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Monday, February 15

postheadericon A little history...

I'm just sitting her drinking a little rum coke, and I thought I'd post some laughable material that I stumbled across...this gives a bit of an insight into Tilas crazy antics cry for help...

Taken directly from the inside of her empty head mind....she talks about her issues back in 2003 & 2004

In 2004, we have what is probably the first documented appearance of Jane

Tila swears off torturing others with her tainted snatch sex in 2006

and then again in 2007

and then AGAIN in 2009 rofl.. your bets...once fake baby spontaneously combusts miscarriage, she will once again give up sex for the good of society...

If you have about 4 days of your life to waste and don't mind wanting to punch a small child, then here's some good reading for you. Tilas Troubled Mind