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Thursday, February 11

postheadericon Covergirl NO more!!!!!!!!

According to "Fannatic Magazine" via Twitter they are now looking for a new cover girl for April to REPLACE the scabby faced meth addict known as Tila Tequila. According to the mag, Tila's proclaimed pregnancy is the reason for dumping the trashy dwarf. Tila shoots back telling them she's going to be the COVER girl for VOGUE?!?!? Bitch please!

Oh! And for shits and giggles, Tila basically calls herself a trainwreck!


Anonymous said...

Please please please cover the fact that she posted on her official blog a "tila tequila garage sale" because she's so tired of all the stalkers and she's moving into her "new beautiful home" (which she posted a picture of). Only problem is, if you look at the properties of the photo it is a picture of a house in Thailand!!

Oh, oh, and today on twitter she went on and on about all the "haters" who don't believe she is pregnant, and then she posted a tweet that said "Laidies, how long does 'spotting' last"?
The miscarriage has officially been set up!!!!! Any day now!

Anonymous said...

countdown to miscarriage in...5....4...3
anon i heartchu <3

Anonymous said...

on the record...i'd just like to say too, that i'm quite surprised she didn't claim she was "raped by a jehovahs witness and that led to her untimely conception...which God is now punishing her for, because she's an angel here to do his work...and angels don't succumb to jehovahs witnesses.........OR mormons" :P

Anonymous said...

@anon: I saw and print screened the comment of the house in Thailand. However, I never saw the original picture. Can you hook me up with it? Thanks :) I planned on blogging about that earlier. Working on the Ustream shoot she did last night/this morning. BOY does she look pregnant. What a fatass! (not!)