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Saturday, February 13

postheadericon Is she dead yet?

I mean, I'd prefer to read headlines about someone finding her in a Dollar Store lawn and garden bag BUT I'll take whatever I can get!! Unfortunately, I (unlike the children that follow her in her Tila Army) realize that this, ONCE AGAIN, is yet another publicity stunt. She has to take the focus off of the email that I posted in the previous blog because she has no defense for it except "it's photoshopped!"For those of you that are behind or haven't heard the latest (as she has made her tweets private once again) not long after the email came out she posts the following:

When she didn't get much response, she writes the following while pretending to be her agent. This broad is so fuckin' delusional. Cry more bitch! Go hump yet another dick and pretend he knocked your stank ass up whore!

I wonder WHY you fell off your chair and bumped your head!?!?! By the looks of the following picture I'd say it's the crack you keep smoking! You YOURSELF have mentioned that you know what smoking crack is like! Isn't that right Tila?
(By the way: She's supposed to be 13+ weeks pregnant in this photo)


RockitQueen said...

Here's the excuse to miscarry, cancel the garage sale and cancel the Australia tour.

A part of me feels so guilty for obsessively following this because she's severely mentally ill, appears to have a serious drug problem and obviously has no one that cares about her enough to get her help. And at the same time, she's an unfeeling sociopath who is messing up peoples' lives, like Lissy, and having inappropriate sexual contact with minors!

I actually knew a girl like Tila years ago who, when we were in elementary school/jr. high, was constantly telling people she was pregnant and accused multiple teachers and relatives of molesting her. Later diagnosis showed she was schizophrenic.

It's really fascinating to watch mental illness play out in front of your eyes. Maybe we should all get degrees in psychology as a reward for delving into this mess.

Anonymous said...

My sister actually is working on her masters for clinical psychology. Also, I knew a girl just like Tila too ... my own mother. So, I know that nothing will ever change her. She needs to just go away. Those who don't WANT to change will never change. You're right though!! NOW she'll miscarry, cancel her tour, and the album won't get put out "on time". Speaking of my rancid mother, today is her birthday.

RockitQueen said...

You're absolutely right (and great for your sis!)...keep up the good work. I enjoy your posts!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to mom! no matter how imperfect. god bless her.