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postheadericon Commemorating the 6 month anniversary of Casey Johnson's death

On January 4, 2010 Casey Johnson's body was discovered in her home.  It appears her last days were spent alone, in pain, suffering and quite possibly very afraid. It doesn't appear anyone checked up on her or gave too much thought as to how she was spending her holiday. I would like to take a moment to express my sorrow at her passing and to acknowledge her life. 

All accounts paint her as a sweet girl, who was deeply troubled. It saddens me that she was unable to come to terms with her addictions and other destructive behaviors. 

She left behind a 3 year old adopted daughter, who I have to believe she was very much in love with. You don't go through the rigors of the adoption process without being committed to loving a little one unconditionally. Unfortunately she lost custody of that child in her final months due to her addictions. I can't help but that think that must have broken her heart in half.

I hope somehow she is now at peace.


Anonymous said...

As much as I wish nothing but pain, misery, and eventual death upon Tila, I have always felt a certain "softness" towards this woman. She seemed to be such a miserable and lost individual, seeking love and acceptance wherever she could get it. Unfortunately for her, she eventually found it in the soul-vaccum herself, Tila Tequila. I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that had they never met that Casey would be alive today. It is due Tila's action(and lack thereof) that she has ceased to be and a little girl will grow up without her adoptive mother. May Tila feel 100 times the pain she caused this woman.

Steven Clarke said...

I can't believe it's been 6 months already. I couldn't believe Tila's reaction to the whole situation, words cannot describe how disrespectful she was to Casey and her family.

For those who don't know, Casey's father is the owner of the NY Jets. He was obviously devastated from the loss of his daughter (contrary to what TT says).

This is a video of Rex Ryan giving the game ball to Woody Johnson after a win just a few days after Casey's death. It is nice to see a smile on his face, as it was probably the only one that night.

Woody is the little guy who throws the ball towards the camera guy at the end of the video.

Alabama Worley said...

Thank you for this post.

I'd like to add that Casey passed due to a broken heart. The details of her death do not matter it's the principle of her death that does.

She spent the holidays alone, without her daughter, without her parents and now without the one person (despite for publicity) whom she spent a lot of time with. The one person who she was going to "marry" (be it a sham or otherwise) that could have at least taken the Holidays and spent it together. TIla chose otherwise and now this broken hearted woman is gone.

I can't help but think she felt isolated, alone and without love just needed for controversy.

I will never understand how Tila lives with herself.

Sorry this makes some sense, no contacts in (had to wake up to feed the puppy and I'm out of it) ..back to bed.

Again thank you for post this. I hope other people spend sometime today to post their R.I.P posts.

alison m m said...

Closed eyes can't see the white roses,
Cold hands can't hold them, you know,
Breath that is still cannot gather
The fragrance that sweet from them blows.

Death with a peace beyond dreaming,
The children of earth doth endow;
Life is the time we can help them,
So give them the flowers now.

Here are the struggles and strivings,
Here are the cares and the tears;
Now is the time to be smoothing
The frowns and the furrows and fears.

What to the closed eyes are kind sayings,
What to hushed heart is deep vow?
Naught can avail after parting,
So give them the flowers now.

Just a kind word or a greeting
Just a warm grasp or a smile---
These are the flowers that will lighten
The burdens for many a mile.

After the journey is over,
What is the use of them? How
Can they carry them who must be carried?
O give them the flowers now!

Blooms from the happy heart's garden,
Plucked in the spirit of love;
Blooms that are earthly reflections
Of flowers that blossom above.

Words cannot tell what a measure
Of blessings such gifts will allow
To dwell in the lives of many;--
So give them the flowers now.

Leigh M. Hodges

meghan said...

tt has been tweeting since midnight and only talks about "love" and how she is going to celebrate for the 4th. no mention of casey's death.
she has, however, deleted comments on her site mentioning casey's death.

Anonymous said...

Tila has a first class ticket to hell for what she did to Casey and her family.

I hope Casey is at peace, knowing that her daughter is being loved and taken care of by someone who truly loves her instead of seeing her as a meal ticket.

Isis said...

I feel so bad about how she died.

I thought it was pretty awesome that Nikki Hilton was one of the people who came to pick up Casey's stuff. She and Paris grew up with Casey, and if I had found out someone I grew up with was dating someone who has only using them for publicity (there's a special on E! about the new celebutantes and how everyone says Casey's relationship with Tila was for publicity), I would be keeping an eye out on Tila if I were the Hiltons.

I have how when she was dating Casey Nikki was such a good friend now she's on the Hilton's shit list. Same with the Kardashians, at one point one of them was a friend of hers now she's running around her blog saying "You guys don't know them like I do they're terrible blah blah blah"

Whatever, bitch.

Tyranny4U said...

Hi Aunty Fatty! Miss you and the rest of the Rotspot! When you guys don't post in consecutive days (all forgivable as Redundant Tila can induce the mad zzZZZzz's), I will usually wait a few days or in some cases a couple of weeks to hit back to peruse and then be perturbed that I missed so many juicy shenanigans! Argh!

What a tumultuous life this young lady led. ::sad face:: Equally sad is how she died alone. Breaks my cold, black heart. RiP Casey.

I wonder if Tita Chlamydia is going to commemorate this day? I highly doubt it.

OMG... I just had to tell you mates that, that cross-eyed wonder chichis invaded my dreams last night! It was my first original dream I've had in 2 weeks. (how I hate recurring nightmares!)

Anypicassotits (I think it was Rotty that coined that? Thanks luv! I had to steal it =) ), I totally want to make a manga of my dreams. The story is a bit stylish in a Tarantino-esque way (think Kill Bill series) but due to my current busy state (i.e. have to get my art portfolio completed by next fall and travel/work) I don't think I would be able to complete said manga before the end of 2012.

My other alternative was to bang it out in a novel form. I thought to aim a bit higher by doing a screenplay form but I can't imagine that the plot would generate enough interest for that media.

I'm currently drafting it out for future's sake but what I'm most perturbed is that the apex and conclusion during my dream state came to a screeching halt via the maint arseholes at my residential loft whom was obnoxiously banging on my door and yelling out, "MAINTENANCE!!!!" at the top of his lungs for a duration of 10 mins or so.

Fucker! I don't wake up to that shit just to politely invite them in for a spot of tea with a side of creamed consideration or spicy manners.

So, now, I'm hoping to force-dream the conclusion tonight or soon. If not, I will not know how to end the story since the first 3/4 of the story is snoggingly delish! ::cries::


Tyranny4U said...

Oh! You know, I've been wanting to point out something else that she could be lying about. Yesterday, I was perusing a site that had posted an "interview" more like an online Q&A session as Picasso Tits injected the LOL acronyms throughout.

Well, it was during 2002 and she was yammering on about her bio. She flat out stated that she was born in 1981 in Singapore (that recent story about being a "Child of War" and being in her mummy's tum for 6 long gestational years whilst her YOUNGER sister was miraculous born BEFORE her and was but a mere child during her time traveling observation- my brain is now numbed trying to process this-) Not a mere mention about the war or any hard suffering. Hmmm.....

On her bio stats, she listed herself as 1/4 French. Excuse me, but I'm positively sure that Tila is 100% Viet. She claims French on her mum's side? I want pics of her mum or it didn't happen, seriously. I finally got to see a pic of her equally skanky sister called Teri and she, like Tila, herself DO NOT look mixed! In fact, they have the typical Thai features. So much as for one to be able to accuse them of being Thai boys in drags. Seriously!

I can base off my experience with mixed race cultures because I LIVED through it. I was EXPOSED to the various mixed races. And I swear on my life that my da's secretary who is 1/2 Japanese and 1/2 French does NOT look Asian at all. Her children whom are 3/4 Japanese and 1/4 French (Just like Tila claims but Viet rather than Jap) are more Caucasian appearing than Tila will ever be!

I'm pure Jap but I often get mistaken for being what is called "hapa haole" (half white) in my home town. And in some extreme cases, I've been legally considered to be Caucasian! ::gobsmacked::

Tila, you fucking fail for the umpteenth time. I fucking hate you more than, more than, erm... Uncle Eddie! Yeah! POW! Bitch!

Anna said...

I thought there was a question on whether Tila stole her meds? Did anything come out of that?

Joann said...

I agree with josephgein about Casey. She probably was a nice person...someone who was lost and towards the end was taken advantage of. It doesn't seem like it's been six months...but she's in peace now.

Casey had been dead for 5-6 days before the housekeeper found her.

All I'm gong to say is if someone was the love of my life, even if we did have an argument, I wouldn't have gone a week without trying to contact that person especially if I found out their phone was turned off.

Madame Toast said...

I will never believe Casey would of still been with Tila today. I agree that some actions by Tila and others led to her demise and just Tilas behavior over the last 6 months proves that their relationship was not what Tila would have us believe.
Casey was troubled and that is not hard to see, may she rest in peace.
As for Tila, how did she so easily move forward when the love of her life died in such a tragic and heartbreaking manner. To be alone...I don't want to imagine my life without my signif, and the thought of him passing alone and in such a state would most definitely destroy me.

You would think, judging by Tila, it has been years. Only 6 months...

Anonymous said...

Rest easy Casey!! :(


Anna said...

I'm sorry everyone, I don't know what email address to email you guys at, so that is why I am putting this in the comments.

The SF Chronicle put out an article about the war Tila is raging against Nikky and you should read it. It's awesome! It totally calls her out and it talks about bringing the DOJ in if she doesn't stop.

Think she'll stop?

Anonymous said...

Also I wanted to say thank you Fatty for writing this! It was incredibly thoughtful of you! :) Second I would like to thank you ALL AGAIN for all you do for this blog! I don't care HOW or WHAT you report!! Why, because I KNOW its thorough, it's been looked into it is not just random HATE JELIS babbles like Tila claims it's the TRUTH! and AFTER what she did to Casey Johnson and Shawn and MANY MANY others, I can guarantee (if you aren't hired by them already, lmao) I bet they WOULD THANK you as well!!! YOU GUYS/GALS DO AMAZING WORKS!! KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB- you'll NEVER hear me COMPLAIN!!! :))

See Tila and many others will never get that this BLOG is something MUCH MUCH bigger on the whole scale of things, it is not set out to HATE on her! It sets out to PUT JUSTICE to the VICIOUSNESS BS Tila has pulled and continues to try to pull on OTHER's LIVES and then we have the VERY BIG ISSUE of the "TILA ARMY" who are CHILDREN and you all bring MAJOR awareness to that and really should be commended rather then confronted or questioned on WHY you do this blog! It just proves those same adults that have come here questioning your antics and so on are not seeing the BIG PICTURE of how dangerous Tila is and has been and CONTINUES to be!! AND WITHOUT SITES LIKE THIS HOLY SHIT the bitch would BE GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER.. Oops I MEAN EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

So again Thank you and here is some Pabst Blue Ribbon and Government cheese for ALL you ROTTYS to enjoy your 4th with! HAHA sorry in Tila's mind it's all I could afford, roflmao!

Seagal said...

I, too, believe, that Casey would be alive today if not for Tila. Remember Tila had taken all of Caseys medications away from her. And some of those meds were to help her with her diabetes. Casey's body had no signs of any illegal drug in her system. She was a very sad young woman and I can't imagine how scared she was those last hours of her life as she lay there all alone.

I hope TT lives with this guilt for the rest of her life and then some.

I pray Casey has finally found the peace she searched for during her life.

Fatty McFatterson said...

It warms my little duck-fat infused arteries to see so many of you pay tribute to Casey. If anyone of us had just been able to reach out to her that week, she'd most assuredly still be alive.

The fact that she was a beautiful young woman (who didn't need to show her breasts or pile on the makeup to be pretty, either), the fact that she had access to literally billions of dollars, and the fact that she was all the things us jelis haters should be jelis of, and yet we still show our respects, proves that none of this is about jealousy or hate. It's about exposing a lying cunt-faced maggot for what she is.

The coroner said Casey died from diabetic ketoacidosis. Among the symptoms are excessive thirst, weakness, confusion, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, and increased heart rate. Towards the end, a symptom called Kusmal's Breathing presents itself. The patient is forced to take huge breaths, one after another, as the body fights to rid itself of excessive carbon dioxide produced by the breakdown of ketones. This breathing pattern is very distinct, and quite possibly very frightening for the patient. Soon after they slip into a coma, and then death. These are all symptoms Casey would have been very familiar with as she had been hospitalized with those same symptoms a couple of times in the previous year. She knew that she was in trouble. She knew the outcome. Without her meds and her phone, she knew her situation was hopeless unless someone cared enough to check in on her.

I don't know if Tila had anything to do with Casey's death. I can imagine they got in an argument. I can imagine Tila kicking Casey out. I can imagine Casey forgetting her meds at Tila's, or Tila holding them out of spite. I can imagine that this might have been just a stupid fight that resulted in a very sick Casey not having access to her meds, especially over a holiday.
What I can't imagine, is the spectacle Tila made of her death. I can't imagine how someone is dead, and whether your relationship was a publicity stunt or not, you don't have the respect enough to feel sorrow or offer condolences to the family. Tila attacked the family and forced them to deal not only with their grief, but at the public embarrassment Tila caused.

To Casey, I say, I wish we would have known you, so we might have been able to get you the help you know, like the help so many of us got for Tila when she pulled her SUICIDE HOAX. How ironic, isn't it?

RIP Casey. You're one of the reasons I do this.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Lastly I have this to say to Tila:

Tila you may want to forget about Casey. But we don't.

You may want to bring pain and destruction into your unsuspecting Army's lives, but we don't. We couldn't prevent Casey's death, but we can work as hard as possible to make sure you ruin no more lives with your sick games.

I hope you came to this site to see what we were saying about you, and I hope that beautiful picture I posted of Casey smacked you right between the eyes. I hope you felt something when you saw her picture. Unless you saw another opportunity to promote yourself, in which case, go crawl back under your rock. You think you assured yourself infamy by attaching your disgusting name to Casey Johnson, but those who truly loved her will never think of you when they think of her. You were nothing to them and nothing to Casey.

Kitschy Kitten said...

It makes me sick to my stomach to look at those pictures of Tila smiling and posing just days after finding out Casey was dead. If my fiancee died, I would be so devastated. Casey deserved someone who truly loved her enough to be completely devastated about her death and Tila couldn't even muster up that much respect when the paparazzi arrived. Those photos alone are enough to show us that she's a lying, manipulative fame whore. Casey Johnson deserved much better and I hope she's in a better place now. Tila is an absolute embarrassment and I hope that when her day finally comes she gets the exact same respect from everyone that she showed the supposed love of her life.

Joann said...

Let me add one more thing...I'm sure Tila has read this post or will read it but unlike some of you on here who thinks she may hold some remorse regarding Casey...I don't.

This is my opinion but I feel, without any doubt whatsoever, Tila is incapable of holding remorse for her actions in anything that involved her directly or indirectly with the untimely passing of Casey or any actions she has done in the past to others or actions she will do now or in the future to others in order to attain the goal of getting what she wants.

As Judge Miliani(sp) would say, I wouldn't believe anything out of her mouth if her tongue was notarized. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Everytime I run past this blog, the picture of Casey eminds me of how beautiful she was. And those cheeks were beyond adorable. Anyway, anyone else notice how quiet Tila has been today? Do you think she is staying of the internet out of respect for Casey? Naw... what the fuck am I thinking? She probably hasn't given her a single thought all day. BURN IN HELL, TILA. I will dancespitshit upon your grave.

Simply Lemonade said...

If my fiance died, I'd never recover. I would never be able to love again, or even talk about marriage, and here we are, only 6 months later, and Tila's moved on quite well hasn't she?

Shame on you Tila, if you ever actually loved Casey, I hope you spend the rest of your life alone, because you do not deserve to be happy.

Ray said...

R.I.P Casey . I hope she finaly found some peace . Such a sad way to go.

Isis said...

@Joann: *snort* welcome to my world.

Sociopaths usually despise anything or anyone that gets in the way of their ability to ruin other people's lives. It's like they found out their favorite sitcom is going to get shit-canned.

I've been told I look like Michelle Williams (Jen from Dawson's Creek and Heath Ledger's baby momma) since I was in 11th grade. Heath's Joker is not a role model, despite what a lot of dipshits may believe.

Some people obsess over that character the same way people obsess over Tony Montana or the skitzo from the book Fight Club. Granted of course schizophrenia is very serious and not to be joked about, but for the love of God stop fapping to the poster of one of those other characters you have hanging up on the ceiling above your bed, rip it down and put it in the trash where it belongs.

Nobody in their right mind would agree that Ted Bundy is someone to look up to so I don't know why so many idiots look up to Patrick Bateman (American Psycho).

The Dark Knight is such a rip off of the Anthony Burgess novel "A Clockwork Orange" anyway.

Dystopia to the degree it is reached in that book is a very real possibility if no one has the balls to speak up and do everything they can to put a stop to it.

And trust me, plenty of people have tried to stop me or discourage me in my efforts to make sure society doesn't get that bad: everywhere I turn I have some asshole tell me "You cant' save the world, you really need to just stop with that" (Matter of fact it's probably Tila and her minions following me around saying that: wouldn't be surprised in the slightest.) I am only one person I can't save the world, but I can save my community.

You ever see the movie adaptation of "Watch Men", when Workshak is thrown in jail and he says something to the effect of "You don't get it. I'm not stuck in here with you, you're stuck in here with me".

Needless to say I do not intimidate easily whatsoever and I have been very meticulous in how I conduct myself online. There's not a safe place for anyone like Tila to hide when it comes to me: I'm everywhere. She conducts herself as though she thinks she's this Juggernaut: she's a scared little girl who hates herself so much that she'd rather be thought of as a narcissistic self serving cunt than actually fess up and tell the world how deeply disgusted she can be that she even wakes up in the morning let alone that she was ever a reality tv star.

She acts like it's this big quest to expose the trust fund kids and how they get away with everything. Tila, Google Michael Alig. You aren't just heading towards that road, girl, you're on it, full stop.

Alabama Worley said...

I don't think Tila even remembered Casey today until someone brought it up. Tila is a sociopath. I'm not too sure how I would even cope knowing that someone I was engaged too (or even currently dating) laid alone for DAYS dead, decomposing while I sat and had a jolly ole time on my Holiday.

Fuck Tila. God this infuriates me. There would be no way in fucking hell I could live with myself after something like this, let alone be this vocal and "career driven" so soon after. It's been 6 fucking months!?!

Argggghghgh this sooo pisses me off.

Sandra said...

R.I.P Casey.

Tila, I don't understand how you could leave her without her meds. My husband is Insulin Dependent Diabetic and I could never leave him without his meds no matter how bad a fight we might have and not by accident either. That's just evil and terrible. I hate you Tila!

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, Casey. Despite her obvious troubles she seemed like a very lovely and sweet young lady and there's no doubt in my mind she'd still be living today if she hadn't crossed paths with that human succubus.

I can't imagine the pain and guilt her family must feel to this day, even though they did right by her to force her to get the help she needed. And to have that heartless, inhumane thing prancing around blabbering to the media, dragging their names through the mud and making wild accusations (i.e. killing the dogs)...well, let's just say I think they showed the utmost class and amazing restraint.

But this is not about the thing. This is about a loved young woman with a daughter and a family. Again, rest in peace, Casey, and best wishes the Johnson family.

By the way, Casey's father Woody Johnson has given hundreds of millions of dollars toward autoimmune disease research, in honor of Casey and his daughter Jamie (who has lupus).

Diddley Squat said...

Well said, TilaRot!

Good video on the subject:
Tila in Mourning

Anonymous said...

now that i kno for sure that tila is a druggy....i bet you a million bucks that she was not only using casey for publicity, but also for her prescription pills. even IF casey was cut off from the family finances, i am sure she had a few doctors give her prescriptions for whatever she wanted. they were both high together. i reallly really feel bad for caseys death, and also agree that if she never would have met tila she would probably still be alive today. i hope she is in peace now, and i hope she haunts tila for the rest of her life. and make her feel guilty for all the fucked up things she has and will do.

Anonymous said...

this is such a sad story but something is telling me that there is much more involved then we know...i do think there are much more factors involved, but out of respect to this blog and to the memory of Casey Johnson, im not going to write what i think...

Anonymous said...

wow that video link to tila after caseys death sickens me!! how could she pose for a photo op and then talk about an ex? what a bitch!

BKiddo said...

I think Casey would've had a chance if tila wasn't around.
What pisses me off even more, is that tila went on the Jane Velez Mithchell show,(bragging all the way) and flat out said that she took Casey's meds. from her.
Dr. tila, decided Casey was taking too many pills.
I have always wanted Casey to haunt tila, and I hope she does!

Anonymous said...

Fatty your comments bring me to tears! :( And no one could have said it better! Rest easy Casey! & thank you Rot Spot for giving Casey a voice even after death!!!!!!!! Heck, who knows maybe this whole blog is Casey's doing, :) she is on the other side and is one of the most tragic cases of proof of how dangerous Tila truly is as a human being especially to those kids she preaches to! It is all so frightening her behavior, I can only pray that Casey is on the other side pulling strings to expose Tila's story!! I mean the shit I REALLY want to say towards Tila and WHAT I BELIEVE happened in Casey's passing would get me A LAWSUIT for sure. So Ill bite my tongue and wish Casey the best and pray no one else ever falls victim like Casey and her family has from that vapid soulless creature.

Rachel said...

RIP Casey. I felt so sad when I heard she had died, although I didn't know her, her story had touched me and to think she died alone and afraid is just awful. I hope she is now in a better place.