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Monday, February 1

postheadericon So Harvey, is it true?!?!

Earlier today Tila announced that she was starting a new "gossip blog" that would be in beta in three weeks. She advised for "us" to bookmark it. Tila Resistance bought the domain so unless the bitch is willing to part with $5 million bucks, she won't have that domain. How do you announce a domain going into beta that you haven't even purchased? Perhaps she couldn't afford the $10.35 that it would cost for it? I guess Joe Francis hasn't gotten a good slurp from the cum disposal lately!!!

She also mentions in the same entry that she's working WITH TMZ to get the inside scoop!!! Well, today Harvey cleared it up with something like "Riiiight...are you serious?" He then went on to answer questions about whether or not she showed up today to discuss the interview with "the Game" on Friday. She did indeed show up but they kicked her out, told her she did NOT have an invitation, and called security on her. Now (thanks to tilagnome) we're betting that tonight she will write and "epic exclusive tell all blog" about how a) They roughed her up sooo bad that she had a miscarriage and is suing TMZ for the infamous "$2 million" she always talks about in her "lawsuit rants". or b) That Harvey BEGGED her to come on TMZ but she declined the offer to protect her little fake spawn of satan bundle of joy, Jesus Christ. Remember, she IS the Virgin Mary!


Unknown said...

I knew there was a reason I loved you...and not just for your epic artwork! ;)

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