Friday, July 30

postheadericon The Rotspot: Overflowing with Love (and Boobies)

Hey guys!  So how do you like our newest writer Seola?  Personally I like her a lot, but only because she puts out.

So if you're reading this, it means we're unlocked!  Yippee!  Hooray!  However, as I'm writing this we are STILL locked, so it's a little weird.  Anyway, in an attempt to get us to unlock early (you cheeky bastards) we were inundated with love and admiration over on twitter.  I wish I would have saved some of the tweets that abounded with #TeamRotSpot in them, because some of them were amazing.  What I did save, however, were the awesome twitpics we got!  So here you guys go, see if you can recognize your art!

This one made me lol for a long time.  This was the first.  Then came the boobies.

What's up with everyone on #TeamRotSpot having huge knockers?  I dunno but I approve.

And, not to be outdone, my boyfriend got his sweater puppies out for a good time.

Merlin knows what's up.  High five, Merlin.

Wow, Sade!  That's as close to a celebrity endorsement as we'll ever get!  I'LL TAKE IT!

Special thanks to @PKittyTrisha, @Neenahboo2, @jtkalcich, @LiquidHardCandy, @macmacmac1, @apocryphalyou, @jumsgirl and @HATERMEHHEH for their love!  <3

Many of you have asked if you can get your own boobie pics posted here.  Absolutely.  Uncle Eddie will NEVER turn away pictures of your melons, DUH.  So just tweet 'em, or email 'em to us if you don't have twitter, and I'll get that shit a-poppin'!  (Tweeting them to me is the most sure-fire way for me to see them, don't forget to @EduardoRetardo)

Our mega-fan, and all around plethora of radness, Alabama Worley tweeted these to me today!

SHIT. YES.  <3

Update #2 
The boobies just keep pouring in!  Man, I sure love boobies.  Seriously, keep sending them in and this will be the longest, boob-filled-est post ever. 

These fabulous knockers come direct from my favorite wee Scottish lassie Claire Bear!

You know, if you want to send me boobie pictures that you don't want posted here...for Uncle Eddie's PERSONAL collection...I fully support that, too.  Just sayin'.


treva said...


Apocryphal You said...

Boobies are god's pillows.

Hey there Sade, gurl I didn't know you threw down for the jelis haterz! :P

Vintage Pink said...

That was a fun night of tweets!!!
And we all got new avatars too, so all around success.
I wish we would have trended, but it was late when we got started!!

SammiDe said...

HAHAHA this is soo hilarious I have big boobies 2, WHY o why did I never send mine in! LMFAO!!! :P LOVE EM!!!!! Too funny!! I really do love this place! & I'm seriously so damn stoked it's open!!!

FUYU said...

OMG Alabama Worley's pic is probably my absolute fav. I love the tats... and the butter knife! XD

Seagal said...

Man oh Man we have some great boobs here. Wish I had thought of that. Always a day late and 5 bux short :(

Apocryphal You said...


Alabama Worley said...

just letting everyone know, that my butterknife is on my writing desk. :)

What I enjoy best is that you can see the trash bags in the background to cover clothing from water leaking :(

No actually I like being called a "plethora of radness" (I love the word plethora)


xClaire_Ellisx said...

fuck aye baaaaybeee oor twins are famous wootwoot lmao #TeamRotspotBaby #xTeamEllisTLNDx I LOVERZ YOU SASSY LASSIES SOOOOOO MUCHO <3 <3 huggles, smoochies && shaaags xoxoxoxoxxo

xClaire_Ellisx said...

fuuuuuck aye baby oor twins are famous lmao I LOVERZ YOU SCRUMPTIOUS SASSY LASSIE'S SOOOO MUCHOZ (",) #TeamRotspot #Boobies #xTeamEllisTLNDx lots of smoochies, huggles & shaaaagsss xoxox Claire Bear & Deany Bear xoxxox

Sheriff Gauncent said...

I doubt anyone wants to see the sheriff's boobs!

SammiDe said...