Sunday, July 4

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Holla my sexy bitches and hoes!!!
First of all, I'd just like to say sorry that I've been M.I.A--Shit's been poppin' as of late....still though, that's no excuse to neglect all of my wubbies.

I want to touch on a couple of things that have pissed me off in the past, and are now coming to light again. "Lucy, you gots some 'splainins to do"....

First of all, I want to say thank you to all of you wonderful readers who continue to drop in day by all are truly beautiful! *wipes a tear* (bows AND curtsies because I'm wicked awesome like that)...
Next I want to acknowledge the fucktards who think they're entitled to some sort of explanation as to what and when it's posted here. You're not. It's that simple. We are all different, and as such we write what we want, when we want.
Now, it's been said I'm're goddamn right I am. Nothing pisses me off more than someone who comes on the comment section of this blog to try and engage the writers in some sort of debate or chat fight. Fuck you, take it somewhere else. Your comments will NOT be approved if you're just being a cumstain. Don't like it? Tough shit. Just because we don't write what exactly someone wants at any given time of any given day, oh fucking well. Can't please everyone all the time.

If you disagree with something that is posted here, why the fuck are you here trying to argue in the comments? I mean that sincerely. Why are you here? Trying to matter? Trying to convince yourself that you're some caped crusader out to do good by Tila? Trying to prove you can outsmart the writers of this blog? Maybe you'd be better off starting your own blog. Hell, call it "Gnome is a Douchebag Asshole", or whatever gives you a boner. Do NOT come on here and say you think a post is irrelevant, or boring, or blah blah. We don't give a shit. No really, we don't. You'll notice we have never once pulled a post down, so check yourselves before you wreck yourselves! (look at me, that's hood style bitches lol) Some fuckers have even dared go so far as to compare us to Tila when we argue back in a comment of our own...Really? Wow, you ballsy little shits, how dare you compare us to Tila. I can speak for ALL of us when I say, not a single soul that writes here, would ever be caught dead behaving the way that dirty whore does. Bottom line is this....

This blog was created 5 months ago to point, laugh and expose the many MANY lies and contradictions of Tila Tequila. That is STILL what we're doing. But no one can argue that the hogul has been increasingly calm lately. Good or bad, it is what it is. We all know it's a matter of time until the porn muppet is back to her old antics and self imploding. But for now, let's enjoy the calm and quiet of the e-verse....let's engage each other in a friendly game of scattergories or some shit. Or, OR we could do a treasure hunt!!! Quick, first person to find me a hot redhead carrying a bottle of Jack Daniels AND a pizza wins a prize!! *winks*

Gnome out <3
*drops the mic*


Madame Toast said...

Yes, yes, yes.

Rotspot doesn't need the shit starters or the negative Nancy's to stay relevant or interesting. (unlike a certain flog *coughcough*)

I love a good conversation about anything, a good debate, discussion...whatever it is you want to call it now days and of course that means not everyone agrees, BUT I've never understood when people just act stupid and say stupid things in the name of nonsense.

Anyways, I like this site...stay awesome.

Isis said...

I'm a redhead but I don't have any Jack and I have like a single serve frozen pizza in the fridge.

How's Crystal Lite and Hot Pockets?

Ray said...

You can keep your prize. If i find a hot redhead with a bottle of jack and a pizza it's ALL mine.. get :)

Alabama Worley said...

What I've never understood is that those that freak out on these HUGE ass long winded conspiracy driven, "Get er' to jail!" tangents haven't began their OWN blogs about her. Logically if an opinion is that strong that's what you do, right?

Sometimes it's like the twilghtzone in comments because if any writer dare mentions the "others" then like 500 bazillon comments happen, they're all open ID's and like all hell breaks loose. It's the craziest fucking thing ever.

I read this site a lot because it's fucking hilarious. I may not agree with everything but I'm not writing it and I have other things to cry about.

What I will say is that if you look at Tila's behavior 5 months ago and now you'll notice that she's not been knocked up much, only gotten engaged like once maybe twice and had 1 suicide attempt. Now compare that to before this blog happened.

I know it's no ones journey or wish to make her "well" but I have seen it expressed that everyone wants her "fans" to see the light and they be put through less traumatic crap and lies. That and the media quits feeding into her shit. Guess what? Radar doesn't report on her much these days, TMZ never speaks a word of her and I honestly can't think of another site that does! you know why? I have a hunch that a lot of those sites read here and post here ;) I have a hunch that this site does far better than hers and I'd like to think it's because of the amazing fan art.

I mean you gotta come here at least to see the craps falling out of her vagina lol

I read here daily waiting and wishing that suddenly a few of Tila's dedicated minions cross over and we get the full story of what she tells them in her meetings. God I want to know!! It'll happen in due time and when it does, holy god it'll be Xmas!

Joann said...

I don't post any feedback to the "shit starters or the negative Nancy's" as Madame Toast called them when they come on TRS with their asinine comments, so I skip over them.

As far as I'm concerned there's nothing to debate with them or anyone else that we are wrong about Tila, that we're jealous of her, we're too hard on her or this blog is boring.

I'm pretty sure these "Nancy's" could possibly be Tila and/or people from her idiotic army trying to start shit amongst ourselves...but it ain't gonna happen.

You're right Gnome, she has calmed down but trust me, it not for anything good. This skank is planning something which is probably her reason for posting "love is so powerful", "never take things in life for granted"..blah, blah, blah, to her idiotic army on her piece of crap blog and they eat it up like candy.

I wonder how is she planning to use them this time. lol.

Seagal said...

Aw come on gnome..Tell us what you really feel.LOL..You rock Girl!!

You nor do any of the other ladies have to explain shit to anyone. Fuck em if they can't handle the lull that's going on now or what is said here. Man, I am such a kiss ass. LMAO

Really Tila? said...

Damn, I'm a Redhead, with pizza but no Jack.... Two out of three ain't bad! ;-)

Gnome, I've been an avid reader since post 2 of this blog and I too love just a good laugh or good banter back and forth at the hogul's expense. If she's dumb enough to write it, do it, say it or twitter it, then I'm happy you four take the time to put it all together for our amusement and fact gathering purposes. You all have such unique talents and I appreciate all of you and the time and effort you put into writing for us. It's a dirty job and you four have tackled it quite nicely. I don't think you need any imput from the peanut gallery!

In respect to the trolls stirring up trouble or demanding only posts THEY find newsworthy, F**K them. A day in the life of Tila may not be interesting, but I come to see what four of my favorite writers have to say for the day. Variations of this theme have been said many times over, but I'll just add to it....You could blog about the mating habits of dogs and I'd read about it. You're all just so damn funny that I can't stay away. I just wish that those who stir the pot WOULD stay away. It makes it tough to stomach for people who have been here reading virtually since day one.

This situation is starting to remind me of Good ole' Chloe with her relentless posts over and over again and it's extremely maddening!

Just my 2 cents
(ROTFL) Sorry, couldn't resist!

Cyndi said...

Yea!! This is TilaSucksPeriod and I LOVE this blog. It's the first thing I hit in the am..and last thing at night. Love all!

Cathy said...

Well said :) I love this blog. I come every day and if something new hasnt been posted I read something old if I need a good laugh. I also check out the fan art (always good for a chuckle or two)

If tila is smart enough to lay low forever (which we know she isnt) then good. Ill still come back for the humor of whatever you write. Be it the mating habits of dogs, Onyxs eating of crickets or whatever.

Love you love your imaginary faces :)

Jana said...

The BEST part of my day is my morning coffee, my morning cigarette and my daily dose of rotspot. I love each of your girls more and more. Thank you for everything you have done. Her demise is just right around the corner..mark my words.

imoutofit said...

Like what other have already stated, TRS is part of my daily routine. If there are no new posts, I usually just read the comments since they give me lolz to hold me over until the next new post.

Mailee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Darcy said...

hi everyone!
i love reading the rotspot and i want to say that i extremely enjoy picking apart tila's lies.
but i do have a question, although i am sure i know the answer, i know on blogger one can block certain IP addresses, is this the same for wordpress vip? the same server uses? if so, she DEFINITELY blocked me IP address after recently posting a comment about Fred Segal event that she originally said was a Twilight event. I guess I finally got to her, I even tried posting as a guest and saying I luv Tila (almost made me gag typing that) and still deleted.
She makes me ill. So if anyone really ever needs something to say that obviously she reads and finds threatening ask me! I have a whole arsenal of stuff that I have researched and compiled haha. And if you want to read my comments my intensedebate was BadgerDubs and if anyone wants to talk Tila lies feel free to email me.

josephgein said...

I found the redhead, Gnome. She has Herpes Simplex 4(with an alkaline base), but comes with a 6-pack of Robitussin DXM and a Jesus Jones CD. Good times, my friend, good times.

Prof. Chaos said...

Gnome, you are just a big ole bowl of awesomesauce!! I'm glad you got that off your chest.

I can probably scrounge up a fat drunk redhead with a pizza face from Tila's site. Is that close enough??

BTW, Uncle Eddie, thanks for the insight into the crazy mofo Jesus.M.Christ on Twitter. He's a crack up.

josephgein said...

Oh, also: I am so thankful for RTS and everyone involved with it. I love that I have an avenue to vent my misanthropy. I know that my particular level of hatred for Tila may go FAR beyond what most of you feel, but that's okay. Most of you want Tila to fail. I, on the other hand, want her insides strewn across the road for me to trample and spit upon. Fellow jelis haterz, I love you all!

Claudia said...

I love the ghetto-fabulous coming out of you Gnome! Tell them hoodrats off!

I love the Rotspot! I come here because I can guarantee myself a good laugh. It's like a daily vitamin I need to take. Not only are you guys die hard funny but, your guy's post are very well-worded. Keep being you and keep doing what you do best! What's wrong with keeping us "JELIZ HATERZ" up to date with the TRUTH? And we love how you deliver us the goods! To hell with the ones who don't get it? They can all go suck on a big fat weenie!

Rotspotterz 4-life :-)

smokerhippie said...

grrrrrrrrrrrrr, im a redhead too but i dont have jack OR pizza *fail*

Isis said...

The Rotspot brings all the redheads to the yard

And Tila's like "It's better than yours"

Damn right it's better than yours

I could teach you but I'd have to charge

jayden said...

The Gnome went iiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn on the fucktards! POW! Welcome back, bitch!

BKiddo said...

I think the world of you, as well as alot the people who comment.
I don't care about weather or not you write about tila.
All I know is, is that the RotSpot will still be rockin' long after tila is gone.
Love to you all.

starfish said...

ok so i notice tila keeps deleting this girl ellas comments alot. she said she hasnt went on craigslist for five years, yet she advertised her garage sale on craigslist, and ella simply said that, and it was deleted!???! caught in a lie! delete delete delete!!

Prof. Chaos said...

Too funny, ya'll. I posted a comment on the troll's blog this morning that she was getting her Fred Segal pap pic from the site which means she is getting a 60% payment for her minions taking photos, posting them and then buying them back. Ultimately, she is trying to lend credibility to her public outings. Epic fail.

Anyway, I must have hit a nerve because my comment was deleted and my IP blocked. No big since I know my way around the IP issue, but still. I said something way more objectionable before (posted under the name "Whatever".) It's all sunshine and rainbows in her comments section now. She can't delete fast enough.

She is now baiting RotSpot with her troll bs again. yawn. She even whipped out the Wiki. And she added a lecture to parents on giving their kids bongs as props. Being a 19-yr old parent seems to be the impudise. I guess flashing vag to minors is not detrimental to their wellbeing. How ironic. Har-de-F-in-ha.

Prof. Chaos said...

spelling on that last one ... impedes.

SpitFire said...

All I have to say is that I come here all the damn time (I really do, I just don't always comment because it's too much work to sign in. No really, I'm -that- lazy that signing in and having to type a comment is too much for me...) so I can only imagine how hard it is to constantly have to write things that are expected to not only be interesting but have a decent length to it as well. But when you guys do make a post it's always great so screw the people that are trying to throw their little palms at my beloved RotSpot!

Tila is just trying to lay low and give her 6 fans enough time to forget her recent bullshit and start to get lives of their own, then quickly rip them back into her clamy little hands to treat worse than a preschooler treats dollar store putty. She'll start being bat shit crazy again soon and everyone will remember why you guys here are the best at blogging when you're actually given material to use.

Rachel said...

OMG, what is wrong with people? How can you NOT love this blog? Stop giving the Rotspot team a hard time or you've me to deal with! And thanks to all at the Rotspot for keeping us entertained and informed so often for free.

Alabama Worley said...

On a totally stupid note, I really do want to know what she did to her hair. Part of me hopes she shaved her head so we can see how huge her head really is lol

Sammi said...

Hey I am a red head 2 that is too funny!!!!!! LOL XD

Alabama Worley said...

Look at her a year ago (compare the lip smacking..etc)

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