Saturday, July 17

postheadericon Sneaky little hogul.....

Tsk, tsk Tila. You thought you could disable your site meter and no one could review your REAL TIME stats of which you have, but of which you deny by claiming they're 4 or 5 times higher than they actually are. 

What's all this about? Well, day before yesterday I checked Tila's stats via a link on her flog. Yesterday, the link button was gone. Today I found out how to access it without her link.

Let's do a little field trip and see how she's doing. It's been almost 11 weeks since she launched The Flog. For the first three weeks, she claimed hits totaling about 1 million hits per week, and growing. As week 11 rolls around, one would expect about 11 million views, at least, right? Wrong. I guess the site meter is stuck in the middle of week 2, because she's only showing a total of 1.7 million hits as of today's date (I was generous in the rounding up!). According to her sitemeter, she's averaging 27,000 per day, which is about 190,000 per week, or less than 20% of what she claims.

We then look at her actual daily totals and see she's really all over the place. I hope her advertisers took a look at this shit before they committed their hard-earned money. Oh wait, obviously they didn't because you have sexual enhancement products flooding a site for teenagers.

I wish I could get some info on Perez's site meter. Oh boy, I'd have fun, fun, fun posting that shit up and watching the skank's big head spin around. Believe me, he wasn't offered no $20 million bucks for the paltry numbers she's showing, 'cause you know Tila has "dethrowned" him with her legit blog, and therefore her numbers have already surpassed his.


Veronica said...

you should ask perez for his site meter link. I think he would give it to you since he somewhat hates tila, but as long as you didn't say you got it from him, he'd totally do it.

Joann said...

Tila is done and she knows it. She's holding on by a hair on her often dyed bobble head.

She is desperate which is why she embellish her "under achievements" and resort to pulling pranks to stay relevant.

If Tila thinks the people who interview her on TV and the radio when she is on her "tours" really believe her stories of running a successful empire she is more delusional than we thought.

They know she's a joke, all of Hollywood knows she's a joke. If TRS can prove she's a liar other entities with more resources to work with will find out also.

Anyone with common sense knows only a super star or the President of the United Stats could possibly and, I say POSSIBLY, get a million hits to their blog in the first week after going online and super stars and the President wouldn't think once about writing a blog let alone actually doing it.

Too bad she screwed up her chance to be on CR4, it would have given her a few more weeks to be in the spotlight which is where she so desperately wants to be.

deluwiel said...

oh hell, it's not even a gossip blog anymore. It's turned into her own little version of a MySpace page for rambling Dear Diary entries, manifestos on the Illuminati, posting two-year-old pictures of herself under Hottie of the Week, and yawn-worthy videos talking about herself. Any celeb gossip she has on there can be gotten any number of other places without her idiotic editorializing and making EVERY SINGLE ENTRY about her. It's amazing, really, how she can turn a story about a bombing in Uganda into yet another self-aggrandizing essay on Miss Tila. Gack.

Nikky Raney said...

Haha, that's really funny. Sighs.
I added you to my blogroll by the way.
Sorry for my crazy frantic tweets lately.
I got an apology from the tila herself, oddly enough.
Looks like she made a good move.
Perez will always be ahead of Tila, because Perez is a blogger. Perez is famous BECAUSE of his blog.

MissNeverWas said...

LOL Thanks for the update, I was wondering how her fail site has been doing recently. If she wants to keep her good numbers up she should not have banned all these "haterz" and made commenting easier. I'm pretty sure it's the "haterz" who were most of the traffic on that site. Anyway thanks for posting this. I look forward to more of Tila's drama.

Anna said...

I am beginning to think she actually has SOMEONE on her staff. I was curious about what she had to say about the whole Lindsay going to jail thing and the entry was actually pretty well written. Towards the end of it was this...

"Great trials always test characters and souls, and those who can embrace those struggles will always come out the other end more properly equipped for greater purposes in life. We’ve always hoped for more from Lindsay, and it might be good to see this as the turning point for her career."

No way in hell that can be Tila! Who do you suppose it is?

Seola said...

Shut up slut.

Seola said...

P.S. - only comment I saw was Nikky's, my post refers to her. :D

Ben said...

"I called up a lot of old friends to meet me in London and am flying out 2 more friends…. what would life be without my friends?"

So last week the hogul has no friends, now she has a best friend who's at home watching Onyx and is flying her near and dear friends out to see her. Love how no one in the picture she posted is actually looking at her even when someone is taking a picture of her. She disproves her own "“OH IS THAT TILA TEQUILA??” claim.

I really hope one of the radio stations lays into her, hard.

Alabama Worley said...

@NIkky I'm an adult woman and probably - okay - shouldn't say this and I know that this goes against RSpot protocol but .... I swear to Christ if I have to shut any longer I'll implode.

You are a hypocrite. You lick Tila's taint and then you come here and attempt to lick everyone's asshole here. Why don't you choose who's side you're on? Oh wait, you don't have to because you're a "journalist" and that means you're unbiased. First off work on your tripod / Geopages flash back whack job website. Yes, get real business cards. How the fuck does a real journalist NOT have a business card. For fucks sake everyone has a business card.

Then once you've done this STOP USING PHOTOBUCKET TO PINCH IN YOUR LEGS. For fucks sake! If you are happy with your body like you proclaim and you have no body image issues why are the shit are you altering images (and so poorly that my cat figured it out) ? It's disturbing. Big tits shoved up your fucking face don't distract away from your pencil calves you altered.

No one gives two fucks if you weight 200 or 100 lbs. NO ONE CARES! If you care then you have BDD and you should seek help. <-serious talk.

I can't handle it. Stop. Just fucking stop. You're a kid with body image issues and acceptance needs because you're parents were probably too busy. I get it. It happens but for the love of all that's holy STOP being a fucking two faced supposed journalist with photoshopped legs.

Stay in school (or go back). Learn how to use HTML and accept the fact that your lower legs have meat on them. Jesus H christ. (sorry people I couldn't handle it anymore, it's been bugging me since day one).

Eduardo Retardo said...

Are you on twitter? What you just said has been going all over twitter for a few days. Basically she's turned everyone against her because she loves being obnoxious I guess. She's now blocked me (I'm assuming the rest of us too, but I don't know), after just putting us on her blogroll and THEN calling us "not credible." Yes, you read that right, she called us "not credible." So no, your comment is perfectly acceptable, and so is my overwhelming love for you.

Alabama Worley said...

I think we've spoken before (I spoke to someone here). I'm on twitter but for the sake of my actual identity I don't want to leave a trail ;)

I'm glad I didn't break any rules. I wanted to say something when it FIRST started but I chose to be respectful and not be a cunt. I mean, if I wanted to pick someone apart for doing photoshop then someone could have a field day with my career because all my photos are touched up. Whatever - I'm old.

She's not a journalist. She's not even a decent blogger. And this Z dude or whatever that got her onto the TMZ blogroll is a joke too. Fucking fire away with the flame posts for those that think either of these people have some sort of talent or credibility because they don't. If you run a decent blog or what have you then you either learn HTML or you hire someone (get interns) to do it for you. PERIOD. Neither of these people have or do.

I'm not on TMZ blog roll but I don't report on anything other than myself. I should probably be on there with the amount of celeb dick that's been in my cooch but that's another story.

Steven Clarke said...

Just a side note: I'm glad everybody is seeing the real side of Nikky Raney. I called her out a few weeks ago for her B.S. lies and contradictions, but many people were still sticking up for her (I wonder if Isis opened her eyes yet).

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled programming

Joann said...

I, too was quite surprised when I saw her video about Tila apologizing to her and how quickly she caved in. I was thinking a lot of things which I will not put on blast here or anywhere else but I just had to SMH. Could not believe it.

chris said...

This Nikki Raney chick is as delusional as Tila herself imo. Just looking at her website, it's a shrine to herself. I don't know any credible journalists, amateur or pro, who would plaster their face on their website like she has done. I've disliked her since the parody video where she paraded around half naked for really, no reason. I was surprised she turned on Tila because I was certain at the beginning of Tampon's blog launch, Nikki Raney was one of her fans.

Tyranny4U said...

::slowly backs out of the comment section::

Oh dramalamaz! Why am I always missing the juicy shit? Why is my twitter accoutn sitting alone in cyber space collecting cobwebs?

Daayuum! This shiz is better than Tila's current shitnanigans. AFK BRB gonna make some popcorn and cookies!!

Alabama Worley said...

@Steve. The thing is that for anyone who's followed this blog since the start knows it's all about the lolz and the captain obvious in regards to Tila's behavior.
The thing to pick up on is that if something so obvious as Nikky's behavior isn't being pointed out it's most likely because The Rot Spot doesn't want to give her anymore air time to plug her flog.

If the girl would have been forthright & didn't photoshop the shit out of her legs and proclaim crap that was so obviously bullshit..she mighta just slipped away quietly. Instead she wanted a piece of the pie and well, she got it. Maybe now her lower legs will even out from all that pie eating.

The one thing that bothers me like all hell is when people self promote via comments. If you'll notice (or don't, fuck it) people have asked about my various blogs, writings etc. Once when my blog tied to this name was pointed out - I took it down immediately. I only use this name because it's the one that's least associated with my personal life. I'm far too lazy to create a new one. I've never once, ever stated my website(s), my stage name or anything of the inbetween and boy have I been taunted to. I don't because this isn't my fucking blog and I have more respect for those that created the blog, spent the time and hours to write things that were investigated upon.

Shit I've never even went to Tila's site and commented because I have no point in it. The banter here is better suited for me.

Okay. end of rant. I seriously derailed this one. My apologies. I'm not here to burn the witch, it was killing me to play nice with a fucking ass kisser.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Few days ago I wrote a comment that was rather long on Titla's blog site and here's what Nikki had to say:

Girl is not only fickle, but quite bossy, too!

Anyways, good post and keep up the excellent work, staffs!

Isis said...

I'm not a journalist, I'm a blogger/freelance writer, so Nikky's career as a journalist has absolutely zero effect on me personally. I understand her whole "future of journalism" thing because 90% of our media is owned by the 6 major corporations, and that isn't "fair and balanced news", that's agenda. So yes, it is very important to support indy bloggers and news organizations, which is why I started doing my own online PR ages ago.

I have been the occasional guest blogger and am currently going to have interviews on my own blogs.

I have not paid attention to the "drama" because hell I am a single mother who has been running her own projects for the past 10 years.

Nikky: you need a thick skin for this type of stuff, there are no two ways about it.

IRL I'm not very judgmental and I am very easy going and unlike how Tila claims I actually AM quite positive, and I like Nikky. I really just play "snarky bitch" mostly online because that was the bravado that caused my blogs to get the most attention and the most readers.

I left a comment on her latest video about Tila's "apology e-email" and that her tendency to flip-flop from one side to another will indeed hurt her credibility as a journalist. She needs to just stop talking about Tila altogether. You guys dropped her from your blogroll, and there really isn't more to be said. I just got done dealing with a blowout similar to this in nature, only I had to deal with it on much much larger, much more hurtful scale, with people whom I genuinely loved and thought were my friends who made up really vicious lies about me out of jealousy and spite because they can't stand to see anybody else's hard work pay off, so believe me when I tell everyone to be thankful you guys aren't having to deal with hurt feelings to that extent in all of this.

I busted my ass for everything I have BUT I honestly have no problem with using quid pro quo when it comes to getting ahead, others might view it differently, but that's their prerogative.

If you are going to decide to be bias when it comes to journalism, pick a side and stay there. If you are on one side and then see that on good conscience you have to change your mind because of the evidence you have collected, then change your mind. Either way, make up your mind, make your decision about what you will do from then on out as a reporter very clear to everyone around you, and don't back track.

I was originally going to be a reporter when I was Nikky's age as well, but I saw how things worked from studying my older sis, and decided that just doing my own thing and doing my own online PR was the best road for me to take. If you know anything about PR, you know it's about 1). Being really good at being discreet, 2). being really good at being discreet, and 3). being really good at being discreet.

Anna said...

No apologies necessary.

I had no idea what was going on because I tend to stay out of things.

So what's up with the VIVA THE RESISTANCE stuff Nikky's been putting up?

Anonymous said...

I've read Perez averages anywhere from 7.7 MILLION to 9 MILLION in ONE DAY!!! His BLOG is insane!!! LOL! Tila is a waste, this BLOG will never be ANYTHING! I certainly won't visit!!! To hell with her all I need to do is come here! & I bet more then HALF of these views are TILA herself in her own name not to mention the million others she creates to make it APPEAR she has fans! *SMH* She is so over! Thank goooooodnes! I think once this blog and many others were done THAT SEALED the deal! Now EVERYONE is aware of this blog including the others, weve ALL Passed it out to someone important or even the fugal! :)

SO Ya see alllllllll this TILA, your done! Now go wash your dirty ass it's time to retire. BYE BYE!

Anonymous said...

No wait that was his MAX one day!! Here are his statistics

Perez Hilton Hits 14000000 Pageviews Yesterday. Wow. //
Feb 24, 2009 ... I've written about Perez Hilton many times before and the values ... that 14m pageviews is ahead of Huffington Post (max was 7.7m / day in ...

Anonymous said...

O wow, this site I just shared has a WIDGET you can put on here for PEREZ, LOLOLOLOL! It's at the VERY bottom! (That would so piss her off!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Yeah Nikky I have been noticing that you were all over TILA after she had people put you down as well! You were constantly posting messages on FB about how affected by it you were and just HOW MANY insulting emails from "Tilas Army" that you, omg woke up 2!! WHATEVERRRRRRRRR!! I am starting to agree with Alabama I NEVER visit that vapid cunts page but I did to see her site meter as well!!!!! Then I glanced (Might as well I thought in comments) and your all kissing ass and shit??) REALLY what the fuck??? Now you kiss her ass ? You WERE SO HURT! I DON'T GET IT????? Are you two in on some shit together???

I 2 am starting to think you just a KID who knows how to make a page and TELL A STORY!!! A BIG STORY!! Also please when you make youtube videos I AM NOT SAYING THIS TO BE RUDE!!!! But you realllllly need to clean your surroundings all those boxes and trash?!? Wth is that about and to show the world??? I LIKE YOU!! I don't want to NOT like you, I understand your young but you need to know just HOW YOUR COMING ACROSS to people on here, and if you want to make it!! You need some serious adjustments!! *smh* & *sighs*

Anonymous said...


I am done. I am also DELETING my comments from her page I made , that is crazy! I would never comfort someone truly this insane! WTF Nikky! Good lord. Your probably THE OTHER PERSON hahahaha who writes for her dumb ass now!! GO AWAY!

Joann said...

I just want to add one more thing.

I did not see the comment Nikky made about TRS not being credible.

I made my comment based solely on the video she made about Tila apologizing to her and how she appeared to eat it up(evidently she still does not get it about Tila if she believed Tila was sincere with that apology) but to say TRS is not credible is ludicrous.

I could see if TRS was making a blog about Tila(in fun or otherwise) based on heresay but they put up screen caps of Tila's OWN WORDS. How is that not credible? Their proof is coming straight from the source.

I don't understand how Nikky could flip flop so easily after the way Tila talked about her and influenced her nitwit army to do the same, then to make a comment on Tila's piece of crap blog to another person how unnecessary it was to give a lengthy answer when he/she should have sent Tila an email. WTH.

That's not HER blog and she was out of place to tell someone that unless she's writing for Tila.

Anyway, I have to save my energy for the skank, not Nikky...but I wish her well in her career.

jayden said...

Nikky, you are a fucking delusional hypocrite. Thanks so much for showing everyone your true colors. Now go and crawl back up into Tila's snatch like a good little cooter crab. You fail at everything.

BKiddo said...

I feel stupid for sticking up for NR, after her "mock" video of tila.
No, things didn't add up for me at her blog either, but I only went there about 3 times.
Anyway, I like to come here because it IS Credible.

Vintage Pink said...

I see clever clogs Tila got herself some new shoes.
Here are the details of the shoes.
They are made by an American company (Pleaser) called Bordello.
The company ripped off nearly all their designs from a fabulous shoemaker in London called Natacha Marro.

So not only could Thien have bought them in the states, but she is supporting corrupt biz practices.


Alabama Worley said...

You know what's amazing?

And agreed. Hoarders. To be fair it's her parents house not hers, she's a kid. But shit, clean off a wall and then put the stuff back after!

Anonymous said...

What in the hell was the g-d point of that video? (Mind you, I only got through about 20 seconds, with the sound turned off.)

The future of journalism indeed!

tillie said...

I'm effin ecstatic that this little bitch got called out. I thought I had her number from the get go. Ever since she did that parody of the skank she has been getting on my last nerve. I didn't know any of this bullshit has been goin on with this "journalist" and I must say I take joy in it!
@Alabama I checked out that video, WTF. The kid will do anything to be on camera. I couldn't take more than 20 seconds of it. And I also think if your gonna put yourself on camera at least clear out a spot and try to take some pride in your surrounding.

Eduardo Retardo said...

You guys keep bringing up that she should clean her room before she makes a video. #1: she's too busy trying to show off her tits and her "omg so skinny, not photoshopped" legs. #2: How else is she going to get on an episode of Hoarders?

Anonymous said...

LMAO Eddie, this is all so true! :) ( AND I ALWAYS LOVE READING Alabama's post, thanks girl!! Wish we were able to check her blog out! :( ..)