Thursday, July 1

postheadericon Perez and Tila, Sittin' in a Tree...

Hey boo-boos! Uncle Eddie here. This post is gonna be short and sweet, but it's just something I've noticed and I thought you guys might enjoy laughing at Tila's stupid ass, too.

So you know how Tila HATES Perez? I mean HATES him? And she made up that fucking stupid contest she seems to have forgotten all about - the one where she asked her Tila Army morons to make videos proclaiming their hate for him, too?

You remember? Okay good. Well, nobody hates Perez more than Tila, so just as her Hottie of the Week is 99% her own pictures, this contest should have just gone to Tila.

I mean, can't you just FEEL the hate?

Can't you?

LOL fuck you Tila. Those pictures are obviously RECENT because Perez is a skinny bitch in them, even though Tila doesn't have her greasy-fug blond hair. And THAT means she's seen him in person, obviously, being a skinny bitch and STILL refers to him as "Piggy Perez." Yes, I am jelis of Tila because she is so very mature and never stoops to a level unbefitting her mogul status. RIGHT, GUYS?

Personally I think she talks a lot of shit but she absolutely WON'T back it up in person. She's too, I dunno, exaggerated about it. You know what I mean. She talks about it too much for it to be true. And it should be obvious in these pictures. I love it when she says "say it to my face! You'd be singing a different tune then!" Oh Tila, please, let me say it to your face. Please? Pretty please?

So I don't hate Perez, but I definitely thinks he needs to have a HAZMAT team check out his tongue, STAT.

Today is our 5 month anniversary!  The appropriate gift for 5 months, I believe, is burritos.  So buy us all burritos, dammit.

Update #2!
So I've gathered from the comments that these were taken in August of 2008.  Thank you.  Although that wasn't really the point of this post.  I wanted you guys to see these pictures so you'd stop emailing them to me and asking me if I'd seen them.  And anybody else who wants to leave your little bitchy comments like YOU, Sheriff, you can fuck right off.  Again, I can post whatever the fuck I want here.  Nobody went "searching" or "pushing" for a story.  These haven't ever been featured here and I felt they should be.  Christ, we love most of you, but some of you are really pissing all of us off lately.


Fatty McFatterson said...

I dunno Uncle Eddie...I don't think this is up to Boytoy's expectations. I mean, it's a great write-up and all, and totally interesting, but it lacks the drama and excitement Boytoy expects from us. Not only that, it's a little 'pitchy'.

Sorry. I'm going to have to say no sending you to Hollywood. What do you think Simon?

Isis said...

Simon was too busy stuffing his hands under his armpits. What was the blog about?

Eduardo Retardo said...


Wait, can I have another chance? Please give me another chance. I know I can do it. Please. PLEASE.

LOL fuck Boytoy in his whiny little bitch ass.

Love you Fatty Fat Fat! <3

Treva said...

Jesus tap dancin' christ!!! Are you fucking serious?!? She's sooooo two-faced!! Yuck. When do u guys think these pics were actually taken? (speculatively, of course,,,lol)

Anonymous said...

That pic was taken around August/ September-ish of last year. Not sure how that fits into the whole twitter battle, but I do know at one point they were on friendly terms. Hate to negate the post, but I totally agree on her not saying anything to his face. She is a coward. I do believe PH when he says he can't stand her.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Love you too Uncle Eddie, smooches for you!!! Hey did you read that peace of crap poem of Tila's? I'm wondering if Descartes will have something to say about the title.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Perez is her new baby daddy, these pics prove it! Tila exclusive!

Violet Morellet said...

I'm pretty sure that picture could be about a year old. May be less, but Perez started his weight loss journey two years ago, it's taken him a good long while to be as thin and fit looking as he does right now, but last year he did his annual update of his weight loss, in July, when he got shirtless on cam, and while he still had a way to go then, he'd lost a lot of weight. Since T's in her old hair, and they're seeming really friendly, I'm thinking this had to be before her exploitation of Casey Johnson's death. I don't think they've ever been friends, and the few times that Perez blogged about her, it wasn't flattering by any means. But I think that since that Twitter fight after Casey died, he's washed his hands of her and you probably couldn't pay him to pose with her.

But yeah, her calling him "piggy" isn't clever, because it doesn't apply. He's not been anything you could call fat in a long time now.

alison m m said...

... and *gosh*, what is that in Tila's hand?

Anonymous said...

People have been saying they are working together on this!

Ade said...

Well we all know Tila is phony, her fight with perez is one sided, she only got pissed that even during the death of Casey, Perez managed to not mention her name on his site at all. So all of that is pissing her off. As for her Lame Perez bashing videos she had her fans send in, as you can guess, her Tila army consist of 100 pe(dophile)ople, and 10 of them probably sent in videos. Also, blacklisted? is she serious, now I'm no Perez fan, but he had Christina Aguilera sing on his birthday (which she said no one wanted to come) he's good friend with Lady Gaga, one of the biggest artist. what do you have , Mr Bradshaw?, We all know she's trying to be Perez. Girl...bye.

Madame Toast said...

Tila would be buddies with Perez in a hot second and she knows it.
He has succeeded in almost every aspect that she failed.
His blog = successful, he has made many peoples names known, and brought success there direction. He is starting a record label and my guess is it will produce talent. He's on TV, hosting events, rubbing elbows with a miles list of celebrities, traveling the world and now he too is doing london amongst so many other things.
The more I learn about Perez the more I realize that Tila is in some weird way trying to model her life after his and I'm not really sure why she chose Perez of all people...but then there are many others that she steals pages out of their lives from so maybe that is just Tila...

why wouldn't she want her own life, since she is so glamorous and successful, smart, bright, angel of god, leader of her own army, seeker of truth, blah blah blah blah...
I like how she always says we will see the real her or blabs about who she really is...

which one is she exactly?

Vintage Pink said...

why is no one talking about how perez is REALLY going to london to do a show????
And tila isnt.

Ray said...

She trys to act all tough and gansta on the web but I dont think she would have the guts to do anything IRL.

Remember when Nicky and that other person pickup up Casey's stuff? And tilla HELPED them carry it out, Then after it was all over and they left she was talking smack about it saying she shouldve done this and shouldve done that, but she cryed after helping carry stuff to the car.

Congrats on the 5months, looking forward to 5 more :P Sorry I really did get you all burrito's but i ate them :)

jayden said...

Look at the size of the wonktits in those pics. Definitely older.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Sorry guys, these pics are old.
Seen them before. Not everone has though.

Let's focus damnit. Don't search and push to just make a new post, the less the better acutally. Wait for it...It will come.

Anonymous said...

Hey Uncle Eddie, AWESOME Post! I was hoping you'd write about this! I know that you and I have talked about this a couple of weeks ago, so I did a little research on my own. I compared hairstyles and other factors of both Tila and Perez and the only time I can seem to pinpoint when they are lining up timewise seems to be "about" August of 2008. If I were to take a guess as to when these pictures were taken, I'd say it was then. Perez is always changing his hairstyle, so it actually helped narrow it down,(and his weight was starting to hit a plateau, so that helped too!) Back then, Tila actually took care of herself, so it was a little bit harder due to her constant upkeep and subtle changes in highlights! Looking through her once pretty portfolio really makes you realize how far she's gone downhill in such a short time. Anyhow, just thought I'd share my assumptions on these pictures. (Although, I've always been a firm believer that Assumptions make an ASS out of U and ME !)LOL.

BTW, sorry if this is a little incoherant, I'm still on some really good shit from my spinal surgery and am a little drugged tonight. I won't be like the FOGUL and joke about it for those recovering from actual addictions, but she really would be a jelis hater if she knew what I had thrown at me legally because I'm just so legit like that.

Anonymous said...

Just found this.....How could I have missed this? Damn! I am so fucking good I amaze myself!!!!! AUGUST FUCKING 2008!!!! Check this out! I'm sitting in my bathtub and let out a whoop because I am so thrilled with my detective work!

My uncle who is on the L.A.P.D. as a detective would be so proud of my skills by hairstyle matching and facial changes. Too bad I didn't find this sooner, LOL!

Nighty Night.

Joann said...

The skank just posted how she caught the haters and have proof to show how they are using multiple accounts on her site, blah, blah, blah.

She has the nerve to try and break down her proof like you guys do with her lies.

She's giving an example of how a comment was marked as spam with a screen shot but I can't see it due to my Adblock.

She's also saying.."you can’t fool me on my own site, that I am the PRESIDENT/CEO of!"...Hahahaha.

Can't wait for you guys to tear her a new one with this post.

Ouija Queen said...

o... AND shes drinking.

cause shes allergic to alcohol.

Nikky Raney said...

These are definitely recent.
You can tell she tried to dye her hair back to its normal color, but failed in the process.
This is... wow.
Thanks for posting this, wow.
I wonder if she's going to blog

Nikky Raney said...

LOL "LOL fuck you Tila."
Seriously, I did laugh out loud.
She "HATES" Perez?
Is this a joke?
So Piggy Perez & Tila are really good ole buds?
What, does he pay her to promote their hatred for one another.

Is this another SPEIDI?

Isis said...

Descartes brought some Casa Bonita gift certificates for the 5 month.

Anonymous said...

She's been posting a lot of stuff about positive energy and being nice to others and she's mentioning how she suffers from PTSD.

She's scared of something. The end is near. Cue the molestation claim in 5, 4, 3, 2...

debbie said...

In a real face to face she'd tuck her little tail between her legs and run. She brags and brags and boasts and blah, blah, blah... if any of it were true she wouldn't feel compelled to keep telling people over and over and over.

Happy 5 month! It's your blog and you can write about whatever you want to. I love reading anything from you guys - always entertaining!

Sandra said...

Hey everyone, I've been reading the stuff on this site for a while now and i'd like to say it's so awesome! You guys are doing great things! I've never commented on here before though.

I do admit I have a problem I can't stop reading comments on the crackheads site. She is so not normal, she is now replying to all the haters comments under different names and everyone knows it's her because of the writing style. She is telling people to die, calling Nikky names and just being racist, homophobic and evil. Great way to spread "positivity"!!! It's pretty psycho that she's doing that, that just proves how crazy she is.

There is someone new that has started commenting under the name "Duh Dur" they say they used to work with her and they are ready to spill her secrets, sound juicy. They are calling her out on drinking alcohol and how her parents disowned her, and heaps of other stuff. Also someone called "you wish is planning on a demonstration against Tila In LA sounds like fun!

Anyway she has put a new post up to all the haters and people have been commenting and exposing that it means nothing, I hope you do a post on this.

Love your work, from the Aussie haters!!!!

Steven Clarke said...

Funny how much changes in only two years.

As many others have said already, Tila hates Perez because that's the only thing she knows how to do. Perez called her out on her lies and her desperate pleas for attention- and Tila resorts to her only defense mechanism- lashing out with name calling.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Jeez! I leave a little bit a sarcasm in good fun and go to sleep and wake up to find out that I get told publicly to FUCK RIGHT OFF? REALLY?

You know. I love what you guys are doing and have been a very big supporter of what you do. I understand that you don't know me and my dry humor can be interpreted in a different way or by what mood you are in. But I can FUCK RIGHT OFF? I really kinda considered you all friends that I've never met. Ya, I'm fucking pissed!

I'll fuck right off this site.

Fuck you!

BKiddo said...

I've never given a frogs fat ass about tila before the Shawne Merriman thing, so I wouldn't have seen the pic.s with tila and Perez.(is that Ross the intern in the background there, love him!)
IMO, tila is just pissed at Perez because he's an old buddy who has started out with not much, and has now become successful. Much more than tila could ever be.
Happy 5 month anniversary! Thanks for soo many laughs as well as useful info. I plan on being here as long as you all are. I hope that will be a long, long time.
I had some burritos but Ray ate them too. (lol Ray, just messing with ya!)
@Isis, how funny, we have a Casa Bonita in our state. With the cliff divers and awful food. I've gone there since I was in...well, along time ago, and our son has been there. I love that you brought that up!
Have a great day everyone, love ya!

necro_wafer said...

She's back to claiming that her flog has "costed" her between $25-$30 THOUSAND. I've done the math multiple times, and I just can't for the life of me figure out how this ugly, miserable site of hers costs anywhere near that.

Mason McDuffie said...

I love the blog. Don't change a thing. You can't help it if she's laying low and just babbling incoherent stuff.

Ericka said...

Guys, lets not let silly things like feeling get in the way of exposing this bitch. It makes us look weak. We can take this tramp down. Viva La Resistance!

Is anyone going to report her to WordPress for violating TOS by posting someones IEP? Also, I'm sure her advertisers would be interested to know that Tila's telling the majority of her readers that they aren't welcome on her site.

Isis said...

@BKiddo: I had to strap them to my body and hide them underneath my clothes so that Professor Chaos wouldn't try anything funny and try to steal them.

Prof. Chaos is a cheeky lil bugger.

@Ericka: For all I know Tila'll post BeyondBettyJean's IP full address and home phone number for having dared speak to me on Tila's blog. I wish I could shake her and make her understand that your status as a human being is not defined by your freakin' notoriety!!! That's why whenever Tila knows I'm around and pulls her "OMG I NEVER EVEN HEARD OF YOU UNTIL JUST NOW!!!" bullshit I laugh my ass off. You don't need to be mainstream to be notorious, Tila, bless your whorey heart!

Case in point: I'll just use this as an example. The Miz from WWE. His catch phrase "I'M AWESOME!!" is not his, it belongs to another wrestler. That's what that whole DX/Hornswaggle beef was about. The Miz stole somebody else's gimmick.

The person the gimmick actually belongs to already knows that I WILL indeed bitch slap The Miz on site if he were to ever run into me.

But that's the biz: people steal your gimmick or your work without a second thought and claim it as their own.

It really makes me marvel at how far women have come in the entertainment industry, since WWII really was not that long ago at all. That's really when everything changed. Anybody see "A League of Their Own"? OMFG squee great movie.

BKiddo said...

Rock it like we know you can, and I'll do my best to distract our fav. Prof. Chaos.
I also heard that the Yeti might want to smack the Miz too, but old Yets is still shook up from the beat down from the laides.

heather said...

Interesting post..We all know Tila would hop in bed with the devil if it got her press time. She's just mad her 10 minute photo op didnt make them BFF..

don't care for your "update" where you blast a reader who happen to disagree with you...seen this happen too much on here..We get it, you post what you want, we should be grateful, you don't get paid etc..

don't bother replying..i won't be back to see it..

Prof. Chaos said...

Isis said: Prof. Chaos is a cheeky lil bugger.

Casa Bonita, Casa Bonita! dada dada dada da!!!

I wanted to go soooo bad, but that mean, old poop head Cartman locked me in the bomb shelter.

I totally would have bought burrrrittos for everyone to celebrate the 5 mo. anniversary!!!

boytoy said...

Fatty & Eduardo i'm female not a guy

Isis said...

Oh for fuck's sake:

Boytoy's issue is that The Rot Spot is not willing to go to jail for what she wants them to post about. THAT'S the issue. And I love it when people say "don't bother replying I won't be coming back"

She basically said "I don't care if you guys get arrested for posting about Tila being an escort just post it because that's what I wanna read!!!"

90% of all blog readers are "lurkers" which means they read the blog but never comment on it, so you could be saying that heather hoping it will bother TRS but for all I know you're reading this right now, so pardon me if I don't believe you.

As far as being a commenter on a blog there's not one trick you can pull past me: I've seen 'em all.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

I think Eddie and I are in the process of making up. Maybe we will get married some day and make babies and adopt babies and get dogs and start charities together and go on a karaoke tour and share norco and vicodin, red bulls, and ambien. Hell, we may even play a game of Monopoly.

livvey said...

Someone above said, "People have been saying they are working together on this!"

I highly doubt that because if they were, Perez would do more posts about her. He seems to be totally ignoring her. In addition, I just can't see how he'd benefit by being tied to TT.

Eduardo Retardo said...

NOBODY CARES. NOBODY. What are you, 14? You obviously have no idea how any of this works. We don't get legal clearance - we possibly go to jail. So you can suck my fat dick.


Yes everybody, I deleted the update #2 because Sheriff and I have made up. I'm going to post about it shortly, even though OMG IT WON'T BE UP TO BOYTOY'S STANDARDS. I think I'll cry.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

I'm going to write a song about boytoy with my guitar and sample it and post it. I'd rather do that and get drunk at home than getting drunk out on the town in San Diego this holiday weekend!

Happy 4th all!

MsWonkyTits said...

Happy 5 month Anniversary ladies!
(*hands out 4 burritos sans lettuce and blows a kiss*)

Sheriff Gauncent said...

@boytoy. We know Tila? Are you sure?

boytoy said...

What did i ever do to you?

your just a fucked up shit disturber on here to cause shit between other memebers

boytoy said...

i'm not on here to cause drama/problems for other people

angela said...


I told Tila, that her poem was as painful to read as Vogon poetry as seen on The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy. lol

Eduardo Retardo said...

Boytoy, you pretty much lost all support here when you posted that comment, telling us to post the escort story. Sorry, bro.

Anonymous said...

No Perez pays her for FREE PR by talkin about him NON-STOP! Many people say it and claim to have proof, Ill have to google it and post it, maybe.!

and 90% Lurkers eh, just goes to show you how creepy most of society is, LOL!

& As for Eddie and Sheriff glad ya made up!!! <3 Cant have us fighting, must focus on only the hogul, LOL!

and Heather FUCK OFF you creepy lurker whose name probably isnt even HEATHER!

Eduardo Retardo said...

Sammi, just ignore the people like Heather. She apparently didn't see why Sheriff was "blasted" in the first place. He didn't disagree with me.

And I don't think Perez and Tila are in this together. It wouldn't make any sense. He doesn't need her for publicity at all.

Prof. Chaos said...

Uncle Eddie, I agree about the Perez/Tila together connection. Not in his playbook. As much of a media tramp he is, he really was pissed about the whole blowup in January and feels that to ignore is the best revenge. Especially with his numbers.

Angela, you are dead-on about the Vogon poetry in Hitchhiker's Guide. Except that Tila's has surpassed them as the worst in the universe.

Have a great 4th everyone!! Spend your welfare checks on fireworks and melt that govment cheeze on some strips!! I'm off to dodge the pedobear. He's really persistent.

chey said...

I doubt very much that Tila and Perez are in this together, like you said Uncle Eddie, he doesn't need to resort to this shit to get hits on his blog. I think he was friendly to her at one point and then when she went to far after Casey died he washed his hands of her.
Happy 5 month anniversary girls, it seems so much longer than that. Time flies when you're having fun I guess. Thanks for all the lulz.

tillie said...

Happy 5 month anniversary you guys. For my supreme appreciations for all your hard work and constant entertainment you provide for me I am throwing in a pitcher of my fabulous Margaritas with the Burritos. Enjoy!

Isis said...


You are completely full of shit. You're the one saying you don't care if TRS gets in serious legal trouble for posting the escort story, alright, save the "I'm not here to cause drama" bullshit and making counter-accusations because the only shit stirrer here is you. Deal or GTFO. You owe TRS an apology.

Seagal said...

HAPPY 5TH Mth. Anniversary Ladies!

You are ALL doing an Awesome job here.


Isis said...

Crap forgot to mention those photos were probably taken during the "No H8 Campaign" photo shoot.

Anonymous said...

yeah I KNOW they aren't and don't believe it! I was just stating many people tend to believe they are! :P

I also highly commend Perez for ignoring her this long and it goes to show you he isn't as vapid and shallow as people think!It also proves Perez is his JOB, MARIO (noticed I didnt say is-lol) can be a normal sane being!

Anonymous said...

@ Isis....No, they weren't taken at the NOH8 Photo Shoot time, which was created in February of 2009. I found that they were taken on August 5th, 2008 dining at and coming out of a resturant. You can see the link that it was originally released publically here!


Happy 4th of July everyone. I hope you all have a safe and blessed Independence Day. Rest in Peace Casey.

Anonymous said...

lmao..thats funny these are here cos about 2 weeks or so ago,i foundthem and theyre on my Fb! (melissa pink) i was dyying to show them to you! did i? dont remember-im shot! hehe..anyways my opinion,they should have a baby together! lmao

Ima said...

Jeeebus - I take a few days off and start to see a bunch of in-fighting..... Come on peeps - remember the big picture here!!!