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Wednesday, February 17

postheadericon Broken hearts and broken records

This morning TT posted via her blog that she was indeed still pregnant. She points fingers at the gossip bloggers for making that announcement for her. I was SO HOPING she'd thow the miscarriage card like we had all anticipated! You sure do know how to break a gal's heart don't ya TT?!?!

TT is also still on Jayden, also known previously as "chunks" and now starring in the role of "sick Russian orphan".

While pimping out her new gossip blog multiple times by now I continue to hear the same broken record. Promises of not tweeting, abandoning her blog with her dedicated followers for a bit, laying low from the media, etc. TT, you post this SAME THING every week. *yawn* And she realizes that it's SO repetitive that she HAD to drop the "PS-I LOVE YOU AR...." for a little bit (and by little I do mean barely any) hype. Poor, poor Casey Johnson to have gotten sucked up into the world of TT.

She does ramble on about Carlton Jordan a nameless "ex-employee" that she claims is retaliating against her and blogging because "she fired" him. He says different:


adellett said...

Can we take bets on when her next tweet is?

Imma say by 11:30 AM CST (cause I'm in TX)

Tila lovvvvvvves to take a "break" when things start to blow up in her face.

♔Teღ C.☆ said...

her lover is rotten as she a"super" mommy...I am sure about her pregnancy.she will have an accident or now she is mad about to make a baby.
be careful TT.
your ex fiance my crash your world from the darkside..

♔Teღ C.☆ said...

well,I tweeted about the pic with blue eyes,about 2009 but she never said a thing.
and I;m sure people asked her about the pic.
We are used to her tweet style

I miss my fiance I love her

I make love with my baby's father

uhh I;m a surrogate mum for my brother,but the father is the game,no,actually is AR..and so on...
Gosh I'd like to smash her:)) petit dumb porn thing

Anonymous said...

she writes about "ar", as in that avante loser? the one that tweets about weed and bitches? oh yeah, there's a winner.

how long till that moron runs to tmz to state he wouldn't touch her w/ 50's stick! lulz!

adellett said...

LMFAO! I'm only just now getting what "chunks" means. When is he going to make his arrival?!?!

Dude. Notice that all she said in her blog is that SHE specifically didn't say she had a miscarriage, but the bloggers did. And she hasn't denied a miscarriage OR confirmed that she is still pregnant---all that she has denied is that it was her who started the miscarriage rumor.'s clear that she wants us to believe that she is still pregnant, but without her actually having to SAY it. Later, when it comes out that she isn't pregnant "anymore", she can say that she didn't lie.

Read the paragraph again to see what I mean. She never says "I did not have a miscarriage". She wrote it the way she did on purpose.

adellett said...

Whoo hooo! I was (almost) right on the fucking money! Tila just tweeted to Meghan McCain at 11:21 AM CST.

Anonymous said...

i just have to say, i LOVE this blog.

about a year ago I was at a club and ran into Tila Tequila.

1. she threw herself at my boyfriend. when he didnt respond, she started pointing him out to people saying he was trying to grab her ass. when he loudly announced that he would rather eat his own vomit than be with her, she started crying and whining about how her life is so bad. as if this wasnt bad enough...

2. when advances on my boyfriend didnt work out, she began the same disgusting process on me. i told her in no uncertain terms that she was pretty vile. we left after that, with a bad taste in our mouths and a desire to go to the free clinic.

the girl is a HOT MESS. and all her followers are basically mini-hot messes who still go to high school. its so sad. but then again, those kids crave the drama she provides. wish she would get some help, but shed require a quarantine for her disgustingness.

jb said...

Whoever had less than an hour on next tweet...... You win

Mike said...

Is Meghan McCain that desperate to be in Hollywood that she'll be friends with Tila? I've seen her on Leno's failed show so she's already way past the skank.

Lol, just wait till Meghan wants nothing to do with her and Tila threatens to "Go INNNNNNNNNNNNNN" on her dad with some made up bullshit. And he's got a tight primary race this year. I smell trouble.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha you are f*ckin hilarious, that was one of the funniest blogs I ever read! keep em coming! lol

♔Teღ C.☆ said...

Im leaving Hollywood 4 a while 2 focus on my music, my family & all new artists I just signed 2 my record label 20 minutes ago from web

ups she did it again,20 min ago:)))))))

adellett said...

Okay NOW she's specifically saying she didn't have a miscarriage.

boytoy said...

I've beening following tila since 2004/2005 and since then tila has been lying about everthing none stop, i even called her out on her lies on her own myspace page and every time i would write a truth on her page tila would delete her blog this is a common thing even to this day.

For example when from the black eyes peas "signed" tila to his record label tila backtracked and said that she would rather make it in the music business by herself. Before backtracking tila said she had big news about signing to a "huge" record deal. So what i'm saying is that people are hopping the Anti Tila bandwagon to join me. I was the first to join.

Anonymous said...

if i ever found out my child was following this sick bitch on twitter or viewing any of her sick shit on her websites, i'd throw the computer out the window..
this bitch is SICK... major major major mental problems, and i'm confused as to how she's walking around not locked away in some sort of mental facility???? if you or i acted like that, we'd be long gone... is it because it's so funny to watch her lie and contradict herself????
omg, i can't wait to see the next big lie she concocts... what a freak.
wait til you see me a year from now, you won't recognize me... goodbye forever!!!!
*five minutes later*
i'm having my fake assistant change my password good bye forever
*five seconds later*
OMG, is it normal that my baby bump is gone?
well, i'm a new woman, say hello to the new me, i'm dropping tequila from my name because i'm allergic... i'm a whore new, i mean whole new woman... Ms. Nguyen whore/liar/skank/delusional/fake philanthropist/non-adoptive parent/psycho/unpregnant/living in a fantasy world i've created cuz i'm schitzo/mentally ill/"touring" at 3 clubs/freak...
i'm waiting for the bitch to go britney and shave her head... at least britney cracked because she had actual fame.... can britney's dad go take care of tila for a while??? shit, homegirl will be dead soon if somebody doesn't take control of her life...

Anonymous said...

I just had to post a comment because I'm so sick of the way she lies about how great and talented she is when she is not. The only thing she is good at is whoring for attention, and negative attention at that. She has no creativity or artistic ability at all. She is NOT a songwriter; she steals people's music. A few years ago she paid a friend of mine to write and produce some songs for her at $1500 a pop, then tried to pass them off as her own. They got into a dispute about it and he stopped working for her. The only thing she probably writes are her lyrics which are dreadfully awful and all about being a shameless gutterwhore, but you can tell she didn't write the lyrics for "Paralyze" (though she claims she wrote that too). Also, she definitely is a drug addict. Back then she would take a lot of Xanax and I remember one occasion she tried to score heroin. She knows she is a liar and has no talent; that is why she is trying to manage other people now, so she can exploit them the same way she exploits herself.

boytoy said...

I was watching a video of tila tht she posted(on her wesbite) of herself in her hotel room from brazil after a club apperance she was smoking, drinking wine and said she took a sleeping pill and was waiting for it to kick in.

Tila Baldilla said...

What PR firm? She was fired by the last PR person and no one else will touch her, Tila's a lying idiot and broke. Please.

Russia has a lengthy adoption process but if you are not rich and white, you can forget a Russian baby period. A broke Vietnamese single women, would get a Martian baby before a Russian baby. Really.

This is one sick woman. She's also nearly bald people, bald! When you lose your hair in chunks you need to stop doing what ever it is you are doing. Bald chicks are not hot to either sex or Russian babies either.