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Thursday, February 18

postheadericon An appearance is NOT a concert

Last week we checked the validity of TT's venue appearances. They aren't concerts at all. They are simply appearances that she was thrown a little cash to because they didn't want to pay anyone with much more than an open bar tab. However, doing a meet and greet or an appearance is NOT a concert. TT doesn't grasp that concept though. In her world all she's going to see is the bright lights flashing around while rubbing her titties so to her, THAT'S a concert. We're thinking ... she's confusing this with the adult entertainment awards. So ... on with the "tour"!

First stop, in Adelaide, HQ Nightclub! This was TT's first appearance last night. They are the only ones who actually DID promote her.

HUGE venue eh TT? The "main room" isn't much to look at is it? With the lights on, it's your typical raver-type of nightclub with lots of sexual grinding, alcohol, and whatever drug is available.

After retiring from Hollywood for the 29304th time earlier in the week, TT tweets about how great her "concert" was and how the upcoming show is SOLD OUT!

Can you believe it kids?!??! TT has SOLD OUT on her next stop. So, onto Chasers Night Club in Melbourne!!! Firstly, I'd like to point out that Chasers didn't even promote TT in the events section. In fact, they haven't even updated their site at ALL this year.

Now, I wanted to buy a ticket and since I was sooo disappointed that the show was sold out, my good friend nyjets32 hooked me up with the link to where I could purchase them! I CAN still get tickets. In FACT I can purchase up to 99 AT A TIME! I've emailed moshtix inquiring about the situation because I'd certainly like to make sure that they're aware TT says different than their website. I just want to make sure they're updated and all. Since it's ... uh, sold out and all ;) Suuuuure TT! And about this 1,500 hundred thing. Maximum capacity at Chasers Night Club is 900. So where are the other 600 people going to be? Did you bring THAT MANY personalities with you on this "tour"?

Last stop we'll be visiting The Pumphouse in Sydney. TT has bragged about being such a huge celebrity with the paparazzi following her more than once. I find it very amusing that they don't have her listed at all. In fact, the date that she's going to be appearing at the venue isn't even ON the page. However the day BEFORE they mention the "Motown Event" and the day AFTER "Cliff Richards and the Shadows". Who are they? Get my point? And many more shows in 2010 including Tom Jones, Diana Krall, Backstreet Boys and newly announced Lady Gaga shows in March! She's such a huge celebrity there. I mean, they announce the BACKSTREET BOYS TT and your appearance isn't even MENTIONED. How fuckin' embarrassing!!!

I'll update you guys and let you know what moshtix has to say :)


Anonymous said...

Thankfully they made it an 18 and over event.

BadCeddy said...

CONCERT yeah right? How many songs does she have? 1500 people turn up? When the site clearly stated that the capacity is only 900. Bitch knows how to brag and lie but she ain't wise cuz she should have done some research.
Anyone can go on stage and "perform", she could be the one begging them to give her a spot since you guys have discovered that she's broke. And as for her "fans" who complimented her "concert", kinda phoney too. Hmm... Master in diguise?

jb said...

Well speaking of why she lies. shes pathological, I mean who else would tweet about being picked up in a "Hummer with a 100 motorcycle escort" then minutes later post the video that clearly show a 4dr jeep with 14 cycles. Her deep-seeded need for any kind of attention simply overpowers her notion of factual information. Its really just sad and pathetic. the more she talks, blogs and tweets the more her credibility evaporates.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say thank you! There's no nightclub I've ever heard of that can hold a 1500 person capacity. More like 150.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Am not a Tila fan at all but I must correct a factual error you have made. The Pumphouse is a small bar/club (capacity is 1000 tops). Sydney Entertainment Centre, whilst close to Pumphouse geographically, is an indoor stadium with a capacity over 10,000. Hence it (Ent Cent) is hosting Gaga, Tom Jones etc & will fill up for them whilst even Pumphouse may look a little empty with TT's limited fanbase in Sydney (a few score messed up little girls?). TT at the Sydney Ent Cent? She would have to pay her "fans" to attend

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to read some reviews of Tila's "concerts"!!


Anonymous said...

It would appear that her appearance isn't actually at the Pumphouse. I did a search and it's at Tank Nightclub.

Lauren said...

It would appear that her appearance isn't actually at The Pumphouse. I did a search and it's at Tank Nightclub.

(sorry about the double posting)

TITS said...

from the HQ site:

SHOWCASE Tila Tequila performing live and meeting all guests and performing her club anthem "I Like to F*ck" and her solo single paralyze as well as hosting the night and partying with the crowd.

Cyanide said...

I left the same message at Tila's Spiked Tequila but you need to join in on the fun too.

Cyanide said...

This is copy/pasted from the Facebook event I was invited to. and the club is called Tank and it's a decent club in Sydney and yes they scan you with a metal detector before you go inside. I went there once and it's filled with bimbos trying to be hot while flashing their crotch, definitely Tila's target audience.

The club is charging $55 for a "VIP" ticket which includes a picture with Tila and a meet and greet and a $35 ticket which lets you into the venue - which can only hold about 300 people, probably says more on their website, but the club is small.

People were confused thinking this was going to be held at Pumphouse, because Pumphouse has a reputation of being packed with wannabe Tila Tequila's who are one step away from softcore porn anyway.

Cyanide said...


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Anonymous said...

She was a few hours off on her time but it is actually sold out now... strange.. she must have whipped out her credit card and bought the other 827 =)

Greg said...

hello all,
I arrived to tila trainwreck thru the Jane Velez interview. I did not know who she was and I am not on my space or any of those networking sites. My space, facebook, twitter "friends or followers" remind of the hype in the 90s. It is all HYPE. You can spend your time gathering friends and followers but are they "real" friends.The numbers of followers are ALSO FALSE. You can create another profile and become a friend of the original profile. The reality is playing out with TILA because her claim to fame she has the most "friends" NOBODY has stepped forward to try and help Tila who is clearly in need of it. Whether it is mental illness, substance abuse or career advice a REAL FRIEND would try to help out with advice. Her gimmick seems to be "get publicity at any cost" and this is going to backfire. She has created a large population people who are going to BOYCOTT any thing she is involved with. This is not good for sponsors or any company that wants to hire her. She did have a chance to have a career but she BLEW IT.

Anonymous said...

Haha Tila was a joke in Adelaide.. Only tens of skanky people went to see her. And it would have looked even worse if she did perform in the main room because the main room needs to hold hundreds of people in it to look if she had only tens of people in there, that would have looked even sadder. FAIL...