Sunday, September 19

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I'm apologizing in advance for this post. There are few times you'll read something from me that doesn't contain snarky, bitchy commentary...hell, you can even call it jelis hater talk. I'm so appalled and disgusted, and yes, I guess you can say, concerned, about recent Tila events, that I'm just going to be straightforward and report the facts. If this means my Jelis Hater decoder ring and spanky-time with Uncle Eddie has to end...well, life is full of regrets, and Uncle Eddie is easily woo'd back with Kool-Aid and Ripple.

Last night two items caught my eye on the internet: the first was the Yahoo news ticker which reported 13 Los Angeles area people, including 8 children were feared dead in a cult suicide bid, led by  their 'leader', Reyna Marisol Chicas. Read about it here.

The second item caught my eye immediately afterwards when I checked out Tila's flog. It's not so much this particular post that's troublesome, but the fact that Tila's lies and manipulations and distortions of the truth are as active as ever, and her Army still drinks it all in without regard to logic or facts thrown in their faces by Jelis Haters: 

Many of us here at the Rotspot, both writers and commenters, have likened Tila's "Army" to a cult, and have expressed grave concern that Tila's influence and manipulations may someday have devastating consequences, for her and/or the Army. Personally, I think that day is fast approaching. 

Tila continues to blog about how 'real' she is to her fans, yet she also says no one knows the 'real' her, and so she posts blog after blog and vlog after vlog to convince her readers that she is a 'tomboy', 'girl-next-door', 'sensitive', 'vulnerable', 'strong', and lately, 'grown up'. Her actions outside of those posts continue to defy her words. Of course her Army validate her, and it's that continued validation of Tila's own lies that I fear the most, because it gives her carte blanche to say or do anything and have a captive audience who will support her, no matter what.

As I read the comments, I was struck by this exchange:

Despite ICP's public statement that they offered Tila the money out-right, and all the video and witness accounts that report Tila not only refused to leave the stage, and full-on provoked the crowd, Tila would have you believe ICP's statement was false (I think they did offer her an out. They have no reason to want to take on the liability of her injuries, or that of the audience, because if anyone knows Juggalos, it's the folks who are the focus of the following, and they would know exactly what Tila could expect if she followed through and provoked them!) and that her provocation and insults were innocent fun.

With that blog (and the accompanying vlog of her HORRID piano playing and caterwauling singing) she posted several photos of her new black  wig  hair. This one in particular is the cause of my alarm:

Notice the huge gash on her cheek? That is a substantial injury from what it looked like 6 weeks ago, when the hospital thought the smallest band-aid in their arsenal would adequately cover it:

How does that superficial cut go from the second picture to the top picture within 6 weeks? Well, I guess the same way a bandaid goes from a tiny dot typically used for zits and the like, to the 1" behemoth we saw plastered on her cheek, long after its dutiful life was spent...Tila did it herself.

And, if that's a real scar, and I think it could be, there is no way she had stitches as she claimed. That divot has not been stitched, because it would have been much narrower, and if the wound really started out that large, facial reconstructive surgeons would have attended to it. No way the ER would stitch a wound of that magnitude on a Hollywood 'model/star/mogul'. 

Why do I think she might be faking the scar? First of all she references throughout the blog and the vlog that she 'hopes it will go away'. Scars don't go away, and one of that size and depth wouldn't fade into obsurity, but it seems she's fore-shadowing when she no longer has access to makeup/or prosthetics. Also, while she proudly showed extreme closeups of the initial wound, she refuses to zoom in on that one. Tila, being the biggest attention-whore who has ever walked the planet (yeah, there's proof to back that claim, lol) would jump on the chance to flaunt such a compelling injury.

But if the scar is for real, it means Tila gouged her own face for attention and sympathy. Her Army of course, serves both to her on a silver platter. There are several people who claim to be 'Army' who are a concern to me. I won't name names, but anyone who reads the Flog comments or follows some of these folks on Twitter, know who I'm talking about. If ever there was a cult mentality, it's aptly displayed in regards to Tila. Some of the comments/tweets I've read make me believe that mental illness is rampant in the Army. When people say things like 'if anything ever happened to Tila I would kill myself. I just couldn't go on' and offers to avenge the wrongs perpetrated by any and all who have hurt Tila, that tells me that if Tila isn't careful, she could have people acting irrationally on her behalf. 

My advice to Tila is run. Run far away from Hollywood. You're not meant for Hollywood by your own admission. Hollywood has never been interested in 'tomboys' or 'sensitive' or 'strong' or any of the myriad of adjectives that you use to describe the 'real' you. Hollywood is primarily interested in the salacious, the desperate and anyone who willingly sells their soul for camera time. "Tomboy" doesn't sell. Degrading yourself and your name does.

Oh, the black hair looks horrible. It totally ages her and with her current makeup, makes her look washed out and sickly. 


Ben said...

She either made the wound bigger, or faked it with makeup. I'm leaning towards makeup because of how vain she is. Plus, the immediate after pictures and the current scar size differ so much that if this thing does go to trial, she'll be struggling to explain how it grew.

Great post.

Isis said...

I thought she retired from Hollywood months ago and was working on making "stars" with her "Little Miss Bullshitter Inc"? Hum.

Joann said...

Oh guys see what this skank wrote.

She wrote in part..."although I put on a ton of makeup on my face to cover the scars, it still shows and I have to accept it and see it as a beauty mark, blah, blah".

Is she out of her freaking mind. She chose to keep her dumb ass on stage while they were throwing crap at her.

Just like you said Fatty, the Juggalos told her SHE WOULD STILL GET PAID AND DID NOT HAVE TO GO ON STAGE.

All the damage to her face is on her. Plus, the damage to her face was minimal to say the least.

I don't know where that big ass "scar" came from. IMO, Tila made that scar with movie make-up or the crazy skank actually made a larger cut on her own face. That's just how desperate she is. I don't put it past her at all.

She's trying to build a case against the Juggalos by making people think the scar will prevent her from making as much money as she could if she didn't have it.

I can hear it now....she's in court wearing clothes that cover her from head to toe, looking pitiful and telling the judge "I'm an entertainer and my looks play an important role towards my success and the money I make.
The incident at the FOTJ has lessened my ability to make that kind of money and living the lifestyle I have grown accustomed to".

Did she forget we saw the scratch on her face before she slapped that big bandage on it?

The only change this skank has done is to become more of a skank.

Anna said...

Joann, Do you really think she's going to sue? It doesn't seem like it and she isn't talking it nearly as much.

Bridget said...

i wonder if it got infected or if it needed to be debrided because she had feces thrown at her...that could've caused a serious infection. OR and this is major conjecture here, maybe she had cheek implants that were damaged?

Joann said... vindictive as she is I wouldn't put it pass her to sue the Juggalos even if she knew she didn't stand a chance of winning.

Just because she's not saying much about it anymore does not mean it's not going to happen. I think her lawyer does not want her to talk about it.

Jon and Liz Edmunds said...

I had a terrible accident happen to me when I was a kid. I was attacked by a dog while I was holding onto my cat. I know I know its dumb but I was in kindergarten so lesson learned. I have a lovely scar on my chin where the kitty dug her back claws into my face. and I have 8 scars on my head somewhere where the front claws went to desperately get away. Today no one knows about my accident unless I show them. Although its been over 2 decades I still have "my beauty marks" and I had to have stitches. Tila I believe did this to herself. I would not fathom the pain that went with cutting your money maker maybe its Jane...
But regardless she doesnt get my symphathy vote.
As for her followers the media isnt really going to care about her unless one of them tries to kill the president or somebody like Jodie Fosters crazed fan did to show her how much he cared. Which I am aware he didnt succeed but she isnt going to do anything unless something that extreme happens.

BKiddo said...

That cult thing has always worried me and she knows what she's doing. Trouble is, it's not on as big a scale as she'd like it to be.
When alot of us were teenagers and even into our 20's, we were rebelious. If someone and I don't care who, would string us along and make us freaking wake their dumb asses up, we'd pretty much tell them to fuck off.
But Nooo, not thease ones. It's soo strange to me, but she's picking and manipulating ones she knows she can.
I do think she made the snake bite on her cheek worse, and she is making sure to be in the light to make it appear like a deep gouge.
The hair, that length is horrid.

Jennifer said...

Total Photoshop job. She just took a swatch of her cheek where it is lit and either cloned or smudge-brushed in a line to make it look like there is a dent. It doesn't even look realistic.

shaniqua said...

On top of all this, she lies about the tiniest things. On her Twitter, the night before she was "going to leave for a month", she talked about dying her hair in a few days. Then in the blog entry showing the new hair, she said she colored it black a few days ago. I mean who cares? Why does it even matter enough to lie about when you colored your hair? It's like she's constantly running things she can say through her head, when the majority of the problems in her life would be solved by her simply either saying exactly what is happening without a dramatic twist to it, or not saying anything at all. I don't know what about her life makes her feel like she's on the right path. But she clearly does feel that way, because she obviously isn't trying to get off of it.

Yeah right said...

I gotta say the scar really threw me off, there is no was that little scratch resulted in a scar that large. More attention seeking. Hell, I've even been nice to her on her flog telling her she needs help. I'm still just a jelis hater.

Yeah right said...

I showed this to my daughter and she pointed out that the scar is not in the same place as the cut. It's probably less than a CM off, but it is off.

Prof. Chaos said...

Ok, a couple of things:

1. Many moons ago, when my son was 5 he jumped backwards off the edge of the pool at the Newport Dunes on the 4th of July. Hit his chin on the side of the pool and got a 2 inch gash that needed 10 stitches. He had the stiches removed after a week and immediately jumped on the neighbor's skateboard and landed on his chin, AGAIN! Wound opened up and looked like "meet". Nasty and icky. The Dr. took one look at him and actually used his fingers to open the would to check for debris. Totally uncool and ICKY. The bottom line is this: Many years later, he has a line scar under his chin. He does not have a "gap" wound that Tila is sporting.

2. When I was 7, I had two boys push me in the school playground. Not sure what I hit, but it put a 5 inch wide and 3 inch deep wound into my back, just next to my shoulder blade. I recall reaching around and putting my hand into the wound and pulling back with tons of blood. Doc said 1/2 inch to the right and it would have hit my heart. I remember the nurse turning white and my mom freaking out because she had to borrow the neighbor's Camaro to get me to the hospital. I was bleeding profusely and she was worried about f'ing up the car. I think she was really worried about the baseball size hole in my back, but I can't be sure (LOL). Anyway, ended up with 120 stiches and have a permanent 4 inch keloid scar. I have 50% Italian/Portuguese blood and I understand that it is common in Mediterranean people to keloid scar.

3. Here's my point: Tila has obviously been pulling at and/or picking at this scar to make it more prominent. Healed scars do not separate in the middle like that. How much is one person willing to fuck themselves up in order to get attention? Is it the drugs making her pick at her skin? Speed will do that to you. Is it the need for attention that makes her widen this wound? Clearly there were two punctures that have now become a 1/8 inch gash on her face.

People who cut themselves or otherwise damage their bodies for attention are mentally ill. She needs to stop. Some lonely and perhaps mentally ill kids are looking to her for guidance and she gives them permission to abuse themselves. Changing her hair to some emo shade and consistantly talking about bizarre, non-sequitor topics are a transparent way to become relevant to a lonely and desperate audience. She needs to face up to the fact she is pushing 30 and not try to come off as Holden Caufield to these impressionable kids.

Sick, Sick, Sick ...

Anonymous said...

Fatty I can tell who you are by your writing style on the blog. I wanted to say at least you have a good heart, even though some of the things your friends say are really mean. I just want you to know a few things. I think the people who are saying that the haters are jealous are kids, sad I know, and the adults are just delusional for their own sanity. I am not grouping you in that category, hate is a very strong word and feeling. Not to mention I think the phrase "hater" is horrid. Dumb, if you will. I cannot group everyone into such labels, I know there are people who are like you and I. I really just go there to see what's going on with her, she isn't well, and maybe even at times I act as a moderator to people that can grasp simple things. Maybe I am the calm equivalent to a "Chris Crocker". Shit, I just want people to know, kicking a person while they are suffering from some serious mental issues is sad. I don't know how people get off on it. Plus it seems like this dead horse has been beat to a pulp. I have read about Tila on the sites and I see a really sad, suffering, sick, person. I try not to ass kiss or enable, because I personally understand the impact of such ways.

Anonymous said...

She has to have HPD, it's pretty evident, I have gone through a family member that is very sick in the head. She feeds off of drama, pain, and making herself feel better because of it. She doesn't get simple suggestions at all and at times, my family has to not induce the crying fits and enable her to manipulate us with her "sad, sad life, poor me" attitude. She has tried to kill herself. She has been hospitalized for that or just ideation. However, she uses that to garner sympathy. She will talk about it so she can fish for comments and get my grandma to cry. I have gone as far as not speaking with her and being very angry. I felt like hating her for the shit she did to my mom and grandma, just because they were trying to help. It just seems like they don't get it, so I tell the people who do, if you tried to help and she doesn't want it, move on. I could go on and on about this stuff, anyhow, I really see that you aren't a bitchy ass Fatty. You do care, you helped with the arm meet situation, for that she should be grateful, but she is so sick in her head, she cannot.

Schleen said...



i just love it. EVERY single time. LOL!
cracks me up every time.

Fatty McFatterson said...


I appreciate your kind words, but I'd like to point out that all the writers here have a's just that many can no longer extend that heart to people like Tila. As you illustrated, people like Tila, even in your own family, bring up many feelings of anger, hatred and helplessness. It's no different if that person is a family member, or a stranger. I think many of us have a Tila in our life, who we feel guilty for giving up on, but in order to survive, you must. I can't speak for the other writers, but you may find, that they too battle these feeling of revulsion, anger and the need to somehow make her 'right'.

That said, I think the 'hate' blogs have helped her. They help her rein in her more extreme behaviors because she knows that not only is someone watching, but they're on to her BS, and will call her on it, if not the authorities. Her fans do the biggest dis-service by wholeheartedly accepting her bad behavior.

Tila is an infection. She will not go away on her own, she needs a different kind of attention that she's seeking to be cured.

Kungfukitten said...

I think if Tila was smart she'd turn her flog into an 18+ sexy flog. She could post her diary videos in her under pants as she smacks her lips to the camera. She could do paid cam shows every Friday at midnight and dance and strip and sing in the shower whatever. Instead of banning the dudes who say sexually inappropriate things, she needs to keep these people- you know, adults with jobs and disposable income who's credit card she can keep on file. She could also do paid phone bones in the middle of the night. Tila needs to focus on the adult market who can buy all her merchant including her new prono. Now that would be mogultastic!