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So we've all been wondering why Tila and CR4 aren't happening anymore, right?  This is pretty much straight from the horses mouth:

I don't really know how I feel about this.  Doesn't this violate Tila's rights as a patient?  I don't know, because, I mean, it's a reality show really.  Anyway, it's good for a laugh, and I figured some of you probably hadn't seen it yet.

Oh and also, today we got a plug from these guys:
So hi to everybody checking in from the UK!  I suggest looking at the "Real Talk" tab at the top of this site for the hard hitting information!  We're not just "haters" here, we actually have a point, I swear.


Dawn said...

I have a feeling that it's more like refused a psych test.

If she has/had mental problems, they would(hopefully)send her for mental help, and then get to her addictions


Fatty McFatterson said...

I just saw this too Uncle Eddie, and I kinda had a weird feeling about it myself. I don't think Dr. Drew's wife should have even had the info to begin with...there's an implied patient confidentiality I would think, even for a reality rehab show.

I imagine she'll be removing this tweet fairly soon, especially when her husband finds out.

BigPoppaPhat said...

They know she was fake and full of shit from the get go, they knew she was just trying to get on tv and wasnt sincere about treatment. Case closed.

Joann said...

Tila was not actually part of the cast yet... remember, the media said she signed on to be on CR4.

Evidently after you sign on it's mandatory for all of them to take a psych test and if you don't pass you will be rejected which is not violating anyone's rights because nothing specific was mention, only that she didn't pass.

If Tila had signed on, took the test and actually did the show and something specific was leaked about her mental state later, then it would be a violation of her rights.

Did it mean she was trying to fool them and did not have an addiction at all but more of a severe mental problem. I sure would like to know or is that tweet a hoax?

I clicked on the link but did not see a "real talk" tab at the top of the page.

Isis said...


(long winded comment ahead)

This actually made me depressed.

I think you might be right. This is my area of study and I don't really talk about it much b/c I'm in the beginning phases of my degree (Mind you I will only be a counselor not a doc practicing medicine or anything, I will be writing books about my experiences later. And unlike that Frey asswhipe, mine will be based off of true accounts! I actually already wrote a little bit off of my accounts already.)

It's one thing for me to talk about blogging/journalism/writing etc. but I take that whole patient confidentiality thing very seriously, because I speak from personal experience that there are a lot of slime out there who do not. I have a raunchy weird sense of humor which is why I hang here so much, but I had to deal with some seriously fucked up things from the staff of the facilities where I went to go to rehab myself. I actually woman-ed up and said to everybody that I needed help, and the experience actually traumatized me more in certain ways. I did have a lot of good memories, don't get me wrong, but there are certain people who worked there: if you're reading this right now, you know who you are. If I were to pass you on the street I'd spit in your fucking face.

Our health care system needs some serious revisions and changes. A lot of people are in such bad shape in the first place is because they can't afford to pay their medical bills or pay for their medication. The number one cause of bankruptcy in this country is medical debt.

Anyway. This is one of the main reasons why my "give a damn" went on "E" for Tila long ago: help is at her fingertips and she refuses it, even if it is in the form of a reality TV show.

Isis said...


People in the health care industry break the patient confidentiality clauses all the time. Technically Tila could file a civil suit.

Sweet Melissa said...

u kno wut? i think thats BS because,theyre have been several "mental people" on celeb rehab! take a second and think back...every season...every man..woman thats been on there...come on now! theyre def were a bunch of weirdos...i dont believe that even if she didnt pass a weirdo test (lol) they STILL wouldve had her on,and just pay more attention 2 her. like more cameras for instance!

Anonymous said...

Huh, I didn't know about this tweet, but it's not ground-breaking news.

However, I doubt, like Fatty said, his wife should have that information, and certainly any consent agreement Tila signed in getting signed up for the show, wouldn't include this kind of casual disclosure, specially since she's not on the show.

It's breaking the HIPPA law, and opens them up for federal fines and civil lawsuits.

She coulda just tweeted, "Just read the writing on the wall of crazy." Woulda been enough.

Anonymous said...

This seemed questionable to me too. Even with a bullshit show like CR, Dr. Drew Pinsky IS a doctor who is treating patients. HIPAA would still stand.

Granted, this is Twitter, but that verbiage make me snort laughing. How exactly do you "fail" a psych exam? Or did Tila just not make it through one of those Facebook personality tests?

I'm thinking if anything, Tila couldn't make up her damned mind. Free publicity is great, but looking like anything other than her pussypowerful self? No thanks.

~ * TN Hippy * ~ said...

Pinsky: Let me just say, the psych testing that is done routinely on reality TV is worthless. They are worthless. They're good tests, done by good people, but we don't even know what we need to measure to put people on a reality show.

Pinsky: From a medical standpoint: worthless. I got a profile of ("Rehab"participant) Steven Adler and they're like, "You cannot deal with this man, it's impossible, he's going to kill himself." But I've already got him at the hospital, he's my patient, what are you talking about? I take care of him everyday. It's not a problem. Give me something useful about what's likely to happen with cameras (around). But no one knows.

I find that interesting that he considers the test worthless. Its very odd his wife is spouting off this info, because as much as I am not a fan of Tila's I would like to think Dr/Patient confidentiality would come into play here. I've worked at a Dr's office and we had to sign all kinds of papers stating to keep all things private that are patient related (HIPAA). I used to like Dr.Drew but its starting to seem like hes let the celebrity go to his head and hes smug and cocky now. Any any rate his wife shouldn't have privvy to ANY of his patient's information no matter who it is. Even sadly, skankalicious Tila whom I am not defending, I am merely stating my opinion of the situation.

~ * TN Hippy * ~ said...

PS Tila is posting she was abducted by aliens twice. Yeah I can see her failing a psych test. Bitch is crazier than a shithouse rat!

Just One of Many said...

Odd that this "didn't pass a psych test" news coincides with Tila tweeting that bitch was abducted TWICE BY ALIENS...

"But all I will tell you is that I was abducted twice... Don't be closed-minded. It IS REAL and it happened to me. The scariest shit ever"

You can't make this shit up, people. Well, YOU can't. But SHE can.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with you that its kind of weird and could be violating Tila's rights as a patient...

My only question is how involved is Dr Drew's wife? I had no idea what was involved in any form.

Anyways, another fun little post and thanks for keeping us entertained and informed!

Alabama Worley said...

wow! I'm not an advocate for Tila but this is just is fucking gross that Dr. Drew ( I already disliked him ) and his wife would be so disgustingly HollyWood about this entire thing.

How do you NOT pass a psych test to get help? Sounds to me like she just didn't want to expose everything (as mentioned before) and there for she couldn't go on the show. I mean if you are going to go on the show then that means you will full disclose your dirty laundry on air for the world to see, lies, and truths.

I don't like Dr Drew. Do I think he makes valid points? yes. But lets remember that at one point he was simply a radio jock / sex dr on loveline. Then he got a show loveline for the same thing. Then he got this. He is still a family DR. I dont give two flying fucks what anyone says, he's NOT a psychotherapist (which he plays on tv). He's an MD. Difference.

You know if I were someone going on that show and read this I would puke. I mean can you fucking imagine that someone first of all a DR (we all know they talk to someone) told their wife about a certain patient, then their wife broke the oath and went online - twitter of all places and disclosed a person who was in a medical facility being tested for treatment ; their own personal business. This looks tacky on the treatment center itself too! Which Dr. Drew does NOT work at, he just plays like he does on TV.

No matter what anyone's feelings are about Tila the point remains that this show is a sham (even if I did gain a lot of insight to my own behavior and others) and nothing is sacred. It's disgusting .I'm sorry I have to just say that this may be laughable because we can speculate all day why she didn't pass (I'm going to say she didnt submit because any sociopath can "pass" a psych exam. And btw PASS -A-Psych examine?)

I would be suing the FUCK out of this bitch left and right. And if I were casted on the rehab show right now I'd attempt to get out of the contract. Most won't because it's 40K and they dont have the lawyer fees, 40K to reimburse or the ability to get treatment if it's what they wanted.

I feel sorry for those that are on there for whatever reason.

jayden said...

Maybe they sign a release when they initially sign up for CR saying that everything can be made public? Or maybe his wife doesn't know what she's talking about and is pissed at something Tila has done behind the scenes? Whatever the case, it does make Dr. Drew look bad, like he's violating doctor-patient confidentiality even though she was going to be exposing all her problems on tv.

And as insane as the slut muppet is, I don't know whether she would test any "worse" than some of the others who have been on that show.

Anonymous said...

I took it as her being sarcastic. I don't think she is referring to a literal test. Figure as of Tila's fake suicide she was still slated to film. VH1 probably did their research after that (I bet they have even seen this site) and thought her too much of a liability to the show and her co-stars. Basically confirming what you guys have been saying the whole time.

The Tila Truth said...

Reality shows always do psych evaluations. It usually isn't something given by a doctor, but a mostly multiple choice test given by the network. It could have included looking into her tweets and seeing that her entire reasoning for being on the show was that she wanted a spin-off.

I really don't think there is any HIPAA violation with it. She wasn't being treated yet and was simply another possible cast member.

It's just another part of the casting process.

Tuesday said...

I am thinking before anything, she [Tila], must have signed a release form. This is probably why she [firstladyoflove], can discuss this but,'s a touchy area.

Perhaps legally she can say this but, morally, MAYBE not so much. That being said, don't most of us already KNOW that Tila couldn't pass a psych test? She is clearly a danger to herself and those around her. Someone has to let the world know, if they don't already.

This is going to turn into something bad. I hate to say it but, I'm thinking one of her "army" members are going to do something awful, in her name. They are all young and seem to have a lot of problems themselves. This is why they relate to her so much.

I've recently read quite a bit about sociopaths and pathological liars- I married one. Bad situation. One thing I have noted in the literature is that the behavior gets worse with age. Typically these people do not seek help and when they do, it's only for a session or two. They are so self-centered they do not see themselves as having anything wrong with them. It is everyone else that is intolerant.

They will act like mirrors. They try to determine what it is someone wants to hear from them and, they give them what they want for a short time, just to give the appearance that they have changed.

Case in point, Tila had a few long posts, just rambling mostly, of what she describes as what's going on with her, and "opening up." She declares that she's getting help and, that she's not taking drugs anymore (what she thinks people want to hear) but, now she's back to partying. Listen to her last audio posts. She's drunk or she's taking something.

This is her pattern and it will get worse and become more frequent.

Anonymous said...

ehh who knows. what do they even ask on these psych tests? goes to show you even tila was trying to make things up to get on the show. she was on other reality shows however and you have to take a psych test for those shows...

Ben said...

Not sure if anyone has typed "Tila Tequila" into Urban Dictionary but the responses are pretty funny. This was my favorite:

"Flat-faced hooker who got famous by having millions of Myspace friends,being a slut on national television,and putting out shitty music.Basically,she's a professional media whore."

On topic I'd hate to see a lawsuit because someone finally said the truth about her.

Steven Clarke said...

I agree that this information probably should not have been posted, but I really don't give a shit. Tila couldn't even pass a psych test for the biggest train-wreck reality TV show on the air? Gary Busey passed it, as did many other crazy ass z-listers on that show.

Fatty McFatterson said...

When Gary Fucking Busey, the most insane man in Hollywood is considered sane enough to appear on the show, and Tila isn't, well, that just goes to show she's got deeper levels of crazy than any of us could have imagined.

Seriously, who is more crazy than Busey?

Eduardo Retardo said...

I think it was fairly obvious I was telling the new UK visitors to click OUR "real talk" tab. But let me edit it.

Isis said...


I know I was thinking how the hell you fail a psyche test myself lol

Reminded me of that Kathy Griffin special where she was like "What am I fired from life????"

sniff said...

Famewhoritis isn't really a treatable problem, it's just an affliction cause by a combination of overinflated egos and tits.

Stephanie said...

I asked a few friends who had to take a psyche test for jobs in law inforcement. Afterwards,they actually asked the guy who gave them the test how one could fail something like that. He said that most of the time it's due to deception.

There are questions specifically designed to catch if the person taking the test is lying about past experiences or ceartin personality traits. Tila probably was inconsistent with too many of her answers thus failing the exam.

Anonymous said...

Like someone already stated earlier, a psych evaluation consists of a multiple choice test. Most often times it's set up as a likert scale. Making those tests are a little tricky since you have to make sure that you're testing exactly what you're looking for and nothing else.

As far as Mrs. Pinksy telling everyone and they mommas on twitter about the twatwaffle "failing" a psych test, IMO I think what she did was unethical because for one thing, addicted or not, Tila still has her right to privacy. Unless she did sign a clause stating that her results can be made public. I just don't feel right about this tweet, that or it might just be heartburn from all the Taco Bell I ate last night.

Seola said...

My thoughts are Tila waived confidentiality and probably did it pretty quickly for some fame. Tila might have said some disparaging things or contradicted Dr. Drew or what have you. This may be Mrs. Drew covering her ass.

I have no problem with it if Tila waived confidentiality - it's no worse than the shit Tila and her drama partners talk about others. In my mind, it's a form of Karma.

One other thought, she might very well be involved with the show so Mrs. Drew would have every right to have access to the information and coupled with Tila waiving that confidentiality, nothing she says will make me feel weird. Tila signed up for publicity in waiving her rights... just because Tila isn't going doesn't mean they shouldn't have to keep quiet about it.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Not to get off topic, but I think I'd like to hear all about this Taco Bell imoutofit had last night. I am a fat chick, after all.

I think they take some form of the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. It's a long ass test, (I took it one time) that seeks to uncover hidden personality traits like anger and deception.

I have a friend who was on a reality show, I'll ask him what test they gave him. It might be the same across the board, though I think a rehab show might be looking at different criteria because addicts are oftentimes so adept at lying.

Actually, after reading a bunch of tweets by Mrs. Pinsky, I thought she sounded pretty cool. I always assumed she'd be a little more stick-up-the-butt and no-nonsense, cause that's how Dr. Drew comes off. I still don't like that she revealed the Tila thing, nor do I like she revealed the entire roster appearing on the show. I feel that's Dr. Drew's news, or someone connected to the show. It seems more gossipy when it comes from her.
So, to get back to the more interesting topic, imoutofit, what exactly did you have at Taco Bell?

Alabama Worley said...

@Sweet Melissa. I cannot believe you could call a psych test for "weirdos". Do you realize for a second the one thing that people use an excuse to NOT get help is that they don't want to be seen as weird or judged? And I'm going to leave it at that.

Steven was brought up and I've known Steven for 10 years. What everyone had seen in Sober living is what Steven is like when he's being weaned off of medication (methadone and you have no idea the depths of hell that the drug is) and he's detoxing rapidly. He went out to get his fix because going off of heroin is easier than methadone. I really don't want to say a lot about him but realize under it all he's a great caring soul, and all heroin & opiate addicts have a common thread and it's escapism. Typically from family abuse (sexual or physical).

Psych tests for reality shows are rather new. They've not always been in place. The STD panel HAS been in place. They didn't start doing psych screening till the murder on megan wants a millionaire. Hence the absolute back peddle on VH1's end in that they don't want to do "dating shows" anymore. aka "we can't take the risk" they lost their asses in pulling I love money off the air considering they already paid him out! They recoop their loses in advertising which they couldn't do any of.

Either way it's tossed, you don't fucking fail a psych test. It's a scan tron test, she's not good at lying OR she just checked "I don't know" or "sometimes" too often. Other people have been dropped as well and most likely because they didn't want to reveal everything on air and personally I don't blame them.

It pisses me off in the case as severe as Steven that they did not take and do Rapid Opiate Detox. My god he could have died. What everyone witnessed is what it appears like when it "all falls down". you get suicidal when you're detoxing. Your brain doesn't work right or well.

Sorry this is everywhere. I'm fighting the sads in a major way right now & I actually spoke to Steven today so to wake up to his name being tossed around upset me. He's not well, if anyone gives a shit.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Ugh. I so wanted to like Susan Pinsky. I read a bit more of her Twitter and she states on July 13 that she's saddened Tila wouldn't be on because she LIKES HER!!!

I wonder if Susan Pinsky could pass that psych exam after a statement like that.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Damn, forgot to add that someone brings up the confidentiality thing, and Susan says Drew isn't her doctor, so it doesn't count, and furthermore she 'read it somewhere'.

Eduardo Retardo said...

I've been a fan of Steven since I was a child. He was basically the reason I watched Celebrity Rehab that season, and it broke my heart then to watch how sick he was - and I can only imagine now. I feel really lame saying this, but if you do indeed know him and speak to him (not to discredit you - it's just, you know, people lie on the internet and all), if you could send him my warmest wishes and tell him I pray for him often, I'd really appreciate it. Goddammit, I teared up just thinking about it.

To everybody else: shut up, Uncle Eddie isn't getting soft. Look away.

Isis said...

@Alabama Worley

"Sooner or later, everybody goes to the zoo".

And I have lost too many people from drug overdoses and you're right about the rapid detox.

Alabama Worley said...

@Eddie. I will say that a friend of mine asked how he is. He's rather paranoid (as he should be) on how he's seen and people worrying. The last thing an addict wants to be is a burden. I don't hear from him daily, it's when he gets ahold of a phone or something that I do hear.

There's a reason you see hostility in these "patients" and that's because they aren't treated like patients. Just think about it for a second and you'll get it. All of these people have been in therapy, rehabs etc. They know the drill. Some ice skate around the issues for early release to go use and others really want treatment. Steven wanted treatment and while was given some form of help he was NOT taken care of the way he should have been. The out burst you witnessed is a man being rapidly detoxed off of methadone (just look up methadone detox) and his body freaking out. I have too much to say to that but I'll by far say "hey a friend said hi" he'll ask who..I'll say "Oh Eddie! You know Eddie!" Sadly he'll say yes and the convo will move along but ..yea.

NO ONE from those shows are sober! I dare someone to find me a single soul and say "Oh look ...sober". Marey Carey is NOT, Andy was plastered out the other night at a bar in HollyWood..the list goes on.

Point is, the people in there for pain meds, heroin, methadone, etc NEED rapid detox!! Lets not see people writhing in pain for ratings. I fucking hate that show. God I hate that show.

Alabama Worley said...

Further more this is what I want to add. For anyone out there that is dope sick.

A rapid opiate detox is 3-7 days depending on what you are ON and your medical conditions. What you do want is a center (and there are so few) that do not place the implant nor give you supplement medication afterward because it's a bandaide. Most people don't get high just to feel high they do it because they are sick. If you can get through the detox the next stop is therapy in learning how to cope with life's pitfalls without resorting to medications. People typically on drugs lack coping skills so therapy is vital.

Now why isn't everyone doing it? For reasons I rather not go into (read between the lines) I once called a place in Cali about this Rapid Detox that doesn't use meds after. I was quoted at 7 days at 32,000 total. Insurance does NOT cover this. After that 7 days you are on your own.

Now you can see why so many will resort to this in the end. (going on Celeb rehab). But to have you rewarded to go to Sober living etc is shit. and a lot of people turn it down because at this point they see it as a sham.

Also to offense taken. My credibility can be backed if needed.

Anonymous said...

@ Fatty

I got me some volcano tacos 'cuz I love to punish myself! Now I'm eating a steak burrito bowl from Chipotle. Boy oh boy am I going to have fun later!

Ok, that was TMI. Back to the topic at hand. We all know the troll is a little off kilter in her head, at least the CR4 production staff and Dr. Drew saw that and gave her a fat mushroom...I meant DENIED stamp on her profile.

Eduardo Retardo said...

I just want him to know that he's got life long fans out there who think he's kick ass, intensity in 10 cities. Don't tell him I cried when I first saw him on Celebrity Rehab. Drugs are bad, kids. I've always said I'd cut off my hand to get GNR to reunite, and if he doesn't get better, goddammit it's never going to happen! (Let a girl dream you naysayers!)

I rocked some volcano nachos yesterday. We're like, soul sisters now. Mmm...volcano nachos.

I dreamed last night that you got caught stealing lunchables from Wal-Mart. Not kidding.

~ * TN Hippy * ~ said...

I didn't toss Steven Adler's name out there for the hell of it, I was making a point that Drew says the test is worthless. That he wanted to treat him regardless of the test results when people thought it wasn't a good idea. So I don't see this as an excuse to not treat Tila simply because she supposedly failed some test. It was direct quotes from Dr.Drew and there was no disrespect meant. I wonder how he would feel reading all this.

tillie said...

@Alabama I totally agree with you about Steven's detox. I was on 100 mgs daily of Methadone for years and finally got the nerve to detox about 6 years ago. I am unfortunately all too familiar with it. It broke my heart to see Steven go through it because if you've never gone through it you would never understand the physical and mental torture it is. Also, it isn't like street heroin where it just takes 3-7 day's till you can feel better and sleep. I was fortunate enough to have a decent medical detox (catapres, valium ect) that took the edge off. Thankfully 6 years later I am still clean and would not wish it on my worst enemy (well maybe TT lol).
Let Steven know that he has many people out here that support and respect his desire to get clean. I for one know how hard it is.

Alabama Worley said...

@TN How who would feel reading this? Steven or Drew? Drew doesn't fucking care. I'm really worked up about this today. And I totally 100% agree with the psych test and now his wife is saying some bullshit that she "heard". OH PUHLEASE. god I swear. Fuck LA. you know what would save a lot of these lives? Moving away from there.

To see your friend ROT on camera, to be so isolated, hate Holly wood..hate everything and need his REAL friends and REAL friends being denied because we aren't "known" makes me pissed.

I'm not trying to attack anyone,I get really worked up over Steven and anyone who caught a glimpse of his behavior knows he wasn't well. WHY SEND HIM TO JAIL?! Do you know in jail you just sit there and detox without anything? Fuck talk about a layer of hell most don't know about.

I'm sorry I'm flaming away and being a cunt. I don't mean to be and shit Eddie I made a twitter so I'll tweet you. If you're a GNR fan I got something for you :) (not from Steven). I'm leaving it off here.

Alabama Worley said...

@tillie can you email me? I have questions about methadone I think you can email me through here. Or follow me on twitter AlabamaRWorley. It's kinda super important..I will follow you back so we can DM to share emails.
Thank you thank you for posting that.

Steven Clarke said...

@Alabama Worley

I don't consider myself an expert on many things, but I do have extensive experience in nearly everything you've been talking about in regards to opiate addiction and detox. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

chey said...

@Alabama Worley - I sent you a message on twitter, I can help you with methadone issues too, or just listen because I've been there. It's hard, but you can make it through.

Anonymous said...

I just love this BLOG!! I should have figured you would have this by now! JOHN IS ALWAYS LATE AS ALL HELL ANYWAY! LOL :) GREAT POST !!

K.R. Omen said...

Talk about a sliding scale, Rachel Uchitel made the rehab roster.

Alabama Worley said...

Yea what the fuck on Mistress#1 being on there?! They said she's on there for her addiction to "love". Um isn't that what sex rehab is for?

I swear they could get more viewers and takers for the sex rehab than this.

God that show is REALLY stretching. How they didn't hit up Michelle Bombshell is beyond me.

Of Janine (Jesse's ex) considering she is in a halfway house etc (or was). I mean there's a shit ton of people out there fighting for their kids and it's been known (as much as I HATE saying it) that Drew has gotten people out of jail/court issues. Seems more like a smart move for some of these mothers.