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So you guys probably saw Tila tweeting about buying a Lambo.  Lately she's been on this driving kick since that video of her driving Bradshaw home when he was drunk.  And then there's this video where she says she's a "professional speed racer."  Sort of.  She stumbles upon that conclusion.

Let's just ignore the fact that if you really WERE a professional race car driver you'd probably know how to say you were.  No, really, let's just play along.  Sure, Tila, you participated in the Bullrun.  Sure.  I totally believe that.

Update:  Oh look, Tila did the Bullrun in 2007!  Check out this blog, written by her driving partner.  Notice how every time Tila is brought up, it's about how she fucks up?  And there's that lovely bit here:
I let Tila do most of the driving today and I got to teach her how to down shift and use the emergency brake when she’s afraid of rolling forward.
Professional race car driver!  Uh huh.  Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled snark.


Anyway, while "shopping" *snicker* she posted many twitpics such as this one:

Then she tweeted that she couldn't make up her mind, and that she wanted to see more colors or something.  Yeah, THAT'S believable.

You know what?  I'm just going to let the guys at TMZ take care of this one.  They sum it up pretty well.

Thanks boys!

Sincerely yours from a blog that got "shut down,"
Uncle Eddie


Fatty McFatterson said...

I guess Tila's bummed out that she called them to meet her down there in the first place.

Wait, maybe that makes TMZ a stalker?

Clementine said...

She is now saying that she bought the blue one and it letting the paparazzi take it for spins and for all her fans to (arm)meet her at a certain spot to see it.

Im guessing she rented it for a few hours. Generally there is a long wait time to buy a lamborghini, the models they have in the show room are for test drives and such. As for letting paparazzi drive it...well a lamborghini isnt an easy car to drive, one wrong shift and it is messed up. We know she doesnt have that kind of money and getting insurance on a car like that wouldnt be cheap.

She really just makes it too easy. I find it funny that she thinks that she thinks people other than her child army and horny spanish guys(seriously what is with them?) would believe her.

SourPatchKids said...

hmm i think she wanted to pose for this lambo. wow why did she have to wear like a cheap hooker at the dealership?!

SammiDe said...

ahahahaha she is an idiot!So yeah like Fatty said,I GUESS EVERYONE STALKS Tila!& I like the Signed from a blog that got shut down part!!! BOY did I MISS this place!! LOL! {{GROUP HUG}}

Tuesday said...

She's a "very certified... umm...race car driver."

WTF?! Is there a difference between certified and very certified? Where do these "certifications" come from?

How is it that anyone buys this crap? She just makes stuff up as she goes along.

Tila Army - You're a bunch of brain dead morons. Sorry but, there is no other explanation.

mavrick1457 said...

I've been covering Tila's Lambo lulz since she started and her 2009 Lambo with a V10 and 590 HP new costs 203,995 dollars and she was claiming she has spent 250,000 dollars. If that was true the car would be a 2010 model which does not exist at that dealership in the color she claims(I looked)
Secondly the Lambo sucks gas, and is charged a 3,000 dollar gas guzzler fee when purchasing it, we all know Tila cannot pay for gas when a 590 HP V10 gets around 4mpg if you're lucky and that is on premium fuel only if not racing grade petrol and the price for that is staggering.

Tila say's she owns currently a BMW M6 and we know that was repossessed. The M6 new cost 106,000 dollars and she couldn't even afford that. I think she makes the case against herself when she say's I'm buying a Lambo; as it's just plain laughable.

I'd say she rented one for a period of time after an extensive agreement about liability between her and the dealer.

FUYU said...

AHAHHAHAHHAAHAA!! I tried to look for that video on TMZ but I couldn't find where they mentioned it! That's hillarious.... I wonder how she's going to make everyone forget about the car now. TilaArmyRide my ass.

Terri said...

Ok.. twitter is down for me right now, so I went to her site to see if she had videos posted yet. She did. I am still not believing her story, something is fishy. It is like a big publicity stunt... (and who is the perv in the first video?) I may have to repost this comment if you all do another post on the Lambo.

I tried to post this comment at her site because, well twitter is down. It was banned immediately. TMZ does not ban comments, even the ones that put Harvey down. (They have a lot more spam comments these days, which are annoying). A true celeb gossip blog does not block comments. They don't get butthurt, it's part of the business. Her site reminds me more and more of her 'hotspot' site. LOL

Well here is the comment I tried to make:

We are not jealous haters, but you CONSTANTLY tell lies, so how is anyone to believe you? I hate LIARS and if the shoe fits... well you know the rest. The ugliest personality trait is a liar.

Let's take your little story above. You are trying SO HARD to convince everybody that you did indeed buy this car (which remains to be seen). In many posts you claim you don't have friends and in this post you claim you pay bills for your friends. Which is it? It seems your only friend is MrBradshaw. Are you paying his bills?

You say you never get anything for yourself, yet you used to brag about that 'top of the line' BMW that had 22 inch wheels (which were in your garage when you moved), It used to be the love of your life, one would think as much as you bragged about it. Did you buy that for yourself or no?

You state for people to stop being mean and negative yet you talk about the rich girls in Hollywood that are famous just because of their parents money. That is pretty negative and mean to those girls. You actually say it twice, not sure why. It wasn't necessary in your story at all, but you are always taking jabs at other people (mostly famous people). Are you a jealous hater?

Why were you so mean in your 'letter' and posts to Lindsay Lohan? You were NOT encouraging ONE BIT. Practice what you preach, sweetheart.

You also know darn well, you are not going to be giving a TilaArmy fan a ride in the car. That is laughable. Can't you just be honest? I do realize that is how you reel these kids in though.

If you really did buy this car, Congrats. It really does take hard work to buy something like this, whatever that work may be (Didn't you say in your book that you would suck a dick for a Bentley?)

I will end this with... I hate liars. If that makes me a hater... so be it.


Tess said...

If you watch the videos she posted (yeah I looked) Tila is basically just standing by the car in her ridiculous ice skating onesie. Then it zooms on a Lamborghini car logo before someone starts filming her inside a car driving for a few feet. It all looks phony and staged.

In one of the videos, an older man in cowboy boots puts his arm around her at the very end. Eww! I betcha anything the car belongs to him and he let her use it to film her crap videos in exchange for ..??? Ewww!!

Manda said...

The lip-smacking makes me want to stab my ear drums!

If Tila did all the things she claims she did (e.g very certified speed racer) then she would be the world most accomplished woman.

Though I have a feeling when she said she was a "very certified speed racer" she was referring to Methamphetamines. See:

I stand by my theory considering she then goes through her usual drug fucked "what the fuck day is it."

- Manda

SammiDe said...

Hmm, I am thinking that "GUY" in the video just might be the salesman? But who knows! LOL!

SammiDe said...

Oh my Manda that is funny! HAHA! She was for sure speakin of that! BAWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA ☻!

mizmewzy said...

Her jaw moves around a lot in most of her videos so I am inclined to believe she is on meth. In this video however, she seems to be drunk, high on ecstasy and meth with a touch of pain pills because she seems itchy and just subdued. Plus she forgets things mid-sentence. Unfortunately I know all of this because I used to do that shit myself.. as well as being around people who did the same thing and they looked like that. So sad kids look up to her.. Sad.

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