Monday, July 12

postheadericon CR4: Will She or Won't She?

There's been speculation for about a month regarding whether or not Tila is still going on CR4.  It started when she began bragging about her UK Tour, and performing at the UMA's (which, you can read here, got shit-canned because of some of our readers).  Anyway, today Gawker gives us confirmation that Tila herself has been shit-canned from Celebrity Rehab:

Guys, stop screaming "JUMP!" at your computer screens and read it.  

We here at the Rotspot have been 99% sure of this news for a while, but we were waiting on confirmation before finally making a post, and I guess this is it.  I might be the only one who is SO SAD over this news.  I was so excited for her to be on TV, especially Celebrity Rehab.  I love trainwreck TV!  This would have been the best trainwreck on TV since Britney and Kevin's show, whatever the shit that was called.

Anyway, want to read another great article from Gawker?  Click here

It's pretty remarkable that Tila is such a fucking wreck that Dr. Drew doesn't even want her in rehab.  That's fucking nuts.  I mean, as the article said, they took Gary Busey.  Gary fucking Busey, creator of Busey-isms like "You know what FEAR stands for?  False Evidence Appearing Real."  Nobody is crazier than Gary fucking Busey, and they took HIM.

Of course, a little while ago Tila told someone that she got "private help" (you know, which she previously couldn't afford) so she wouldn't be getting public help on TV.  But in true Tila fashion, she said she got private help before she admitted her problem, which of course makes no sense in the scheme of things.  We wouldn't expect anything less.

So what is she filming, then?  I know some of you guys are wondering if she's shooting that porno she reportedly signed up for a while back.  Personally I don't think she'd do porn anymore.  I think Tila has an image of herself in her head - it's what we see with her "angel of God" posts.  I mean, she literally must think she's an angel, and that she's total A-list and OMG SO STRONG.  I'm so sick of her talking about what a strong woman she is.  Anyway, I don't think she'd resort back to porn because it wouldn't fit in with the image she has of herself in her mind.  And besides, Tila always says she's filming something.  Just look at this super old screen cap I have:
LOL nobody believed it then, and we shouldn't hold our breath now.

(Ed. Note: Sorry if I don't seem up to my usual game, guys.  I'm on a ton of medication because I have wicked Tonsillitis, so you'll have to bear with me for a few days until I'm all better.  <3)


Treva said...

unrehabilitatable!! hahaha *snort*... more like unfuckingbelivable! This is toooo effin funny guys!

Kitschy Kitten said...

I wish she would jump! She pisses me off to no end. I love you guys for keeping up with her, her shit has got to get blown out of the water. Her super personal post today was absolute BULLSHIT. Of course she's not getting private help. Where will her Tila Army be when she accidentally ODs in her apartment? I'm disappointed CR4 didn't take her ass because it would have been hilarious to watch her make an ass out of herself on national TV but at the same time I'm glad they're not giving her the time of day. She doesn't deserve it. Her whole life is a miserable failure.

Anonymous said...

She got kicked off CR 4 ad soon as she had her suicide I mean NOT suicide I mean yes I did try and commit suicide and alternate personality fiasco Jane stunt. There was NO way they could take the liability . If she would have done some serious time in a psych ward getting herself mediated MAYBE but that would have screwed with the production timeline. Dr Drew knows she's a trainwreck and why would he climb onto that train!

BKiddo said...

Ha! First thing out of my mouth was jump!
I kinda wanted to see her on CR4 too, but then, as others have said, it would be taking away from someone else.
You had me rolling with the Gary Busey part!
Hope you feel better soon, Uncle Eddie.

Isis said...

Miss Tila: "Dr. Drew, I have a fire to get sober, honestly I do! POW! yay!!!"

Dr Drew: "There's a cream for that, here's a prescription, GTFO of my face. Damn you're annoying."

Isis said...

" misstilaomg says:

I am in rehab. DUh.. That’s why I said my Doctor’s.. PLURAL. I decided that doing it on TV will make you worse. It’s more exploitive and at a time like this, the last thing I need is more drama filled reality tv. I need to be at peace and calm places with an out patient facility. To which I have."


Tila stop with the "to which I have" I can't breathe, thank Zombie Jeebus I'm wearing waterproof mascara, or it'd be streaming down my face right now and I'd look like I just won the Miss America pageant or something.

I think she got rid of the Intense Debate thing because you have to pay for it and it slows your page down really bad. Even though you have the option of signing in through twitter or wordpress and other places through it.

jayden said...

How fucked up do you have to be where Joe Francis disowns you AND Dr. Famewhore won't have you on his rehab show?

I love how her last publicity seeking stunt totally backfired on her and stopped her from getting back on tv. She's pretty much out of options now.

Vintage Pink said...

My brain, of which I have, is hurting trying to process all of the shenanigans.
How does she ever think she can keep up with all the lies???

PS, get well soon, I have a feeling this is the start of something BIG.

K.R. Omen said...

FUUUUCCCCCCKKKK! Her going to rehab was my swan song. I actually got tired of chasing this train wreck and wanted her to be finally exposed for her army masses. Oh well, if she did do the show, they would still defend her, saying that VH1 manipulated her to look like a druggie. As much as i love you guys at the Rotspot, I'm close to ending this wild goose chase.

Anonymous said...

I think the best thing about that picture is the obvious places she missed with her self the backs of her knees. And her feet. I also love how beat up her shoes look. Shes one classy gal.

Tyranny4U said...

Dear Uncle Eddie:

Ugh, tonsillitis! I had that quite often throughout my youth. The year before I finally had them removed (2 weeks of starvation and pain...!!!) I was infected 7 fucking times. Since then, I have not been sick whether it be from bacterial colds or viral flus (spell check be damned!)

Wish you a speedy recovery. Take care! ::J-grins::

OT: I totally wish someone would've pushed her over. Someday, mayhaps?

Seagal said...

No way would Oliver Stone put up with her BS. he isn't the easiest guy to work with or for. He would just toss her out on her ass. Never happened.

These lies of hers crack me up. She lies and then never speaks, at least of some of them, ever again and must think people don't remember it. I loved thet remark about her keeping her private life private. So all those interviews she did w/Radar were for her own personal use and NOT to be on the net? WTF? If anything she sure amuses me and pisses me off at the same time. What a LOSER!

Seagal said...

Personally I am so happy she got dumped by CR4. She would just use it for more promo of herself. I would spend most of my time screaming at my tv.

You really have to have sunk pretty damn low to be dumped by a rehab show. Dr. Drew or the producers did a good thing by dumping the stupid skank.

Claudia said...

I'm glad CR is not going to give her the time or day. Face it, it would of been fun to watch her make a ass out of herself on national TV but,remember...that's what she wants. To Tila, it doesn't matter how she gets attention, she just wants TV attention anyway she can get it so, I'm happy to hear nobody wants her failing ass anywhere. Too much of a liability and nobody wants to be liable for her dumb ass. Now, for her next failure? Her UK Tour? Is that still happening? Didn't she push her dates back again?? I mean, when's the last time you ever heard of a "Major Mogul" all of a sudden changing her dates and venues for a major tour?? Ha Ha Ha

Joann said...

Good read Eddie and get well soon. We want you back in FULL form but what you wrote today ain't shabby at all.

Have they got you on soft foods or did they put you on a liquid diet until you get your tonsils out? Keep us informed please.

Anyway, I knew all that "oh pity me", "very hard year for me", "I'm showing the real me", "I'm seeing my psychiatrist" bullshit she's been posting on her piece of crap blog lately was nothing more than a smokescreen for something she was planning to do, only I didn't know it had already been done. lol.

So CR4 dumped her skank ass. You know it's bad when a show about Z-list actors/actress with addictions don't even want you on their show.

Tila you are worse than I had could have ever hoped, no, no I take that back, I want you to pay for your inappropriate behavior toward minors and pay big time...that's what truly I hope for you.

I did want to see her on CR4 and watch with mucho glee as her ass got handed to her by Dr. Drew or a possible beat down from one of the other "inmates". lol,

I have not seen this news reported anywhere else and hoping with all my heart that your source got it right Eddie.

And as far as what she's filming...I say not a damn thing. She's filling the heads of her moronic army with that BS to make them think she's staying busy before her tour since she's not doing CR4.

Now, I'm thinking the tour might not be real. She's already pushed it back.

Since Tila claims she loves her nitwit Army so much and she is always truthful with them and they have each others back I'm wondering if she will ever "fess" up and tell them the REAL REASON she won't be on CR4.......I know guys, not a snowball chance in hell. lol.

Anonymous said...

I was also looking forward to seeing this psycho exposed once and for all on CR4 (and the possibility of a Gremlin/Emperess of Lucite smackdown makes me giddy), but I think VH1 actually showed some integrity for once. Her erratic behavior could be dangerous to others at worst, and at least a major liability.

Maybe the filming she's been doing lately is for a "documentary on addiction." It would be kind of fun to see Candy Finnegan or Jeff Von Vonderen cut loose on her.

Uncle Eddie, as a chronic tonsillitis sufferer, I sympathize. Hope you feel better soon, comrade!

livvey said...

She so pathetic that the biggest trainwreck show on tv says, "no thanks." That sure says a lot.

shaniqua said...

Wow. I really thought that they would take her, I mean I've seen the past seasons, there are some pretty dramatic, aggressive, fucked up people that show up. I think a lot of them are putting on a show. Not that I don't think they're addicts, and not that I don't think they're going through withdraws and stuff, but some of the stuff they go on with is so bratty and that I feel like they're doing what they have to do for camera time. And no doubt that's exactly what TT would be doing, except way, way, way worse. But if anything, I mean that's good television. lol.

I'm shocked that they were going to consider her the highest profile celebrity there. Anyway, thinking back to past seasons with some seriously shady, criminal, dramatic cast members every year, people that got in fights with the staff, used while in rehab, ran off, got naked, etc...I can't fathom, outside of a suicide attempt on the property, or a claim that someone raped/beat/impregnanted/tried to kill her, what she could do that they wouldn't think was good for ratings.

She really fucked herself there. She launched yet another attention whoring, attempt to stir up some new Tila Tequila news, she went all back and forth on it, and everyone knows she was lying yet again, and it cost her an easy buck. Some easy exposure. Which she could have gotten, and maybe gotten some professional help with her addictions at the same time, in a more productive, positive way.

Anyway, I've read a lot of great blog postings on various topics TT related, and not to take away from any of those by any means, but that "Disgusting Little Girl" Gawker piece is right fucking on. I mean, there was no holding back...that ripped her ass apart. It was clearly written by someone who is truely disgusted and tired of this person and had to let it out. Like, if that were written about me, I'd probably go cry for a very long time. Thanks for linking it!

Anna said...

This is kind of weird...

I found an article that says she was never signed up for CR4. This is supposedly her rep saying this? I'm not sure what to make of it. What do you guys think?

Anonymous said...


*And fellow Rottys, I 2 am guilty of screaming JUMPPPPPPPPP as soon as I saw this picture!!! *sighs* If only she would!! Doesn't hurt to dream does it!!! hehehee! (another great post to end my night with, thanks again xoxox)

Anonymous said...

Yikes, and I just saw the EDITED Note at the bottom! :( FEEL BETTER HUN and the post was PURR-FECT!! <3 THANKS for posting even when your down! :) It truly does make my nights (or mornings-depending on when I check)! Major case of the giggles after I visit here!! LOL! :P Love you all and keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

gigglingmonk said...

I think the best thing about that picture is the obvious places she missed with her self the backs of her knees.

HAHAHHAHAHAHA OMG, I only noticed that because you pointed it out and as a matter of fact it looks SUNBURNED every where else or SUPER FREAKING ORANGE what is she trying to join the Jersey Shore crew????? HAAHAHAA!! THAT's IT SHE IS FILMING the Jersey shore Porno with the Situations brother's porn business, she will be playing the star role as SNOOKI- when your hungry just grab a snickers says Gary Busey staring as the Situation (HEY dont be pick it's the only two who would sign on!) HAHAHHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

Now, for her next failure? Her UK Tour? Is that still happening? Didn't she push her dates back again?? I mean, when's the last time you ever heard of a "Major Mogul" all of a sudden changing her dates and venues for a major tour?? Ha Ha Ha

I truly do not believe this so called tour is taking place!! I mean she has yet to show ANY LINKS to advertisement about it nor any fliers/posters (which every tour has) nothing all we see is her CLAIM SHE HAS A TOUR COMING UP just the same as she claims she is an angel of GOD! I don't believe her one bit! Watch some major thing will happen which will be why she has to reschedule!! Considering she is psychic you think she would know these things ahead of time, LOLOLOLOL!

Fatty McFatterson said...

It seems fitting you have's commonly a disease of youth and you only being 16 years old, well, I hope you feel better soon Chandel!!

As much as many of you are going to hate me, I was the one who called Pasadena Recovery Center and gave them the heads up on the SUICIDE HOAX, thinking they would have her most current address to send the EMTs. I didn't realize what a goldmine that call turned out to be because, as I suggested at the time, that stunt tipped the liability scales against her.

I'm a little concerned though that Tila's powerful PI's of which she has, have a wrong address for me because the cops still haven't found me to lock me up for getting her help.

I'm glad she's not doing Celeb Rehab. It was getting under my skin that the mental midget would exploit the poor folks who are on it, by creating drama and chaos, to insure her blog hits. People in rehab/recovery need to focus on their own shit, not the shit of a loose cannon flinging it all over the room trying to see what sticks and on whom.

I don't have time for the next week or so to blog, the family of which I have, needs my attention right now, but I will get on it and make up for lost time!!

Eduardo Retardo said...

Thanks for your concern everybody! I'm not having my tonsils out (although I would jump at the chance) and right now I'm on tons of z-packs and vicodin, which are both kicking my ass! They hit me right in the middle of this post, everything got all wonky (we're talking Tila nipple wonky) and I thought "dear God, is there irony in me writing about Tila and rehab while I'm suddenly in a serious drug-induced haze?"

I seriously thought I'd start writing about purple unicorns or some shit. I can't wait to be healthy again.


Mark said...

After reading the first part of the article I had some good comments all prepared about the CR4 fail, but when I read that Oliver Stone quote at the end I laughed so hard that I forgot the rest of what I was going to say. :)))))

Joann said...

Fatty said...."As much as many of you are going to hate me, I was the one who called Pasadena Recovery Center"...why would anyone on here hate you for doing that? You did good girlfriend.

If I didn't believe 99% of everything coming out of her mouth are nothing but a bunch of lies I would've done the same thing.

Take care of family and come back too Eddie. Love you guys.

Tess said...

I'm not at all surprised that Tila got dumped from CR4 but I'm not so sure it happened because she's too much of a train wreck. CR loves casting train wrecks because it's good for the ratings.

We all saw how Tila put restrictions on what she will and will not talk about during her NYC "tour" and if Tila tried to get CR4 to agree to restrictions on what she will talk about, my guess is that they would not put up with it. Dr Drew is a real MD and no responsible MD would care for a new patient without first doing a thorough review of their past medical history. For Tila that would include previous pregnancies, miscarriages, In Vitro, suicide and psych evals etc.

Since Tila is still claiming she miscarried her mysterious multiple pregnancies ..not to mention her multiple personalities and ever changing suicide crap, she would risk having all of that revealed as fake. And the show always goes into their family history too. What if they brought her parents or siblings on the show and all her claims about her terrible childhood were revealed to be lies! If Tila did the show, it would mean a truckload of her bullshit would be revealed on TV and as much as I would love to see it happen, I doubt Tila has the balls to face the truth and let herself be exposed for the lying skank we already know she is.

Feel better Eddie!!

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Get better Eddie! You must have caught my strep!

GhostofChunks said...

OK, here's my thoughts. Tila is desperate for TV show. ANYTHING to extend that 15 minutes of fame. I have an idea that her exploits (ie - rolling around on the floor at her launch party and the other "red carpet" events where she rolled around on the floor, were a ploy to prove to Dr. Drew and staff that she's on major drugs (Ambien is not major, if you take it correctly of course). She really played it up too much and tipped it over the edge with her suicide "attempt" at the beginning of June. Thank goodness that Dr. Drew was able to see through her bullshit and canned her from the show. Notice how she hasn't been rolling around in public for a while now? I almost betcha that happened.

Also notice that she's playing up to "positive" crap for all it's worth. I went over and read the post with the reps from the UMA's confirming that she wasn't going to be hosting. The PR people said they want someone who will send a positive and inspirational message to their audience. Voila! Tila believes with all her "positive" crap is going to get her in good with the UMA people and she's just home waiting for the call that she'll be hosting them in September. I definitely could be wrong, but that's just my "non-mogul" theory.

Snippy Bitch said...

Unfortunately she IS coming to the UK.

She's appearting on the Sunday Show (never heard of it) - link

The host asked on Twitter if anybody had heard of Tila. I pointed him to the Rotspot and he re-tweeted me, so he's obviously had a look. She'll be performing 2 songs apparently. I shan't be watching.

GhostofChunks said...

Oh, I forgot. Hey Tila! We know you're reading this! How's that record label thingy going? What happened to Rob Johnson? To refresh your memory, he was the guy from New Zealand who placed 2nd (7th - 2nd, they're all the same to her) on American Idol NZ. Remember, you were going to fly him out to LA this summer, have paparazzi meet him at the airport (aka - Garry Sun), and make all of his dreams come true. Ummm... we are halfway through summer and not one word from you on Rob or your record label.

Did he go the way of RazB and the TexazTwinz? What happened to him Tila? I'm dying to know the answer.

BKiddo said...

Miss you Fatty, but we'll be here when ya get back!

Ben said...

I think the funny thing that happened yesterday with the gutterslut was that someone called the viewers of her website children and she said

"These people aren’t “children” as you put it. Go on my site meter and the demographic of people who come to my site is people in the age ranges of 25-34."

So it's funny that the site meter that doesn't post accurate traffic results is posting accurate demographics which I'm not even sure how it would get those.

Can she go 1 day, just 1 day without contradicting something?

vicky said...

Health of which you have, Eduardo including mental hahahahaha

Alabama Worley said...

I don't think anyone was truly every signed and committed to CR4 because if they had been then there would have been a release statememnt on vh1's website. I think she was approached and there was a meeting that offered this to her. However like others have mentioned they do have the right to turn down a patient.

I realize it's a tv show but it is filmed at a real rehab center. This rehab center has other patients that you do not see (obviously) that are inpatient while this is going on. Celebs are kept in one area while the non celebs are everywhere else. There is interaction (small doses) with other folks there and they TIla would be a liability. period.

The big thing to take notice in is that she's back peddling regarding why she cut herself. She's now making it serious as if it were attempt to kill herself. I believe she cut herself and I believe she has scars (faint and will eventually go completely away) but that she did them for attention and not to die. There's a HUGE difference. Either way as much at the ratings would be *awesome* with someone who would play it up for the camera there is actually something I'll share with the class that would shed light on this :)

You'll notice now that there are no longer reality show reunions on VH1. There is a big reason for this. You'll also notice on any show you watch (Charm school, rock of love..) that if girls were major shit starters or were physical with another then they either "quit" or were tossed out. There is a clause in the contract that states (and yes I have every authority to say this)

: If you engage in behavior that puts others at risk due physically you will be asked to resign and void your contract"

No one quits these shows. the girls are asked to leave because of physical altercations and such. VH1 had a great run with it's Jerry Springer like drama but once a few fights broke out and people began to sue things took a different turn. Editing depts spin it one way but the reality is that it's an insurance reason.

I'm rambling but the entire point is that she wasn't allowed on due to her behavior being too erratic and most likely deemed dangerous to those around her.

Now if you made it through that let me tell you that most likely she was taken in on a 5150 which would lead to follow up visits with DR's and such. Of course she would have to agree to such things but with her addiction and self harm it's very possible they broke through her "wall" with legal threats because police can be fucking scary when they begin bringing up posting shit like this online (FEDS get involved) and hoaxes etc. I think she got scared and went to see DR's that took her on per the state dime. Because this does happen if you are 5150'd and you don't have insurance. THERE IS FOLLOW UP CARE!!

I believe she will do her UK tour and that's based on the fact that we work in similar circles and it is booked. She pays a hefty penny to be promoted (as we all do) so she would be fucked if she didn't attend and make her funds back.

Jennifer said...

I don't know how to submit this other than leaving a comment so here goes...

Tila made it into Cosmo! On the Cosmonews Hot Sheet page..

3. What's NOT so Hot

Dear Tila Tequila,
We think the dead bird strapped to your impossible-to-compress chest is technically a cape, so we assume you're going for a goth superhero look. Sadly, mega skankiness is your only power. Sincerly, Cosmo

Hahahaha. It's accompanied by a nice, nasty picture of Tila wearing her belt~dead bird combo.
Page 37 of the August 2010 issue.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Anna, what makes it weirder is back in June Dr. Drew tweeted:

"I have never met Tila but I certainly hope she gets some treatment until such time as CR is finally up and running 7:55 AM Jun 5th"

So, now Tila is lying about lying about appearing on the show, or is she lying about that? Makes my damn head spin around.

I will go with Dr. Drew's take, and believe that she was slatted to be on the show, but her SUICIDE HOAX made her such a liability they kicked her off the roster. There is no way, no how any tv show is going to take on the liability of a suicidal participant. Knowing Tila, she would see this as a major FIRST...the first televised suicide EVER!!! She'd do it just because she'd know she die infamous...which to her is second best to famous, but hell, she'll take what she can get.

Kudos to Dr. Drew for having the ethics to realize she was a disaster waiting to happen. If she didn't kill herself, a couple of the other participants might have just to get away from her.

Kitschy Kitten said...

Feel better Uncle Eddie! Hah your drug-induced rants are eons about Tila's though, I have to say.

@Fatty I give you props, I think CR would have just fueled her ego. She could make a total ass out of herself and everybody hate her but in her sad little mind she would be thinking life was great just because she was on TV. That's what all of this "I'm getting better and seeing therapists and have my Til Army support group" shit is about. To keep her little pack worshiping her because she's getting better in a more dignified way than a reality show. Such bullshit.

Also, I personally don't think there really is a UK tour. Or maybe there is but it'll be along the same lines as her one in New York. She posted a flier on her flog and you can get into one of her shows for 5 pounds. How sad is that? She's going to go to the UK, do a few shoots for magazines no one has ever heard of and play in a few bars and call it a success.

deluwiel said...

I read that Tila's "rep" (whoever that poor schlub is) made a statement saying that she was NEVER CONFIRMED to be on CR4. Yet, Tila blogged "So it's OFFICIAL! I am confirmed and have definitely decided to sign on to joint CELEBRITY REHAB 4 WITH DREW DREW ON VH1!!!!!"

Another day, another blatant lie...

Nothing much to see said...

Yanno what I love.. I love that EVERY TIME you pretty people post, she goes through every comment here, then does some sort of IMMA GOOD PERSON WITH SAD THOUGHTS shite post on her website.

Hi Tila, we know you read this, you keep posting about us, and that ex hater who emailed you? That was me, taking the piss ( er, laughing at you) when I wrote it. And it makes me HOWL with laughter every time you talk about it.


Anonymous said...

QUICK!! Pick up the newest Cosmopolitan..Miss Skank herself is on the "Hot Sheet" page..She is listed under the 'What's NOT So Hot' section..In case nobody else has seen..This is what Cosmo had to say.."Supertramp..Dear Tila Tequila, We think the dead bird strapped to your impossible-to-compress chest is technically a cape, so we assume you're going for a goth superhero look. Sadly, mega skankiness is your only power. Sincerely, Cosmo"..And then the picture quote says "Oh, were you TRYING to get our attention??"

Oh man..I laughed and instantly thought I needed to share the giggle with my fellow Rotspotters!!

You know she is going to turn that right around and talk about how great it is that Cosmo is writing about her..

boytoy said...

Anna, what makes it weirder is back in June Dr. Drew tweeted:

"I have never met Tila but I certainly hope she gets some treatment until such time as CR is finally up and running"

Oh yes dr. drew has meet tila before 3 yrs ago
(before her reality show) on his loveline radio show tila was on there talking to fans and asnwering questions before she left for a grammy party.

Tila Tequila Dumped From Celebrity Rehab

Tuesday said...

Okay, her latest post says, "Anyway, there have been more amazing opportunities for me that popped up at last minute since people..."

This is a set-up for not going to the UK. She's going to drop the "oh-so-obvious-bomb" sometime soon.

She is a total joke.

Tuesday said...

She has completely blocked me from her site. LMAO!!! I love this site much better! :D

Prof. Chaos said...

Haven't been around much, but have been reading the posts. Great job as always.

This little used hankie is making me sick. She banned my comments and then uses my id to post propaganda on her site. She is editing comments adding vile and disgusting things to make herself look like a victim. She somehow made a post about Uganda all about her. That one was a beaut. What a vapid piece of shite.

Uncle Eddie, sorry to hear about your tonsillitis.

Joann said...

Fatty said..."I will go with Dr. Drew's take and believe that she was slatted to be on the show, but her SUICIDE HOAX made her such a liability they kicked her off the roster.". I am so with you on that one Fatty.

That's why Tila posted that lie saying she changed her mind about going on CR4 and instead went to a private doctor and is now clean and sober...yea right skank.

Prior to that the nitwit posted, after she found out CR4 would be pushed back and people were telling her to go to a private doctor to get the help she needed,..."why should I spend $30,000 to go to a private doctor when all I have to do is wait a few more weeks and get the help I need for free" or something to that effect.

Evidently it was a short while after she posted that when Tila found out she had been dumped from CR4.

We didn't know it at the time but Tila did which is why she started to write all those sappy posts about "sharing her personal feelings", "letting go of the past", "keep holding positive thoughts", "stay strong", what her pretend psychiatrist told her, blah, blah, blah, just to make people think she discovered this strong woman deep down within herself who can get better on her own, without a TV show.

Tila don't have a psychiatrist, never had one and don't intend on going to one. She still has her drug problems because she never intended to get rid of them.

I had a feeling the skank was setting the stage for something when she started writing those bogus posts.

Her army of morons are eating up her BS hook, line and sinker but what can you expect from them.

Those idiots never question what she does no matter how ridiculous or confusing it may be

Gladys said...

Eddie my dear...

I read your EdNote and my brain read that you had "wicked tortillas".

Then, even after I'd self-corrected, when I got to your comment above, I managed to read your meds list as being "on tons of 6-packs and Vicodin".

You know, the lovely little world my brain creates (from a combo of poor vision, small fonts, and adult-onset brain-rot) sounds WAY more fun than your reality. You should visit it sometime.

I watched Celeb Rehab, or Sober House, or one of those Doc Drew things, for a couple of episodes...I remember some famous-for-something guy and his trainwreck ex-gf, also famous for something, getting into it on camera and him throwing food at her, and her pissing him off, and a lot of screaming and bullshittery and typical dramawhoring...and if I recall, the guy from Alice in Chains--the one who's not Cantrell and (obviously) not Layne Staley--was trying to calm the guy down, or was getting high, or...Anyway, my point is, these shows are not known for their seriousness, dignity, quality of scientific backing....

So when I read that our favorite little walking biohazard has been judged as TOO FUCKED UP FOR CELEB REHAB...well, I confess I have loled extensively and with relish.

Feel better, Uncle Eddie; Fatster, take care of the family of which you have; you guys/girls/ambiguities continue to rock most extraordinarily.

Now, someone pass the wicked tortillas, please.

abbie.normal said...!/profile.php?id=602515730&v=info

This is probably old news, but have you guys seen this? I stumbled upon it under the confirmed guests on the facebook page of that little place shes performing at in the UK. Even if it's not legit, the info gve me a few lolz.

By the way, this sight is awesome. I've been following for a while now. Awesome job ladies!

Ray said...

That 1st picture is Tila's idea of a billboard?

She stands on a bridge and yells at the cars that go passed (like a crazy lady)

Or maybe she's looking for a new baby daddy, one in a nice car that obviously has a lot of cash, So she knows from the start how much $$ she will get when she sues him.

Ima said...

Thank you for the link to that Gawker Article, it is quite possible the most beautiful piece of literature ever written.

Am particularly McLovin the following quote:

"Instead of being cool for being gross, Tequila just became gross. Instead of the treasure that you pulled out of the dumpster and made presentable, she was just the dumpster with all of its stench and ooze. .........Say what you want about Tila, but she has always been easily replaceable."

Hi Tila!!! Happy now?? Gawker has a whole article devoted to you!

Prof. Chaos said...

I was bored this morning and I thought to myself "Self, what possible reason could Oliver Stone have for putting Tila in a documentary?" So, I did a little checking.

The best I can surmise is that she is being shot for Stone's Showtime documentary "Secret History of America" of which he has. This 10 part documentary is based on the idea that even the most abborant figures of the last 100 years have a story as to why they became the people they are. To "put them into context". He will also be highlighting some of the lesser known and underappreciated members of society, but I seriously doubt this will apply to our little hogul.

Would Oliver Stone waste prescious film stock to make a quick take to Tila to prove his theory? Absolutely. Would Tila know it's a joke? Helz to the No.

Since he started filming this in January, this is just pure speculation. But I would pitch myself off a freeway overpass with joy if this were the case.

Prof. Chaos said...

I had tons of grammatical and spelling errors in that last post. Sorry for giving anyone Miss Tila flashbacks. I'll smack myself in the head for everyone.

Clementine said...

OMG can't wait until you do a post about her "Natural Girl Next Door Look" vid.

It's her typical slurring, repeating, bullshit, lip smacking etc. She is actually in the living room this time which she calls the second floor.

Some dude is there with her but no sign of Onyx. She goes on about her ex-haters.

Oh and her "natural look" consists of wearing only half the M.A.C cosmetics counter and her hair sort of ratted to the side. Oh and her wonktits are covered.

Nikky Raney said...

Who the hell picks blogging over rehab? She got private help? What the fuck. How did she get private help when she never went 24 hours without blogging during this entire period of time. No, she had to have been dropped - but the reps of her are trying to make her sound better. Y'know what? It doesn't make her sound better. I seriously tried to be nice to show I was the bigger person, but I'm jumping on team hater. There. I have officially announced that I hate her. She calls me out on a video I made that reached out to 300 people when she attacks me and it definitely gets out to more than 300 people. Seriously, the things that go on in her head. And she sent me a "PERSONAL E-MAIL FROM MISS TILA" saying that I shouldn't associate myself with the Rot Spot, because "The Rot Spot engages in HIGHLY ILLEGAL activity." Then she posted a link to the rotty twit pic about her wordpress userinformation where I asked if the contact info was still relevant. I'm fed up to the point where I'm done being polite - and I have joined TILA RESISTANCE.

Joann said...

I looked at 2 1/2 minutes of that fake video she put up...when Tila got to the part where she said she had a license to drive as a professional race car driver I turned it off. I had enough at that point.

She has on makeup but not as much as she usually wears and to top it all off the bitch is high as a much for beating her addiction which I never believed in the first place.

Isis said...




Joann said...

This is OT just for a second.

Alabama Worley said..."You'll notice now that there are no longer reality show reunions on VH1. There is a big reason for this.".

I know exactly what you're talking about. I use to watch VH1 back in the days when Flavor Flav had his "of love" shows and the girls on there would fight each other like cats and dogs.

His reunion show, I can't remember if it was 1 or 2, but it was the one where they sent half of the girls backstage because they all ran after New York, who was on stage with Flav, to beat her ass. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a mess.

I believe after the ROL reunion where Heather hit Daisy in the head about three times with her fists is when VH1 started to make a lot of changes regarding the violence that was going down on their "love" shows.

deluwiel said...

She had posted a picture on her flog the other day that was supposed to have been taken this week when she was at some "meeting"... I don't know how to do it, but could someone check the image info on that puppy and find a date? It sure looks like an older photo to me. Her hair is back the way it used to be and her face looks rounder and softer.

Anonymous said...

RT @VH1Stars Tila Tequila Not doing Celebrity Rehab?

I tweeted this today I believe it was! Or yesterday! ITS OFFICIAL my boy at VH1 (both) have blogged and tweeted about it! I TOLD THEM TO COME HERE AFTER READING HOW THEY WROTE ABOUT HER, LOL!

Anonymous said...

And about the VH1 SHOWS!! No they still have reunions I know people who have done those shows and who film them!! The REUNION shows are solely up to the person who did the show!! Frank the Entertainer he CHOOSE NOT TO HAVE ONE!! RAY J DID!!! Basketball wives did, tons others have, just SOME CHOOSE NOT 2!!!

Anonymous said...

okay! SO, so far I have seen A (TV?) Show she is performing on?!? Wow?!

Forgive me but isn't a tour a series of Concerts? You know that music REAL musicians sing and play (LOL) and they "TOUR" in a TOUR BUS MOST TIMES LOL, They go to all sorts of DIFFERENT PLACES PLAYING AND ENTERTAINING PEOPLE?? I dunno, I guess I am wrong on what a Tour is! XD My bad TILA!

deluwiel said...

@Joann: Whoa... wait. What?!? She's saying she's licensed as a race car driver? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *snort* HAHAHAHAHAHA what Cracker Jack box do you get those out of? There must be an online place to order race car driver's licenses and CEO/Mogul nameplates and phony sonograms. For $19.99 you can get a Master's in quantum physics!

@Nikky - you definitely hit a nerve with your parody video. With all the other mockery out there about her and she picked you to be the face and name of the jelis hatrz. Because you're young, because you take the high road in Tila's twisted little middle-school world she thought you could be insulted and intimidated and bullied, yet you were never confrontational or hateful. I'm sorry you had to put up with the juvenile attacks.

Ben said...

I'm pretty sure she's still on drugs, yeah she may be seeing a Dr for the reasons stated in the comments but now she's saying that she has an addiction to tattoos and needs shopping rehab, both things would be highly frowned upon by her addiction specialist who should know about this site.

I love how she makes so many statements but never bothers to prove them. "I just spent $500 on products I'm never going to use". If someone says show the receipt she'll say "I don't have to prove it". Same thing with her Africa trip, she's constantly saying "I don't do charity work, I keep it on the down low" yet she's pimping her Africa trip and if for some reason she actually does go I guarantee she brings a camera and takes pictures to documenting, further proving that she doesn't do charity work without a camera.

It's been 3 days since she promised her "big surprise" to her army. Oh well she's about to post her itinerary so we can all laugh at the 50 seat venues that will magically hold thousands when she shows up. Damn that Harry Potter and his magic.

Jubilee said...

Guys you should check this girl out, she's been leaving comments on tila's site and I'm pretty sure Tila stole her life story and has tried (and failed) to pass it off as her own, just wanted to bring this to your attention

Kitschy Kitten said...

LMAO @Ben you gotta love how it's taking her more than 6 hours to post her UK itinerary. Maybe she's a tad embarrassed after she saw how it look written up.

And I will be absolutely shocked, and I mean SHOCKED, if she ever steps foot in Africa to do charity work. And if she did it would 100% be a publicity stunt.

Alabama Worley said...


The entire bit about the no reunion on VH1 goes a bit like this:
1. VH1 outsources entertainment firms to cast, and put together different shows. Example: is who did all of Rock of Love, (the Daisy show), Charm School, Tool Academy & Flavor of love/ Megan wants a millionaire as well as for the love of money. Due to the Megan / Sharon Stone fight and law suit they were incapable of getting insurance due to the fights and the lawsuit that happened between Megan and Sharon. Then the dude that killed that woman. The man who was 2nd in place (spolier!) for Megan wants a millionaire and did win for the love of money ..which never aired due to the issues at hand.

I'm not too sure who did basketball wives and the others that you mentioned. I no longer work for pink shoes. So yes it was an insurance liability.

What a lot of people don't realize (at no fault to their own) is that VH1 is like the final choice, they have a few companies that do the cast calling and such. Those companies go to VH1 and cast shows. Then VH1 decides whether to pick it up based on those that are lined up.

If a girl (this is relating to pink shoes) and by all means Ashlee from ROL will back this ;) if a woman behaved in a violent manner it made it look like she "resigned" because they could NOT air the actual fights and such after awhile. Ricki Rockman also stated this when he did Daisy of Love. (he is close to Sharon and hates hates Megan).

I'm not too sure who casted the shows you mentioned but for the ones pink shoes productions were in charge of, there hasn't been (to my knowledge) a reunion show.

Again I don't keep up with VH1 reality shows since around the last Charm school and the megan wants a millionaire.

I hope that makes some sense. I'm not trying to belittle anyone or make it sound like I know it all I'm just trying to shed some light.

Alabama Worley said...

Fuck I typed this entire thing and it was too large!
Anyway, what I was saying in reference to reunion shows. VH1 is the network and it has casting agents, and production companies that do casting for it.
Pink Shoes productions (whom I worked for) did all the casting for - Megan wants a millionaire, I Love Money, Tool Academy, ROL, Charm School, Daisy (shit I forget the name!), Flavor of love, I Love NY and Real Chance.
Production companies scout for people once VH1 likes their idea(s). Once the scouting is over then PSP shows the casting call sheets (spoiler-head shots and such). Due to the fight between Sharon and Megan Pink shoes issued a statement that there would be no further reunion shows due to insurance liabilities. Now if a fight breaks out on a PSP show, it's rarely seen and suddenly the person who did the fighting is cast off.
Certain shows were sold off to other companies. I have personally not kept up with any shows since. But just to clear the air here, each production company has a different insurance policy blah blah.
I'd write more but apparently I breach the limit when I type lol.
I'm not trying to argue with anyone but a simple google search or going back to Ricki (rockman's) tweets/blogs I think talked about it when people were asking if Daisy was doing a reunion show.

Alabama Worley said...

And because I'm so OCD. PSP is partners with 51 minds so to make my post make sense;

One works for casting PSP and one works to push the production forward. AKA casting agency, and production company that films pilots and then gives it to VH1. :)

I now work for neither as I'm on the other side of the camera and don't have to push papers going "Okay look at the camera and pretend that you have Bret on one arm and a glass of champagne on another. Now pretend the girl that you hate walks into the room"

Seriously that phrase for auditions will be forever embedded in my brain.

For those curious 20% of it was real after the 1st season because no one knew who they were meeting on "rock of love". It is however almost 100% accurate for tool academy. They / we toured cities and did fake promotions for things like energy drinks, ed hardy like apparel and night clubs. But the women were in on it and it was hilarious. The men seriously had NO idea they were being signed up for Tool Academy unless their girlfriends told them. :) (yes people dropped out, that was never shown). I could go on forever about the insides of it but I don't want to kill Xmas for people who enjoy reality tv.


Anonymous said...

Id like to respond I just saw your comments but ughhh, I was out of the loop for a while so it is so late! I saw on a newer post that you finally made a twitter! :) Follow me Alabama and say hello, I am @SammiDeHart :)

Anonymous said...

And OMG I just saw you last bit of the convo about no killing Xmas hahahahahah! EVERY TIME AND ANY TIME I TRY TO TELL PEOPLE THE INNER WORKINGS of a certain reality show and how it is not real! HA THEY get so furious and go on and on its not even worth it! :) I know exactly what your explaining! :) (ADD ME ON TWITT) LOL! :)

Anonymous said...

O, wow did you guys see this!! I would post it on her post, so Tila can see HOW SHE REALLY FELT ABOUT THAT EMAIL! :HAHAHA:

Nikky Raney said...

Who the hell picks blogging over rehab? She got private help? What the fuck. How did she get private help when she never went 24 hours without blogging during this entire period of time. No, she had to have been dropped - but the reps of her are trying to make her sound better. Y'know what? It doesn't make her sound better. I seriously tried to be nice to show I was the bigger person, but I'm jumping on team hater. There. I have officially announced that I hate her. She calls me out on a video I made that reached out to 300 people when she attacks me and it definitely gets out to more than 300 people. Seriously, the things that go on in her head. And she sent me a "PERSONAL E-MAIL FROM MISS TILA" saying that I shouldn't associate myself with the Rot Spot, because "The Rot Spot engages in HIGHLY ILLEGAL activity." Then she posted a link to the rotty twit pic about her wordpress userinformation where I asked if the contact info was still relevant. I'm fed up to the point where I'm done being polite - and I have joined TILA RESISTANCE.

WHAT A FUCKING RETART!!! Nikky SIGN OFF YOUR COMPUTER, GO TO SCHOOL ( I doubt your even a student at this point ) and ENJOY PLANET FITNESS you NEED IT!