Friday, July 16

postheadericon Ohhhhh United Kingdom, we have a little surprise for you!!

I gotta admit, I couldn't resist taking the time to write about Tila's "UK tour". I mean the lies and lols are all right there for the taking, like a giant chocolate pie in front of a fat gal. Tila's Wall of Words this time out, is formidable, and I have so little time, so excuse the rush, but enjoy the show.

Tila posted up her "UK Tour" itinerary this morning (after promising it yesterday, hmmm, another lie, go figure!). Now, I've always known the UK to be comprised of 4 countries: Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England. When someone claims they'll be 'touring the UK', I take that to mean they'll be performing in at least 2 of the 4 countries. Not Tila. She will only be touring England...London, specifically. Well, if we want to get really specific, it's actually just 2 neighborhoods. Two of the events are a block from each other. So, Tila's big ass "UK Tour" will only infect 2 neighborhoods, unlike the black plague. Whew.

The venues seem respectable enough, unlike the Australian Dive Tour and Mischairage Event of February 2010.

Without further ado, here's her blog post on the upcoming events:

Ugh. I can't stand that cover for her single. It's just...just...horrendous. I digress, let's pick this thing apart like a Thanksgiving turkey, shall we?

Tila's has so many events and interviews and photo shoots, she can only post part of her schedule. She'll only post up the stuff where she's performing or where all you fans *snicker snicker* can meet her:

But wait, this looks like a full itinerary, including all the interviews and photoshoots. There are just 3 performance times. Is it possible Tila wanted to pad the itinerary so it looks like she has a lot more performances on this whirlwind "UK Tour"? Hard to believe anyone would be so stupid as to be fooled by that ploy...oh wait, she's playing to her Tila Army, you know the group of people who are morons wrapped in idiots sprinkled with ass.

I just caught this little gem (and no, I don't mean that in the condescendingly stupid way Bradshaw uses the word): on July 21, after the part about her hosting at China Whites, it says she'll be picked up and taken to Studio Valbonne, where she'll perform I Fucked the DJ. Didn't she just do that the previous Saturday? Oh my, did I miss this on Studio Valbonne's calender? I guess they missed it too, because Tila is only slated for the 17th. Nothing about her performing on the 21st. Must be their mistake. I'm sure they'll fix that right away. That cute little hogul is padding her itinerary with duplicate events. I hope she doesn't have to fire any 'staff' over this mis-step!

The above paragraph goes on to reiterate how she's unable to post up the complete schedule. You ever notice when Tila lies about something, she just doesn't blurt it out once, but repeats it over and over again, like that makes it more true?

Now, I'm going to segue a bit with this last section of the blog, because..., well, because I can. Remember how she's been blogging that she has no friends (told to her shrink with her fingers over her face, so only her eyes were peeking through...). So, if she has no friends who is this she's speaking of? And who are the 'few friends' she'll be flying out to meet her in Italy?

This is a screen cap from last week, when she posted some pitiful drivel about how tough her poor little hogul life is, and she has no friends or family, and must lean on her Army of Morons and Halfwits. I only include this because I'm tickled pink about her melodramatic "whilt tears streaming down my face", omg, is she reading Shakespeare now?

Dammit. I've got to go, but can't leave without this nugget found on the flog comments regarding the "UK Neighborhood Tour":

Huh? You spent 4th of July all by your lonesome, working your little whore fingers to the bone? That's not what you said on July 4 when you were enjoying your "hectic, but fun" weekend.

Comment this bitch up, 'cause I need some lol's when I check in tonight! I know I totally missed a ton of good shit, but y'all got to take this one from here. 

Forgot to add: Does anyone else think she waited until the last minute to post her itinerary because she feared some hater might call those venues and tell them what a sorry piece of shit will be coming to perform?

Update from Eddie!! 
Great post, Fatty Fat!  I need to add something here!  So see on her itinerary for July 21st, she says she has an interview with DJ Drapes?  *clears throat*
LOL, burn!  Let's see how this continues to play out.  <3

Update from Eddie #2!! 
Okay here's a little bit more.  So @Aleczandah is on top of this shit, guys!  He contacted Charles Arthur at Guardian Tech (Tila's schedule for Tuesday the 20th):

He replied with many lolz:

Who indeed!  I mean, you'd think Tila was SO FAMOUS that he'd absolutely know who she was, right?  Anyway, to make a long story short, that @screenjabber piped up and said "Yep, it's me," and then linked @Charlesarthur to her wiki page.  @Charlesarthur was like "so you're interested in her big... Wikipedia entry."  And this is how @screenjabber replied:

LOL!  So we're really hitting these fads at the height of their popularity, eh guys?  I don't mean to stick up for Tila here, but LOL she's done so much more since Myspace, which was YEARS ago.  If I were her I'd be fucking insulted.  What about her HIT MUSIC?  Come on, I Fucked the DJ went super ultra mega mega platinum, right?  What about her record company?  WHAT ABOUT HER TOUR WITH THE RUFF RYDERS?  LOL remember that, guys?  I remembered that last night.  80 day tour with Ruff Ryders!  HA!  What about that?

But no, seriously, this is obviously a big joke, and I think Tila is delightfully unaware that she's the butt of it.  I mean, come the fuck on.  "Hey, remember when you were the queen of a completely outdated social networking site?  Remember when people actually gave a fuck about you?"  NICE.

Anyway, I'll keep bringing these to you as they come.


Ben said...

In the comments of the UK post someone asked about Onyx and she said

"yes my best friend is taking care of my baby Onyx for me while I’m gone… Everyone LOVES her! She’s the sweetest!"

Which once again contradicts her having no friends. I mean, this person is your best friend, and it's not Bradshaw who she spends all her time with because he'll be with her. Although I'm not sure why as his actions landed her on a worst dressed list.

She tweeted about not wanting to be Tila Tequila anymore and I said she didn't have to be she chooses to be and she replied "that's why I changed to Miss Tila". So I don't get why she made the post in the first place. She just likes making random dumbass statements crying for attention.

I have money on her not taking her European vacation, or heading back to LA and pretending to be in Europe (she's gotta use the green screen for something, right?)

deluwiel said...

okay, this whole vacation bullshit is a cover for her going into treatment, right? please? Although I can't wait to see what she blogs about her supposed European adventures. Maybe there will be photoshopped pictures and video of her with Buckingham Palace or the Sistine Chapel in the background created in her Green Screen-storage locker studio. "Heeeeyyy... it's Miss Tila.... Here I am on my FABulous vacation in The UK, at... I think... what's it called? *lipsmack* Buckingham Castle? I don't know *hair toss-lipsmack* Anyway, I'm here for a meeting with the Queen...*lipsmack*"

God. Do you think while she's in London she'll try to distract one of the palace guards by dropping to the ground and rolling around with her skirt up around her waist? Yeah. Me too.

Snippy Bitch said...

Digitalspy are going to completely demolish her, as is The Sun.

Does she not look at the Digitalspy site or read British tabloids? We aren't exactly known for being kind.

And the prestigious hour long interview? On a famous TV channel? It's a radio channel. Tchoh. With Tim Westwood, who is as big a joke as she is! A 40-odd year old vicar's son who talks as though he is 'from da streets'. I won't be listening, but for anyone that wants to there is a link here for the radio channel -

Oh, this is so dire. It's really not worth her coming over. Plus, the UK usually bans undesirables from entering the country. I don't know how she has managed to slip through.

Thank the baby cheeses I live in Manchester, not London. I would have been too tempted to pelt her with Derbac.

rob said...

UK people- we can complain to the BBC using this link. It is very, very quick and easy.

Our licence fee is subsidising the Westwood interview, enabling a suicidal drug abuser and exposing her to a pre-watershed, youth-orientated programme. Clearly the BBC didn't do its research. Bear in mind that a few complaints CAN make a difference, as programmes and adverts have been pulled on as little as 3 complaints before. They just need to be valid, which this definately is.

International listeners should be able to complain through the same form, as they have access to the programme via BBC World.

shaniqua said...

lol amazing. This is going to turn into a massive tour on the scale of her gigantic badass two gig bar tour in Australia. And while Fox News or whatever was fooled in NY into taking her as seriously as they did, even the NY interviews seemed mostly making fun of her. When she didn't want to talk about Casey, they had to scramble for other things. No one gives a shit about "her" "music" except her teenage followers. And I seriously, seriously doubt that she's going to be doing this big European vacation afterward, if she has to lie about living in a mansion, she doesn't have the money to pay for a "oh I wanna go to Paris and Italy on a whim and I have no idea what I'm going to do or when I'll be back" trip. This is going to play out fun.

David said...

god damn what a fucking epic post... i get a serious hard on for this shit keep up the AMAZING work :D

MsWonkyTits said...

Thanks Fatty and Eddie! That just gave me some real luls whilst eating my lunch! The "UK" tour. That's like saying you are doing a US tour and then hitting up some backstreet club in New York and heading home. It really amazes me how stupid she is. There are just SO many things wrong with her posts I don't even know where to begin.
If she is "SO busy" how is she able to post a bunch of her crappy ramblings, poems, and videos, yet not her schedule for the "UK". Oh, that's right... she's scared of us! LOL. She knows it will be picked apart and the places she claims to be going will be contacted. Why? Well, because it's funny, really. She did this to herself. Her immaturity, lies, manipulations, and reckless phychotic behavior landed her MANY an enemy! She deserves nothing. I hope no one shows up. How many "UK" fans does she have? 3?
Also, how are all of those "meetings", "photoshoots", etc all at one address??? They probably wanted to make it convenient for her, given what a huge star she is and all. LOL.
Lastly, how is she affording this trip? Seriously.

vicky said...

hahaha wonder if it'll be a success like her Aussie, the UK can have her. Please keep her....
(ps. I wonder which skanky ass druggie club is taking her?? I read that most of her "appearances" are gonna be down Kings Rd, Chelsea. My aunty lives there ((and has her own talent management agency, so yes she's an agent to the A list in England who can command Lionel Ritchie, Skakira, Leona Lewis and that wrinkly dude from the Rolling Stones, ronnie johns me thinks? Anyways, the influence of which she has tells me that if I haven't had a phone call from her telling me bout Tila Tequila's tour then well, she's a nobody.

I asked her about that Ed Hardy brand, she was like, who darling?? Case closed. Fashion for tossbags)) anyways, Chelsea is like that nice, yuppie, rich celeb part of London so maybe she's moving up in the social ladders? HAHAHAHA who am I kidding???)

boytoy said...

The Ruff Ryders will gangbang tila ass so hard it will be purple/black or bleed.

The only real friends tila ever had were linda strawberry, Daniel Johansson and her real boyfriend Marcus what-ever-his-last-name-is.

Joann said...

# OMG I am running late!!! FML!!!!!!!!! I will chat wit you guys once I'm headed to the airport!! FML where is my hairbrush?? LMAO! about 2 hours ago via web

# I just woke up from my nap! ahhh now I gotta REALLY get ready for LONDON!!! YAY!!!!! LONDON UK #TILAARMY HOW COOL! about 2 hours ago via web

The skank is always talking about her "staff" of 20-30 people so why can't they give her a wake up call, pack her clothes for her, post her itinerary online and make sure she gets to the airport on time so she's not running late..that's the way moguls and millionaires roll.

Tila has to do damn near everything herself cause she don't have a staff to do those things for her. She's not fooling anyone but that idiotic army of hers talking that "staff" crap. LMAO.

Going to Italy after her "bar hopping tour" is over in London for some time's the same crap she was talking when she went on her "bar hopping Australian tour".

Her old tweets:

"I don't wanna come back to LA.... Going back home after tour to be with my one and only...."

"Bye guys. I dont think I'm coming back to LA after I leave Australia. Going to move back to Texas for a while & get away from Hollywood."

Stephanie Fox said...

Ooooh long time reader here. Fantastic blog! So it just happens that I will be in London in that area this Saturday for my birthday. I wonder what the chances are of seeing her. Maybe getting pics of being mobbed by fans?

chey said...

OK, I just checked the website for her Sunday show at Strawberry Moons and it seems they have something called the Sunday Show that day - London's Premier Urban Comedy Night - with special appearance by Tila Tequila. So basically it's going to be a bunch of comedians and her. Sounds about right. I hope she goes on first so the comedians can make fun of her.
And Stephanie Fox- I will pay you 10 actual dollars if you go there with a sign that says "Tila, you suck. Love the Rotspot."

Joann said...

I just looked at her twitter and the skank missed her flight and is waiting to get booked on another one. LMAO and she got the nerve to say she's professional.

If she had a REAL staff instead of an imaginary one these things wouldn't happen and why is it Mr. Bradshaw always the only one from her "staff of many" who goes on these "bar hopping" tours with her?

What about her makeup person, her publicist, her bodyguards, her crew to set up the stage for her...oh hell I just had a moment of insanity guys I forgot we"re talking about Tila "the lying skank" Tequila, the broke ass mogul and millionaire. Sorry.

As far as Onyx, I still say she gave her away to someone she knows when she moved.

Tila probably goes and get Onyx to takes pictures with her whenever she needs to prove to her idiotic army Onyx is still alive.

"Her best friend is taking care of Onyx"...yea right..skank don't have any friends, let alone a best friend.

GhostofChunks said...

Paraphrasing Tila: And after my Tour is over, I'm going on vacation to get away, for me, and to find love!!!


I'm out to spread the herpes all over Europe!!!!!! BAM! POW!!!!

This should also serve as a warning for all Italians reading this. If only we could give a hint of what's to come to Italy by broadcasting Tila's tampon incident! Plus, some of the fan art from the same pic, but complete with pus tripping from her rotspot.

My heartfelt apologies to all those in Italy. Tila Tequila does not represent most Americans. Again, we apologize.

I wonder how our mogul (and I use that term loosely, much like Tila) is financing this trip. Betcha if she goes to Italy she'll be able to only afford youth hostels! First class way to spread the herpes.

Claudia said...

Great post! Again, bravo job in keeping us "Jeliz Haterz" informed with the updates. This is hardly from a international successful tour. We all know Tila is a nobody. So she's performing inside small dodgy bars...big deal! Nobody's going to care, it's going to be the same scenario when she perfomed inside that dive bar in Australia, same scenario when she performed inside that strip joint in N.Y., and same scenario when she performed in Vegas (the photos say it all...nobody even fucking looked at her! LMAO). Those places she claims to be perfoming in the U.K. are probably small joints filled with college students. It's not like she is perfoming at Wembley Stadium on a "sold out" concert. Honestly, I don't know how she makes any money? I bet she also does some kind of escorting on the down low? I like how she mentions..."Oh, after being in London I'm going to meet up with a friend in Italy, I want to find some love...WTF, she has no friends? (more like she's hooking up with some guy she met online and he paid for her trip so they can have some freaky deaky She has no money to be jet-setting around the globe...are you kidding me? Oh wait, she lives in a apart-MANSION...maybe she does..LOL

Again, love the post, please keep us posted as more "Tila lies" as they keep developing.

Anonymous said...

Love this site! I really think this chick hears synopsis's of books and/ or movies and decides to make them her life. I know she doesn't read! First, the whole Illuminati thing. She probably watched Angels and Demons and went from there basing her insane posts on the movie and book's Wikipedia. Now it sounds like the book Eat, Pray, Love.... which is about to be a movie with Julia Roberts. Truly delusional!

Isis said...

Not so much a "surprise" as it is a plea for those neighborhoods to get all their vaccinations up to date, wouldn't you say?

Clementine said...

Correct me if I am wrong BUT did she not also miss her flight when she was on her way to Austrailia?

Did she accidently sleep in that time too and forgot to pack?

Im wondering if she is flying standby on the cheapest flights she can get.

jayden said...

My guess is that her little side trip to Italy is a "working" vacation --- if you get my $30K drift.....

Vintage Pink said...

I acutally laughed out loud several times reading this.
Totally forgot about her having such a fabbo weekend on the 4th.

Let me tell you about my UK tour. Of which I am actually going on.
August 24-Sept 11th
Only in London

I paid for it myself, and could probably arrange for a couple of interviews and press calls because I know industry people.

What I would really like to do is run into Amy Winehouse-you know a REAL singer and celeb. That would be something. I wouldnt even go across the street to see Tila.

I almost feel badly for her. She seems like she REALLY doesnt remember anything she says. And then gets mad when we do.

Hilarity is surely going to follow her on this "trip".
Please keep up the postings.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Clementine it was the New York 'tour' where she missed the flight and then had a fight with Casa, her new fiance.

It was the Australian flight where she was completely loaded and thinking she was in 1st class with the fabric seats instead of leather.

Ray said...

For such a high flying mongrel sorry "mogul" she seems to miss alot of her flights, time for her to sack another staff member.

I really hope they dont go easy on her in the UK like the NY tour, hopefully they do at least a google search lol.

And after watching that england show "ladettes to lady's" LOL if she thinks she can take the england strippers money, they will kick her ass all the way back to her cave.

cant make this shit up said...

Great Post... If I remember correctly, she posted when she was in NY on her "tour" stealing $ from the strippers that when she came back to LA she was going to do a tour in California or a concert in LA.. Does anyone else remember that or have I had to many shots and beers tonight. ?? lol

Tuesday said...

@ deluwiel Holy cow...I'm having some Merlot here. Slow your roll, I'm dying laughing over here!!!!

I am so surprised she actually got on the plane. I thought for sure she was setting up to cancel this trip. She started talking about all these "last minute opportunities" that have come up.

I just recently found out who this Tila is and, I am absolutely 100 percent addicted to hating her! I can't help it. It's terrible.

Anonymous said...

I really doubt she is missing the flights. Notice how she is always running late? Its giving the few paps that even care the heads up to meet her at her location... Other z listers use this ploy too. Anything for attention. SMH. I 2nd chey on giving who ever finds Tila and holds up that sign! Write You suck or Ya you fail Love Rotspot and the Haterz! I think that would mess with her head SO much... GOD she is such a dumb ass.

Ray said...

@laurenzia DOH I never even thought of that, I bet thats exactly why she runs late. Hell she probably didnt even have an earlier flight, just away for her to let the paps know where she is. good thinking.

And it lets the ones in England know when she's coming. I wont be surprised if she gets a bit more photo people waiting and maybe following her over there, they seem to be a bit crazy with the tabloids and their love of z-listers, that Jordan is ALWAYS in them, so Tila should fit right in.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else notice that the sitemeter icon link is gone? Hrmmm not wanting us to see the truth about how many people visit...

Joann said...

@Clementine....she missed the flight to NYC and blamed it on the paparazzi. That's when X17 Online was taping her in the airport and she had white powder on her nose.


This was from her blogspot back in February. We're still waiting on that one.

Stephanie Fox said...

@ Chey- I made the sign and it's in my bag.

I mentioned to my husband that Tila is coming over and all he could say was "....But no one over here knows who the hell she is..."

Can't wait for tonight's shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree with Snippy Bitch. Those British tabloids are no joke. They will eat her alive. And the club crowds she will encounter are of an entirely different build. She has no idea the surprises in store for her. She may attempt to spin the ensuing days for her army into some sort of rose-colored "success", but I have no doubt that there is nothing waiting for her in the U.K. but pure and unadulterated HUMILIATION. And when she finally returns home, watch for another meltdown at some point. And as a proud member of the small group of " 'go die, Tila' posters", I sincerely hope that the utter FAIL that this trip will invariably turn out to be will push her even closer to the edge. Something risible this way comes.

Alabama Worley said...

Regarding about people posting your flight/tour schedule is correct if you have a PR team. She actually does and I was signed with them, I have no idea what they are doing to not have this under control. Otherwise it's more like a DIY thing (and there is NOTHING wrong with that, I did DIY for years). But I left her PR team because something in the milk wasn't clean.
Anyway I just woke up (I'm keeping super weird hours due to editing and I hate it).

Isis said...

I would have just had an impromptu hoho juggling contest, personally, my total lack of juggling skills be damned! VIVA LA DIRTY WHITE BOY!!!

Seagal said...

You'd think she'd learn that we are always going to bust her on her lies, but NOPE. She just keeps on going like the pink Bunny and NO OFFENCE to the bunny, just using it as an Anyhow, I wrote a letter to the BBC and not sure what good it will do as it takes 10 days to get back to me. I gave it my best shot tho.


Snippy Bitch said...

I sent the following message to the Digitalspy team. Let's hope something comes of it.

'I believe that this Monday you are doing an interview with Tila Tequila.

This woman is an absolute disgrace, and if you really must interview her may I suggest that you ask her about a few things that she has done over the past year.

A few suggestions: Soliciting donations for a charity that does not exist, joking about rape, homophobic outbursts on Twitter following a fake suicide attempt, stripping on Ustream for minors.

That is only off the top of my head.

For further information go to -

where there are screencaps of her blogs and tweets, some of which she has since removed.

Thanks in advance.'

Ben said...

At least we've found out the

" I’m also going to be on a HUGE and VERY PRESTIGIOUS show to do a one hour interview!!! I wish I could tell you now but I have to wait ’til the date gets closer, however, I WILL HINT to you that my interview is going to be on something prestigious and serious as CNN!! Even AMERICANS know of this station! YAY!"

is a lie. BBC1xtra is a tiny hip-hop subset of BBC radio, not BBC television, so they're quite different things.

My main question is why is she going to do an interview with The Sun? She hates being tabloid press so she'll sit down, refuse to answer the questions they ask, then leave. Quite pointless but hey, that's Tila, quite pointless.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I live in London and Studio Valbonne is a terrible place to go out to. There are tacky young girl and sleazy men who try to hump anything with a yeah. This is where Tila belongs for sure!

Anna said...

Snippy Bitch, damn...I am impressed. It hadn't occurred to me to do that, much to my embarrasment.

You think they will take some of those suggestions? At the very least the fake suicide should more than jump out onto their question sheet. How do we find out if they do?

Znitch said...

I forget where I read this it was on here or Tila Spiked Tequila, but if she really did go to England, WHY would you take a two hour nap and then be late to get on the plane? It may be irrelevant to the post, and I'm sorry if someone has already pointed that out already, but it was seriously annoying me.

If I myself were going to England and still had a million things to do a nap would be the VERY LAST thing I would want to do that day. Wtf...

Jennifer said...

Hi guys! I've been a long time reader here at TRS and an even longer Tila Hater! Anyway...just figured I'd comment on a lil' suttin suttin here! Now maybe it's just me, but Tila's whole itinerary looked as if it were copy + pasted. Prime examples m:
She stated that "a car will collect Tila and Mr. Bradshaw". Since when does she talk on 3rd person. Also, somewhere in there it says "expect photographers"...why would she need to tell her fans that? So, long does it take to copy + paste something? Why would she have time to post some of the itinerary but not the rest if indeed she did copy + paste?
This bitch is so full of shit it makes me throw up in my mouth a tad!

Snippy Bitch said...


When you post to Digitalspy you can request that they get back to you on it.

They sent me a receipt of message and said 'your query will be dealt with as soon as possible'.

Hopefully before 1pm tomorrow.

*rubs hands together with glee*

Kitschy Kitten said...

I still really doubt that she has Onyx. If she did, she would be posting pictures of her all the time or showing her in her smutty videos because you know how she loves to prove us haterz wrong! I think that picture she took a while back she borrowed Onyx specifically for. No, there's no way in hell she has a best friend that's not Mr. Bradshaw. As for this "tour of the UK," this should be REALLY good!

Tuesday said...

Okay, not only is Tila a sociopath and a pathological liar, but I just discovered she is also a complete moron when it comes to finance.

She is now trying to say that she has a "credit card" without a limit. I tried pointing out to her what "credit" means. She has a charge card. HUGE difference. Her stupid minions over there believe anything she says.

The fact that she seems to be completely unaware of this would normally suggest to me, that she is either a child with a parent's card, a spouse of someone that handles all the financial stuff, or someone that is horrible with their money. We all know it's not the first two.

Now, I have a whacked out theory...

...because she is touring "the UK" a.k.a., a few bars in London, she is clearly going to write-off this trip on her taxes, as a business expense. I have a feeling that she thinks she can take a "vacation" and write *it* off as well. WRONG.

If this is the case, I would love to see her try. The IRS would have a field day with her tweets and blog.

Okay, maybe it's far-fetched but, this woman is a total idiot and, I can definitely see her trying to do something like this.

Anonymous said...

I live in London

1 - Studio Valbonne, there are a ton of places like this around. Tend to be full of glamour models.

2 - She's been here over 24 hours and saying she's getting papped, but I've yet to find any of these pictures anywhere. Anyone can get papped, it's the selling of the photo they want, but as yet, not been able to find any evidence of these pictures having been picked up by anyone here.

Heat magazine ( is the biggest selling celebrity magazine here. No mention of her whatsoever. Granted, they have been very excited about visits by the likes of Lady Gaga, Beyonce, etc, but Tila has yet to dent their radar.

3 - Per the above, your best bet for pap stuff in London is Mr Paparazzi, aka Darren Lyons, he has put her on his blog before, but it's been several months. He often speculates on 'value' of celebrities, mostly reality tv as he has been in the business a long time. I'd be curious what he would price a Tila in London photo at.

4 - She performed tonight at 7pm at The Sunday Show. Pretty much means she was opening for comedy night.

5 - Her UK schedule is padded to make her appear in demand. She has not included travel time on any day, except where she mentions getting picked up in a car toward the end. Her response will be that the places are all close to each other. They may be in a region, but not close enough that you can move from one to the other so quickly. Most photo studios are on the East End in Shoreditch, and she hasn't left time for make up, dressing, and the photo shoots themselves.

6 - The clubgoers here are different. Heavy coke and e scene. Good chance they will watch her and not take much notice afterwards. Don't think they will even be bothered to look in to who she is afterwards.

7th and final - I watched her tut tut video. Loved when Bradshaw said to the driver, 'don't you know who she is?' He said 'no'. How funny is that?

Jubilee said...

I am in love with the fact she is playing at 'chinawhites', that is just fantastic. It is the tackiest, tackiest place ever. Maybe all the wannabe page 3 girls and wannabe WAGS will rip her to shreds; they don't like new girls on their territory!

Also, the Sun has mentioned her before, and always call her a nutjob. The Sun will never badmouth a 'sexy' girl because that is how they sell papers, but they really ripped into her a few months back.

Oh well, it looks like she didn't do too much research into the tour, of which she has.

LilShow said...

Hey peeps - another pissed off Londoner calling here!!

This 'British' accent thing is really creeping me out...and she clearly doesn't know that, just like in the US, there are regional accents across the UK which sound very different (eg cockney v geordie) - tho I must say, I would LOVE to hear Tila trying to replicate a Birmingham accent!!

The things that have made me laugh over the last 24 hours are:

1. 'Tut Tut' - I thought they were called 'tuk tuk' - as in the things from India??? Maybe I'm wrong, but that's what they've always been called when I've been up the West End.

2. She said on her Twitter that she was going back to the hotel to chat with the Barmy, instead of going to 'a beach party' they had 'set up VIP' for her...where in the name of bloody hell is she gonna go to a beach party in the middle of central london FFS?? If there's a beach somewhere in West 1, I've never been able to find it??? The nearest places to get to a beach are Southend on Sea (45 miles away) and Brighton (54 miles away) - at 4am???

3. Some of my mates do go to Sunday Show on Heddon St, but it's a comedy club (mostly for new and upcoming or slightly mad peeps) and they (well, the ones who had the foggiest idea who she is!) couldn't understand why they were having her there -- until she got there, starting taking her clothes off and the boys didn't give a shit who she was by then...she had her wonkies out!!

But you know, it's the little lies that get me, more than the whoppers in some ways. The Barmy know she tells some lies, cos some are so big, they have to see it; but these little lies are the pernicious ones, the ones which make them think she isn't a crazy, meth-ridden little cow, and so defend her - really gets up my nose...

deluwiel said...

Pictures of her "performance" at Strawberry Moon:

She looks like a member of Cirque du Slut-tay.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the photos! I clicked on several, wouldn't say the audience at Studio Valbonne looked terribly enthused.