


We'll know when we hear of his nether regions exploding.

deluwiel said...

@Joann - I'm thinking she refused the interview because she knew she'd get thrown some questions that she's not prepared to deal with. Remember that disastrous phone interview?

Even Tila is smart enough not to walk into a situation like that again. Too bad. It could've been great entertainment.

Isis said...

I'm filing a formal Mister Meaner towards Westwood on behalf of my eardrums.