Thursday, July 29

postheadericon The Gaga lie nobody believes

I like Lady Gaga.  I really do.  So tonight I saw Tila saying she didn't just have Gaga NUDES, she had a pic of Gaga that included full on penetration, and I was curious.  Instead of clicking on her link, I asked people on twitter and was QUICKLY informed that Radar had already confirmed that it wasn't Gaga.  No big surprise.  I also heard that the pic was blurry and half the face was missing, besides the fact that it looked nothing like Gaga.  Okay, whatever.

But that started a whole shebang of utter bullshit coming from Tila's twitter.

See the =P?  That probably means she's joking, right?  But then she kept going...

and going

and when people didn't believe her, she tweeted:

and when she STILL got called a liar, by the #littlemonsters (Gaga's fans on twitter), she tweeted:

and when they STILL didn't believe her, she tweeted:

Tila, always true to her pre-teen audience *cough cough* then tweeted:

So this is what is currently going on over in Tila Land.  This doesn't even include her replies to people, like the one where she talks about being a squirter.  Yeah, I thought you guys could live without that one.  And now she's off furiously masturbating.  I'm kind of depressed that I know that.

But hey, remember this?

Hey, you guys want a link to a 4 second clip of Tila's sex tape?  Okay, here it is.  There's lots of porn circulating the internet that claims to be of her (trust me, my boyfriend - who is truly evil - put it on our Apple TV without telling me so I had a lovely surprise one day) and is NOT her.  It's some other Asian porn actress who only KIND OF, IF YOU SQUINT (hahaha no pun intended you racist jackholes) looks like Tila.  Then there's her Playboy videos, and her video with Masuimi Max which can be found here in stills. 

And for good measure, since she denies that's her in the 4tube video, here she is threatening to sue over it on TMZ.

Nice job, dipshit.  Hey, remember when Tila was famous for being overly-sexualized, and not for being an overly-sexualized liar with mental issues?  Ah, memories.


Joann said...

I Googled "tila tequila porn flicks" because I was curious just how many naked pics and videos she had on the Internet.

Tila has videos from waaaay back in the day. Her army was still in their mama's womb when this bitch was f*cking.

She's been a skank from jump street...that's why I can't understand why she's not doing porn.

Now she wants people to believe she's this rich business woman with morals who beat the odds and became a mogul from working hard....bitch please.

The only hard work she's done is
shake her naked/near naked ass and open her legs for a camera or a man/woman to crawl up in.

Vintage Pink said...

Is it "safe" for her to be associating with GaGa, a known OTHER???

SammiDe said...

Wow, she is seriously trying to ride the Gaga fame train! Sorry honey GAGA will NEVER REPLY to you,get a life you stupid sick cunt!

Tess said...

Remember in Fatty's blog titled "Adverteasers" when Tila was pimping for advertisers and claimed her reader demographic is made up primarily of peeps in the 15-34 year old age bracket? Well during her recent Lady Gaga sex tape tweet rant, someone sent the following tweet to Tila:

"@TilaOMG Grow up. You're talking to a lot of children. My pre-teen used to be one of them. Can't you find any friends your own age?"

To which Tila responded:

"@xxxxxxx ummm that's where you're wrong. My site stats shows that readers are 24-35 age demographic. stop being a perv" 9:59 PM Jul 29th

Liar! Liar!

Welcome back TRS ..hope you enjoyed your break!
Happy 6 Months Anniversary!

SammiDe said...

Exactly and I JUST tweeted the video of how she was BITCHING at the haters saying leave her fans alone they ARE LITTLE KIDS! And she repeats just LITTLE KIDS!! Sick bitch man truly she is!*smh*

imoutofit said...

Uggh, and BeyondstupidBettyJean is insisting that the twatwaffle has no "spread eagle" shots circulating teh interwebs. @Tilatruth unfortunately found one of her way back in the day (Tila was still sporting a dark brown lip liner with a nude colored lipstick) and she was fob-squatting, airing her beef curtains.


I thought that BBJ was a teenager, I had no idea that she was as old as Tila. For someone who is part of the Army and is able to put together a coherent sentence, I would think that she would see through Tila's lies. SMH, I guess her blinders are on way too tight and she is unable to think for herself.

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