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Monday, February 8

postheadericon Avante Rose ... right? And you want to raise your baby in a gang?

Tila's hinting at yet ANOTHER baby daddy! Surprised? Neither are we! The thing that DOES disgust me is that she's talking about what a wonderful mother she is going to be yet shouting out gang slang about her new "baby daddy". You see, I'm not formal with gangs, slang, or ebonics so when she starts with her trashy talk I go to trusty google. So I googled "SOO WOO" since she can't stop talking about it. And I'm SURE you'll be just as comforted as I was to know what a new expecting mother is blabbering on about. She also goes into talking about going to Compton since that's where her "baby daddy" is taking her out on a date, Compton being his hometown. Tila, do you believe your own lies?

UPDATE: 02/20/10

UPDATE: 02/23/10: AR claims he is not the father.