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Monday, February 22

postheadericon Agencies to report to ... can help. Every little bit helps. I want to make a few things clear. In the beginning of creating this blog it was intended for mocking TT's bizarre antics and actions. We've said things in jest and mockery and while it's comical when it's watching her life become a trainwreck it is NOT comical for us to sit aside when we find out the info in which we have found out. This is the fact: Fourteen year old children are being influenced by sexual ambition of this adult. Tila Gnome and myself, along with many others and supporters, simply want justice to be done. We want the website to be reviewed and adjusted or removed to protect these teenagers from experiencing this influence any longer. However, the website is not the only thing to blame. There is phone/video documentation of her voicing her desire to be phone sex partners with a child. She promotes her pornographic "shows" on Ustream to the same child. That in itself is proof and should not be tolerated. Her charity is a fraud. You can call the IRS to confirm it. She is accepting money for a charity that does NOT exist based upon a CHILD that did or does not exist. It is said that Joe Francis financially backs TT's website. Would it surprise you that this man has already been charged with child abuse and prostitution in Panama City back in 2003? He's also been prosecuted on tax fraud and yet another incident involving a young girl that he couldn't keep his hands off of. Do you see a common trend here? We are realists. We are not lawyers, we do not pretend to know all of the laws. What we DO know is that we feel concern and fear for these children. We could just step aside like many others do and figure "Nothing is going to come of this" but what kind of women would we be? Call us what you want but this is one thing that we are both very compassionate about.

If you're still not convinced, you are entitled to your opinion and whether or not you think that we do, we respect it. Not that I wasn't already nauseated at everything I'd discovered, I was completely mortified yesterday when I saw the following:

"But I guess either 9 years or 90 years old....they'll probably all have the same reaction right??? Age ain't nuthin but a number."

She spells it out right there. Time after time. I don't need to beat a dead horse. I DO want to give you all the info to report this. Please, if you feel this is wrong, help us do the right thing.

When reporting any internet related crime, please include:
  • URLs of location(s)
  • Location of chat room(s)
  • People involved (screen names, etc)
  • Date/Time/Place (If you know these)
  • Name of victim or perpetrator (include screen names for chat rooms if you know them)
  • Details of what exactly you're reporting. Be thorough.
  • Name to report: Thien Nguyen aka "Tila Tequila"
Most of these agencies will let you remain anonymous if you choose to do so.



Links to report crimes against children:
Links to report the charity fraud:
I would like to thank everyone who are working together on this, including the email tips, suggestions in the comments section, and messages on Twitter. If nothing else, we will get some answers and hopefully some justice.


Anonymous said...

Despite the fact that the exploitation of minors is getting attention it deserves, I still doubt you guys are "compassionate" women in the truest sense. You were bitchy little hate-mongers who taunted an obviously troubled woman. You were catty and immature.

The minute you found something that gave your cause legitimacy, you tried to front like you were on some high road. Good for you for going after a legitimate concern, but shame on your previous behavior, to which you will likely revert once this issue is settled.

Anonymous said...

Geez who cares whether the bloggers were malicious or not? This is the bigger issue at hand and and for you to get all high and mighty in a 'i told you so' manner makes you no better.
When innocent children and third parties are needing help, does
it really matter who rings the alarm?

Anonymous said...

^ that's so true Anon @ 2:57!!!! i've been saying that all along. if they'd drop the bitchy high school pms-ing, and gratuitous hate mongering and cheap shots, peeps would take them seriously. the other blog girl tho, "the tila truth" does a great job. i wish these skanks would learn from her/them. now they're scrambling to make up for lost credibility. i guess i give them a few points for effort. too bad they didn't get sooner that all they were doing was stooping to tila's ghetto standards.

Anonymous said...

i can see how attempting to call one out on "hate mongering and cheap shots" while calling someone a "skank" makes you a suitable judge of character. go read their blog if you're so put off. we couldn't give 2 shits dear.

Anonymous said...

Hey The gnome, look what I came across, the lissy girl being called by Tila, in Oct of 2009.

Anonymous said...

Tila brought all this hatred upon herself. True some people went overboard by saying they wish she was dead though. Tila lies and hurts so many people. I don't see what is so bad about commenting on some stupid, mentally insane, meth head, compulsive liar. For others who are drug addicts and have mental issues I really do feel sorry for them but Tila has gone so overboard with her stupidity it's hard for most of us to keep our mouths shut. She's hurting many innocent people.

Good job on this blog. For those of you who just come back here to bash this site, you probably have nothing better to do with your time. Last month I was a fan of Tila but now I see her for who she truly is.

If I can think of anything to contribute I will!

Anonymous said...

OK - this is a blog that is sarcastic, and was calling Tila out for her stupidity. The difference is Tila is a 28 year old ADULT, responsible for her own actions. She put herself in the public eye, when one does this, the public scrutiny comes along with it. She is preying on CHILDREN. If this were a man doing this to CHILDREN, I highly doubt any of you would be trying to justify this.


holyrollernova said...

@ anonymous 3:15 & 2:57

um why are you here then if you have such a problem with this blog? go away.

as for 'taunting an obviously trouble woman.' yeah, tila is troubled, i wont deny it. tough shit - she asked for it with all her insane tweets, posts, and ustream videos. she may be mentally ill but she is also a drug addicted pathological liar sociopathic monster.

i have no sympathy for something that clearly fakes a pregnancy, exploits the loss of their "significant other" for monetary gain/fame, and exploits innocent children through their porn trash site.

i don't recall anyone ever saying they wanted tila to off herself - just GO AWAY! get the help she desperately needs, go to rehab, a mental institution, Antarctica...I don't care JUST GO AWAY and leave the kids alone!

ok sorry rant over!

lynn said...

This is my first post, but I had to break my silence after the current backlash towards this website.

It's pretty cowardly to sit at your keyboard and say these girls are catty and call them skanks. Skanks is usually a term reserved for a whore. Not once have I seem them participating in any sort of behavior tantamount to what Ms. Tequila has. I am a mother of a 4 year old girl. That is NOT what brought me to this website. Like most, I was reading Hollywood news and read about Casey Johnson & TT. It seemed a little premature and I paid it very little mind until Ms. Johnson died and suddenly TT was pregnant and my "lie" alarm went off. I became interested, if not a little concerned for her health and well being. I'm your average work from home mom and I was simply blown away at her outrageous/outright lies. Sure, it was none of my concern. I honestly wished someone would call a 5150 for the poor girl. Get her some help. I saw this website as at least a wake up call to her antics. I applaud them. Yes, I agree, there were a few times a couple posts here got a little overboard, but SERIOUSLY - Ms. Tequila has the ability to make sane people feel a little outraged and disgusted. I simply saw those posts as a couple of much deserved vents. It's their site after all. You would think after calling Tila out on all of her lies for weeks and weeks she would get the help she needs. In fact, I think these women probably would have pointed her in the right direction if she had come forward right away. I know most people here would have tried to anyway. If she had HONESTLY come and really wanted help. But no, it didn't happen and it got worse and worse. I don't know the people that created this site from a whole in the wall, nor have I ever been a fan of Ms. Tequila's - but I don't think that they went intentionally looking for child pornography charges. They just were looking to expose her lies. You best believe that as a mom of a 4 year old, if this was my blog, and I came across what they have, I would be on the phone with the appropriate people as well as my lawyer friends - to see what I could do. Not because I want to "bring the bitch down", but because at this point, I want to stop what is happening period. Children (real) are involved now and that paints a whole new picture on this already ugly story.

I don't know whether anything can be done, but I hope it can. No one here really can say whether it can or can't, only the FBI and proper authorities know the real answer there. I at least commend them for trying. I don't really care what their motivation is. If it stops more of this inappropriate underage behavior then I am all for it. What goes on between consenting adults sexually is NOT at question here, so people should not even be on the defensive. If everything is on the up and up, then they can go back to wanking off onto a web cam as they please.

I hope Tila gets help. I think she needs to be off the internet, not just for the health of herself but for those that follow her. I don't wish ill towards anyone, but this has seriously gone far enough.

Anonymous said...

ANYTHING I find that is not in the best interest of a child, when it comes from Tila's site/s, I will have no problem reporting it.

That you can bank on.

Anonymous said...

To address a couple questions:

Yes, I have reported it to several people and I am physically doing what I need to do to get this issue heard/viewed.

As far as the parents of these teenagers, I agree with you to an extent. However, as Allen had pointed out, his son used the "music site" excuse to gain their trust and access to her porn filled site.

We will not be writing on anything further until we get some answers with the current issue at hand. If something needs to be written, it will as an update to this specific situation.

Thanks for the support! xo

Anonymous said...

Tila is an effing idiot. I'm so glad people are calling her out.

She is also a very, very disturbed human being and I sincerely hope some justice is served.

Anonymous said...

to 4:17. damn, you have a lot of time on your hands to type that one up. relax. go see your boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

why not just tell tmz? they got the britney murphy charity shut down when it was shown it wasnt registered. and i think it is more about child porn at this point, not just proving she is a liar. it is gross.

taylor said...

are you people kidding me?! why the hell are you bashing the bloggers? do you know how incredibly sick and ridiculous tila tequila is?! hating her doesn't make them jealous, it makes them smart!

Anonymous said...

I hope she gets locked away in a mental health ward, this whole Tila story is beyond discusting. She is a cancer on us.

Anonymous said...

For all of the serious inquiries...
rest assured that both TRS and I are doing what we can on this issue. You do realize those links didn't form themselves on our page right?
Also, to set the record straight, we have BOTH reported this to various agencies. Along with numerous other people.
As all of you know, this blog DID start as a way to discredit Tila, and any of the many fabricated lies and/or stories she told....those posts were meant to show what she was doing at the time. When it got to the point where we realized children and minors were being put at risk, all other posts stopped, and as you'll notice this has now become the main focus.
If this was a male celebrity that had not only called a teen(14 years old mind you), as well as stripped live on cam, clearly showed his penis and various other parts of his body, the media would be tearing him apart. As a matter of fact, you tell me one other "celebrity" that would not be slammed all the way around for acting the way Tila does/has. There's not one.
The fact that this information has just come to light doesn't make us vigilantes. It doesn't give us "motive". Because rest assured that as this information becomes more available and accessible, we are not asking for any type of credit or "shout outs". We ask that people do what they will and report it if they see fit.
No one makes you read this blog, you searched it out for a reason. And whatever that reason may be, we thank you for stopping by. :)

Anonymous said...

"GET OFF THE INTERNET AND GET A FUCKING LIFE! Where are your husbands? Got a boyfriend? have any friends to speak of that aren't online twitter pals?"

You're online too. Why don't YOU get off and get "A FUCKING LIFE" And what's a boyfriend/ husband got to do with anything? Even if I did have a boyfriend/ husband I would still be going online!

"We all know the hours TT keeps, so what the hell are these 14 year old kids doing at 3am on their computers?"

Just because it's 3 AM where Tila lives doesn't mean it's 3 AM where others live. Some places are about 12 hours ahead of her so it could be 3 PM for them. Duh.

And also she leaves her ustream videos up so people can visit them anytime they want.

Anonymous said...

tilaresistance why dont u guys start a movement to BOYCOTT TILA.. meaning no replying to her tweets, no replying to her blog posts, and unfollowing her on twitter---i think that will finally make her shut up and disappear into oblivion.. b/c i think the 'haters' r what drives her. otherwise she doesnt have but about 10 fans. what do u say?

Anonymous said...

I think Anan at 4:17pm is Tila

Anonymous said...

tila is def posting here... even anon 5:11pm is tila

Anonymous said...

People, people! Stop arguing about who needs to get a life and who doesn't! If you weren't completely disturbed by the last two posts on TRS, you shouldn't be here at all. Everyone else: no more bickering. Let's team up and put an end to this!

holyrollernova said...

anonymous @ 4:17

yes im so jealous of tila tequila that i have to come here and bash her to get attention and feel better about myself. wtf are you talking about?

tila is that you?

Dioriluv said...

I completely agree with Anon @5:21..The only other way to cut off this beast is to completely ignore Tila. She lives on attention and that's why her antics are getting worse and worse because whatever comes out of her mouth, other than her child pedophile actions which is another story, is just another scheme to keep us "haters" as she likes to call us interested, keeping her name alive regardless if it is bad publicity. Now don't get me wrong people like to thrive in "drama" and she definitely provides the controversy. I believe she's nothing but a con artist who will lie, manipulate or in her own words "suck dick for a bentley" to satisfy her money hungry, drug addict self even if it means luring children under 18 years or younger. She knows sex sells, hence her boobs grabbing, skanky attires, nipple popping and tampon showing. She is fully aware of her actions after all she did say she was a "hustler" and sad to say we all just got hustled.

Anonymous said...

I personally love this blog's sarcastic, harsh tone. I go to TilaTruth for diplomacy, I come here for the lulz. Some comments on this site are ridiculous, if you can't appreciate tis site for what it is then my god, you do realise there's a back button?


Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon @5:21 and Dioriluv, too!

People, just "unfollow" Tila's Twitter and don't post comments on her blog entries anymore! You won't reach her fans by telling her/them how stupid they are! This results in nothing!!

The blog wouldn't be as filled with responses if it wasn't all the haters posts. The best way to show her how unimportant she became is by not showing her any reaction at all!

Twitter says that over 300.000 people follow her. What would happen if suddenly this number dropped 50% maybe more?

So.. Please everyone UNFOLLOW Tila!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:17...that was a really long post. lol. why don't YOU get a life? :P

let's just all turn our backs on Tila, and go outside for some fresh air. i definitely need to stop following her, and get on with my own life.

Anonymous said...

Let's all remember that a person very close to Tila DIED less than two months ago. Casey Johnson was in the middle of the sort of ugliness, delusions and drug abuse that we are still witnessing today. She is DEAD.

This is not about some fifteen year olds flipping through a Playboy and us getting puritanical about it.
Kids are going to see naked pictures on the internet.
Kids are going to read about sex on the internet.

Tila's kind of sexuality, however, is sick and even dangerous, in my opinion. Being drugged up, playing with guns and knives, threatening suicide, having fake multiple personality disorders, faking miscarriages, claiming to get knocked up without knowing who the father is, showing off a tampon string, etc, are all very unhealthy displays that minors should not see. Period.

Someone very close to the messed up world of Tila Tequila DIED and these minors watched it unfold as just another part of her ongoing, pathological strip tease.

Anonymous said...

the problem isnt with ignoring tila.

its with the minors who follow her.

kids are so excited at the prospect of acknowledgement of a celebrity, they have no idea they are being used.

if you havent already, you should contact Perverted Justice. they work with local law enforcement as well as set up 'stings' in chat rooms.

Anonymous said...

I will answer this once more. We do NOT plan on posting anything she tweets, does, etc at the moment. This is a MUCH more serious issue and we are no longer making any entries giving her any sort of publicity. We ARE following these leads and speaking with the correct agencies, authorities, and media. This is a process guys, but we are doing what WE FEEL is the RIGHT thing right now.

We DO NOT follow her on twitter. If we do indeed want to look something up we use something like:

Once again, thanks for reporting this and helping us to correct this very serious problem.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Jacqui, who wrote:

"I personally love this blog's sarcastic, harsh tone. I go to TilaTruth for diplomacy, I come here for the lulz."

Call me unsympathetic, but I'm bummed that you're halting all new blogs until this matter is resolved.

Anonymous said...

Tila Army get off this website. This is Tila Resistance.

Anonymous said...

Ignoring Tila and unfollowing tila will not get her to stop what she's doing with children. Period. End of story.

So go ahead and ignore it, and if you saw someone trying to pull a child into a car, or if you see someone trying to seduce a child on the street, are you gonna ignore that too?

Yes, unfollow tila, sure.. That's going to solve this. She's suddenly going to stop because a group of people that don't like her unfollows her?

No, but she may get help or be FORCED to get help if more awareness is raised about this situation.

There are none so blind as those who do not see.

Dioriluv said...

How do you think Tila got started in all this?!? Adults made her "supposedly" famous, adults funded her site and adults pay her paycheck by supporting all ver business ventures including her "strip club/chatroom" . Children are simply blinded and just follow what adults do.

Anonymous said...

Adult women = childish.
If it's available to show HER screen captures, than lets see everyone who has reported.

Anyone who took offense to "Get a life etc etc" obviously that hit a bone.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, attacking "Bloggers"? Isn't that what everyone here is doing? Attacking a blogger? I mean if we are going to throw away slandar and all the other stuff aside both are "bloggers".

I see this all as nothing more than reality TV with adults who seem to hold a lot of interest in someone who isn't well and exploits it. Simply put, anyone who exploits the mentally ill isn't any better. Period.

Here's an idea!
Call the police in her area.

Call the feds

*if you had her site would be down, it's not*

Report her site to her ISP provider
*easy to find with a whois feature*

Parents get lawyers, if you're kids are involved
why arent you doing more to protect them rather than making "hater" accounts and bitching?

Get a civil suit if your child was soliciated. Do you know how many laws there are in place for such things? Doing anything of the sort over the internet is federal and means it crosses state lines.


I love the one "hater" who's in her 30's with a teen step daughter that talks about boxes of wine while following TT's every move

Wonder why I'm posting and following? Because I'm a blogger and collecting all of this to show the decline in humans and what they find entertaining and our entire society as awhole.

I actually get paid to sit here and scan for this bullshit. And pretty damn well. What's your reasoning?

And yes, my comments are screen capped along with the rest of it. It's just hilarious to see so many people who are just as nuts.
She has an excuse (most likely drugs and boredom) what is everyone here's issue?

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys have a "well paid blogger" using this site for research. Oooh the "decline in humans," I just bet the lucrative blogging world is just lining up around the moon waiting on that gem.

Anonymous said...

^^LOL You get paid for scanning for bullshit? Do you also get paid for writing it?

Anonymous said...

some of you just like to argue. tila is a piece of shit. she's scum of the earth. asbestos. cancer. that's the bottom line. whatever is said on this blog or anywhere else - she deserves. PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

I applaud your efforts in collating all the information and passing it on to the relevant authorities.

Who cares if the original intent of this blog was to poke fun and expose trivial lies?

What Tila is doing now is serious, illegal and needs to stop. People need to be made aware of this.

Keep up the good work.

brixie said...

Ok, if people on here want to turn a blind eye to Tila's exploitation of minors, houw about we get back to the other elephant in the room - the fact that she is using a fake pregnancy and needy children in other countries to get herself in the headlines. She is making a mockery of pregnancy and adoption. How far along is she? I think she *should* be 17 or 18 weeks by now, judging from what she tweeted in the past. So, she's into her 2nd trimester...and still has a concave stomach. Here - some fun facts for you:

-----Your Body's Development
By pregnancy week 16 you can proudly boast a small belly. You may find you temporarily miss your waist, but remember that will come back just a short time after delivery. Many women love this stage of pregnancy where they are just big enough to look pregnant but not so big they feel bulky and clumsy.

By this time you might start needing some maternity clothes. While you may not fill them out entirely for a couple more weeks, you may still be more comfortable wearing something that gives you room to grow. Most of the time your maternity size corresponds to your pre-pregnancy size. Most maternity clothes come in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

Changes In Your Body
Most women report their favorite part of pregnancy is feeling their baby move inside them. By 16 weeks pregnant you might start feeling little fluttering in your stomach for the first time. This sensation may be gas, but in many cases this far along it is often your baby's way of saying hello! Most babies are enjoying the vast amount of space they have to move around the uterus around 16 weeks pregnant, thus swim about vigorously. This can result in a variety of unusual sensations in your lower abdomen. -----

Yeah, she's TOTALLY pregnant.

Anonymous said...

I have spent 2 years trying to get a pedophile who follows missing children's cases and asks for donations off the net, it took that long to get this guy and finally get him shut down. I feel like I aged 10 years, he's a dirty pig. I wish you all good luck and offer this advice. Screen shot everything. Tila and most predators edit and delete posts and cam recordings. Screen cap them! A list of typed names is meaningless. You must have the proof. Many of the links you have won't do shit is a joke, it's a way for a person to think there is a complaint. Nothing happens. Most of them are the same.

You need to provide the proof, go to your local FBI office and complain that a grown woman is soliciting children under 14, or under 16. Two different crimes. Have your proof, if they decline go to your local District Attorney or State Attorney and be prepared to really argue it's not their jurisdiction - well it's on the net and you saw Tila do this in their jurisdiction. One of them will find the balls to go after her but it's going to take effort that you never thought you would need to have.

Good luck. I know how hard this is to accomplish and expect her to sic her lawyer on you. She's a child predator, get your proof save the screen shots and back them up and document every single on of her shows, it helps if there is a group and take on different sections. One monitors the twitter, the Ustreamm the phone conversations, etc.

Anonymous said...



JPG. said...

Reading through these comment it seems like everyone hyped up on adrenaline or something, so many comments on how harmful Tila is, but have any of you actually followed those links?

Heres my argument (and please read);
You guys are going crazy over these "phone sex" tweets, is there actually a recording of them having phone sex? No. So no proof. Also all the tweets say exactly the samne so i'm guessing Tila asked them to tweet that as a joke.

You're complaining about Tila stripping and harming kids, honey, there are millions of sites out there where people do that, accessibly by under 18's.

This is nothing new. Kids will always find ways to watch this. I don't see why everyone is acting so appauled, noone is that innocent.

Now i'm not defending Tila's character. But simply, looking at the evidence. I also don't like how everyones commenting like they are on a super high road and that they are the supreme protectors of children, it's ridiculous, you are also on a gossip blog site.

JPG. said...

p.s I do however think you have a case with the charity fraud, aslong as there is a paper trail between donators and tila to prove it.

JPG. said...

I've just done all the links, so good luck. :)x Despite what i've said previously, i'm just being doubtful, i sitll agree with the cause,

Jacqueline R said...

Gonna check the links. I can't stand her behavior. That's child abuse.

Unknown said...

I've read both the "pro" comments and the "con" comments on here. I was planning on throwing my 2 cents in as well, until I read this one, and actually laughed my coffee out of my nose:

"I acutally get paid to sit here and scan for this bullshit. And pretty damn well".

Ahh haaaa haaaa. Thank you. Funniest thing I've read so far today :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog...good job! BRAVO!

Anonymous said...

Did any of you get any reply to your complaints?
What did the police/feds/whoever say?

Anonymous said...

Oh, brother. Pretending you are trying to take Tila down as a public service to children everywhere. You are soooo full of sh*t!! You are malicious, petty, jealous and probably behemouth like creatures that are not better than Tila herself in the attention you are trying to achieve. The difference is you are just downright evil about it. Yes, Tila is a trainwreck, and does and says ANYTHING for attention, this is obvious. Perhaps she even has a mental or drug problem--I dunno. But to call for child protection agencies and to call her a pedophile SHOULD get your asses sued for libel. If you are going to take exception to what she has on her site...(a site that does state you have to be 18 to enter)..then you had better start trolling..(good word for you) 1/2 the sites on the internet.
In fact THIS one could be accessed by some poor, unknowing 14 year old, looking for info on TT! Because as we know, 14 year olds would never lie to their parents to access naughty sites.
Which brings me to another point--it is parental responsibility to make sure that their sweet little 14 year old is not perusing off limits web sites. I sure as hell know MY 14 year old was not even allowed online past a certain time of the evening--and I ALWAYS monitored the activity.

Again, if you are going to take exception to the adult material on Tila's site then you need to expand your "activism"...(what a joke, you don't care about just have some nasty resentment towards TT.)..and exhaust your energies elsewhere. In fact you make an absolute mockery of the efforts of people who really try to make a difference in protecting kids against REAL child pornography. While it's definitely inappropriate for kids to view her site, there is a HUGE difference between a few horny teenagers seeing Tila flash her boobs and a TRUE pedophilia website. These kids could go on or even MySpace for goodness sake and see the same things they see on Tila's site. You gonna go after them, next? Of course not. Again--parental responsibility for their childrens internet usage.
I agree--Tila is a hot mess, with constant lies and serious self idol worship. But what the hell do YOU care? Your site and your lame attempts at being some sort of vigilante just really make you look bitter and mean. Grow the hell up and go out and find a REAL cause.
I hope you get your libelous ass sued.

Anonymous said...

tell me anon 9:04 if tila was calling YOUR 14 year old, how would you feel then? telling him they were "phone bone friends"...
oh wait, that wouldn't happen right, because you have one of those leashes on your child...and know exactly what he/she is doing every single second of the day? LMFAO gimme a fucking break!!!

If this site angers you so much, click the red x. That's it. Not hard.

Kimbo said...

...Oh and to try to act like that conversation she had on the phone with that 14 year old boy was somehow lascivious? Are you for real?

Kimbo said...

Oh your site angers me alright...enough to report it to the proper channels. I think what you do is illegal.

Do you sit here 24/7 waiting for replies? You're worse than Tila!

Kimbo said...

Again, you make an absolute MOCKERY of those of us who truly try to make a difference in abused children's lives. While what TT did/does could be called inappropriate it's NOT pedophilia.
And I sure as hell DID know if my 14 year old was online or talking on his cell phone at all hours of the night. Most repsonsible parents do.
So, tell me--what are you going to do about MySpace and Any website that may or may not be accessible to teenagers--lying about their age? You going after them next?
Get a life--please.

Anonymous said...

The difference is that Tila is supposed to be a "celebrity role model" which in itself is laughable...
Give me one name of any other celeb that acts like this and gets away with it.
If Usher were flashing his cock on camera for the world, and young girls to see, his career would be over.
If Mel Gibson were calling 14 year old girls on the phone, again career over. Jesus Christ the fucking media hung him out to dry because he called a woman sugar tits.
Your points are invalid "Kimbo".
Do have a nice day though and thank you for stopping by :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe!!

How ya doin'?

I'm not surprised to see you here.

Here's lookin' at you, kid.

That's the problem.

Sarah said...

Good point Gnome. Remember R Kelly?