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Tuesday, February 23

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Today commenting has been disabled and prior comments hidden. Why? Simply, we are tired of weeding through the arguments and we feel that they are a distraction to the situation at hand. We are focused and dedicated to putting a stop to this woman using children for personal gain. Have any of you defenders even BEEN to ? They use a photo section to give a little taste of what being a member is like. If you click on the recent photo section (you do NOT even have to be a member to see this) by page 3 you will see pictures of children. By page 21 you will see some nudity and by page 23 you see genitals. NSFW so I do NOT advise you looking through them at work. And this is part of the "benefits" of being a VIP member from We had a parent comment earlier that his son had told them he wanted to register for her music since she doesn't have an actual CD. She uses this fake music thing (basically playing karaoke with already established artists music) to get these children to join her site. She KNOWS this is attracting perverts.



I apologize that we had to remove commenting. We never wanted to have to do this. Like we've said, we started this blog for fun and we have now ran into a very serious issue in which we, as human beings, cannot overlook. Once again, we thank everyone for all of the aid and support while this topic is pending investigation.

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