Friday, July 30

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Okay, so - stop me if you've heard this one... skanky chick really has no staff or legal team, and will probably have to pull yet another post for wrongly accusing something and not having the common sense to use the right wording to keep her ass from having to rip more pieces of her jaded puzzle out of her site. Heard it? Yeah, because it's happened and will again.

Here for your lolz and comparison is the original wording of both Tila's site and the original poster, Zack Taylor's site. But first take note (I do hot have images enabled, one hit is one from me!) of what she named the location for the picture: The Queen of "The All Seeing Eye" Biggest Devil Worshipper! She's so rad, doncha know? Tila's blurb is about twice as long as Zack's and in his limited space, he uses alleged twice and the lovely "don't sue me" phrase - looks like. Tila uses alleged once, but not only does her headline state as fact, but she repeats that it IS Gaga again. When pictures like this come out, when writing a blog based on gossip, you must include alleged or similar terms each time. Forget that it was already fact when she posted that it was not Gaga. I saw it on Zack's site, looks like a porn still with the camera angle not possible from the dude.

But she's soooo legit, she says it all the time!
This reads to me: Wah wah wah! BELIEVE ME PLEASE!!! I'm soooooo awesome and I'm comparing my site to Perez and TMZ to prove it! A) Perez is a douche but his sister runs the site, even Tila knew that. So it isn't Perez posting it. B) TMZ has NEVER posted a full uncensored picture of anyone. They always have those red stars over everything. As far as I can tell, they stayed far, far away from the Miley crotch shot scenario. Makes sense, Levin is a former lawyer. Tila's site isn't celeb gossip - it's an RSS feed of other sites and the "exclusives" are all about her. In a quick tag search, more than 60% of the articles on her site, are about her. If they aren't about her, she makes it about her somehow. In any event, copying and pasting from an RSS feed isn't breaking news - it's just an RSS feed of others stories with some ridiculously selfish additions to it.

But let the record show - she tells haters to Fuck Off, posts about a celeb and STD's, Devil worshiping, etc. but Perez "posts nasty things 24/7". At least he doesn't post about jacking off - for which I am profoundly grateful and so is my lunch. I swear, when I saw her posts last night about her getting all hot and bothered, I threw up in my mouth. I was eating for God's Sakes - Stop it Tila. I'm starting a new campaign aimed at keeping Tila from grossing people out. S.O.L.D. Save Our Lunch & Dinner. (Double meaning ftw.)

So after all that, what does one do, when trying to act like she's a buddy to a mega superstar with an alleged nude photo? Why, claim he's the baby dad... well, it's a girl this time so claim there's a sex tape!
Second cap courtesy of Uncle Eddie

Our esteemed Uncle Eddie covered the angle of all the tweets. I present another. When she posted the link for the pic, Tila acted absolutely grossed out, even apologizing for posting it. I am grossed out too - we all know it's a lie, but she's claiming to have a sex tape (even if a joke) of her "10 years ago" with Gaga... who was 14 at the time Tila was 18. Gaga is only 24. I know, she appears much older, but no. Gaga became an adult 2 years AFTER Tila was named Asian Cybergirl of the Month and had already been in the public eye. More evidence that Tila wishes she could bang underage girls.


SammiDe said...

Gaga became an adult 2 years AFTER Tila was named Asian Cybergirl of the Month

O, wow Tila is OLD!!
another good post Seola!! Yay, I love your style☺!

FUYU said...

Ohhhh woooow I didn't know Gaga was that young. @_@

FUYU said...

EEPS.. I mean not "that old" but that YOUNG. I was referring to the age, but wrote that completely wrong!! =_=

Seola Uno said...

Yup, Sammi, I was getting my driver's license when Tila was doing all that stuff. I'm in between the two at 26. Tila IS old, but she looks a lot friggin older.

FUYU - I knew what you meant ;) Yes, Gaga is somehow only 24, but at 14, I bet she was hot enough for Tila.

FUYU said...

LOL Seola I should have just went to bed yesterday. XD Now that I see my post, I guess I really did post what I thought! *head smack* Thanks for understanding GAHAHHAA!! *goes off to hang herself*

Agnes Agony said...

Tila's site isn't celeb gossip - it's an RSS feed of other sites and the "exclusives" are all about her.



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