Friday, July 9

postheadericon Tila's "Neutral" Post

Hey guys!  Uncle Eddie here again.  Hotty Rotty and Gnome my favorite sex offender from Bumfuck, Iowa are super busy, and Fatty is having some kind of blueberry emergency (I think that's code for "overdosing on cookie dough") so I'm going to take you through Tila's idea of Neutrality.  We're gonna take this step by step, okay?

So first off, I love how she uses that same picture CONSTANTLY when she's going to pretend to be "the REAL Tila."  And I love how it says it's an exclusive for her fail blog, except for the little tag for the hotspot on there...LOL.  There we go, Tila.  Showing off AGAIN how you don't know what "exclusive" means.  I also thought I'd be witty and underline where Tila shows off her MAD writing skills (hint: THEY DON'T EXIST AND WHOEVER TOLD HER SHE HAD TALENT IN WRITING LIED TO THAT POOR GIRL), but I soon realized I'd have to underline 99% of her post.  It was seriously so painful to read, guys.  I was texting Fatty with little quotes and saying "wtf does this mean, Fatty?" and she responded "mmmf mffmf mmfmmf" because she had a spoon in her mouth (of course) but I took it to mean she couldn't decipher it, either.

Okay, so here Tila shows off her expert manipulator skills.  She knows her fans aren't exactly the brightest crayons in the box, and she knows that if she lies about why people "hate on her" they'll fall for it.  So she tells them THIS is the reason.  Because she's so strong.  Yes, Tila, we hate on you because you're so strong.  In fact, if you go though every single post here - every post that documents your lies and your batshit crazy behavior - you'll see it's all because we...wait, what is her point exactly?  "Until she realizes..." what?  Goddammit, Tila.  Can't you TRY to make sense? I mean, check out this gem: "In this generation where the internet has become the most popular source of medium, has it's pros and cons."  WTF does that mean!?  Please, Tila, stop trying to sound intelligent.  Stick to showing your tits to underage viewers - it's what you're good at.

Also, Tila, we see your Army kissing your ass 24/7.  I've seen people actually say "I don't care what Tila does.  She could murder someone and I'd still love her!"  Even after your suicide hoax, which you claim is NOT a hoax now (I think Fatty's going to write on that this weekend), your fans stood by you and completely kissed your ass.  But whatever.  Everybody enjoys a little ass kissing now and then.  Fine.

Now she goes on AGAIN saying that people won't say shit to her face.  Again, Tila, give me the chance.  There's a whole group of people here, both writers and readers, who would relish the opportunity to spit in your ugly, meth-pocked face.  Also, Tila?  I don't buy that for a second.  I really don't.  Whenever you go out, there are always tons of tweets that pop up talking serious shit on you from people who are wherever you are.  In fact, when you went to the BET after party or whatever it was, one guy tweeted that he had to stay away from you before you claimed he was your next baby daddy.  I lolled.  But again, stop lying to your army that we wouldn't say shit to your face.  I know I would, and I know a lot of people who would.  Unfortunately, the majority of the time you're holed up in your shitty apartmansion (you know, the one you SWEAR is "your house").  And these people even exist in the UK, so enjoy your trip, scumbag.

Ah, so here we get to the real arm meet of the situation.  Here's where she starts to say she doesn't lie, and that she doesn't need to prove anything to anybody because it's her private life.  Hmmm...funny how this comes out AFTER she said she'd show her doctor bills proving her mischarraige.  Who didn't call this?  Did anybody really think she'd post anything?  No.  In fact, I think we said this would happen EXACTLY.  You're far too predictable, Tila.  "I don't care who believes me, I know I'm telling the truth."  LOL you know who says that, Tila?  SOMEONE WHO IS LYING.

So I think that's the whole reason for this post.  As much shit as we give her for being an idiot, Tila really is an expert manipulator.  I mean, if she just came out and said "I decided I don't have to prove anything to anybody," it would look SUPER fishy.  But if she frames it with "internet bullies" and concerns for the people who comment on her blog, then (apparently) it looks less suspicious.  I guess.  I dunno, it doesn't to me!  It looks just as fishy.  But maybe that's because I think with my brain and not my dick or my hormones like the Tila Army.

I wouldn't "swear upon God" that you've never lied, Tila.  Just for our faithful readers, I'm going to tag this post with "tila's lies."  Click on that to see a ton of the things we've caught her lying about.  I don't think God, of whom you are supposedly an "angel" and a "messenger," would appreciate you bringing Him up in your web of dumbass deceit.

Then she ends it on a really boring note, but there is one gem in there.  "This is a celebrity gossip site, not a Tila fan site."  Then why, Tila, do you tie every single entry back to yourself?  Why do you post these "dear diary" posts there?  Why are almost ALL of the Hotties of the Week (which would mean you post them weekly, but you don't seem to understand that, either) YOU!?

Tila, you're as far up your own ass as the worst Tila Army member.  You've been caught in countless lies, and I see your own army turning on you one by one.  What about Celebrity Rehab, Tila?  What about that big fat lie?  You know, how you supposedly got help BEFORE you admitted you had a problem?  Dates aren't your strong point, are they Tila? 

Stupid bitch.


K.R. Omen said...

Wait, she's against cyber-bullying yet she sent her flying monkeys to go after Nikki and her phantom weight problem? Bitch, are you for real? Once again, so glad I don't live in L.A.

Isis said...

Oh plz: Tila still has flying monkeys posing as being "anti-Tila" saying Nikky is fat and lying about being 5'5. Yes, and Tila hath spoken it, and so it is, and it was good. Amen.

She has her minions insisting that the screencaps y'all use of her posts/tweets/facebook updates/etc. are photoshopped, so I told one of them then by their own logic that means the screencap Tila used on her "internet troll" blog was fake, as well.

For a group of people who love to insist on how us jeliz haterz should be sitting in the corner with a dunce cap on they sure love to flaunt their own stupidity. They think they "argue" with nay-sayers: they don't have arguments or debates, they have argument clinics. Basically all you see is a bunch of:

Tila Army member: NO U!!

Random commenter: "why do you see her as a role model after she lied about XYZ and there's proof that she's a liar?"

Tila Army member:...........


NO U!!!!

Random commenter: "You're 12 years old and her site and gimmick obviously are not for someone as young as you. Where are your parents???!!"

Tila Army member:





kristi (myhrette) said...

*kisses Uncle Eddie's ass* Enjoy that? ;)

I had to stop reading the screen caps because the first two were so bad that I couldn't even focus.

"In this generation where the internet has become the most popular source of medium, has it's pros and cons."

Yeah, that was just about the time my eyes crossed and my IQ dropped 100 points. It's like she can't complete a single thought. Great post as always though. Glad I didn't have to actually read the caps this time. You recapped it amazingly well, Uncle E! *more ass kissing*

Chi said...

Damn I wish I was as "fat" as Nikkie!

Kitschy Kitten said...

I feel like her post today about her suicide attempt and her way of bottling up her grief is the introduction to why she can't do her UK tour (because of course it isn't going to happen). She's so sad and finally dealing with her feelings and she needs to take a long needed break, blah blah blah. And after this sob blog about her suicide attempt not being a joke at all the Tila Army will jump all over it telling her to stay home and get better. In which case, it backs up the whole Tila being a master in manipulation thing. Who's with me?

BKiddo said...

It always amazes me that tila wants to portay "jeliz haters" as people who don't have shit better than she does. Truth is, we're doing quite well for ourselves.
And I think we're a pretty damn positive bunch.
As far as her smacking about cyber bullies, Hell, SHE'S THE BIGGEST ONE! Stupid bitch! Who talked shit about Rihanna (sp), Kelly O, Courtney Semenal (sp), Samantha Ronson, Kimora Simmons, ect. Thease were all personal attacks because they are all waaay better than tila, and she's the biggest hater of them all.
It wasn't about "Celebrity Gossip", she is still ripping the legit ones off.
Don't get me started on tila thinking that I, or anyone here, wouldn't say anything to her face. There is nothing I would love to do more on a Saturday.
Oooh, poor tila has been through soo much. Please bitch, sit the fuck down. You brought it all on yourself, and you know it. Unlike your unsuspecting nimrod "fans/army" thing ya got going there.

Thanks Uncle Eddie.
Give my best to the rest of the Ladies.

Apocryphal said...

This movie came to mind when reading the cliff notes version of her contrived ramble,

"Jim and I used gene therapies to increase their brain mass. As a side effect the sharks got smarter."

Not sayin' she's smart, just sayin' she's learning. A con artist is good at picking up those things that will serve them and throwing away the rest. I'm not sayin' she's a good con artist, but she is pure narcissistic con, living a lot in fantasy because well hell -- what a fabulous life. Such a serious business hogul that still has to show her tits and ass rolling around the floor to get any attention.

Everything I ever needed to know bout Tila -- to really see she's living the life she made for herself came from that LA Times article, by Amy Kaufman:

It was a late, very rainy evening in January, and the 28-year-old reality television star and tabloid mainstay -- born Thien-Thanh Thi Nguyen -- had not had a good day. Only a few moments earlier, she'd opened the door to her home to find that her dog, Onyx, had chewed up a pair of her Lucite heels. She chained him to a stripper pole. With a Swiffer mop from the kitchen, she tried to brush aside the pieces of chewed up shoe, but the Velcro mop affixed itself to her rug instead. "I don't know how to use this thing," she said, tossing it aside in frustration.

This image does not provoke sympathy in me -- because she did this to herself, this is the life she chose to live, and all the lies, including whatever addictions she has (including addictions to fame and attention) she wanted, and so she has it.

Whenever I read most of this now, I feel this con artist is not a solid target anymore, more of a balloon with a face drawn on with a sharpie. There's no substance there -- it is just talk n' shit, air 'n fantasy. She's still got enough wits about her to sharpen the rusty edge of her life, by adapting, acknowledging, and using what others point out as lies, deficiencies, and a lack of a moral compass... to pry herself back into some sort of favor by spinning it.

Eddie you're right, this is a limp-dick attempt to keep herself relevant, to keep the "army" she has left, and how has she become relevant lately?

The mirror does. Not the glamour condomansion mirrors, but every single person and comment that points her lies, her deficiencies. She's learning from that -- tho it's way too late for her to turn any tide, the world has seen her for what she is -- that doesn't stop her trying like some flopping, dying, fish on the deck of a boat... slimy lips gasping for air, just like her inane glossy "dead light" close up kisses in her vlogs.

So, it's not that she's going to change, going to admit anything, going to come clean -- she's going to keep doing what a con artist does, she'll keep lying even when the stage lights come crashing down on her head, and the high points of her life will be cataloged in old copies of Import Tuner magazine.

There's just not much there anymore... the odd lucite chip and cheerios on the floor, her futile attempt to take control of a website that has no substance or value, except for all of the squeaks she makes when folks squeeze her balloon head.

And now she sets the scene, bullying and people telling her to kill herself -- in her delicate state, could unhinge her. Could do her damage.

And tomorrow comes, and another lucite porn pump bites the dust between the canines of the only thing that will stay with her, and even then the dog pisses on her carpet.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Tila isn't strong, she's weak. The strong among us don't post half naked videos where we slur our words, repeat ourselves 4 or 5 times, lose our train of thought multiple times, strip for teens, have teen phone-bone buddies, create fake charities, defend a woman abuser (chris brown), make light of suicide, miscarriage, mental illness, hell the list goes on and on.

Strong people don't band together a motley crew of teeny boppers, pedos and lonely haus fraus in a feeble attempt to take over the world with 'love' administered by cyber-bullying a 20 year old journalist, and ex-communicating any Army member who questions the grand poo bah.

Strong people hold their heads high and admit to their mistakes and their weaknesses. They may occasionally fall to their knees, but they don't make excuses nor do they place blame, they just find a way to struggle back to their feet.

Weak people on the other hand lie and manipulate and brag. They need to adopt the facade of strength and empowerment, yet they lack both to such a degree they are a caricature of weakness.

You, Tila, are weak. In mind, body and soul. You are morally bankrupt and ethically corrupt. You lie, cheat and steal without a thought. You are everything that is shallow and vapid and ugly.

Ugh. You disgust me more every single day.

Mark said...

@ Isis

>NO U!!!!

Wow... It looks like you locked horns with a real intellectual colossus on that one!

sniff said...

Don't happen to see any of those scarring scars she talks about in her last "Dear Diary" in her latest video. Just wondering. . .

chey said...

My favorite part is how she keeps talking about how she's not going to share her private life, she's not going to put private stuff out there, blah blah blah. No need Tila, you already have, every day. Eddie's right, that only means she's not going to share those medical bills, of which she has.
I take this whole post, with the emphasis on the negative comments and begging people not to post them, as she knows she is losing her army members, that they are seeing the light and she is desperately trying to keep them.

deluwiel said...

The simple fact is for those who really ARE strong... for those who actually ARE confident, self-assured, successful - all those things that Tila keeps reminding us that she is over and over and over - don't talk about it ad nauseum. A truly self-assured, well-adjusted compassionate honest person doesn't feel the need to continually write blogs dedicated to explaining to everyone how self-assured, well-adjusted, compassionate and honest she is. How 'bout you just shut the hell up and walk the walk just a little bit, Tila. This whole steaming pile of crap blog says absolutely nothing, excuses nothing, and makes only marginal sense. As usual.

Jes said...

I would comment but Fatty said it all.

Misty said...

Tila is weak. How could you have a suicide attempt with pictures that were proven to be taken 3 days prior? She almost has to say it was real now, her "fans" were turning on her and she may have had her CR4 stint in jeopardy.

Well, that aside, I had a Saturday morning LOL for you. I actually read the comments on her flog with this post - I know, shouldn't have been there, but secretly I'm hoping Eddie spanks me.

Anyway, one "fan" was posting how the "haters" create new accounts and get new ISP addresses just to say mean things about Tila - oh wait, what's that violins - sorry I digress. So this fan says "there is even a guy over on TRS that is telling people how to do it". I know this fan is referring to a comment about here about asking your ISP for a new number.

Why is Tila's loyal fan reading the Rotspot & not just the Rotspot but the comments? It made me giggle.

And in the event that same loyal fan is reading this: G.F.Y.

MissNeverWas said...

Thanks Eddie, and Fatty for the above post. I agree completly with both of you. Take a look at her newest "Dear Diary". Wow is she really playing the fucking sympathy card. The sad thing is, it seems like alot of people are buying into it. "Jeliz Haterz" are giving her props for being honest and opening up. Im sorry but we must not have been reading the same blog. She doesen't answer any questions, she doesen't really address her pregnancy, or why she posed with flowers in her tits right after her beloved died. Then she goes on about she is seeking therapy. Well I don't think it's working, I can see right through her piece of shit post. Now I can't even comment on her blog because she banned my IP address. Anyway thanks for the new post, I was having withdrawls. You guys do an awesome job.

Madame Toast said...

Kitschy, Fatty, everyone else...agreed.

Though she isn't all that great of a manipulator, since her audience of mentally gifted minors and social misfits are so easily shifted through her maze of crazy.
The lack of media attention, and frankly any attention from the celebrity world is just further proof that nobody else is buying this and its sad to me that these kids don't even see that.

I'm against Tila because I fear for the well being of her "fans" even though they are few and far between these days, I've spent many years working with troubled teenagers and I know how easily their worlds can be brought down by people like Tila. And because I'm all for people like her getting what they deserve for lying, manipulating and making a mockery of true tragedy.

Someone said it either here or on her blog that someday Casey's daughter will probably Google her Mom and what is she going to find? I hate the fact she will see such total BS from Tila, who can't even be decent enough to not drag a broken woman like Casey into her twisted world.

Ben said...

I love that she used the Shawne Merriman incident as part of the reason she was down and said "why would I lie?" Well, you lied because he said you were drunk and you said you weren't.

Living in San Diego that's when the hogul popped up on my radar. I saw the tweets on her twitter page, then poof they were gone and replaced by "I'm allergic to alcohol". Truthfully, the only thing that bitch is allergic to is the truth.

That woe is me suicide blog was pathetic. She started it all, and seriously, one of the pictures she had a bag of over 100 norcos, if she was serious about committing suicide, that would've been the easy painless way to go, that was 100% for attention.

Did you also notice that the army are reading this blog and the comments? How they can read this and not see the truth proves how small minded they are.

necro_wafer said...

She's such a tiresome meatwallet. If she's not playing the pity card, she's vomiting up more of her Illuminati psychobabble (conveniently ignoring anyone who points out that as someone with two MTV shows under her belt, she's part of the Master Plan to takez ovur teh werld).

Now her flog has "added features" which she of course claims to have been working 'round the clock to provide....features that any "celebrity gossip site" should have had coming right out of the gate. Please. I have digital watches in my junk drawer that are more "high tech" than her site.

Isis said...


Of course, they try so hard, bless their hearts, to sound smarter than that, but that's what their retorts basically amount to.

Anonymous said...

I dunno. I feel something big is coming. Not sure if it's another visit from Jane or what, but there are lolz around the corner. I can't wait......

livvey said...

I was flying this past week and there was a Matt Damon movie on about a guy who worked for ADM and was a huge liar and lied about everything (such as he said he was an orphan for sympathy for a large part of his career when he wasn't).

Tila reminds me of that character.

Vintage Pink said...


@Tiffy_bby_ YUUUUUUP! But I had to push my tour date back cuz I'm filming in LA right now. I'm now going to UK on the 16th! =)
about 8 hours ago via web in reply to Tiffy_bby_

Tila's big UK tour is delayed now.
The UK is heard to be crying in their soup...

Not bloody likely. Amazing how you can just switch dates at the big venues and clubs and the BBC when you are such a mega star.

Joann said...

@necro_wafer..what's a meatwallet???

@josephgein..I agree with you. The skank is up to something. Those BS blogs about "this past year being the hardest", "her personal feelings" and "comments negative people make" means she has already put some BS in motion. You know she plan these things waaaay in advance.

IMO, there a few in her moronic army who know Tila is full of shit but they want to continue to give her the benefit of the doubt or they don't want to face reality regarding how sick she really is because she is a celeb(in their eyes)and all those Saynow chats she has with them, answering their emails and acknowledging them personally on her piece of crap blog is a dream come true for them.

One of her army said on Tila's twitter "what other celeb takes the time to talk to us personally". What they fail to realize is if she as a TRUE celeb she wouldn't have time to do this.

I don't know what she's filming to have her "tour" pushed back a week. I don't think CR4 has started filming yet so it can't be that. I'm thinking it's that porn movie.

If it was something really big Tila would have mentioned it a million times on her piece of crap blog a long time ago.

BKiddo said...

That's "The Talented Mr. Ripley". I love that movie!
I never thought to compare it to tila, but you're right!
I've got jury duty tomorrow, so I'd say alot more.
Hope there's no donkeys...LOL

LilShow said...

Hey guys! Great post Fatty! Spot on as usual.

Just wanted to say a couple of things: firstly, I LOVE how she goes on about her 'private life' being private and then starts going on about 'everything that's happened' to her over the last still baffles me how the Army can't see that saying the 'suicide' was serious, then it was a joke, then saying it wasn't again only happened because she thought it would be a good way of illustrating how 'unhappy' she's been recently...

Second, I live in London - NOTHING ANYWHERE about Tila coming here. I mean, she's not famous (obviously!) but they did show SaL 1 & 2 on MTVuk so there will be more than a few peeps who have heard of her. Will keep you guys posted though, cos the tabs here print pictures of all kinds of no-mark knobheads (Big Bro contestants and the like) so, if she's here, then they will photograph her I would imagine -- unless, her 'big tour' involves taking her kit off at Peter Stringfellow's dodgy bar, of course...and the BBC?? best laugh i've had for AGES!! There isn't even a programme on the Beeb which would focus on one person for a whole hour, never mind a stupid, meth-faced hogal like Tila. And if they do, by some miracle, I tell ya Uncle Eddie, I want my licence fee back!!!

Gladys said...

A message to Miss Tila:

Three words come to my jelis, jelis mind as I read the neutral, impeccably well-written, factually-accurate entries of your number-one gossip site. Those words are:


Please investigate them. Thank you.

deluwiel said...

Tila's been dumped from CR4.

The "filming" has GOT to be the porn flick.

Damn. I was really looking forward to tuning in to CR4 this fall to watch the hilarity.

angela said...

Tila was dumped from Celebrity Rehab it was announced on Radar Online.

Ben said...

It's sad that she's on such a banning kick at her site, she's trying to do everything possible so that the only comments there are smoke up her ass.

My question is she's said that she got the artificial insemination to try and "bring back the baby she just lost" so I'm wondering if she wanted a baby so badly, why did she stop? I mean she's not 18 hours done with a mischairriage so technically her body would be more receptive to it. Or do you think she's "too busy" now to be doing the things she was planning on doing with a newborn?

I still think the saddest thing is the hypocrisy of her, she bags on Lindsay for going to jail after making a post about how she was in jail last year and her dad has been in jail and is a badass because of it. What's ok for Tila is not okay for anyone else. Such bullshit whore logic.

¶ Michelle said...

have you seen her new comment box now? you must be logged in to comment and I'm pretty sure she's doing that because she would hate to get blown away by judgemental "truth" comments by us.. tut tut tut

Anonymous said...

"The arm meet of the situation" is my new favorite expression. I may use it in my next business, meeting. :-)

Kitschy Kitten said...

I personally think it's hilarious that ever since she changed the format of the comments on her blog to minimize us haterz she's been getting an average of 5 comments per post. Tila Army sure is coming through for her!

Kitschy Kitten said...

You guys should think about writing a post about Tila's new antics over on her blog. She's now EDITING comments to make them say horrible things. You can see it all on her Uganda story. I simply wrote that she should be ashamed for turning that tragedy into something about her and her haters and she edited it to say horrible things. She's doing it to every negative comment and deleting the comments that say what she's doing. What a sick, fucked up bitch. She's officially lost it.

Ericka said...

Oh snap!

J said...

Hey girls, great job here as always. I know you guys don't look at her site, but I saw something disturbing there today that you might want to check out. It seems she has sunk to an even lower low, and rather then just deleting the "hater" comments, she's actually EDITING them to make it look like they are worse than they are. (BTW I did actually catch it with my own eyes) The worst part is it takes place in a blog about the soccer bombings in Uganda, in which she uses the tragedy to promote her own made up aid tour to Africa. The worst one I saw was edited to say something like "i hope the Tila army dies like those Uganda cunts" I don't usually comment here, but this really disgusted me. Perhaps you can check it out?

Anonymous said...


She tweeted to one of her fans that she's not going to do CR4 since she's getting professional help privately.

She's definitely up to something...

Just One of Many said...

Good was quiet for a while, but the shit has hit the fan again over at MissFailureOMG...

Please, someone check on her recent post (July 11) about her UK "tour", dated from 7/16 to 7/22. In the comments section, BBJ asks about her "filming project" that delayed her "tour". Miss Failure answers by telling her it's a documentary about her life.

I don't even know where to start with that one.

Next--Miss Failure's post on the tragedy in Uganda, whereby she proceeds to tell the world that she's going to be visiting Africa later this year (yeah, right). I won't touch that, because it's too easy. But wait--there's more. Check out the comments section.

Miss "I never lie" is EDITING POSTS. She is taking the comments of "jeliz haterz" and adding shit. It's a must see. Even her minions are attesting to the fact that one moment, the comments say one thing, and the nect moment, it's a totally different comment, with "go kill yourself" added in.

If you didn't want this bitch dead in the past, you'll want her gone now.

Anonymous said...

haha, I die with laughter every time I see the image of Tila sliding down the pole with the crab! HA - the vapid bitch can't even slide down a stripper pole properly, wtf?!?!!!

Nightingale said...

Tila wont be on CR4 anymore

Kitschy Kitten said...

@Just One of Many you hit the nail on the head. I used to feel bad for her because her life honestly does suck. My original comment:

"personally think it’s sick that you turned this into a message to your haters. Heinous bombings in Uganda have nothing to do with the people that don’t like you. This is bigger than you and your haters and Tila Army. You’re not a news anchor. You should be ashamed of yourself and the way you wrote this. Not everything is about you."

Tila version had this tacked onto the end of it:

"You should just fucking blow your brains out you cunt! Fuck people in UGANDA! they deserve to all die! Just like you and your stupid Tila Army! Go die fucking Uganda cunts!"

Classy eh? She did it on multiple comments. Finally the bitch got to me, she really pushed my buttons with that. Please do a post on this if you girls get a chance, I think it's one of the most heinous things she's done on her flog yet. Or maybe it just really pissed me the fuck off :)

Just One of Many said...

@Kitschy...ahhh, so that was YOU! It's nice to put a jeliz hater face to a screen name!

Some commenters at the flog said they have screen caps of her sloppy edits? I would loooove to see those. I mean, seriously, when your own army is calling you out on editing, you have to know what a failure you are in life.

I too, felt sorry for her this past weekend...for a total of five minutes. Then I got over it. I'm sort of glad she blocked the haterz; now her comments section sucks ass and is like one of those "The More You Know" PSAs on "illiteracy" and has, on average, 5 posts.

Kitschy Kitten said...

Yes, that was me! It is nice isn't it? If you used to read the comments when they were still under IntenseDebate I was formerly known as Embarrassing ;)

I would love to see those screen caps too, I hope someone who got them is sending them over here to TRS. But I am officially having to boycott the flog, she really got my panties in a twist with that one. LOL! I'm glad she blocked us too, I cannot wait to see her hits dwindle. It's gonna be great! As for the UK tour? Let's just say, this should be good!

Nikky Raney said...

Her site views have gone down ever since she changed the way commenting is created. I love how this post comes RIGHT before the celebrity rehab post (and the last paragraph is directed to perfectly set up the next post.)

Nikky Raney said...

I tried to be FUCKING nice to her to show I was the bigger person. When I read that NEUTRAL post, I was EXPECTING an apology. Honest to god I was. Because earlier Tila e-mailed me saying "She forgives me because I am young." You forgive me? Well, I don't fucking forgive you. She has made my life a fucking living hell. Tila Tequila has personally made my life a living hell, and I'm done being mature and nice about it. Her NEUTRAL post. That's the biggest bullshit. She never lies? How the FUCK does she have an ARMY. An ARMY seriously?

And I even started to feel bad for her.

But she fucking has made my life a lot fucking harder. My friend's parents have shit to say about me, my parents friends get all question-ing about Tila, my friends from school are wondering how the hell I got Tila Tequila to acknowledge my presence, half the girls I talk to are jealous and "OMG I WISH TILA WOULD TALK TO ME!" and half of the guys say, "Whatever, she's hott I don't care if she lies about mischarages."

And then she sends me an e-mail saying she's FORGIVE me for my HIGHLY ILLEGAL activity? DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER IS ILLEGAL. Maliciously attacking someone in an attempt to ruin their reputation. Yeah it kind of is. And let's see.. there's about 4 hater twitter accounts dedicated to the hatred for ME, because of Miss T.. So I would say that she got her desired result.

I'm seriously on a ripshit rampage right now.

Jubilee said...

Nikky - totally feel for you, seriously do. But, remember, in the long run your name's out there in journalism, and we all know how karma works. I predict great things from you x

chris said...

It's pretty disturbing that Tila is twisting comments to say some truly horrible things. I haven't looked at her blog in a while but from TRS posts I'm assuming it's all going down in whore flames, seeing she hasn't passed the 2 million viewer mark in 11 weeks.

I used to just laugh at Tila pre-flog, but now I'm kinda angry. It angers me that people like her exist in this world and despite the lies and deceit, SHE HAS FANS. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I saw her for what she was way back when she was just another naked Asian chick on Myspace. It saddens me that society has allowed her to perpetuate.

Yes she does keep saying no one would say anything to her face, but I get the feeling that a number of people would more than happily take her down a notch if given the opportunity, myself included.

@Nikky: I'm sorry, you decided to parade around half naked and made sure the video got around to a number of blogs so reap what you sow. Sorry to sound like a bitch, but that video did nothing for me and imo, did nothing for the resistance. Also the way you're talking about yourself right now isn't flattering at all. "My friends from school are wondering how the hell I got Tila Tequila to acknowledge my presence, half the girls I talk to are jealous" and it seems you're proud that there are haters on twitter targeting you. I want to ask you a few things.

1) Is this the reaction you wanted to your video?

2) What were your real motivations behind making that video?

3) Is it necessary to have cleavage in every photo of you?