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Friday, June 11

postheadericon MOST EPIC BIOGRAPHY EVER!!!

Oh my God!!!! I haven't seen this much deliciousness since the ice cream truck blew a tire in front of my house! Put down those Pepsis, I'm not responsible for your computer monitors this time!! Break open your guvment cheese and invite your pedo neighbors over, we're going to have a rollicking good time!

So, in a desperate bid to get us to shut up about the SUICIDE HOAX of last weekend, Tila figures she'll force us to feel guilty about her sad, tragic life, and perhaps we'll think twice about mocking her for all she's been through. NOT!!!! Hahahhahahahahahaa. Please bitch. Now, I honest-to-God made these screen caps of her latest blog post about her autobiography. There is NO way I could have made any of this up. I urge you not to go to her blog, you HAVE to believe me when I say this is unretouched. Get ready my little toothless friends and's part 1 of Tila's bio. My comments follow.

Late 1070? (hahahhahah, she just changed it to 1970's). Jesus H. Christ, how can you even remember that far back. Ok, we all make typos, so I won't quibble, but it is funny, especially when she says "it sounds like this happened centuries ago", hahahahaha, yeah 1070 certainly was centuries ago.

You're Viet-Fucking-Namese.  You have no clue when the Vietnamese War ended? Well, kiddies, even though Rotty, Uncle Eddie, Gnomie and I were those big-haired, gum-smacking, off-the-shoulder-halter-top-wearing girls who sat in the back of the class and rolled our eyes and flipped our hair every 3 minutes, we did pay close attention to History class...moreso because Mr. Larsen had a HUGE package and those skin tight disco pants accentuated it to perfection.

The Vietnam War started November 1, 1955 and ended April 30, 1975.  Tila was born October 24, 1981, a full 6 years AFTER the war ended. For Tila to have been in her mother's womb, it would have had to be mid-1981, unless the gestational period for moguls is 75 months. Tila has proven before that she has no clue what the gestational period for a human is, just a few months ago she claimed her baby would be born, plus or minus 10 days, on December 1, 2010, after she became pregnant in November of 2009. 

Some lol quotes for you to enjoy:

So that left my Father as the “MAN OF THE HOUSE” with his 7 baby sisters, who are all my Aunt’s.
Really Tila? Your aunts? Of course they're your aunts you moron, that's what happens when your dad has sisters. Guess what if your mom has sisters, they're your aunts too!!!! Funny how that works, huh?

I read some comments over at her blog and someone pointed out this one:

save the love of his life, My Mother. At that time she had my little sister already and was pregnant with me.
You mom had your little sister, BEFORE she has you? Damn. That agent orange really took it's toll on biology.
little do people know or realize, I am a child of WAR.
Ummmm. Stupid? Yes, that's your new name, it went from an adjective to a proper name after I read this piece of horse shit! Stupid, if your definition of 'war' is that your family was affected by war years before your birth, most of us are CHILDREN OF WAR in some fashion. My parents grew up with World War II raging around them, my father escaped to this country after the war. I have friends who have numbers tattooed on their forearms (and not because they're leading their army of idiots on a rampage of hater sites). I have family members who not only fought, but FUCKING DIED. My uncle fought in the Vietman War, he DIED so you could spin the war to bring sympathy to yourself. Stupid cunt. I won't even go into what my mother-in-law went through. 

Hold on my little jelis haters, this guvment cheese ain't cutting itself, and without a tooth in my head, I need a timeout to run the blender a minute.

So, let's continue..... damn, wait another sec.  I have to fetch a glass of Kool-Aid for Rotty, she's sitting up there on the washing machine on the side porch, banging her heels against the rusty sides, not able to get her fat ass off by herself.

For instance for the African Americans. The Slave law was lifted long long ago, but for me, I am still 2nd generation from the Vietnam War!

There are many MANY 2nd generation African Americans whose parents did not enjoy the freedoms they fought for their own offspring. Again, Tila, big fail points in trying to make yourself some tragic historical hero. You, yourself, lived in a southern state, tell me, how's those equal rights doing down there? Yeah, I thought so.

My mother was an extremely BEAUTIFUL woman when she was younger. Before the War, she was actually a beautiful Model in Vietnam and was about to star in a big Movie there… that is until the WAR happened.

Hold on. I'm sorry. The junkyard dogs we have sleeping under the porch just woke up and I gotta throw them some neck bones and side meat. Tila, your beautiful mother of which you have had to have been a beautiful model back in 1955, because that's when the war started. I guess we can all see being a big liar whore-pants runs in the family. Doesn't skip a generation, does it? And she was up for a movie part? Damn, you and momma have quite the parallel lives don't you? I didn't know they had Whore Rehab back in those days. Did she have  record label and a fashion line as well?

Oh what a beautiful story and there is a LOT more to come…. because once on the boat coming to America, A LOT of strange things happened and my Mother almost lost me in a miscarriage because there was no clean water, nor food. So you see, even BEFORE I was Born, I had to fight for my life, to stay a live even as a baby in my mother’s Womb…….. and then one day…………….
If you're on a boat to America, your mom must have pulled the little string to ding the bell for the next stop in Singapore, cause that's where Tila claims to have been born.

And, there we see, in black and white the mischairage forshadowing because that poor 75 month old fetus, Tila, almost DIED in utero.

Also, you claim your heritage is French and Vietnamese. You have a Vietnamese surname, so that tells me your mom was French. Why couldn't she just fly out with her babies? No one would have stopped her, she didn't have to escape from anything.

Oh. So, so tragic. Hold on, I'm crying. I mean big huge old tears, so many tears I had to get Uncle Eddie to run down to the Shell station on the corner to get me some toilet paper from our second bathroom. If you could see Gnomie now, sobbing her little heart out on the shoulder of one of the pedos, you would realize that we're not all bad. We do have hearts. We wish we could erase this horrific story from Tila's memory. That poor dear, no wonder she has so many problems. The burdens of this horror have laid upon her shoulders all these years. I'm sorry Tila, this is the most heartbreaking fairy tale biography I have ever read. You should write out the whole book, and go on Oprah to talk about  it. Oprah only takes on legitimate authors, and your black history angle, will have her hooked. I hear that A Million Little Pieces book flew off the shelves after the author presented it on Oprah.

Who wants to bet that the next cracked out idea in that stupid mogul brain is that she's going to write her memoirs?


Eduardo Retardo said...

I think my favorite part (there are so, so many) is when she calls her Father's parents her Great-Grandparents.

She really has to put in an effort to be this stupid. She really, really does. I'm fucking dying over here. Good thing I picked up a 40 of OE at the gas station. I'm gonna go drown my sorrows. I picked up some twinkies for you, Fatty.

Fatty McFatterson said...

You know Uncle Eddie, this is just too much for one person to write about. I have had to re-read it several times, and each time I find another nugget. I forgot that great grandparents stuff, thanks for the catch!

Hey, be careful, you're getting Cheeto dust on the keyboard!

Hope said...

O.E. OMG 8Ball!!! Pour some out for Onyx and Casey!
This Vietnam fuckery hits close to home for me. My father was in Quy Nhơn, Vietnam at the time I was born..68'. He didn't lay eyes on me till I was 6 months old. Fuck her and her bullshit, he almost didn't make it home. And I'm sure Vietnam is a sore subject for alot of us. But I dont' claim PTSD from it either.

I'm curious what she's gonna add to this. I hope she makes it juicy! I really wish she had researched and gotten her shit straight before telling this story.

Hell my people were in the Mexican war but I don't know shit about it(I know being Mexican thats a shame) and my people were also Indians that were slaughtered and also killed each otehr, but I don't know shit about what happend during Custer's last stand...Ok I do a little but you know what I mean.

So Tila when you say that you were rescued from the Titanic, make sure you put April 15, 1912 when that UFO hit it.

you_don't_say said...

I don't get why the Viet Cong would be helping them escape to America?!?!

People fled to America BECAUSE of the Viet Cong.

Anonymous said...

"If you're on a boat to America, your mom must have pulled the little string to ding the bell for the next stop in Singapore, cause that's where Tila claims to have been born.

And, there we see, in black and white the mischairage forshadowing because that poor 75 month old fetus, Tila, almost DIED in utero."


How does she make this shit up?!

Anonymous said...

If you're on a boat to America, your mom must have pulled the little string to ding the bell for the next stop in Singapore, cause that's where Tila claims to have been born.

And, there we see, in black and white the mischairage forshadowing because that poor 75 month old fetus, Tila, almost DIED in utero.

Terri said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! She just makes this so easy for you. I love the commentary too.

Fatty, I know you touched on this, but if her mother was going to be in a movie, but couldn't because the war started, 1955. YET, in 1981, her mother was 22 and pregnant with Tila. Jesus, I know math is NOT Tila's stong point, but wowzer. I am a few bacardi's in and I figured it out.

thanks for the lulz! I really could not read much of what she wrote, I feel I lose brain cells when I do.


J.J. said...

I swear, her bio is such a work of (really shitty) fiction, you have to read....(while shaking your head in total disbelief that a human actually wrote it) it several times to catch all the bull shit!!!!!

Really? Her father left her mother while pregnant with her, escaping the Vietnam war to find America? Really Thien? The war ended in 1975.
Are you really at least 35 years old, or do elephant length gestational periods run in your family?

Nothing says "beautiful story" like tales of starvation, family torture and death and miscarriage.

It's 4am here, I have to try to put this novel down and wake up the kids to get ready for their weekend of hawking trinkets and cleaning strangers toenails at the flea market.

Joann said...

Usually when she has one of those long drawn out posts I skim over them but when my eyes saw "1070", I was like WTH and kept reading and I started to laugh and laugh and laugh.

I was spellbound, not by the story, but the bullshit she wrote. Does it EVER enter her head to do a little, just a little research before she post these asinine stories about her life on her blog?

Fatty, you covered the points that were so obviously a lie, but another one that had me falling off of my chair was when she wrote her great Grandmother and Father were captured as Prisoner’s of War tortured, mutilated, and then finally killed after 3 years of torture.

Excuse in the hell do you MUTILATE people but don't kill them until 3 years later?

Tila made up this scenario in her warped mind so she can get the sympathy card to throw people off of her fake suicide.

Skank is trying to do her own damage control. Pathetic.

blahblahblogger said...

lol, this was funny. thank you for being so on top of things.

J.J. said...

Sorry Fatty!!! I didn't see you already addressed her birtdate!!! My eyes were still blurry from last nights drug induced dr seuss marathon with the kiddies.

amyrebecca said...




Aairon said...

oh my god!! kill me now i could die laughing and that would suit me to a T! Now i read it and thought ....she must be doing this for the rot-spot....they will tear this shit up! But then i remember day one , i remember when the rot spot started and iv read every blog since! All the crap and all the stunts and lies were all worth it just for this little gem! IT WAS BRILLIANT! there are just too many jokes and comments busting about in my head....just too many.....i am actually on piss take overload!!

vicky said...

Oh boo fucking hooo we're not starting on this trip again, are we? Cos this is the one that makes me wanna reach down the computer screen and strangle the rat.

Yeah bitch? You think your story is so special and unique?? Even tho you've already tainted and disgraced our city with your presence, come back to Melbourne, a city that is built on MILLIONS of stories like your pathetic one, and you know what? I've lived here most of my life and i have NEVER EVER heard anyone sensationalise their families story for sympathy.

You know why? Cos the rest of us kids that come from that generation would kick your ass like something chronic cos UNLIKE YOU we APPRECIATE what your parents went through by making something of the opportunity they risked their lives and abandoned their lives for. Piece of shit, I could tell you some heartbreaking stories from my friends who were refugees from the Yugaslavian war, or the Bosnian war, or Communist Russia or how about my friends who came to Australia after doing their 2yrs service in the ISRAELI MILITARY. That includes females.

This is TODAY's time. Not back then. So shut the FUCK up.

How's this for a story, Tila? I was a carer for the disabled and one of my client was a Vietnamese refugee who escaped the war and lost his entire leg as they were fleeing the country with his 10 brothers and sisters. Then 10yrs later he fell out of a 20 story building and is now an QUADRAPLEGIC from the neck down as well as an APUTEE.

You think this man whinges about his life like you do? No. The only reason i know this is because i asked him kindly about himself, wanting to listen to his horrific story with compassion and empathy. He didn't BROADCAST it for my sympathy. So FUCK YOU.

And you know what Tila? i'm not saying this from some moralistic soapbox. I've had a background similar to the one you lie about to famewhore yourself. I was a stripper, i was in abusive relationships, i've been sexually abused, i've been addicted to drugs, i used to hang around dangerous gangs. You could only WISH for a past like mine to LIE about to make ppl feel sorry for you.

But you know what? I'm turning 25 in 3 wks and i'm fucking proud to say that i'm NOTHING like you and the furthest thing away from you. I looked after the disabled, i went back to school to study psychology to help others with mental illness to live fulfilling lives, i was a youth worker who worked with disadvantaged kids, i choose to live at home to have a relationship with my parents before i leave them again.

I've dealt with my shit and looking at you makes me wanna kick you ass for being such an ungrateful piece of shit.

Sorry for the rant and rave, guyz.

ginabeana said...

And just most of her ancestors are dead. all of my ancestors are dead. sure as hell not gonna invite any living ancestors to thanksgivin dinner.

Ben said...

Just the other day I mentioned that whenever I think she used up all the crazy, she outdoes herself. Well today she topped everything else, and I think each new biography entry (unless she stops cause of the haterz) will outdo the one before.

BTW, I'm waiting for that Tila fan who keeps mentioning that Tila's song makes her want to strip, which of course Tila encourages. Yeah, you know the girl, the 15 year old. I just hope she video tapes it and sends it to Tila. Then she'll really find out what a federal crime is.

chey said...

That was my favorite part as well. In fact after reading that I had to take a break to finish my breakfast because I had almost choked on my Honeynut Cheerios.
Also, how do you know your grandfather (not your great-grandfather) was tortured for 3 years before being killed. Was he allowed to write letters home from the prison camp?

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ this woman is insane. Thanks for capping and posting it so I didn't have to go to her website. Shit like this does make it hard not to wanna rip her to shreds in her comments section though.

deluwiel said...

for the love of god. *eye roll* Tila. Listen. If you're going to go to the time and trouble of typing all this drivel out, at the VERY LEAST check a couple of dates. I mean, unless you want to admit that you're not 28 but actually edging in on 40.
so... I'm guessing the next installment will detail the horrors of her childhood, the closet and broken mirrors and carrying clothes at the flea market in the scorching heat. Can't wait.

RockitQueen said...

Not to mention her mom was a would-be model/actress before the War, yet she was pregnant with the Gremlin at age 22. So using hogul logic, that means Mom was approximately -1 years old when she got that big ol' fancy movie role before her dreams were tragically dashed by WAR.

I love how she really tries to ramp up the drama and sympathy with her beautiful, fragile crying mother clinging to her angel-faced, sobbing child as her prisoner-of-war husband was put on a boat by the Viet Cong to...go to America??? Huh???

The Viet Cong tortured and murdered everyone else, but somehow they decided to let her dad and brother boat off to America to find a better life? And they were so touched by his sobbing wife and daughter, they snuck them on to the Better Life Boat, too?

That her minions will believe this is sad, but it's all so fucking hilarious I can hardly stand it.

The Gnome said...

color me heartless, but this only makes me want to point and laugh at her harder....

only tila could fail at a sob story.
luff yew fatty fat

Rotty (TRS) said...

Hahahahaha, she needs to just stop NOW. She makes this shit FAAAR toooo easy!!!

Snippy Bitch said...

I would love for somebody to actually get in touch with her parents and tell them what she is writing about them.

You know, get the other side of the crazy.

anne said...

What's wrong with this looser ? She's fucking stupid.

I am myself French/vietnamese, I was born 4 years after the war and we flew to France in 1982 thanks to my dad nationality.
The french government paid the plane ticket, they were " calling back " their people at that time.

She's not even considered to be vietnamese because she was born abroad.
Anyway, she doesn't even know when the war ended and obviously, she has no respect for herself or for her parents.
I am pretty sure her parents are ashamed of her.
Such a great way to be proud of your heritage and respectful of your family by showing your tampon online.

I'm not even sure she's half french. She doesn't look like someone who is " mixed ".
She's typical vietnamese : very small, with no caucasian face features.
I am much taller than her and I have " french " features such as freckles, my eyes are bigger, my eyes are not dark etc ...
I know a few people who are half french / half vietnamese ( including my sister and brother ) and they're all a " normal " size, they all have caucasian features ( ligh hair, wider eyes etc ...)

Anonymous said...


Surely, when people get mad at me I do not try to conjure up any sympathies by talking about what MY parents went through (they were of many who were victimized under the hands of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge).

This epic bio of hers make me want to vomit from both ends. It is not consistent with history and the true victims are her parents who had to deal with raising such an unappreciative person. Shit, my family would of embraced selling jeans at a flea market to make ends meet and I would of worked harder for them too. I feel sorry for them.

I only hope her little "ARMY" do some research before believing that she was a child of "WAR". No child of war would act so disgusting.

Great post Rot Spot.

Sandy said...

Child of WAR? She was born in Nov of 1981. The war ended in April of 1975.


Okay, I'm done with paragraph 1. This is almost too much for me this morning, but you know what? She likes to drop her little bombs around Friday/Saturday and here is this weekend's bomb. I think she says/does shit around Fri/Sat to boost up blog traffic on the weekends. Just my opinion, but I expected something to go down today or tomorrow with her. Here it is. Her sob story about being a child of war, so that we will sympathize and stop asking her to apologize or at least explain her fake suicide attempt.

Next up will be noodz from 10 years ago to get our minds off all this. Wait for it. She's become predictable.

Sandy said...

J.J. - "Are you really at least 35 years old, or do elephant length gestational periods run in your family?"

LOL!!! Thank you. That was too funny and right on the mark!

Actually, all of the comments today have me rolling. OMG, lol.

I cannot wait for her 2nd installment.

Anonymous said...

I am rofl right now. Please check out her new post over on her blog. WTF!!!!

RNB007 said...

Well if she writes a book we can think of names,
A Million Little Lies?
I LMAO reading this, it should be a comedy!
She must have 1/2 a brain cell left!

Jon said...

I cant wait to hear what the televison has to say about this. Yanno, the one who TALKS TO YOU AND SENDS MESSAGES TO YOU FROM THE DEVIL.

EllenFB said...

The first thing that came to mind after reading this BS from Tila was something my dad used to say, "that's a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth".

I know I shouldn't be shocked by this, but her Army are still defending her lies -- It's history that's wrong... or we're wrong for defending history.


Ms. Fullwood said...

Well it looks like she has been hitting the good stuff since she got off her 72 hour lock down. She is now blabbing about THE ILLUMINATI on her blog!

Lets see all the members of the RotSpot are part of THE ILLUMINATI in 3....2.....1....


She so got this from a thread on Lipstick Alley that has been going on for months!

kristi said...

@chey um...excuse me, but I don't care how much you despise Tila it's not okay to steal her cereal. The little whore needs that when she gets high. How horribly insensitive of you. ;)

Anyway, this is such a crock. Did she even write this? I doesn't have that normal Tila ring to it, or was she just that out of it? Oh all these questions. What a little twit. She knows very little real suffering in her life and it's evident in this post. 'Oh woe is me...' was missing out of here. That would have been the cherry on top of the shit sundae.

@Fatty when you have to get a new John and toss the old one out into the front yard to rot with the old truck and the little troll, you should put some dirt into it and find some weeds to grow. They make beautiful planters (and I have seen this from experience. My neighbor used to have one. White trash version of reducing, recycling and reusing. Epic!).

Mystie said...

I tell y'all, this bitch can't even keep her own fucking life story straight HOW THE HELL DOES SHE EVEN BRUSH HER OWN HAIR EVERY DAY?? *oh wait...nevermind*

She has GOT to have the IQ level of a 7 year old. "And then...and went....*wipes snot nose* look! CRACK!"

Her being off on her dates is what cracks me up too. And I have said all along that there is NO fucking way this bitch is under 30.

Jesus Christ on a cracker TILA!
Does all this really sound ok in your head while you are typing???

I love the RotSpot girls make my world happy.

Leann687 said...

Oh god. I cannot WAIT to read your blog about the freaking mess she just wrote. The Illuminati is back!

I AM SO EXCITED to read this. lmfo.

Melissa said...

Tila's parents (who are the children of her GREAT grandparents, oddly enough) must be so proud they escaped Vietnam (on a boat that the Viet Cong were putting Vietnamese people on to go to America - you know, the homeland of their enemy) to provide a better life for their child, who turns out to be a giant fucking whore, amateur porn "actress", mental retard (no offense to actual disabled people), and drug addict.

I am seriously stupider after reading her epic bio.

But thank you gals for exposing this tramp's lies, I look forward to every update! One of my favorite hobbies is watching the utter failure that is Tila's life.

Alice said...

Your guys' site is pure entertainment! Can't wait to read your thorough analysis of Part 2 of Tila's Shitography ;)

livvey said...

Why does she randomly Capitalize words that should Not be capitalized? I'm ALSO wondering WHY she randomly writes words IN uppercase.

She is so dumb that she doesn't realize the more she writes, the more uneducated she sounds, the more unprofessional she appears, and the more it is easy to see that her whole life is built on a deck of cards made of lies that are falling down.

Ben said...

I know you're getting to it, but she just out-crazied her biography with her post that everyone made deals with the devil and it's her job as an Angel of God to stop them.

Red Lily said...

Is this the market the poor thing had to spend her WHOLE weekend working at.

I live in Houston and if you want any cheap knock goods it is where you go.

Prof. Chaos said...

What in the Wide World of Sports is going on here!!!

I am absolutely gobsmacked that this stupid bitch believes that ANYONE would read this steaming pile of shit and believe it. She should write down her insipid musings, read it, and then shred it.

I can't get over the fact that: 1) the Viet Cong helped her family leave; 2) her math skills; 3) the fact that she somehow manages to be older than her little sister (or maybe it's a height thing); 4) the missing "grandparents"; 5) the bad prose (using the word "angelic" doesn't make people cry you artard); 6) the way she squeezes in her "success in hollywood and tabloids" because after all, she is SUPERDUPER FAMOUS. (I don't think people calling you a moron in the tabloids constitutes success. But what do I know? I'm just an unsuccessful civilian)

By the way, does it make me a child of WAR because my mother is Italian and my father is German? Oh my God!!! I just realized, the ancesters of which I have must be Hitler and Mousolini!! That's about as far removed from any real history that this nasty piece of shit is from Vietnam.

It offends me that she is using other people's real suffering as a desperate ploy to get attention. It must be killing her that not one "tabloid" picked up her ridiculous non-suicide.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the blood bank to get my next check. It's hard to feed the children on just cheese and top ramen, but us "non-moguls" have to make do.

Anonymous said...

My theory on her latest post is that she's trying to "prove" that she's batshit crazy (i.e., feigning mental illness) in yet another lame attempt to excuse being called out on her bad behavior. Then she'll be all "How can these HATERS pick on a poor, LEGITIMATELY ILL person who has been so TRAUMATIZED by such a HARD LIFE!!!" She's not mentally ill...she's just plain vile.

justmyopinion said...

I'm starting to see the birth of her new incarnation as an evangelist - perfect - in her mind, people will send her money and listen to her gibberish, and if anyone challenges her, then they are with the devil and she/the army are WITH GOD! POW!
This should be good, all the way up until she's committed to a mental institution. THEN life will make sense again.

deluwiel said...

You know... anymore it's not even that she lies - we've all come to expect that. It's that the lies are so damn stupid. It's insulting, really. She's not even trying. C'mon Tila - the RotSpotters need more of a challenge here!

Malice said...

Red Lily, I just read it. What a moron. Seriously.

BKiddo said...

Boy Fatty,
You better get Gnomey off the washing machine and get ready for the Schwan man to break down out front next!
From what I gather from her tweets, she's on her way to blog about all of the celebrities being part of a Monarchy of Satan.
Good thing she's a Zlister and doesn't have to worry about that crazy shit.

Isis said...

It's official: Tila's from a long line of Singapore elephants.

Mason McDuffie said...

Why hasn't she been sued yet?!? There have been so many times in the limited span her new blog has been up that she should have been shutdown! She is a horrible disgusting human being.

Anonymous said...

I had to stop reading her BS on my phone earlier cuz I was about ready to chuck it across the hall over her stupidity.

She can't even get her shit straight. Bitch was born in Singapore. Tila, your ethnicity is Vietnamese and hopefully you became a naturalized United States citizen. Your ass came to America on a plane, not a fucking boat. Stop trying to get sympathy from others.

Oh, pobrecita. You came here on a boat and was subjected to child labor over the weekends by your parents. BOO FUCKING HOO.

Seagal said...

What really pissed me off about her EPIC LIE was that she is struggling, or whatever, with PTSD. She has no fucking clue what people with that go through day after day.


But on the bright side I am getting married this evening so TT will be the furthest thing from my mind. :)

Marandy Savage said...

I am not saying Tila's story is true by any means, but wasn't there still war going on in Vietnam during the late 1970s? I know there was fighting between Vietnamese and Khmer until 1979 (I believe). I think it's possible that her parents did leave Vietnam during a tough time in the country, though I think her post is a crack of shit. Probably, somewhere, there is a person who was inside their mother's womb as the mother tearfully watched her boys go off to find work in a better place. I have friends who were born in refuge camps in the late 1970s & early 1980s Southeast Asia, so it's possible....but not probable when Tila's claiming it.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Tila's brother was born in 1976. Tila's baby sister was born in 1979, and Tila herself, was born in 1981. If this story occurred in late 1070, then Tila's baby sister wouldn't have been 'holding her mother's hand', she'd have been an infant (if she was even born yet).

I would hazard a guess that Tila's story is true, but for some other family. She likely heard other family members/friends, etc talk about the war, because of her proximity to other Vietnamese. I heard many stories of WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam because so many of my family were involved in those wars and had many tales to tell. Of course, I didn't hijack their own accounts and put my name on them.

Anonymous said...

oh dear
just by reading all that..i think i lost couple of brain cells.

does that make me stupid now??

wonder if that would affect my life from now on..

BKiddo said...

That's wonderful! I wish you much happiness and I'll be doing the chicken dance in your honor!

boytoy said...

Back in 2005/2006 tila wrote her Bio on her old website and in it tila said that she was 2 yrs old when she moved to america on a plane and she was born in singapore.

Is tila really an american citzen or a illegal immgrate? Someone should call the californa goverment and try and have her deported.

Isis said...




Cathy said...

Can't wait to read your thorough analysis of Part 2 of Tila's Shitography ;)


K.R. Omen said...

Hey, I need to finish my bio too. Can I tell you guys about thinking about writing a book while I was stuck on the Amistad? I was gonna call it Weeds, but my bunk mate wrote his first and called his Roots. He was such a hater. LMBAO!

The Gnome said...

you win the best comment award of the day

Marandy Savage said...

WOW, I just want to apologize for the multiple mistakes in my post earlier. I was between classes & wanted to leave a comment IMMEDIATELY. haha. Anyways, my two passions in life are Southeast Asian History & following Tila Tequila the trainwreck. haha. So, while I think Vietnam was still probably in a pretty shitty state in the year late 1070's/1970's, lolololol, I have absolutely no faith in Tila's recollection.

LauraAnne said...

Hoooleee Shite!
I could really hardly get through that mess due to the punctuation, aps and lack of any type of structure...not that I was thinking she would be capable of doing something like that...but that was just....bad.

My dog, Itchy Balls, could write a better story than that. For sheezums sake. Im horrified.

LilShow said...

So, Thien's mum was a model 'before the war', as far as I know, the Vietnam War began in 1955, so assuming her mum was even only 16 when that happened, then she would have been born in 1939 - making her 40 years old in 1979, not 22...

So even taking up the bull that she is a 'child of war' - which as someone has pointed out above, there were still difficulties in Vietnam after the official ending of the conflict, her mother, if aged 22 in 1979, would have been born c1957 and as such, could never have been a 'beautiful model before the war'...


Then she wonders why people think she's talking such a load of old tripe...