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Thursday, May 13

postheadericon Fel-ohnoes-ies!

So Uncle Eddie wakes up this morning, AND THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE UNCLE EDDIE'S DAY OFF, and everybody is freaking out and warning me that Tila is getting sue happy again. OH NOES!

Here she is going off the handle on twitter. She has already deleted this and now simply says she is speaking to a lawyer. ARE YOU SURE IT ISN'T A LOLYER, TILA?

So the five have to be the three of us (she apparently doesn't know we got a new writer - Run Fatty, save yourself!), Spiked Tequila and Tila Truth. No I'm not even going to go into the obvious things that are incorrect, like SUING for a FELONY and all of that. Feel free in the comments to this post though, just like you did in the last one.

What's that, Tila? You sent out a C&D and most of them got "taken down or said they were just spoof sites?" Where, Tila? Name one fucking blog that got taken down. Go on, I'll wait.

In fact, I'm pretty sure we were the only ones lucky enough to get your C&D emailed to us. YES I SAID EMAILED. LOL. And here's how we handled it last time: KICK ROCKS TILA!

Tila I would like to direct you to my internet lawyer Jon Buchan. He is an expert at internet law and subsequent lolsuits. And since our blog updated most recently, I wonder if it was one of dear ol' Uncle Eddie's posts that set her off? OH GOD how I hope it was. Was it the Anniversary of your first faked pregnancy, Tila? Or was it the horrendous pictures of your wonky tits from last night? Oh gosh please tell me, I'm dying to know!

So on with the news. Hey you guys, more pictures of Tila from last night's event are surfacing! Here's one now!



Anonymous said...

So I just read the C&D letter. What I want to know is what did posting every magazine she ever appeared in have anything to do with it? lol I bet she dictated that letter herself lol.

jenn said...

LOL like with every thing else she lies about, you would think she'd have the brains to at least google what she's talking about before opening her mouth. She makes herself look more and more stupid.

Take 5 minutes out of your day, Tila, to read up on freedom of speech and the true definitions of slander and libel.

Also, take note that every thing posted is just screen caps of what YOU, yourself have said. So, unless you are planning to sue yourself...

Tyranny4U said...

"Run Fatty, save yourself!"

Fuck! I've got my drunk game on and I cannot stop laughing!!!

Stanky McWonktits, when did this schadenfreude cunt EVER have 500k$? Eat a hot bowl of creme dicks FFS!

I love how she claims to have an PI on the prowl and an attorney(s). Hah! Like she could afford either of them?

Ben said...

I love how on her blog she says "I have no proof but rumor, but Khloe Kardashian had sex for money at age 15". But if you take a screenshot of what Tila actually wrote you're brought up on 6 counts of felony lying.

The Gnome said...

When I first read the C&D we received wayyyyy back then....I thought (and still do think) that it reads more like a sad pathetic resume than anything a lawyer would send out. It just goes to show that even in attempted legal battles, Tila can't do shit but talk about herself and her overinflated ego.

wait wait, who am i?

"look what i can do! look what i can do!!!"

fuck off nguyen, you're done ;)

Tyranny4U said...

LMFAO!! @ The Gnome: Glad to see you posting here. =) So funny to read your typing, "look what i can do! look what i can do!!!"

---> insert ::jazz hands::

OMFG 'Cause I used to do and say that all of the time to me ex to win extra cute points. It worked out extremely well for me though...

<<333 You all!!!

RNB007 said...

The only person Tila needs to sue is the plastic surgeon who did her breast augmentation! Well and who ever dressed her last night! Scary!
I might sue her for the therapy I need after seeing those pictures! Worse than a crime scene!

TessDeco said...

Shame Shame Uncle Eddie! ..upsetting our Miss Tila much that she has to take time away from belting up her lopsided tits just to read your posts on the RotSpot, hire a private detective and use "God as her witness" to prove she's "not messing around anymore" ..bitches.. all in the midst of her world domination of music, gossip blogs and TV!!

Clearly blogs like the Rotspot, TilaTruth, and SpikedTequila are responsible for the pathetic lack of fanfare at her EP release party last night, poor EP sales and declining number of hits on her amazing gossip blog. It just can't be that her numerous despicable publicity stunts ..fake pregnancies, exploitation of a tragic death and anal sex rants on Twitter to name a few.. have finally caught up with her!

Obviously things are not going so well for Miss Tila and she's responding the best way she knows how ..threatening to sue! lulz

Joann said...

LOL @ "run Fatty save yourself".

What I want to know is WHY does she want to sue you guys? And, what's up with felony thing.

You guys didn't kill her, steal a bunch of money from her, kidnap her, blackmail her, set the skank on fire or rape why is she talking about felony charges and Tila you can't sue for a felony, a person/s have to be charged with a felony.

IMO, the skank is mad because 20 people showed up to her venue last night and in her mind, TRS turned everyone in LA against her and that's why her show was a flop.

It would never cross her mind that she has no talent and no one likes her as the reason her show was a flop.

Yea right she got a lawyer and a PI. Skank talking out the side of her neck yet again.

C said...

Uncle Eddie,

I love you.


Lisa said...

Suing is the new faking pregnancies.

Joann said...

Another "glowing" review for Tila to put in her scrapbook.

jayden said...

Clearly she's having a meltdown because no one showed up at her fabulous Conga Room event. She's got to lash out at someone, so the haytas are in her gun sights this time. Someone must pay for her latest fail!

And I can't stop giggling about the warning to Fatty.

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Of all the places to take a shit on the internet, this is not one of them. Oh, what the hell. I always have to shit so I hope you all don't mind. I am a kind and loving person but, and I mean a BIG BUT, I have no sympathy, empathy, or any other thys for this bith. Yes, I said bith. You know, those butt headed creatures from Star Wars in the Cantina? I've met a lot of people in my life and I am a pretty good judge of character being a salesman for the past 20 years. So I say that following this bitch's life/trainwreck for a good while, I've pretty much met who she/he is about. I've never wished anyone to die and go to...well, I'm not religious by any means so I can't wish her to anywhere. I wish her to die and just dissolve into the abyss to which I will haunt her fucking after life after I die!

I can't fucking wait!

Fatty McFatterson said...

In her Tweet she said she got most of the 3 sites shut down, so if the sites are shut down, how do they continue to operate?

Oh dear, what kind of legal kerfluffle have I got myself into by aligning with the RotSpot crew? You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to create a fake charity called Fatty's Angels. We'll provide books, school supplies and HoHos to disadvantaged fat kids. Once the moolah starts rolling in I'll have the money I need for my $500,000 legal fees.

Tila I'll save you the $84,000,005 dollars you'll have to pay your PIs to track me down, by giving you the name of my legal team's law firm, "Ifail, Isuck & Mytwatstinks". Just ask for them by name.

Something about that half a mil in legal fees doesn't sit right with me. She didn't mention what type of case it was, but let's pretend it was a criminal case because the hourly rates will be a lot higher. That means she was the defendant (Tila may argue that she was the plaintiff, but that just shows how dumb she is, there is no plaintiff in a criminal case, it's always the prosecutor). So, let's be generous and pay her lawyer $1000 per hour. Now he'll have some filings and may have to put out some out of pocket expense, but we'll assume that accounts for about 10% of the total. At $1000 per hour, she has paid her attorney for at least 4950 hours of work, which is 123 normal work weeks, or 2 solid years. Wow. That must have been some case. I think her law firm must have been the famous Dewey,Cheatem & Howe. Tila, I really think you should go after that law office, it's obvious it was a mis-CHAIRAGE of justice bwahahahhahahhha. OMG I kill myself!

Anonymous said...

I doubt she would really sue you. She is to dumb to and she has no money. She's just pissed because more and more people hate her. She would show up to court wearing next to nothing and every time a judge would ask her a question she would roll around on the floor attempting to sing and look sexy.

Run Fatty run!

sandra98 said...

Hey if you need help, don't forget Trinity's mother, you may remember her from Tila's dating website. She had an investigation going on with the cops, but i don't know how far it went or is till going.

Rebecca said...

The greatest defense to slander/libel is the truth. Crack ho's behavior proves that all of this is true true true.

Also, TiHO would have to prove damages. Well, bitch has already ass-fucked her reputation, so not sure how even if this site was chock full of lies about her, she could prove that it's done any more damage to her reputation than her crack tweets, her erradic behavior, faked miscarriages, nude pics of her tampon hanging out of her coochay, etc.

And felony slander? That takes the cake. Bitch be watching too much Law and Order as she bleaches her pubies with hydrogen peroxide--but on a serious note, I think felony slander--that's a capital offense. Watch out.

Cathy said...

Holy crap fatty. I laughed my ass off and my husband looked at me like I am crazy!! I had to read him your post.
I love this post. If she even tries to take it down I too will gladly contribute to the legal fees to keep it up.

Oh and Fatty do tell where I can send money to Fatty's angels. I have a lead on a 2 for 1 sale of ho, ho's

Sheriff Gauncent said...

During this time of trauma that we all are under. We must all take a moment and just think for JUST 1 MOMENT, please. We are talking about another human being. Let's put this human being aside for a moment and talk about the trauma.

The police are still at the scene and they have taped off the area, but we are all still there. I'm sorry if you all are experiencing emotional trauma by what you have seen. I care for each and every one of you here at the rotspot and I feel your pain. If there is anything I can do to help you endure this tragic time, please, I am here to counsel you.

Oh fuck, who am I kidding. The beers are on me and let's watch this bith die. Yes I said bith again!


Sheriff Gauncent.

Jen said...

HAAAAAAAAA!! You guys kill me! I am peeing myself a little from laughing so much!! First of all, where the fuck does she think we actually believe that she HAS $500K? Did she think we didn't see those pics of her luxury new "mansion" complete with the tiny fridge in the tiny kitchen which was off the tiny living room that doubled as a dinette? What a douche. The only people who believe her are her -16 year old sheep who clap everytime she takes a fucking shit. And YES people - these are our children of the future.... scary!!! I think I speak for everyone when I say if it comes to legal fees (which I doubt), we'll all pitch in a few bucks. It's the least we can do for all the entertaining you do for us! Now promise you won't go spending the money on some wonky tits OK? HAAA!!!

Joann said...

"I think her law firm must have been the famous Dewey,Cheatem & Howe."...OMG Fatty that is hilarious.

Kris said...

I can't stop laughing at all this. Sorry I worked for 2 weeks straight without a day off so I'm a bit delirious, but now I can't seem to stop laughing. Thanks Eduardo, I can count on you when life sucks in RL to make me laugh every time. ROFL

The Jezebel said...

LOL...Kimora Lee Simmons @officalkimora tweeted 2 tila pissed about a post she did on Russel in her blog....tila is such a fail was i the only one to notice she took globalgrind off her blogroll?

The Jezebel said...

im glad i found this site after going to tila's fail blog that she hyped up so muchhh... practically EVERY entry over there is copy pasted there's a staff member over there that does it religiously -carlton jordanomg who has his own site and of course the entries there are copy pasted as well..a quick google search on any sentence will reveal the actual article origin...then this dude will actually have the audacity to link to the article as a "source" after lifting every sentence ..word for word!! if anything he needs a crash course in citing sources/plagiarizing 101 ...but good work u guys for keeping track of this trainwreck n hope u guys shut her down ill b visiting often :)

Jon said...



J. Buchan, Innernets Loler.

B_McBitcherson said...

I don't think Tila's thinking this through. If she gets all the hater blogs shut down, where is she going to turn to for tips and corrections to her own blog??? *Sigh* Oh, Tila!

deluwiel said...

you've got to check this out... This must be what got Tila's thong in a knot the other night:

(link via