Thursday, July 8

postheadericon The Stupidity of "Psychic Abilities"

Hey guys!  I know, we've been neglecting our dear little Rotspotters lately.  We're all ridiculously busy with real life (please pronounce that "rull life," thanks), and I was gonna wait until tomorrow to post this, but I figured wtf?  Let's just do it.  Besides, it's a doozy.

So guess who predicted the earthquake LA had today, everybody?  You guessed it!  Our favorite meth-mouthed midget mogul moron!  Good job, Tila!  You know what else predicts natural disasters?  Animals!  You're on par with animals Tila!  And not just for "presenting" your business for anybody in the grocery store nature, or your smell, or your nappy mane!  Wow, you're moving up in the animal kingdom!

Anyway, let's read this shit.

So when I first started reading this, I had the same reactions you probably had: TILA, YOU DO NOT LIVE IN A HOUSE.  IT'S BEEN PROVEN THAT YOU LIVE IN AN APARTMENT.  WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO LIE LIKE A TOTAL RETARD?  Did you forget, Tila, that some of us (not me personally, but you're goddamn right I was following it with baited breath) were on the phone with the police when they found you IN YOUR APARTMENT after "Jane" tried (and failed, so I guess she's a failure just like you) to kill you?  "My house...blah blah house...blah blah blah."  Goddammit Tila you're so fucking stupid.

Then anyway, OMG the lolz come and they come hard!  So more about your dad, huh Tila?  So let's get this straight.  Aside from your father's Vietnam War story (read it here), and his stint in prison (read it here), he's also a fucking psychic?  Okay, I'll bite.  So when he abandoned your mom during the Vietnam war, I'm sure he did it because his PSYCHIC ABILITIES told him the Vietcong would *laugh* sneak her and your sister on a boat?  So why did he commit crimes if he knew he'd be thrown in jail, Tila? 

Oh and you got your "abilities" from him?  SO WHY DIDN'T YOU KNOW CASEY, THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE, WAS ALL ALONE AND DYING WHILE YOU WERE IN HOUSTON??  You know, since you can apparently throw that shit around at will.  And what about your mischariage, Tila?  Why didn't you see that coming?  You've apparently had a few miscarriages (spoiler alert: they're all bullshit), so why didn't you see that coming?

And I love how one minute she's all "omg you can't tell people or it weakens your powers!!"  GOD WHAT A HUNK OF SHIT.  But then a few minutes later she's all "my friends test me, and I constantly prove it to them!  I has secret ways of making you see ded peeples!"  So apparently you can't tell people, but you can tell your friends?

Tila, it makes me fucking sick how ridiculously stupid you are.  You honestly lie like a 5th grader.  You lie about the dumbest shit that only your teenage army of idiots would ever believe.  And notice how she ends this diatribe of delusion with "maybe one day we'll meet (Ed note: like arm meet?  That's never going to get old for me!) and we'll get to be life long friends!  Then you'll know all my secrets!"  because THAT is how she keeps her underage army ensnared.  They're clawing and clamoring for fame and understanding.  Your lies are interesting to them, Tila, because they're all children, and they want to be a part of your life because you're kind of famous.  But you know what, Tila?  If you were yourself - if you stopped lying and just acted like the real Tila, whoever the fuck that is - NOBODY WOULD CARE ABOUT YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE A SAD, PATHETIC LITTLE GIRL TRAPPED IN AN OVERSEXED WHORE-GOBLIN'S BODY.  So reach for it, Tila.  Lie about everything.  See how far it gets you.  No, really, we're all waiting for your "fame" to show.


xClaire_Ellisx said...

eh.... are u no mean to have friends, to ACTUALLY tell them stuff? Suee she does have Imaginary friends, a guess...I LOVE YOOOU UNCLE EDDIE SCRUMPTIOUS, HOONKAHOONKA NOOFNOOF, PIECE OF HUBBAHUBBA, THAT U FACKIN FACKIN FACKIN FAAAACKIN ARE!!!!!

alison m m said...

I love you Uncle Eddie

Jon and Liz Edmunds said...

Well I am now going to wait for the TILA TEQUILA PSYCHIC HOTLINE to open up. I think Tila is taking a rule book out of LaToya Jackson on this one. lol. Nothing made me smile more than reading she is psychic.

deluwiel said...

@Claire_Ellis - "imaginary friends" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That's got to be it. That's how she's able to retain her Secret Psychic Powers. Her "friends" aren't actual real people.

You're right, Eddie - she lies like a 5th grader. Sooner or later even her die-hard fans are going to outgrow this crap.

Spiritualitygirl said...

Well, here we go. This is Tila's next business, want to make a bet? I am a professional Psychic and I shudder to think of her getting involved in the industry, especially because of the bad rap we already get.

A couple of things I wanted to comment on that she says:

First, lots of lots of psychics talk about their abilities being hereditary. This is nothing new in the industry. You can see this in most bios or hear this when you talk to a psychic. For example, my Mother and Grandmother were both psychic and my Paternal Great Grandmother was a Strega (Italian Witch). So yeah, she's just jumping on the bandwagon.

Second, psychic ability doesn't "weaken" if you talk about how your ability works or how you get your information. We'd never have anyone teaching psychic development if this was the case. It's just a way for her not to talk about how she is psychic. I tell people exactly how I get my information and how I do my readings. Doesn't do anything to my abilities nor make it any less sacred.

Third, I'm irritated with the fact she is talking about it being secretive and not doing "black magic" on the person she did her reading for. The work I do is of the light and I have nothing to keep secret. Lots of writing for teenagers talk about keeping your abilities secret. It just perpetuates those writers out there who target teens who are lost.

And for the record, I don't quite get what she was doing there with her friend. If you're a reader or reading someone, you're channeling the info, in other words, Tila would have seen his father, not him.

Everyone has intuition/psychic ability and everyone can develop it. How you use it is key. My thought is that Tila will use it to elevate herself above others because she has this "gift" and others don't. I feel bad for those that are influenced by her because they'll see her as a guru now. ((shutter)). The goal of spiritual/psychic work is to empower, not to control.

Keep up the good work, Rotspot, I love your blog!

Mary xo

A said...

Oh Uncle Eddie, you make my eyes light up like it's Christmas day with posts like these.

Never commented here before, but have been reading for AGES. I just have to say that:
U guyz lyk totalli rok! Jeliz Haterz for lyf!

Anyway, I'm sure your crack team are already on the case but I stumbled across this gem in the comments.

The hogul said:

Why don't u take a closer look at how a human being feels about that? you guys all seen pictures of me when I went shopping and the paparazzi's took pics of me. Then they zoomed in closer to see scars all over my arm. So for the world to see that, how can one feel? put yourself in my shoes. There is a lot of pain behind that. so once again, I put on a bold face to say it was just a joke. WHy? Because who wants the world to know that you tried to kill yourself? So then I said it was a joke. It wasn't a joke. It's real and I still have the scars on my arm to remember for the rest of my life. To think about and if it's all worth throwing my life away. By saying it was a joke, when it wasn't... yes, that is wrong... but at the same time... it was traumatizing. I had to say SOMETHING about it.... but then again, you wouldn't understand since you are not a public figure where millions of people can bash on you for your pain...

It must be my tiny hater brain, but something just doesn't add up.

- Amused

Ima said...

If you don't eat your meet you can't have any pudding. Right, Tila??

Quick!!! What am I thinking right now?????

rob said...

A comment left by the slutty one on her website- She admits Jane is a lie, as was the 'faked' suicide (btw I viewed it through her intense debate profile, not her site, to ensure I wasn't an enabler!)

"Why don't u take a closer look at how a human being feels about that? you guys all seen pictures of me when I went shopping and the paparazzi's took pics of me. Then they zoomed in closer to see scars all over my arm. So for the world to see that, how can one feel? put yourself in my shoes. There is a lot of pain behind that. so once again, I put on a bold face to say it was just a joke. WHy? Because who wants the world to know that you tried to kill yourself? So then I said it was a joke. It wasn't a joke. It's real and I still have the scars on my arm to remember for the rest of my life. To think about and if it's all worth throwing my life away. By saying it was a joke, when it wasn't... yes, that is wrong... but at the same time... it was traumatizing. I had to say SOMETHING about it.... but then again, you wouldn't understand since you are not a public figure where millions of people can bash on you for your pain... "

If you don't want the photos taken, why go shopping on Robertson ave (If that's right- it is a known pap spot right?) with your scars on display (and tits- she undid her shirt for the paps!)? Why prolong the trip by getting an oh-so-necessary Starbucks? Why walk at all?


deluwiel said...

@Mary (Spiritual Girl) - I strongly believe in ESP and psychic abilities (I don't have a gift myself, but my daughter is sensitive and has had premonitions and precognitive dreams, as did her great-grandmother). Tila is too ignorant to understand or know any more about ESP or psychic ability than what she's seen in bad movies and she's too damn lazy to research the subject so that she might sound even halfway credible or knowledgeable. I noticed the "black magic" reference, as if ESP and psychic ability is connected with the occult (meant in a bad way). The so-called "reading" of her "friend" never happened, trust me. Clearly she has NO CLUE what the hell she's talking about. She just makes stuff up and it drains from her drug-fogged brain to the keyboard.

Ben said...

Great Job as always. Funny that an Angel of God would be into black magic. Oh well.

Also, she just admitted it he comments of her blog that the Jane attack wasn't a joke, but a suicide attempt. Can't she just make up her mind already?

NANA said...

I love how she says she wakes up in the "middle of the night" with her fucking vision and in the next breath she says it's 7 am. Wow, that's a long fucking vision...

Rachel said...

Oh dear Jesus, now It thinks It's Wonder Woman or something. And It's band of Idiots are probably like: "POW! Yeah, you have powers Miss Tila!" Latoya Jackson's left nostril is more psychic than that muppet.

Madame Toast said...

I can't agree more with her lying like a 5th grader, I still find it hard to believe Tila and I are the same age. If I acted the way she does or did half the things she has done my friends would have me committed, if I even had any left at that point.
My sister used to be a huge Tila Tequila fan, she is now 21 and could really give a flying donkey about her, she grew out of it around 18 or so when she realized what self absorbed nut jobber this girl is and that was over 3 years ago! I recently got in to a discussion with her about Tila and asked her what drew her in...hah, she doesn't remember. But she said at the time everyone was befriending Tila on Myspace and she was just what was hot, what was cool but she can't pinpoint what exactly about Tila made her such a fan. She can though pinpoint why she now despises her and that list is a mile long.
Her current fans will fade with age, new ones will pop up but she will never be what or who she was in her Myspace days, if she was smart she would bow out gracefully and get her life in order but since she insists on making an ass of herself on a regular basis I have no problem coming to the Rotspot for a few minute here and there and getting some laughs at her expense.

Tila, you made the bed ( and lord knows you surely are good at this by now, an expert really) now lay in it. Stop preaching nonsense that doesn't make sense, if you are here for entertainment then shut up and put up..or just go away.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

As if you put metal rods in the ground and insulate it with bricks in order to keep it from falling during an earthquake. I'm glad she doesn't have delusions of being an architect cause we'd all be fucked in that case.

Also, California as like 5 earthquakes a day, so odds are TT is going to be able to predict one. Hell, a 2 year old could predict an earthquake in California.

Anonymous said...

could you imagine a psychic reading from tila?

"uhm...*smack smack* welllll... you will *deep breath, smacksmack* meet this person and uhmmmmmm yeah! that person will be very specIAL. and this person *smacksmackgiggle* will bring some uhm... unexpected news? NO wait.. the image is getting clearer..*smacksmack* oh thats all i see! *rolls on the floor in a cheap kmart doilie clutching a crystal ball*

DISCLAIMER: i didnt mean this to offend anyone with actual psychic abilities. but you know tila is going to exploit every stereotype possible.

Isis said...

When I was in middle school I lost a great deal of my vision in about two years, so to compensate my sense of empathy grew stronger. It was strange because I thought it would be my hearing or smell or something, but now I can sense people's emotions to the point I can't really be in a big crowd of people because it's exhausting.

At first it was really tough because it was this new thing in my life I didn't know how to control but with time I learned how not to allow other people's emotions just take over my sensibilities.

Basically people can have a stone cold poker face and I'll still be able to feel whatever emotion their hiding if I concentrate. But it's also a pain in the ass when I tell somebody "You're bullshitting me" and all I have as an explanation is "I can sense it".

This doesn't make me "more advanced" than everyone else because again I'm only 27 and I have the vision of Mr. Magoo.

Anonymous said...

Lol, I laughed my ass off when I heard about the twatwaffle's latest dear diary bs. What, is she going to be the new Ms. Cleo? *smacksmack* Call me nao! Seriously, if one lived in an area prone to earthquakes, you'd get used to the "signs" of an incoming earthquake. Animals are especially sensitive when it comes to earthquakes, wait...does that mean Onyx is a psychic too? ZOMG!

Then she mentions her apartocondomansion is built with bricks. Wow, I hope that structure crumbles on your dumbass. /sigh It's little poo nuggets like these that make me loathe this midget even more.

Joann said...

Thank you so much Eddie for breaking this BS down.

When I saw this post on her piece of crap blog, I couldn't get past the first paragraph and stopped reading.

And you are dead on when you wrote..."You lie about the dumbest shit that only your teenage army of idiots would ever believe"...that's why her fan base is composed of idiotic tweens, teens and unstable adults. Tila is not mentally equipped to entertain a fan base of sensible adults with her blog.

"Wow Miss Tila that was so deep. What other celeb would share their deep feelings like you do, that's why I love you"...I swear I feel like knocking all their heads together. They are so freaking gullible.

I wonder why her "psychic abilities" haven't revealed to her how she comes across as a moron who is in desperate need of mental help.

The statement Tila made about psychic abilities weakening if you talk about them shows she don't know what she's talking about.

Tila probably read up on this on the internet, put her spin on it and made it about herself(as usual)and put it on her piece of crap blog to get hits just like she did with her post on The Others.

If you notice when she post crap like The Others and now, her psychic abilities, it's the only time she gets a lot of hits to her piece of crap blog.

Keep up the good work TRS.

Joann said...

This is off topic but it makes me laugh so hard I have to share.

Tila left a message on her twitter:
"ok guys. NAP TIME! Please tweet me for a wake up call at 11:00am PST ok? I cannot miss my meeting!!! Wake me up ok? LOL.. I will hear it."

First of all, she's a millionaire...why can't her maid wake her up or her staff or why get an alarm clock to wake up by.

I live in Cali and it's now 11:36 AM. Her nitwit army is tweeing:

"WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP ITS 11:30", "wake up sweety pie:)", "Rise and shine Tilaaaaaaaaa! <3", "Wake up Miss T! you gonna miss your meeting boo. This why you need to gimme your # so I can be your alarm clock in these sits. ;", "wake up, lovely!!!", "wake up wake up wake up! it's 20 mins. pass 11a.m. your time!".

This is so funny yet tragic at the same time how she makes them her puppets and we all know there is no important meeting she's going to. If it was that important she would have been up.

Fatty McFatterson said...

So that's how she knew I lived in Bumfuck Iowa with all the pedos and guvment cheese!!

Surprised she had to pay all those PIs to talk to Mr. Google about our IPs. You'd think those super POW psychic powers would have seen them IPs all over the place.

Alabama Worley said...

@madametoast girl that's 100% truth and honest about 99.9% of those that are e-celebs that were when she was. Everything you said is dead on and it's great to know I'm not the only one that swears that the fans get older, new ones will come along but they won't hold the same power. It's better to bow out.

She was a fad. That entire movement (if you want to call e celeb movement) was done with 2 years ago, people move on! People grow up and people find tangible things like other bands, celebs and well friends.

Most were kids who were highschool with nothing better to do after class than to befriend people on myspace etc.

Myspace died out and so has everything that came with it.

Ade said...

LMAOO, I would love to make a comment on her site, but the alien banned me from making one. She is soooo stupid.

shaniqua said...

I predict that there will be severe storms and tornado warnings/sightings in Georgia around the end of August, early September. Because that's our tornado season. We get them. Just like California gets earthquakes on the reg. I have dreams and even awake thoughts about them happening because they're fucking scary, and that causes me to be paranoid. Not psychic.

Maybe next Tila will proclaim that she can fly. And then she will try, by jumping off of something very tall.

Madame Toast said...

Around the time that Casey died I was at Target and their was a bunch of kids, probably about 13/14 in the same aisle looking at magazines, one kid stated in shock "omg! did you here that Tila's wife died!??!!" the others gasped and shared their condolences.
At the time I wasn't too up on Tila's craziness of the last 6 months, it was brought to my attention by my sister who now despises the girl. What shocked me though is that the Tila that I recalled from the Myspace days made her mark by being sexy, provocative, trashy (whatever you want to call stripping live on cam and posting pictures of yourself half naked all the time) everything she has ever done has been sex related (think of her music, her book, photoshoots and even Shot at Love) at the peak of her popularity these kids were what? 8 9 or maybe 10?!
How does she find these young fans...
Its been said before and I have to totally agree. Tila finds her fans in the youth of Myspace, Facebook and Twitter because she is there 24/7, she does respond and she is able to tell these grand stories that someone who has little experience in life or knowledge of the world eats up like cake. Its kind of like MJ and how he related better to children because of his strange upbringing...I can only think that Tila herself not because of such a childhood but because of drug use and possible mental issues has the mind of a child herself so she relates and can scoop up these young fans, thus continuing to have some sort of fame. Just as her fans grow up and grow out of Tila, she must reinvent her life and herself to wrangle up a few more. Granted the girl has other fans, woman her age who seem to also suffer the same mental issues, older men who just want her to sit on their lap for five minutes and "boys" who just drool over her pictures and wonked out boobs.
I don't know why anyone would want that. I know she is with it enough to know she is a joke and know the truth...why keep up with it then? that part is weird to me. It must be miserable to an extent. Why not step out of the light, complete overhaul and come back swinging with the life to back it up. She could do something good (singing, acting, pictures, be a role model) but she chooses this? Have the drugs messed her up that much? or is it her mentality that doesn't let her evolve outside of a 28 year old nutcase hanging on to strings of her previous life...

Personal opinion, at this point Tila is no better than a predator. She feeds on the mentally gifted minors of her Tila Army and eventually something is going to happen to one of them, in the name of Tila or because of Tila. It is very cult like and it disgust me that someone my age seriously acts like that and thinks its okay, funny and cute. Its just sad.

Anonymous said...

ROFMLFAO @ The HOUSE part!! AHAHAHAAHHAHAHAA I THOUGHT THE SAME THING WHEN I WAS READING, SHE IS TOO FUCKING FUNNY!! WOOHOO Thanks for the Tila post!!! :) It has been a minute but that's okay! We all gotta pick up our government cheese at some time! LOL!

Just One of Many said...

That asstard has blocked my IP address.

Does anyone know how to get a new IP address? I can't sit by and let this shitbag ramble on about other people's lives like she's Sally Sane.

I wish she'd just die already. I know that sounds harsh, but oh my god it's true.

Eduardo Retardo said...

@Just One of Many
You should be able to request a new one from your ISP. That works for me!

Treva said...

@ Madame Toast,,,, I couldn't agree with you more chica!! Amen! *kisses*

Anonymous said...

Somebody suggested she try out for James Randi's Million Dollar Challenge and she immediately saw dollar signs and said, "What? Where??"

I would pop popcorn and put my feet up to see Randi eviscerate the Gremlin!

tilas said...

This one time, I was on my way home from a DMB show when I passed a sign on the Highway that was shaped like a diamond and colored yellow with a cute little deer on it. So cute I love deer I'm starting an OFFICIAL charity for them You can sedn donations to my home address. It's called BambiLand! POOT!!! Oh ya bitchez about the fabulous yellow sign, then like 3 seconds later I saw a deer! OMG!!! I totally did that with my gift. I'm a natural!
I wish you could all know someday I will explain and you will all know what you were born out of your mom's vaginals to know and live by so donchu beez hatinz. Don't worry I'm here for you my baby cuteee.....................
....................WHOA! I think I just channeled Tila...We're in!!!

Madame Toast said...

Maybe I'm a bit late on this one, but I just realized something...being a millionaire mogul super star, WHY is her BLOG being hosted on WORDPRESS? I guess I noticed it when I was directed to her site by a link on my phone and saw the mobile version...

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with having a blog on blogspot, wordpress, etc...but for someone who wants control over the "haterz" and all this nonsense why doesn't she have her own site built to her specifications, not WP VIP...

Again I'm not knocking anyone else's blog or their choice of where they host it or built it BUT this is Tila and she does have a staff of what now...30? and it costededed her 30k?

I'm slow, but hahhaa.

BKiddo said...

Beautiful breakdown Uncle Eddie. From the house to her supposed bad ass jailed psychic Father, to how she didn't know about Casey.
Maybe tila could use her fake psychic abilities to locate some type of moral compass? Nah, that would be asking way too much.
I have great respect for legit psychics. I also think our son is a bit sensitive. When he was 3, he brought up one of my Dad's Great Uncles by name. We were in the basement because of a Storm Warning when he said it. My Dad had never met this Uncle, but my Mom found him doing her Ancestory searches. There's been other incidents, but they're long stories too. Sorry to go on about that.
Madame Toast,
the last paragraph of your second post, it was worries me could happen. You're spot on, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Just watch: posts about Camus and string theory are right around the corner. She'd make a great Scientologist, wouldn't she?

Treva said...


Sanna-Leena said...

I've been coming to this site for awhile and I want to say I love it! This woman is completely insane and the people that actually believe this crap need help. I don't care if they are teenagers. It's scary to see a person like this loose in the world. People like this woman prey on the weak minded which causes major damage. These kids follow her insane rants of pure lies like Charles Manson's family did him. Why is she not locked up and the key thrown away!?

Anonymous said...

Oh Lawd, what the fack is this shit?

Michelle said...

"I know that he passed it on to me, because a lot of my close friends also know that I’m psychic, but I still don’t know how to use it as well as my father has"

So she found out it was passed on to her from her father because her friends know?

Alabama Worley said...

I think a lot of gossip sites are hosted on wordpress (not too sure why). Perez was at one point i believe (it was either that or blogspot).

I now spend my insomnia hours, between my wake and sleep again, watching Tila videos. It's really this strange trainwreck to watch her a year ago to now and see this strange timeline in her use. A year ago she was using (although I think at night and not often), now it's daily and boy o' boy is it bad. The lip smacking thing began to get really bad about 7 months ago. And yes I have that much time on my hands when I wake every 2 hours :(

I'm predicting Tila isn't making most of her blog posts because she's being prepped for CR4. If you read them they are up to date, better written and handled like a tabloid site not her hotspot. I think someone is detoxing..

Just One of Many said...

Spanks a lot, Uncle Eddie, for that IP tutorial. I'm a computer 'tard.

PS: I'm semi-famous! Some snatchbasket named JEAN over at Tilwhore's site commented that us jelis haterz are so fervent in our jelis haterin' that we care about getting new IP addresses to further our jelis hatred.

JEAN, dear...since you obviously are entertained on this magnificent site as well as that online Tila "look at me!!!" circus, let me send you a message: my comments never hate, or spew "venom" (Tila's "" word of the day) or tell her to go "off" herself. No. They DO, however, point out discrepancies in her lies and stories. The difference is this: if you tell her to kill herself, or call her a bitch or a cunt or a whore, you won't get blocked. The only way to get blocked over there is to actually try and expose the truth.

So JEAN (or Tila, or BettyJean, or Mittens...who cares? You all share one tiny brain), get your shit straight before you try and educate Tila's minions about the jelis haterz. Tila's allergic to the truth, exampled by her desperate deletion of anything that has to do with it over at her site.

Just One of Many said...


I agree; her posts are way too coherent for her to be posting them. I truly believe that there's a REAL "TILASTAFF", even if it is only her sister. Then, last week, some mess calling his/herself "OMGOODNESS" started posting coma-inducing posts about who cares. So methinks she gave her highest educated minion (i.e., a GED) a "job" (whereby the minion is paid in old lingerie that didn't sell at the craigslist garbage fail) over at her site. I think she did this because the jelis haterz were commenting that all of her posts sucked, she only posted three posts a day, were stolen from TMZ or were about herself. So she increased the posts to make her site seem more legit.

PS: did someone pick up on the fact that over at Tila's site, someone made a comment about her doing a porn? Does anyone know about that? I mean, she said her "tour" was delayed because she was "filming".

Tuesday said...

This moronic beeotch has blocked my IP over 3 times now. She keeps deleting my posts and I'm not even saying anything mean. I keep telling this idiot, she is wasting her time.

Someone in here asked how to get a new IP. There is a command that you can put in but, I don't want to to confuse you...the easiest/simplest way to get a new IP, is to simply disconnect from the internet, then sign back in. I have wireless so, it literally takes me 10 seconds to change my IP.

Her and her "staff" are too stupid to know how to actually block someone permanently. So, I don't now why they bother with the IP's. It just goes to show you that her "staff" is about as bright as she is. Hmmm...? Food for thought.

I still haven't a damn clue how the hell I stumbled upon her. I have been reading about her this entire week and, I am totally floored by how absolutely predictable, pathetic, arrogant, weak-willed, self absorbed, thin skinned, total lack of self-respect, overall disgusting nature of this woman. It boggles the mind.

I had no idea she had some pathetic "army" of children...and she's running around with underwear on her videos for her "army"? WTF is wrong with her? I mean, other than being a pathological liar and, a total sociopath...

She dribbles on and on about her poor life, and woe is her, and ignoring "haters." Well, she specifically mentions folks that say they want her to die. Fine. I can go along with that. People shouldn't say that. Okay. Sounds reasonable, right? Interesting how I never, ever, once said anything about wanting her to die. I tried to talk straight with her, as did a few others. ALL of those posts were erased, including mine, my IP was blocked and, guess what? Those posts she "doesn't like"? Ya know, the ones that tell her to "go die"? They were NEVER erased.

I know EXACTLY why. She doesn't like well thought out posts because, if they are there, she might be expected to answer them. If an "army" member saw, they might wonder why she's not responding to the "not-so-hateful-but-reaching-out-wanting-answers-post." Of course she's not going to respond to the "go die" one would expect that! However, they are left there so that she can show her "army" how she is just so innocent, so pure, and doesn't deserve this abuse. BOO HOO Bitch!

I'm so sorry for the length of this post but, I had to get it off my chest!!!! I was about to explode!

Keep up the great blog work!

Anonymous said...

Maybe next Tila will proclaim that she can fly. And then she will try, by jumping off of something very tall.

*Lmfao* One can ONLY HOPE!! :P