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It seems that there is a bit of confusion about this post.  Being the bitch I am, I don't understand HOW there is any confusion if you take the time to READ the pink highlighted areas.  However, since you guys are confused as fuck (stop snorting Ambien you psychos) I'll explain.  You see, Nikky Raney pissed me the fuck off and now I'm showing her why you don't talk shit about me.  Plain and simple.  I have a lot of people coming to me asking "what happened" so I decided to update the original post since some people don't even know who the fuck she is.  If you have anymore questions then go back to grade school and learn to read.  And I mean that with every ounce of love I have left in my heartless body!!!  <3

ORIGINAL POST:  6/12/10 7:01AM

Well, not really.  But I always included "Saved By the Bell" in the Saturday Morning Cartoons category so whatever!  Have we mentioned how much we love the Rotspot fans? We really do! Especially when they make fun of TT like this:

Source: Zennie62

Nikky Raney is a journalist who is helping in the fight against stupidity aka Tila "the trainwreck" Tequila. Add her blog to your list, it's full of chuckles!   


UPDATE (7/20/10):

I thought the video was amusing but I would take it down. I understand that you are 20 and have good intentions(entertainment purposes)but the video may come back to haunt you.It is not worth it.
Oh this is ALL TOO TRUE.  This was posted by one of the readers back when the video was first released.  Nikky has since pulled it down due to all of the scrutiny.  Her e-feelings get hurt real bad and she runs off crying that people are being mean to her and she's going to sue them.  (Sound familiar!?!?!?!?)

It appears that "Nikky Raney" has now joined Team Tila.  Yes fans it's true ... Tila emailed Nikky so now Nikky is all starstruck with the z list nobody.  You see, Nikky isn't intelligent enough to get a REAL interview with anyone in her "hunt to be a journalist" career so since Tila gave her the time of day she's all over her warty va-jay-jay!!!  Hence we want nothing to do with this bottom dweller.  When just a week or so ago she was wanting to "kill her now"...

Nikky barely had 200 followers when BEGGING Rotspot to help her out with exposure.  She even tried to entice ol' Rotty by claiming she was on TMZ's blogroll.  Being as though she dislikes TMZ but she can't PUBLICLY announce that being as though she's "on their blogroll".  Let me explain something, SHE isn't on it - the old dude who has a boner for her who "hired" her as a "writer" is on it.  And honestly, it doesn't take much to get on it.  Tila herself was even on it at one point.  *yawn*

I personally love where this "professional" is begging me to tell her to get off of twitter because she is being a "psycho crazy chick" due to her running out of "bipolar pills 2 nights ago".

This all came down when Nikky claimed that the Rotspot isn't credible.  At the same time we noticed that SHE was and still is taking credit for US breaking the 'arm meet' story.

All of a sudden it seems Nikky fails to remember that she's been slobbin' on my knob for weeks tryin' to ride the coattails of my awesomeness.  However, Uncle Eddie never forgets (or at least never fails to screen cap) a thing!  So I dug into the deep, dark vaults of Eddie's info:

Oh, and for the record ... for weeks I've been sick as hell of Nikky whining and crying about Tila calling her "fat".  I love how she pretends she's 100 lbs and has no jello on her.  To clear things up, I do not think Nikky is "fat" but I also do not think she is "thin" either.  And CERTAINLY not 115lbs as she claims.  I also don't think her body is "perfect" by ANY MEANS.  Bitch needs to get to the gym if she's so fuckin' obsessed about being "fat".  Not walking to the corner store with "daddy to buy a chocolate bar".  Yes, that was a real tweet.  Who cares right?  I don't care if she's 500 lbs ... that is ... unless you fuck w/me.  And THEN I'm going to be childish and use it against you like anyone else would, right?  I've been sick of her for a little while, even still trying to be nice to her when she'd constantly DM my writers begging for us to dedicate a post to her weeks ago.

Well here you go Miss Raney ... time to shine!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us 

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Can you teach us how to jiggle our fat by doin' that awesome "ranedance" that you do chubby? Just sayin'...

It also appears that miss Raney is telling several people in DM's that she relates to Tila being as though she ALSO has D.I.D. and that she's bi-polar.  And all this time I was chalkin' it up to her being an immature celebrity wannabe.

And remember kids ... Nikky asks to be taken as a "serious journalist" and if you don't like her it's because you're jealous because she's "Nikky Raney and you're not". - Yea Nikky, we're jealous of your undersized clothes and garbage infested house.  I heard Hoarders is looking for a new cast, you in?!?!? 

Anyhow, you wanted an "explosive post about you" darlin' well here it is :)  Enjoy it!!!


Sandy said...

Amusing, but Tila's just gonna say that you're her biggest fan.

IcelandicReader said...


applauds..man that is the best shit i have seen in ages..and exactly captures tila´s behaviour!

applauds again. this time it was not pepsi..i almost chocked in weekend´s snack!

that´s awesome

Leann687 said...

Hahahaha. Good stuff.


And A+ for having so much confidence in herself.

kristi said...

That was amazing Nikky. Thank you Rotty for posting it! Such a fun thing to wake up to!

imoutofit said...

Lol, you're going to be one of her biggest jelis haters after she sees this :P

alison m m said...


Rotty (TRS) said...

Of course Tila emailed her today telling her how "chubby" she was. I love how that's all Tila ever has. Insults about looks, even to the attractive people. Good job Nikky, you're fabulous! <3

kristi said...

Ahaha. She called Nikky chubby? For looking entirely normal?

Tila's insults are less than satisfactory and I still hold firm in my belief that a 7-year-old could make better ones. She knows a few of them right? Maybe she should hit them up.

IcelandicReader said...

oh lord. really?!
oh man that says all about her personality. her brain is hollow! Nikky could be more of a person than Tila ever will become.

she claims she is never mean. she is sweet nice bla blah and still manage to set people out like thaqt. she is just stupid.

and one thing Tila being slim doesn´t make you beautiful. you can have curves and be beautiful too and it is just matter of soul,if your personality and soul is beautiful then it shines through. i believe that you desire those curves yourself since you have none and looking like skeletor. oh my bad. i am never usually that mean but that tops it all . and i had to say it.

Nikky Raney said...

I feel loved. Thanks rot spot you rock out with your cocks out.
This will be the start to a beautiful collabofriendship

i_am_that_girl said...

Nikky, hats off to you for having the confidence to parody Tila the way you did. Figures that Tila called you chubby. You're not chubby, you're curvaceous. Just like my figure.

Nikky Raney said...

linked you @ my zennie post btw

deluwiel said...

Nikky - Perfection! My favorite part? the little "boom-boom pow... pow boom-boom" dance. LOLOL!!

andmommymakescrazy said...

Nikky should put her on blast and post the email/message. Tila looks like a fucking bratz doll on meth. some nerve.

BKiddo said...

Bravo Nikky!

Happy Saturday Morning!

medea296 said...

Congratulations, RotSpot! Tila is your NUMBER ONE fan!!! I honestly DO believe she stalks your site more than anyone else! Awww...HI, Tila!!! Since I know you will be reading this, let me give you some advice!!!! Stop lying and get off of the drugs :). You are being laughed at by the world :).

Leann687 said...

I'm sure Tila wasn't nice enough to even say "chubby". I'm sure it was "you fat uglie bitch, im gunna sue yuu!" (with the spelling errors included)

However, I'm much more attracted to Nikky and her spirit. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a healthy size and I hope Nikky never loses sight that she is a beautiful woman.

boytoy said...

IcelandicReader: Tila you can have curves

Tila bought($$$$) her curves.

Anonymous said...

Nikky doesn't have anything to worry about, that's just Tila's weak and shallow way of fighting back. You're "young and fresh" (terms Tila seems obsessed with) and you obviously struck a nerve. Tila really has major insecurities concerning youth and appearance. And the funny thing is, she's wrecked her own appearance by whoring her way through life and drug use and it's scaring her to death.

Fatty McFatterson said...

OMG!!! bwahahahhahahahahhahaha. Nikky totally PWNED TILA!!! This has truly been an epic week in Tila pwnage. And to think it all started exactly one week ago!

Great job Nikky. Sorry, I didn't notice your sexy ass was chubby. Funny, how you could pull off the sexy without even trying. Loved the wonky eyes at the end. CLASSIC!

I have only one smidgen of a disappointment. There was no rolling on the ground like an epileptic monkey. Can you edit that in?

Sammi said...

bawwwwwwhaaahahahahaahahhaha! what a nice blog to wake up to!!!!!! HAHAHA @Nikky that was hilarious & I am following you on twitter now 2! YAY! ♥

Sammi said...

O, and if that is CHUBBY jeez I MIGHT BE A FREAKING BLIMP,& Damn me for having REAL babies, ughhhh. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!

Joann said...

Very, very funny Nik..on point for sure.

Tila told her army to wake her up at 11 AM and all the nitwits are now tweeting..."wake up sweety", wake up hun", "wake up babe, we need you and that Mittie person is saying he thinks Tila dreams about them. PATHETIC.

I bet if she told them to jump off a bridge at midnight they would do it. SMH.

The skank is always talking about she's a millionaire I wonder why she doesn't have a maid to wake her up.....oh I know, the skank is broke.

SatansIlluminati said...

She was spot on!! Great job Nikky.

I was just curious as to the whole thing last weekend, that the police couldn't locate her "unit", what happened to her big ass new mansion? I am still giggling over that.

Isis said...

(DISCLAIMER: Tila, you may want to take notes: this is how you translate sarcasm into print.)

Uh, Nikky, it's clear your diet does not consist only of the four food groups, Ambien, Snapple, Honey Nut Cheerios, and Adderal, which clearly means you have a weight problem and are leaning on the "obese" side of the Body Mass Index. Please contact Mr. Bradshaw about becoming a spokesperson for whatever new over the counter diet pill the FDA will eventually pull completely off the market next.

Your SHAMWOW! celebrity gossip blog has no whiff of Pedo bear, Jolly Ranchers, or unmarked white vans: something to think about for the future.

Unfortunately, you left out your friend Mr. Google, along with the powerful attorneys to which you have, and consequently, are not fired from life.

Mrs. Muffy Von Clusterfuck-Google

Isis said...

Pee Ass:

It has been confirmed that Tila now indeed has signed a contract to do three commercials for the new IHOF (International House of FAIL) chain of pancake restaurants. IHOF is the first corporate non-profit chain restaurant run by seven year olds whom wish to help rehabilitate washed up reality TV stars back into society.

Mrs. Von Clusterfuck-Google was quoted as "Wishing the best for all of Tila's future endeavors".

jayden said...

Nikky, you are one sexxxy ass and funny jelis hater. A smart funny and beautifully curvy girl will always crush a bolt-on titted ho with meth mush between her ears.

LEEV said...

Encore... Encore...

Chubby??? She's a beautiful young lady!

I guess if you judge others by the amount of silicon you have, and the social diseases that keep you below your ideal body weight, most healthy people are chubby.

At any rate thanks for the Saturday lol.

gem said...

Nikky has better tits than Tila and nikky didn't pay for hers. I love it.

starfish said...

yeah what ever happened to that contest where one of her fans can win and hang out with her and go on a 5000.00 shopping spree and be treated like a BAM POW vip celebrity??

promises promises!

Mark said...

Nicki you are a master of time and space! Thanks for the laughs!

Tila is so shallow for calling you chubby. Honestly, if anyone on earth had the choice between you're body or Tila's they'd be crazy not to choose yours! You look healthy and great!

Tila needs to stop faking pregnancies and adopt a cheese burger!

starfish said...

check it out NOW she has a post about onyx...

weird...indeed <_<


RNB007 said...

Love how she touches her boobs just like Tila every minute.
Loves it!
Will bookmark her site.
Funny stuff ;)

Joann said...

Guys...I have AdBlock on my computer for her gossip site and cannot see any images. Is the picture of Onyx old?

I am sure Tila does not have Onyx anymore.

H. Mills said...

Tila Vs. Nicki is no contest, seriously. Nicki wins on every level! The only reason she called you 'chubby' is because she's a sad, sad individual.

josephgein said...


Seagal said...

That's weird I swore I posted here this am. Oh well. Standing Ovation to you Nikky! That was awesome! I have bookmarked your site and look forward to reading more of it.

Again GREAT Work girl!

gillianthemad1013 said...

I'm not saying that Nikki's heart isn't on the right place, nor that her video didn't amuse me, but I'm not sure I believe she's a legit journalist, as she claims. The writing on her blog is too clunkly and, at times, grammatically challenged for her to be a professional writer.

On second thought, I see that she is still a student. That makes more sense. :)

Gregor said...


I thought the video was amusing but I would take it down. I understand that you are 20 and have good intentions(entertainment purposes)but the video may come back to haunt you.It is not worth it.

Young people can learn from one of THIEN'S MISTAKES.THIEN has posted many photos,videos and writings that can't be deleted.People are losing their jobs because of what they are posting on the internet.I don't really have an opinion on this issue BUT it is happening.

Peace Out

Christine said...

I agree with Gregor.

I think it's cool you have the balls to get half naked and do a parody but for me it's just inappropriate.

Jaime Chen said...

Dear Tila,
I used to think I was an angel and an messenger of god. Then, I stopped drinking.

Sincerely, Jaime.

Nikky Raney said...

I made the video private. I kept it up long enough to get the reactions I wanted. I am continuing to make videos youtube.com/nikkyraney dealing with tila, but I'll keep my clothes on and report straight up so that people can still take me seriously. :)

Emily said...

You know, I don't think she's fat at all. Maybe a bit curvy, but I'm 10x fatter than her. However, when she posted this, she should have prepared herself for some backlash. I would never post a vid of myself in my underwear on the interwebs because I am not a masochist like that! And I even used to be a stripper, so it's not that I'm ashamed of my (admittedly chubby) body, it's that people on the internet are mean! it's ridiculous that she posted a 4 min video like this and then was shocked when people were dicks about it. Also, she can make all the disclaimers she wants, but once you put shit on the internet, it NEVER goes away, and it will prevent her from getting a job in journalism in the future. She's not cut out for it anyway because she's too sensitive and cares too much about what others think. But seriously, you and Tila have a lot in common, Nikky. When will BOTH of you learn that things you say and do on the internet come back to haunt you later?

Terri said...

Nikky - you have not put on enough clothes, having your boobs out like that is NOT professional. Also, SLOW THE FUCK DOWN WHEN you speak and pronounce the words more clearly.

MsWonkyTits said...

Her videos are so stupid. I hadn't watched it before because she annoys the hell out of me. To her defense, she is not fat, but as Emily said, if you make shit like this, people will always talk. The joys of the internet. Glad you ladies have a copy since she was so proud about deleting it. :)

Ray said...

I really hope this isnt the future of journalism.

If it is we're in shit if the "journalist" will backflip so fast just because she got ONE email from someone she was against and hated.

I hear Tila's looking for writers Nikky, she can pay you with flattering emails you can youtube about.

I was offline for about 1 month when this was posted. She always seemed to try a little too hard and fast in a "look at me, look at me" way. Fooled me, i followed her :(

Eduardo Retardo said...

Calling us "not credible" because Tila emailed you? Sorry, darling Nikky. This is what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you. Thanks for pissing off the majority of twitter beforehand, though, because now people are just JUMPING to give us ammo against you. You did most of the work for us!

Ima said...

OMG - I never could stand jello. Especially the kind that works both sides of a room for attention.

Mogularmy said...

Isn't it convenient that Nikky claims Tila "personally apologized to her" after spending days tweeting about getting an apology from the Hogul?

Miss Future Of Journalism, the email you read is not an apology. You really must have issues on citing sources if you think her backhanded compliment was an apology for bashing you.

An personal email is only better than a public apology when the person actually writes "I'm sorry."

Now go put on a shirt and clean your room.

smokerhippie said...

yah she really pissed me off when she went and did that stupid last blog about tila, and just kept saying over and over again that she was never being mean or hating on tila, when she might have never strait said I HATE TILA TIQUILA, she was a hater, and she was hating. specially with that disgusting video of her shit jiggling every where. isnt making fun of someone the same as hating? Im pretty sure tila would think so....or atleast she did before they started to suck eachothers assholes. goooddddddddd.

Latifah said...

LOL. I love it how she becomes "crazy nikky" and doesn't remember posting the tweets.

imoutofit said...

J-E-L-L-O It's alive!

Play with fire and you're gonna get burned. Future of journalism my ass. If she starts to run her mouth about her being abducted by aliens and that she's the second coming of Christ, I say her and Tila can be roomies in their own little pretend world where they are both relevant and popular. Heck, they can take Kat Stacks with them as well.

Good riddance.

Julie Cornewell said...

I am confused because after reading the post it sounded like Nikki Raney was getting made fun of the entire time. And then she thanks Rotspot? For making fun of her and saying she's pathetic and annoying? Seriously? WTF is wrong with the girl?

Treva said...

Wait... Did I miss something?? Seems that the people who made the first half of the comments here didn't actually read this post...

Jes said...

Congratulations, Nikky. You made a complete ass of yourself and also discredited yourself of being a serious journalist. I defended you at one point, but I wasn't on twitter often to know the real things that were being said, and to be quite honest, I'm just too damn lazy to scroll back on previous tweets. Oh, as for the whining and crying and the boo-hooing, just stop it right now. Be a fucking serious journalist, suck it up (not suck in your fat) and move the fuck on. I know you're that insecure to read this post because right now I bet you're looking at eddie's tweets, so I just want to say this: Fuck you! I defended you and you turned out to be a two-faced loser. I lost all respect for you. Peace, bitch!

Eduardo Retardo said...

This post is 2 separate posts combined, hence the "ORIGINAL POST: 6/12/10 7:01AM" and "UPDATE (7/20/10)" cuts. The first chunk of these comments are from the original post, pre-edit.

starfish said...

oh my! its kind of funny to see the june comments where everyone commends her, now this girl is just annoying. she sort of reminds me of the little sister in mad tv that alex borstein would play. she whisper talks, and it took her a full minute to explain to us that, "this is only a joke, a parody" ok get to the point! it wasn't even funny. did she have to whisper so that she doesnt wake up her parents?

she did make another youtube video about tila supposedly apologizing, however it is private, so i cant view it. i tweeted nikki to tell her its private. how can we see "the apology"..

this nikki seems confused and wants to be a 'psuedo-celeb' herself, but she will never be. she does not have what it takes to be a professional journalist, and certainly not some sort of internet sensation.

get over yourself nikki raney!

oh yeah, she also compares herself to tila. she seems a little "off" if you ask me...

livvey said...

JMO but her body is fine. I don't think that making fun of her like that is appropriate. It's also not right to originally laud her for doing it then changing your tune.

I do agree with Gregor's comment. That video is something that can come back to haunt her. I know I did stupid stuff when I was 20. Most of us did. But kids today do not understand the ramifications of doing something like this for the world to see. When I was 20 I didn't have to worry about anyone but my friends seeing my dumb antics. It's not like that today. People need to be much more wary of how their actions will be perceived by other people at some later time.

Nikki's behavior, like Tila's, is feeding into the female chauvinist pig paradigm where women intentionally draw attention to their bodies to receive male attention. They act sexist towards themselves which perpetuates sexist behavior in society. The only reason she did this to begin with was to get attention. Use your mind to do it, not your body.

L said...

There goes my fucking lunch.

I honestly had some shred of sympathy for her after Tila's attacks, but I don't anymore. Porky Pig lookin' ho.

I tried to glance her shitty "LOL FUTURE OF JOURNALISM" site and I honestly wished that at that moment, God had struck me blind.

PiggieRaney said...

Haha! Good luck ever trying to get a job where reputation counts.

You've screwed yourself out of any chance of being taken seriously as a journalist.

Eduardo Retardo said...

Most of us saw the video, unfortunately I didn't grab it because I didn't think she'd hurry and make it private. In it, I can tell you, Tila DIDN'T apologize. She just blew smoke up her ass and Nikky was quick to agree that "Rotspot isn't credible." It was basically "Nikky, you're a smart girl, don't get associated with the mean people" and Nikky was like "I'm taking this as an apology! I won't read the whole thing because there's legal issues, but look Tila Army, she apologized! Yay I accept your apology, Tila!"

I didn't make this post but I want to comment on it anyway. I'd say for most people it's not that she's "fat," because she's not "fat." However, none of us called her "skinny" either, but SHE DID. Over and over and over. "Tila calls skinny girl fat." "I'm 5'5 and I weigh 115." Blah blah blah, over and over and over. In an attempt to be nice we either kept our mouths shut or just told her "you're not fat." But since she kept shoving it down our throats, we're going to be honest now and tell her "yeah, you're not fat, but you didn't need to lie about it because nobody believes you're 115 either, chunk." Yes, we applauded her in the beginning for making fun of Tila in this way, but you never saw any of us calling her skinny. Had she not tried to lie 24/7, her weight wouldn't ever have been an issue for us. But then again I don't speak for Rotty, I speak for myself and I know many people currently "involved" in this share the same opinion.

Kitschy Kitten said...

I'm 100% with livvey on this one. I still think Nikkky has a great body and is in no way fat. Her weight has nothing to do with her behavior. I never thought the video was that funny to begin with so I have no comment on that except that it is degrading to do anything in your underwear on the internet, as people will see it.

Obviously this is not the future of journalism. Additionally, if Nikky wants to be taken seriously as a writer she should form an opinion backed with evidence and STICK TO IT. It seems to me like she flip flops on everything to do with Tila. One minute she hates her, then Tila acknowledges her and it's all love and understanding again. This is an attention-getting antic and to be a journalist you have to back your opinions and not be hypocritical. These are the reasons I don't have any respect for Nikky Raney. But I don't think the body jokes are necessary.

Ghost Rider Radio said...

Let me get this info straight. First off this post is showing how ridiculous and unprofessional @nikkyraney actually is. Right?

The fact that she's trying to steal credit for the story that TRS broke about TILA'S attempted suicide is ridiculous. Shit im the first one that swipped Tila's video and reposted it onto youtube.

Nikky better get in line behind the resistance and radar online, before she tries to claim any type of credit for anything tila.

Also, the way @nikky is always on TRS's dick is quite pathetic. Anyone thinking that this post is complimenting her is lost in the game.

I find it hilarious that she thinks its a good post about her. That shit's funny as hell.

Tess said...

It's amazing how stupid some people can be when it comes to posting shit on the Interwebs. Imagine the future, when Nikki Raney applies for a journalism job and her potential future employer does a name search only to find "the future of journalism" consists of videos of Nikki dancing in her underwear and whining because someone called her fat! smh

starfish said...


darn. i figured that is what tila said.

also, in regards to "making fun of others", i dont think people are deliberately trying to be mean, it is just that when people prove to be hypocritical, like nikki has been, and yes, of course, when people have been manipulative, condescending, lying, scheming, theming etc, like tila always is, THAN YEAH...people are gonna call you out! if they cant deal with it, they need to develop a backbone, because the world, ESPECIALLY the internet, CAN be a cruel place! you need to be able to deal with what YOU bring upon yourselves!

Kitschy Kitten said...

@Tess, yeah, totally with you on that too. If you're gonna put your half-naked ass up for the world to see, be prepared for scrutiny cause it's gonna happen! Nikky's obviously the one ashamed of her weight, anyway. 115 lbs? No, 130 would probably be generous. I weigh 140 and don't see anything wrong with that.

Joann said...

I didn't want to laugh at "I heard Hoarders is looking for a new cast, you in?!?!?"...but I did..that's cold. lol

Anyhoo, when I clicked on the link for the video and heard Nikky say she got an email or whatever from Tila and she apologized to her..I thought to myself...TILA APOLOGIZED TO HER...since when does Tila apologize to ANYBODY!!!

Nikky couldn't read the entire email for legal reasons(that's what she said)but from the part she did read I didn't hear anything that sounded like an apology from Tila....I did hear her say "Tila forgave HER". lol

I don't know what Nikky's true motives were when she first approached TRS. I know what she wrote but evidently that's not what she meant.

All I can say is Nikky is young and has a lot to learn about character but that's no excuse when it comes to Tila.

She read with her own eyes how Tila operates. The proof was laid out for her. She didn't even have to search for it. She knows Tila is a pathological liar and yet she wants to be on her team?????

The email she received from Tila is means nothing. Tila could care less about Nikky or her career and IMO, will start to use her as soon as she gets back from her bar hopping tour, if she hasn't started using her already.

Nikky has became another pawn in Tila's sick games and I wouldn't be surprised if Nikky joined her idiotic army.

TRS is better off without her.

BKiddo said...

I'm so pissed that she called RotSpot, and Lord knows who else, not Credible.
Well, Nikky, you just got your battleship sunk.
Nikky you have just made it clear that YOU are not credible, a user, and definately NOT a Journalist.
Most journalits stick with their convictions on the stories they write. They don't do it to get a reaction or USE succesful writers to further their agenda.
I love what Mogularmy, said, "Go put a shirt on and clean your room".
Piss off Nikky

Joann said...

I don't think I made this part of my prior comment clear when I wrote...."I didn't hear anything that sounded like an apology from Tila....I did hear her say "Tila forgave HER". lol

Nicky read that Tila forgave her for the video she made but there was no mention that Tila apologized to Nikky for her and her army calling Nikky out of her name on twitter.

Chi said...

TRUFFLE-SHUFFLE! Maybe Tila will bring that pig a truffle back from London . . . .

Treva said...

Thanks Eddie, I didn't realize that the comments were combined also... I was totally lost there fer a minute! Lol.. Thanks for explaining it to me.. That's another reason I luvums you guys, you're always listening to your readers.

Seola said...

Joann - Raney blasted her Twitter for almost 2 days, spamming the Tila Army saying Tila apologized... while it wasn't in the video, Raney DID say that's what happened and she did say that's what the video was about.

Raney is a joke and Zennie62 is a blown old man. I too, don't call her fat - she's not really fat, I'd say chunky. Is that initially a bad thing? Nope! But to fake pictures on the net, then dance around in your underwear, say you are something you aren't then bash those you whined to... she's a slut. Before my kids, I was still 5'4 and 170 and I was somewhat toned from playing sports in school and in the summers. No belly up top, kick ass legs that could press 300lbs, but I had a bit of a jibbly gut. I can tell you I looked about like Nikky, and wouldn't DARE put myself in video like that - especially if you are claiming you are 40lbs lighter than you are.

If the dumb bitch wasn't parading around as something she's not (skinny, bi-polar, depressed and all the other excuses she's made) and whining about everything in life, but then acting like everyone wants to be her (no thanks, I like my clean house), I'd have just let her fall by the wayside. As it is (and I know she's reading this) - she IS a dumb bitch and I can't wait for when she goes for a real job and they search her name and find all the negative shit she's done. At 20 years old and in college, one should know better than to act a fool.

jayden said...

Nikky, someday you may actually graduate and look for a real journalism job. This is the first thing that's going to come up when a potential employer googles your name. Good luck with that.

tilas said...

Even Twatwaffle McGillicutty aka(TILA) Thinks you're a tool Nikky...good job!
p.s. I think you should invest the $1.50 into one of those weekday pill sorter case thingys so you remember to take you TOURETTES SYNDROM medicine! I'm embarrassed for you over that video! FAIL!

Hollie said...

Does anyone else notice how she also smacks her lips when she talks and also shows enough cleavage to sink a ship in?

She also recently changed "rooms" or background...this comes after someone commenting how her room looks like a hoarder's room.

Emily said...

I don't know. I feel bad for her. She's obviously a very confused girl with a lot of emotional issues. But I do have to agree with Uncle Eddie, she did bring it on herself....we all felt bad for her at first because Tila was calling her "Piggy Raney" and all that just for making this silly (admittedly retarded) video. But then she just wouldn't stfu. I defended her on twitter and asked Tila "What's grosser? A size 12 girl dancing in her underwear or a methed out midget with a tampon hanging out her vag?" Nikky tweeted me "Actually I'm a size 3." "Weird", I thought, "you have pretty giant knockers to be a 3", but I didn't know who she was and IDGAF about that nonsense, I had no interest in pushing the issue. But then she wouldn't give it up. Posting that whole video about how she can fit into small and extra small clothes...um please...they were stretched out, too tight, and made from the kind of material that's um...more forgiving. I mean, she's so committed to this lie about weighing 112 pounds that I almost think she believes it herself. My little sister is 5'3" and weighs 130 and is quite a bit skinnier than Nikky. Just saying. I have to say though, that I'm not a big fan of people saying she's so fat it makes them sick or calling her fat names. Maybe she was asking for it, but lots of teenage girls read this shit and it just bugs me that they would think they're fat if they're Nikky's size. I guess the moral of the story is: be who you are, and be honest about shit, and people won't have as much to say. If you lie and lie and lie, especially to a group of people like the Tila Resistance who really can't stand a liar, you have to expect to be called out on your bullshit. I just won't participate in calling her fat or saying she's gross. I think she's disgustingly desperate for attention. I think she's delusional. I think she's obnoxious beyond belief...I just don't think she's fat. Chubby? A lil bit. Curvy? Definitely. But no, her body is not "perfect" and no, she is not "skinny" in any sense of the word.

MissNeverWas said...

When she said she was 5'5 and 115 lbs I almost died laughing. Sorry but your not that small. Actually you look about my size, myself being 5'3 and 138lbs. Who cares if your carrying extra weight, most of us are. But people who have eyes can clearly see your full of shit trying to pretend your way smaller than you are. Awesome photoshop btw, even though you would never admit it. And saying the rotspot is not credible!?!? Last time I checked they post screencaps of all the stupid shit Tila does and add there own special brand of awesomness (is that a word??) Anyway Im glad someone called her out. I personally don't know her to have anything against her, but I know when someone is lying, which she clearly is.

~ * TN Hippy * ~ said...

I checked this kid out the first day Tila went off on her and realized as soon as I watched her speak that she has mental issues. She is completely insecure after being called fat all she could do was go on and on about how she wasn't fat and how she was about to leave to go to the gym blah blah blah. As soon as I watched her speak and those eyes rolling around in her head like loose marbles I could see she is not all there. She isn't remotely interesting and longs for attention. While she isn't obese she isn't very attractive dancing around in her underwear with her fat rolls jiggling. And yes I am a fat ass as well however you don't see me parading around on the internet in my underwear screaming for attention. Nor do I give a fuck who calls me fat. Insecure people can't hang with being made fun of for their body issues. Any real journalist isn't going to hike those tits up to her chin when on cam each and every time. There is no way to take her seriously. Reading the things from her past when she was in grade school and teen years shows years of mental illness. She is not all there and it shows. It gets boring watching the eye rolling, the lip smacking, the cleavage, and all the hand gestures. She isn't the future of journalism in any shape or form. And all of her behavior up to this point will come back to haunt her when or if she tries to apply for a serious job. Like Tila she appears to think any attention is good even if it means negative attention. She's a pathetic, apparently mentally damaged girl living in a dirty apartment just like Tila. No wonder shes obsessed with her. They are very alike. I think this should be the only attention she gets from any of us and after this ignore her. She desperately needs to be on and stay on medication. I can't even be bothered with her. Even Tila is boring me anymore. The cool thing is, you guys got her ass in check. She will never admit it, but tracking her lies, staying on her ass about the things she does and reporting her to the police about her suicide attempt, kicked her ass. She is AFRAID to pull the shit she used to. This makes me smile.

Sammi said...

I would NEVER QUESTION THIS POST!!! I was not even online especially my twitter as much, nor following the Tila shit but within 1 day (two days ago now) I knew and saw SOME TRULY INSANE SHIT from NIKKYs FB and then TWITTER including the VIDEO where TILA THREATENS HER but in her warped delusional mind she takes it and even SAYS SHE IS GONNA TAKE IT AS TILAS WAY OF APOLOGIZING ! WHY ? BECAUSE SHE CARED SO MUCH ABOUT NIKKY TO WRITE HER A PERSONAL NOT PUBLIC EMAIL TO WARN HER ABOUT THE ROT SPOT THEN SHE FOLLOWS IT WITH HAVING AN ORGASM while she tries to convince the #TILAARMY SHE IS GOOD?? WOW!!! Not to mention LOOK AT THIS POST ITS LIKE NIKKY AND TILA ARE FUCKING TWINS!!! This shit is fuckin classic ladies!! LOL! (and gentlemen) haha! GREAT POST I was praying and hoping this post would happen!! and what do ya know ....here it is!! WOOHOO!! :)) God I love this site,(just in case you didnt get that already from all my super excited comments when a NEW post is put up- LOL!) So awesome it should have a disclaimer saying BEST READ WITH A HOT CUP of Joe!

Sammi said...


fata morgana said...

This girl pissed me off when she said on her blog that she respected Rotspot, then said she'd let them continue to do what they do and if she saw something that really needed to be covered, she'd help. Galling arrogance.

GhostofChunks said...

I know that I'm joining in late on this comment, but honestly, a few red flags were set off in my mind, leading me to think that Nikky was only interested in rotspot for the the exposure. I'm far from jumping on the bandwagon on this, but I did notice a few things within the time frame:

It did seem apparent right away to me that she was using RS to boost her blog. At first she appeared to be somewhat graceful, but that faded, and then simply disappeared until I found a certain Twitter entry in which TT's Twitter and TT having nice convo with Nikky Raney... in fact, NR was trying to help out TT. That sort of rubbed me the wrong way.

Also, I don't know if anyone agrees with me here, but she honestly doesn't have "the talent" or "enough talent" to be an investigative journalist. I thought you had to move up in the ranks as a journalist such ass reporting on abysmal stuff such as the amount of mosquitos that have overtaken an area due to a pool of stagnant water left over by a construction company, how many people attended the summer policeman's ball, the rise on of crack houses on a certain street, I mean really boring journalism before you hit the big leagues. It sounds like Nikky doesn't want to get her hands dirty and she wants the clout of RS to carry her until that prime piece of investigative journalism lands in her lap and carries her for the rest of her life.

One more thing. Nikky, it's not that I don't like you and this comment has nothing to do with whatever you and TT have going on. I would hope you see this as constructive critism and nothing more. Your writinng is not up to par yet as far as journalism goes. I'm not trying to blast you, but you do have a long way to go before you can expect to see the accolades you are seeking. I'm not saying that you won't get there, but you are a long ways off and it only comes with maturity and time. I'm not a hater, but just a person who has been there. And honestly, you do have a way to go. But maybe you'll get there, with the right sources... and TT is not that source. Good luck.

Prof. Chaos said...

It's unfortunate that Nikki turned out to be yet another attention seeking fame monger making her way down into the gutter. Her mother must be proud.

I don't get the whole "apology" thing. Kids today. Back in my day, when someone publically called you a fat cow and told you to hit the treadmill, there simply was no sorries accepted whatsoever. I did notice Nikki baiting Tila for a response so maybe that was her intention all along. I'm absolutely disgusted that she tries to take credit the meet debacle. I hope they are very happy down in the mud together.

Aviva said...

Anyone else beside me thinks NR could be writing for the flog under OMGoodness? Garry Sun is definitely TILA STAFF.

poppyflowersnyc said...

I like the Rotspot because it's funny to read. I do admit I check this site every day (and even at work on my phone). Now down to business...

There is no way Nikky Raney is a size 3. I'm the same height as she is (5'5) and I have a 23 inch waist. I'm around a size 0-2. So are you telling me she's claiming that she is a size 3 and 115 lbs (which mean she'd have a 24 inch waist)? I don't mean to be harsh but I just dislike it when girls start complaining about their f*cking weight every 2 minutes. "I'm not fat! I eat so much! All of it goes to my a**! Look at how skinny I am!" I had a friend like this. All she did was talk, talk, and talk some more about her love of food and how she was "not fat". The chick was a size 0 and about 5'7. The moral of the story: STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT! JESUS F*CKING CHRIST US PEOPLE OUT HERE AREN'T YOUR MOTHERS OR FATHERS. IT ISN'T OUR DUTY TO ENSURE YOU DON'T FEEL INSECURE BLAH BLAH BLAH. I'm not even making sense anymore. I just wish girls would shut the fuck about their weight. And put some f*cking clothes on for f*ck sake. I don't recall Diane Walters parading her a** all up on television with her thong and bra hanging out. I don't even have anything against Nikki Raney. I'm sure she's a nice girl. This is just a public service announcement to all WOMEN reading this. BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE AND SH*T THE FUCK UP ABOUT YOUR INSEUCRITIES 'CAUSE THAT SH*T AIN'T CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!

i_am_that_girl said...

Ugh, I don't like fake-asses. I also don't think she's all that skinny either. Size xs/s? Really? I'm still skeptical about that video. I'm a s/m and I'm 125ish lbs. You don't look smaller than I do, Nikky. That's not a bad thing at all. Calling the Rotspot not credible just because Tila apologized was lame.

Jennifer said...

I thought at some point during whatever crisis TT was in NR had said that she was no longer gonna post about TT anymore on her blog. THEN she posted that video, and every other entry was about TT. Probably cuz she knew that she could get a whole chunk of readership through RotSpot. That was red flag #1 for me.

Then her video... well at first I gave her props for doing it, but honestly I was not that impressed with it. If you want to do a parody, you gotta make it funny and exaggerated. NR's video just made her look like she was looking for an excuse to prance around half-nekkid. When Rotspot posted it I was fully expecting some exaggerated drama with a fake 'green screen' and wearing a hot pink dress... something SNL. If I had not been told what the parody was of I would have had no idea.

There. My take on NR. She was not worth my time before, and still not worth my time. My heart still lies with the Rotspot crew and TilaTruth.

mary said...

This is one of the most immature 20 y/o I have ever seen. I remembered clicking on this vid back in June, I never made it past 10 secs and never watched the whole thing. Her jiggle was too distracting regardless of how many times she said it is a spoof of Thien. I didn't care, she was annoying.
I'm glad Rotty put this post out there without holding back. Regarding her desperate attempts to debunk how fat she is, I scrolled through this young lady's tweets and found a youtube link and instructing viewers to go to 5:32 because her legs looked "toned".


I did, I regretted it. I wanted to stab my eardrums with my nail filer when I heard her speak after her scrawny boy teen insisted she was not fat.
I don't think she's fat, but she's not skinny, and she is not toned. She just has skinny legs and a belly and hard-to-miss handles. It's obvious, it's there. I just don't get it though, I thought love handles are more evident when people squeeze into jeans way too small from them not from loose fitting sweat shorts.

Seagal said...

Who would ever take NR seriously as a journalist? Good luck ever getting a job w/a reputable media outlet after they google your name nikky. Time to grow the fuck up ,too, and stop whining about your weight. If you don't want to be teased then don't bounce around in your underweaar online. Plus kissing Tilas ass is just going to make you as big a joke as she is.

Pretty shitty of you to insult the RotSpot team. You really showed your arrogance and immaturity by saying these awesome writers aren't credible.

Gladys said...

Hm. Gotta say, I'm not 100% sure what I feel about all this drama.

Points on which I'm solid:
1. Yeah, that "future of journalism" thing kinda made me say "seriously?" I devoutly hope that journalism, or what's left of it, outgrows thisabsurd fascination with people who are famous only for body parts, rabid opinions, sex tapes, attitude, and/or idiocy--in other words, the Tilas of the world. Seeing Raney wallowing in that swamp, throwing mud with the rest of the mud-flingers, was enough to keep me from taking her seriously as a journalist. TRS is an entertainment blog; we come here to watch mud get flung. Journalism is more serious, and mixing the two has gotten our society in some serious confusion.

2. That Zannie62 guy kinda weirded me out too.

3. The video was mildly funny, but as nearly all of you have said: would you want to apply for a journalism job and have THAT pop up as your first Google hit?

4. When you fuck with the breeze, you reap the whirlwind. Don't disrespect the Rotspot team--every one of them, both singly and in the aggregate, WILL cut a bitch.

And now we come to Ambivalent Gladys-land, which goes to the next comment.

Gladys said...

As I think I've said before, I'm 40 years old. I don't know if you're EVER old enough not to care when someone calls you names; personally, I've dealt with it since I was about three years old, when the little neighbor girl told me I was fat. As I grew up, I realized that in my neighborhood, the ideal female was petite, Irish, blondish, athletic, fashionable, and conformist. I was a solid-boned Germanic brunette, with the fashion sense of a small boy and the athleticism of a baby Sumatran rhino. I was also an entire emotional marshmallow, particularly when subjected to the taunts of my peers (and their parents, and MY parents, and every coach, scout leader, or possible adult role model in range) about my perceived physical shortcomings.

Skip forward to now. I look at pictures of myself from the first 21 years of my life, and I discover something: I was not fat. I was not even CLOSE to fat. My weight was near the high end of normal--but so was my height and my rate of physical development. I had meat on my bones, but I THOUGHT I was fat, because I wasn't a stringbean with tits; because I was a size 11 or 13 or (horror of horrors!) 14; because everyone SAID I was fat. Because when you're a girl, "fat" is the ultimate insult...and it's not just a statement about what you look like, either. It's a statement about your character, your job prospects, your potential for romance. "You'll never get a boyfriend if you keep eating like THAT." That one little three-letter word, wielded on a defenseless mind by even well-meaning hands, can translate into "You are less than we are; you are flawed; you are ugly. Unless you prove your worth and strength by becoming closer to OUR ideal of what you should weigh, you are destined to live alone and probably die alone as well."

My weight ballooned by the time I was 23; a few months later, after a crash course into the joys of heroin, I was the thinnest I'd ever been as an adult. And everyone praised the way I looked, having no idea of how I got there. But what 24-year-old woman loses nearly 100 pounds in a year? Didn't matter---"Gladys has lost some weight! Doesn't she look NICE??" Of course, when they finally found out, they weren't so happy anymore. And even though I recognized how really fucked-up it was, two years later, after two years sober, I went back to heroin...because I'd gained back about half the weight. It was more important to be acceptably thin, than to be sober, functional, or even alive.

And all of this navel-gazing is to say: I love you guys, but seriously, if you can look at the way Nikki has conducted herself in this whole deal, and the nastiest thing you can think of to say about this whole debacle is "Yeah, she might not be FAT, but she ain't SKINNY" or making jokes about jello and jiggling fat...well, could we maybe stick to "I know you are but what am I?" Or even "neener neener"? Because if slamming her weight is the worst thing we can say about her, that really doesn't say much for us, either.

(Mercifully, I am now shutting up.)

Treva said...

Sorry Rotty!!!
I <3 The Rotspot!!

Aairon said...

Nikky Raney is a dick! her vid wasnt even funny for fucks sake. The first ( and last) time i saw it i thought it was shit. I dont even think it resembled Tila that much to be honest. Just some fat chick cashin in on the "i hate Tila" craze in order to get watched / fans or whatever the fuck she was doin in her underwear. Girls like Raney really piss me off. In fact anyone like that really pisses me off. So FUCK YOU Raney!! You aint shit!!!

Isis said...

I personally have a problem with writers whom are older than myself and automatically get on the attack with me because I am only 27and am making as much progress as I am and have recieved as much critical acclaim as I have. Like I said I don't talk about what I am going to publish because I take my career, addiction counseling, very seriously. Writing is my form of therapy. Everybody has one.

I will say this. I am a humanist, first and foremost. Don't get in my face about one's "true colors", because we all bleed the samn damn color, no don't we?

As far as Nikky Raney, well, she is the poster child of her generation, and as one of my favorite bloggers said once, the problem with Nikky's generation is, "They know the price of everything, and the value of nothing. Knock that shit off already".

Barbara said...

I was the editor of my high school newspaper and our worst reporters were better than this skank.

Good luck with that journalism career, Nikki.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

It's already mentioned how messy NR's place is, but damn! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ob9h56So_rI @NR (I'm sure you still visit here): Shit, girl, you really need to clean your fucking place!!! Do you suffer from Compulsive Hoarding or something?

You sound very annoying, not just in your attitude. Act your age, not your shoe size. And to think you wanted to be friends. Just...wow.

Gladys said...

As I think I've said before, I'm 40 years old. I don't know if you're EVER old enough not to care when someone calls you names; personally, I've dealt with it since I was about three years old, when the little neighbor girl told me I was fat. As I grew up, I realized that in my neighborhood, the ideal female was petite, Irish, blondish, athletic, fashionable, and conformist. I was a solid-boned Germanic brunette, with the fashion sense of a small boy and the athleticism of a baby Sumatran rhino. I was also an entire emotional marshmallow, particularly when subjected to the taunts of my peers (and their parents, and MY parents, and every coach, scout leader, or possible adult role model in range) about my perceived physical shortcomings.

Skip forward to now. I look at pictures of myself from the first 21 years of my life, and I discover something: I was not fat. I was not even CLOSE to fat. My weight was near the high end of normal--but so was my height and my rate of physical development. I had meat on my bones, but I THOUGHT I was fat, because I wasn't a stringbean with tits; because I was a size 11 or 13 or (horror of horrors!) 14; because everyone SAID I was fat. Because when you're a girl, "fat" is the ultimate insult...and it's not just a statement about what you look like, either. It's a statement about your character, your job prospects, your potential for romance. "You'll never get a boyfriend if you keep eating like THAT." That one little three-letter word, wielded on a defenseless mind by even well-meaning hands, can translate into "You are less than we are; you are flawed; you are ugly. Unless you prove your worth and strength by becoming closer to OUR ideal of what you should weigh, you are destined to live alone and probably die alone as well."

My weight ballooned by the time I was 23; a few months later, after a crash course into the joys of heroin, I was the thinnest I'd ever been as an adult. And everyone praised the way I looked, having no idea of how I got there. But what 24-year-old woman loses nearly 100 pounds in a year? Didn't matter---"Gladys has lost some weight! Doesn't she look NICE??" Of course, when they finally found out, they weren't so happy anymore. And even though I recognized how really fucked-up it was, two years later, after two years sober, I went back to heroin...because I'd gained back about half the weight. It was more important to be acceptably thin, than to be sober, functional, or even alive.

And all of this navel-gazing is to say: I love you guys, but seriously, if you can look at the way Nikki has conducted herself in this whole deal, and the nastiest thing you can think of to say about this whole debacle is "Yeah, she might not be FAT, but she ain't SKINNY" or making jokes about jello and jiggling fat...well, could we maybe stick to "I know you are but what am I?" Or even "neener neener"? Because if slamming her weight is the worst thing we can say about her, that really doesn't say much for us, either.

(Mercifully, I am now shutting up.)

Rachel said...

I've nothing at all against Nikki or Zennie, I think she's made some very good points about Tila but while I know she is parodying Tila in that video I think it's a bit strange to strip down to your undies and film yourself and then call yourself a journalist. I personally would consider her to be a blogger, not a journalist, perhaps not in the old fashioned sense of the term anyway.

SpitFire said...

I don't know who this girl is and I'm glad I don't give a shit.

gillianthemad1013 said...

I'll start off by saying, I don't like to say "I told you so" but: I told you so. Back on that first post where Nikky was mentioned I commented that a quick look at Nikky's blog would be enough to ascertain that the girl is no "journalist": her subpar grammar, for a writer, and clunky writing style were not consistent with those of someone who makes a living, well, writing.

From the headstart, someone claiming to be someone they're obviously not should have been a warning sign that Nikky wasn't to be completely trusted. Another indicator would be is her age, in connection with the aforementioned misrepresentation of her qualifications - at 20 there are plenty of people capable and mature enough to go through with projects but if a 20-year old person blabs about being a journalist when she clearly isn't, my bet is that she's not mature or confident enough to be considered a solid ally.

Let's face it: she's none too smart, none too interesting and has to clasp at straws to get the "relevance" she so dearly craves. She most likely tried to use the Rotspot to get audience for her frankly immature and adolescent site, for a "journalist" I mean - it reads more like a Myspace page than a serious site. And she deserves to be ridicularized for it.

However, doesn't the Rotspot have bigger fish to fry? This is an infantile teenager who's butthurt that her attention whoreism and flip flopping has turned on her. We're on our right to point and laugh at her but I just think it would be seriously unfair for Nikky to go on a battle of wits with her, one she would quickly lose. Where's the fun on that? We shouldn't steep to her level of discourse, we're better than that. Wouldn't it be wiser to ignore her from now on and see how it goes for her and her blog without support from the Resistance? Something tells me the Army is not that interested on "the future of journalism". :D I'm not trying to tell you guys what to write, it's just a humble suggestion.

Also, I love you Rotspotters to death, but making fun of someone for being fat only puts us on the level of the Tila Army preteens. Nikky's an idiot, but that is totally unrelated to her figure. She can always lose weight whereas she won't probably get any smarter.

gillianthemad1013 said...

(I have no idea whether my comment was registered, I'm apparently having a hard time submitting a post. I apologize in advance for eventual double-postings :D)

Sammi said...

HAHA NIKKY IS FAT! (Sorry I couldnt NOT write that!!) It proves you cant PLEASE EVERYONE! :/

buttercreamroyale said...

Just watched her video and I couldnt even watch all of it since it was annoying as fuck! Boring as well. Her video didn't even make me laugh at all? She says it was a joke but she's one bad actress if you ask me. We all loathe Tila but seriously, anyone who has the time to post a video like that in their panties just has too much time in their hands. She obviously is just looking for incoming traffic to her blog and if you keep giving her free exposure...that will just help her. And she's not even worth it. I agree with gillianthemad1013...I don't find this teen interesting or amusing in any way. Please rotspot, put this girl on the "ignore" button pronto! I'm really not into the junior high school crap! Now let's tune back to the regular programming on the Rotspot :-)

Boots said...


Tila interview :)

Isis said...

I need help getting the splinters out of my peesh :(

vicky said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA bitch is clearly in denial.

I'm 165cms, weigh 50kgs, which is 110 pounds. I wear size 6 which is size 0 in the US I'm pretty sure and sometimes even that doesn't fit me properly, sometimes I have to get XXX small. My whole life I've copped the anorexic/bulemic "eating disorder" rap.

After watching that video, I PISSED myself laughing. If that stupid cunt thinks she's anywhere close to my body type or weight then she is clearly bi-polar.

I *loathe* chubby cunts with a chip on their shoulder who insist they're skinny and are really touchy when people are honest to them.

Honey, you ain't fat but you are definitely closer to it then you are to being skinny the way you claim you are. And personally, I'm quite offended that you would put yourself in the same category. Kinda like when Tila puts herself in the same category as a real celebrity or claims to have a special "first name basis" friendship with them.

I'm offended like those celebs are to have been associated with that STD infested skank who's dirty, wart encrusted, gunk oozing asshole of which you are licking enthusiastically to see how far you can get your brown-nosing tongue up that endless abyss.

Oh, and you think you're a good writer? Bitch PLEASE!! The readers comments are 100x more intelligent and relevant than your low-grade shit that is only on Tila's level.

What you call "journalism" is what we call a "joke".

Sorry, but that's the way the cookie crumbles, don't fuck with the Rotspot, cunt!!

Ben said...


Funny, according to that interview Tila is in negotiations to sign Rob from New Zealand. Funny, she said he was signed months ago.

Such shoddy research these days.

josephgein said...

Whoa. I was kinda confused, but my wife explained it all to me. I never really liked this Nikky character. I detected a little "famewhore" in her schtick. Anyway, let's weed out the winkies. And yes, I still stand behind my prediction of major fireworks and fun from Tila when she returns to our shores. Just watch.

Fatty McFatterson said...

In all honesty, it seems I'm the more appropriate target for the Rotspot bloggers and commenters hatred.



Michelle said...

I KNEW this girl was just looking for attention for her "journalistic career"...PFFT! I mean who else will prance around in their undies and try to imitate Pumpkin Tits.

I know this has been said before, but this is going to bite her in the ass when she gets older.

It's a shame youth these days are so easily swayed and their 'convictions' so easily bought.

Way to go NR! You officially SUCK you freaking window licker!

Isis said...


It's ok: we're none of us perfect.

Alabama Worley said...

I agree with Isis's statement about the fact that Nikky is the poster child for her generation. It's absolutely true.

One could dissect Nikky apart like Tila, except I believe Nikky to have serious mental issues that are not caused by drug addiction(s). She obviously has an issue with hoarding. She herself appears to shower and her hair is clean so it's the hoarding that's the problem, not her hygiene. And then there is today.

I'm not too sure if anyone else is following her on twitter or not. I do. Today she posted herself standing on a fucking scale. Now we all know what this is, it's called Attention Whore. And also it's called setting your scale back 20 lbs before the zero. It's not like she has a digital scale.

It's sad that she's lying and even more sad that she's really damaging her reputation at such a young age. I mean the thing is time tends to heal and forget a lot however we are dealing with the internet and shit sticks around FOREVER. She should remember that before she digs herself a bigger hole.

omgomgomg said...

Ew, this girl again?

Her "not really an imitation, but an imitation to expose her" was stupid in the first place. An opportunity to take of her clothes (oh God, my eyes) so she can show off her decent sized tits (they don't count if you're fat, BTW).

1) She can't enunciate to save her life. I don't even know half of what she mumbles in her imitation but not an imitation of Tila video. I stopped watching after about 15 seconds of fat offending my eyes.
2) I didn't bother to read up on her after I visited her website & it was plastered in BADLY photoshopped pictures of herself.
3) Her failure at the English language once again proven by her readings of Tila's e-mails to her (piqued my interest because it was like the ONLY time I agreed with Tila - she called her fat, lol).
4) Not to mention for someone trying to be professional, she makes videos in low cut tank tops lying on the FILTHY floor with all her trash piled behind her IN CLEAR VIEW.

omgomgomg said...

I'm 5'7" @ 122lbs. She is NOT 110lbs or whatever she claims to be. WTB that magical scale she's stepping on.

Sammi said...

Ohh me 2 Fatty :) !! I just was tired of people complaining because it was never literally said SHE WAS FAT you guys were even VERY NICE ABOUT THAT in the post!!!!! It could have been so much worse! :)

Sammi said...

O' also I forgot to say ughhh, which is what I CAME BACK HERE to say, lol!! :P I for the hell of it GOOGLED Nikky Raney and BOY LET ME TELL YOU LADIES, LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your post is hardly first nor the most incriminating this girl has tracks MILES LONG, & let me tell you it aint pretty! & most the time it connects to TILA TEQUILA!! Nikky is nothing but a fame thirsty lil girl who is attempting to be known as a journalist through no other then Tila and then attempted to use you guys as well. From now on ANYONE with a brain who googles her or comes across her blog or videos will REALIZE ALL THIS! I hope she realizes now the errors in her ways she is so young to be this self destructive!

& to her father who WATCHES and even QUESTIONS why his daughter is recording herself uhhh, LICKING HER ELBOW (WHICH BTW HE LOOKS AMERICAN NOW SMUGGLED IN FROM PHILLPINES - More Tila shit she adapted) THIS MAN SHOULD SMACK HIS DAUGHTER, UN PLUG HER COMPUTER and SEND HER TO HER ROOM ANYMORE!! Watch her turn out to be 16 and out there passing videos and pictures of her in her panties, smh!!!!!! GROW UP LIL NIKKY RANEY! You seriously are a big JOKE and that was QUICKLY figured out after your COMMENT HERE ABOUT THE SAME LETTER YOU THEN MADE A VIDEO OF CALLING THIS BLOG NOT CREDIBLE AND MOANING ON SCREEN! GROSS!!! GET SOME HELP GIRL!! REALLLLY PLEASE for yourself not anyone else!!!

vicky said...

Hunni, you have more credibility and more importantly, INTEGRITY in your little finger than what this lil insignificant shithead has in her entire fkn body.

How could you be a target for hatred (besides from the jeliz haterz) by the rotspotters themselves?

The whole point here is that NR is saying she's something she's not and has offended Rotty and the Rotspot, it seems. How could the little bitch lie and say she broke the "arm meet" story when it was full well known that it was YOU Fatty who was doing all the hard work, which resulted in Tila FuckFace not going on CR4.

And to quote..

"I don't care if she's 500 lbs ... that is ... unless you fuck w/me. And THEN I'm going to be childish and use it against you like anyone else would, right?"

Hugs :)

Tuesday said...

Oh, I'm so late to the party!

My issue with Nikki is that she spends the majority of her time, discussing what "we" are supposed to "take" from her writing.

If you are writing in a journalist style, then that should be evident within the context of your article. There is no need to waste several paragraphs telling the reader what your article/blog is and, what it is not.

The same goes for her video. If the performance is a parody, then you need to just "get to it already!" There is never a reason to have a 2 minute (what felt like a full hour), disclosure to the viewer, that explains what we should be able to decipher by the performance alone.

So, by these observations alone, she is either a person who lacks quite a bit of confidence in her skills, or she is so full of herself that she feels the need to constantly talk down to her audience, because she feels her "level" is just so much above us lowly folks.

She's fat. Who cares?

Isis said...

If Nikky wants to be a journalist, the thing she needs to be afraid of is not public ridicule, it's stalkers.

erin said...

i'm with omgomgomg. 5'7", 126.5 lbs as of five minutes ago. my friends tease me that if they didn't see me eat the way that i do, they'd think i was anorexic. there is no way in hell Nikky is 111 lbs and looking like that, unless it's her height she's lying about.

also, this is my first comment so i feel obligated to say THANK GOD FOR THE ROTSPOT. you guys are amazing and i check the blog religiously every morning.

Beth said...

I don't like the girl because she attacked me for calling her a name dropper on the Avril post.

She claims she is BFFs with Avril Levigne's dog's cousin's vet...or something like that.

Sammi said...

Wow I have so many typos in that last comment, I cant even BEGIN to fix it! I knew I shouldve went to bed last night, haha XD! Sowwy all! :/

Sammi said...

I feel like such a loser for ever believing her! *sniffs:sniffs*

Alabama Worley said...

I just watched the video.
Okay...she has a baby voice = sign of abuse
She can NOT talk.

"this isn't worth anything if Tila doesn't pay attention.." says it all

Fatty McFatterson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fatty McFatterson said...

To make it clear, I am not really butthurt about being either fat or not credible. My statement was a jokey way of responding to several people who were bagging on Nikky for being fat, because not only am I fat, but I'm also not credible, according to Nikky. Nikky places so much importance on not being fat, but being credible, therefore I am lower than a merely fat girl.

I emailed Nikky directly and expressed my disappointment at her recent activities. I do believe she has severe mental illness, and the best thing for her is to get off the internet, before she does or says something that will follow her and prevent her from having the career she so clearly desires.

I am confused my her motives. I think much of it is attention-getting for the sake of attention, and much of it is a way to break into the media of a new age in a creative way, similar to the way Tila broke into the scene by using myspace in a way no one had done before her. I think Nikky is looking for the same opportunity, but things are much different in social media now, than 5 years ago, hell even a year ago.

As for the credibility thing...I do take some umbrage at her remarks because I may not be a "journalist", I've never marketed myself as such, but I am credible. You don't have to know my real name, to know that Fatty McFatterson will research the hell out of a story, and will present the facts in a fair and balanced way.

The fact I write about Tila's lies means I have to work harder to not fall into the trap of embellishing or leaving out key info that makes her look good. Luckily for me, Tila has so few redeeming qualities that she shares with the public that I can pretty much focus on the persona we see of a lying nutcase scumbag whore. All my research seems to support that conclusion.

So, no, I don't agree with Nikky's definition of credibility. Credibility comes from telling the truth and supporting it with facts. All us Rotspots gals have done that to the nth degree. I don't know any of their real names, but I trust what they write because I know they've done their homework. I know they're not pulling crap out of thin air.

Ironically, I don't find Nikky credible. I'm not saying that to be mean, but I find her tactics questionable and her motives sketchy. Her perspective on Tila's "apology" email and her reaction to the weight thing are unbelievable, and therefore lack credibility. Yeah, she wasn't in journalist-mode when she wrote those things, but credibility doesn't start when you pick up the pen, it starts when you commit to the truth.

Sammi said...

Alabama I caught that last night! She truly did try to CUT that part out 2, & now I see exactly what people mean about her being crazy, the eye roll, snapping her head, wow! I can't believe we fell for it!

& Very well said Fatty! :)

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