Monday, July 19

postheadericon Aliens: Part Deux

Well looky here, boys and girls.  As pointed out in the comments to the previous post, Tila decided to show us exactly how one proves to be too crazy for a show that featured the crazy antics of Gary Busey!

I'm sorry, but every time I hear (I guess technically "read") her saying "I don't like telling people..." I flash back to when she claimed to be psychic and said "if you tell people your powers diminish!" or whatever it was she dribbled out.

This shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you!  This isn't the first time Tila has talked about being "abducted."  Remember this entry we made a while ago?  In that post are screen caps of Tila talking about the aliens coming to visit her, as well as the vortex to another dimension she believed was in her bedroom.

And don't forget my favorite screen cap of all time:

That shit just makes me laugh and laugh!

Good night, lovies!


chris said...

She's the only person who can out-crazy herself.

She's managed to get tangled with "legit" pregnancies, violence against women, self harm, multiple personality disorder, psychic powers, secret cults, fake adoptions, demonic worship, aliens and pole dancing just to top it off, just to keep it whore-y. All that in the space of 12 weeks? WHAT ELSE IS NEXT BITCH FACE?!

Michelle said...

Wow!! That's all I can say. Bitch is C-R-A-Z-Y!

deluwiel said...

She must have just finished watching "The Fourth Kind."

I like to think I have an open mind, but Tila just hijacks other people's problems or claims and makes them her own. It's like she has no sense of identity or self at all. She needs to adopt these other personas and life experiences and situations. She's a head case, for sure.

Also, she's just stupid.

Just One of Many said...

I just wanted to note that the hogul has changed her comments back to the way they were, you know, since she only had a handful of comments on her posts and all.

I just wanted to encourage the other JELIZ HATERZ NOT to comment. Her blog is sure to fail, and the only thing that's keeping her afloat is the HATERZ. The quicker we go away, the sooner she does.

necro_wafer said...

I love how she equates not believing in alien abduction/devil worshiping pop stars with "close-mindedness."

Because her homophobic slurs and racist commentary just screams "open-mindedness," right?

Kitschy Kitten said...

I just laughed my ass off! Is there anything she HASN'T been through?

And I'm getting a huge kick out of the fact that she changed her comments back to the way they used to be. I think Fatty's post about her dismal hits may have had something to do with that ;) She was getting so few comments with the old style. She thrives on hater attention because that's what was keeping her flog afloat.

Anonymous said...

Link to Tila's hmmm performance ahhh Strip Show at Strawberry Moons

Alabama Worley said...

She takes ambien. It's highly possible she's tweeting high out of her mind and seeing it.

not sticking up for her...just saying she's got a case of typing while high.

babygabesmom1211 said...

Well I, for one, think all this makes perfect sense. It explains so much. We were all wondering what happened to Onyx a while back. Obviously, he was abducted after the aliens tried to break in Tila's house to steal her fake baby when she was miscarrying. Of which they did. Lol. I also believe that these "babies" she was supposed to have were implanted by the aliens and they brainwashed her. This explains why she can't remember how she got pregnant or exactly when she got pregnant.
Sadly, this is how she became addicted to Ambien. Those damn aliens fed her the Ambien so she would go more willingly, and they wanted her to sleep because they were tired of having to restrain her from picking up her camera phone so she could have that big exclusive her career so desperately needs.
I don't know about y'all but I'm so happy that this mystery has been solved. Thank the heavens for ambien, red bull, and burritos because it wasn't until I combined all three that this revelation came to me. Of which it did. Double POW!!

~ * TN Hippy * ~ said...

@Aviva: that link to her performing cracks me up!! Stripper pole and rubbing her cooter all while wearing a sparkly bathing suit. No really that made my day I can't quit laughing!! She so desperately wants to be taken seriously yet she dresses like a hooker on the ho stroll down Sunset Blvd. I am totally convinced that Bradshaw dude loves making her look ridiculous. No gay dude could be this bad at fashion. He is dressing her in ridiculous outfits on purpose. I am convinced of it now. He sits on the sidelines laughing hysterically while she makes a fool out of herself writhing on the ground. Wtf is with that anyway? The rolling around on the ground in front of the press? I've never seen anyone else act like they are on fire and do the stop drop and roll routine like we were taught in school. She seemed to dress better on her own than before this Bradshaw started styling her. This is why I say his part of the blog about style is just a joke in itself. He will be dressing her in that sparkly shit Liza Minnelli is hawking on home shopping network next. He is in this for attention not to help her that is obvious.

Joann said...

I agree with deluwiel..she mirrors what she hears, reads or watches that's out of the ordinary and does it herself. You know she has no ideas of her own in the brain dead booble head of hers.

Anonymous said...

@TN Hippy after view those pictures I was forced to scan my computer for potential virus! ROTFLMAO!

Mr. Bradshaw is the bottom feeder of "stylist." He catches real stylist rejects. His other "clients" consist of their 15minutes have lasped reality stars American Idol cast off Trenyce and Miss I Run LA Natalie "The Chin" Nunn. Oh wait I can't forget wannabee media moguls B. Scott whom Bradshaw styled for the BET Awards. Bradshaw had B. Scott looking like a $5 Santa Monica Boulevard hooker. Mr. 9Head dressed B. Scott in shimmery top, hot pants and high heel shoes that were "allegedly" custom made for B. Scott. The reason I said "allegedy" is because B. had trouble walking in them because they were ill fitted. *rolls-eyes* Yeah some stylist.

Alabama Worley said...

Bradshaw has poor fashion taste. I want to post a photo of me wearing the redbelt she put across her tits. Because guess what? I bought it at a swapmeet for 5.00 in LA when I was there a few weeks ago! (No lie).

I also saw 90% of his "glasses" there too 2 for 10.00

He dresses her horribly and he dresses everyone else horribly. I think she believes his hype and lets face it, she needs a support system and friends so she's clinging. Plus he works near nothing so fuck it.

She needs hair and makeup DIFFERENT from her stylist. She would be far better suited dressing herself (I caught a glimpse of all the old photos of her redcarpet pictures that she did dress herself).

Why she's allowing him to self promote his awful shit ... beyond me at times.

deluwiel said...

it's not just the outfit - how 'bout that pseudo side-ponytail? What happened there? She couldn't get a brush through the balled-up rats in the back so she just grabbed it all up and pulled it through a scrunchie a couple of times? So... which is the wig. The raggedy short blonde hair or the long hair she has now? I'm not a hair stylist (nor do I play one on TV) but I have a hard time believing she could afford a decent weave to get the length back. It's gotta be a wig.