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Friday, February 19

postheadericon Crazy "for" you ...

Back on New Years of 07 Linda Strawberry (seen on the right) and TT were still "crazy" about one another's friendship. And might I add, TT has what appears to be a glass of champagne in her hand to toast with her group of besties! Didn't she say she was allergic to alcohol. I digress ...

Not too long after that they took this cute little video (bad quality) while obviously fucked outta their gourd.

Linda Strawberry is was a long time friend of TT and recently ditched her BFF and opened up about it in a blog last month:

To be quite honest, I felt quite sad for Linda. I'm not famous, neither were my friends or life experiences ... but I can relate. Linda appears to have eliminated her trashy lifestyle and moved onto higher levels (she recently announced REAL pregnancy) and I hope she continues to do so before it's too late like her friend, miss Tila.


Anonymous said...

Now let's all repeat after me; TILA IS A DRUG ADDICT

Anonymous said...

Tila is a drug addict who refuses help, ie: The Bodyguard group. Thease guys tried in vain to help her DRUG ADDICTION, and all she can do is try to slander them and ruin their good name. I makes me sick.
That being said, I wish only the best for Linda Strawberry.


Anonymous said...

Pardon me, I meant to say "It" makes me sick.

S said...

Anybody else think that Linda had a far better voice than Tila and that Tila was trying to drown her out? I'm glad Ms. Strawberry is on the straight and narrow path. Too bad she has no influence on her former friend. I also felt bad for her. Must suck seeing someone you care about spiral down.

Anonymous said...

This lil retarded crackhead whore actually thinks shes on a concert tour? Tsk!

boytoy said...

Actually linda wrote a myspace blog on her page about her and tila being no longer friends. This blog that linda wrote came out a few months after tila book a came out. That was the first blog linda wrote about tila.

The blog was about how tila changed and how fake she is. Linda also wrote in that blog that she didnt like how tila would have sex with men for money and that tila also had sex with a guy who bought her mercandes Benz.

How do i get a hold of the owner of this blog?

Anonymous said... is the owners email :)

Anonymous said...

Shes so stupid she RT this:

RT @BILLYMURPHYIII: @officialTila NOT AT ALL! Do you still say there were 1500 people there?

lol this guy is clearly not a fan

SpikedTequila said...

It'd be nice if #tilaarmy saw this blog, and saw how a good friend of Tila's says she needs help.

Very sad =[

Anonymous said...

This website is the equivalent of kicking a dead retarded baby. Congratulations, you're completely despicable.

Anonymous said...

I think that someone who can drudge up that kind of sick senerio is beyond despicable.


Anonymous said...

I think we are all just banging our heads against the wall. She's not going to stop her shit and we are not going to stop calling her on it. It's not going to end well. If she is lucky she will end up in jail and if not she will end up dead.

I feel bad that I don't feel bad for the bitch. I really hope bad things happen to her. I hope this because I know someone who has lost a pregnancy, and what she is doing is wrong on every level imaginable

Anonymous said...

This has turned into a nasty little high school-ish clique. What started out as a relatively decent objective of getting smut out of the reach of youngsters (or at least that is what I thought some were upset about in the beginning) has turned into a vitriolic feeding frenzy. The line between Tila and her immature army and you immature bitches is getting really blurry. You're just as sick as she is - drugs or no drugs. Hate is like meth.

Anonymous said...

Unless she gets help, this girl is going to either die or have a massive psychological breakdown that has permanent effects.
Someone needs to intervene. Where are her friends and family? If her drug problem is so severe that it is causing such extreme delusions, someone should call the police to have her busted. Seriously, throw her ass in jail for a bit and have a judge order her to rehab and counseling. She is systematically destroying her entire life before the eyes of the entire world and her fans both ignore and encourage. Its sick.

God only knows what happened to her as a child to create this tragic mess of an adult. I do not hate her. I am not a hater. I am astounded that a public figure can have such an epic meltdown, yet go completely unchecked by anyone with the power to at least try to do something. The Bodyguard Group should have called the police if they were truly worried about her overdosing. Billy Corgan? Hello? You were/ are her friend, introduced her to ex-BFF Linda Strawberry, so you know what is really going on with her and the drugs. Get her some damn help.

TNT said...

@boytoy -

I've seen the post you are speaking of, and here is the actual quote from Linda Strawberry's myspace:

“i am NOT friends with tila tequila
I just stated this on twitter and it felt SO GOOD. I just have to say this publicly. I respect the privacy of my friends and ex-friends so all that i will say is commented on things that were made public already.
I just don't want to hear any more questions or comments about her. I don't know nor do i care. I am not friends with her anymore, nor do i ever plan to be friends with her in the future. We used to be friends but that was before alot of things happened. I thought she was someone else. After tv shows, 'fame', money.. whatever its a whole other story.


one thing i can use as an example is the fact that a chapter in her book is about 'sucking dick for a bentley'.
doesn't that just SAY IT ALL!?
completely the OPPOSITE of what i want to be all about!!
I want to be about hard work, creativity, intelligence and self esteem. I did get a little lost for a while (2006) but i have my head back on my shoulders.
anyway. i didn't want to say this before because my feelings were still hurt. but, in light of recent events i've finally had enough.
so.. i just need to state this publicly. she is addicted to attention good or bad so i didn't want to give her any... but i don't want the association. at ALL.
thankyou. you have no idea how good it feels to finally just say it.

case closed.”

I found it online awhile back, but I think she has since deleted the post.

Anonymous said...

I originally started coming here kind of out an interest to see the next thing the train wreck that is Tila Tequila. And I enjoyed it... for awhile. But this post just made me sick and disgusted. The previous posters are right. You are kicking a person who is down and clearly has addiction and mental health issues. Is that the type of person you are? You enjoy spreading hate? The line IS blurred. You should really rethink your agenda and ask yourself WHY you are doing this....before you become just as "soulless' as Tequila.


Anonymous said...

That video is sad.... obviously the girls are very drunk but you can SEE they love each other. You can see a real friendship there. You know that's something Tila hasn't had in her life for a long time. She is alone, all her friends have left her for good reason, and it's all her fault. This video saddened me because Tila looks young and happy. She's being silly with her friend. She's actually normal.

Now look what she's become....


adellett said...

Don't know if you saw's about a month old. It's a blog writter by Dani Campbell (a shot at love season 1) about TT

Teresa said...

This is truly sad... I mean, imagine watching your best friend who was once so sweet and full of life sink as low as Tila has and have to cut them out of your life. I really do feel for Linda, because you can tell she wants to reach out to her so badly, but even she cant get to her anymore. This is a prime example of how drugs can ruin you. We arent watching Tila. We're watching her drug addiction take over her soul. Her actions, eyes and facial expressions say it all.

Jacqueline R said...

I feel sorry for people who support her behavior. I am a mother and heck i am fighting her ass cause of the sake of teens.