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Tuesday, February 9

postheadericon Protection? Why use it NOW!?

I went to bed early last night so I missed out an any late night drama from Tila and company. This morning I noticed, she's changed her privacy options on Twitter to protect her tweets. I guess she's figuring out that she's making HERSELF look like a fucking controversial idiot by constantly tweeting contradicting stories. She's afraid her "army" might start to see what a fucking liar she is. It's alright, we KNOW that she can't go without controversy and SHE'S the one that creates it so I give it until the whore wakes up from her drug induced coma and she'll be fully back in action. What's wrong Tila? Are you scared and upset that we are proving that you're the pathological liar that we've been pointing out for YEARS now? Go back to pulling out tampons out of your cumdumpster.