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Monday, February 1

postheadericon Repost from her "hotspot"

Every once in awhile I find people who actually know what they're talking about.  Even though I'm not religious nor do I believe in "god" I DO find it VERY offensive (for whatever reason) that she claims to be the "Virgin Mary".  The law intervened with Britney Spears when she became a whack job and I'm honestly hoping (for Tila's 'fans' sake) that they do the same with Tila.  I honestly feel that she deleted her twitter because she's aware that it's proof of her unstability.  Anyhow, this post was something I felt I needed to repost.  Thanks to the original poster:

Tila, I cannot believe that you just tweeted that you are the "Virgin Mary" and that you're going to give birth to Jesus Christ! That's probably why you deleted your twitter account. You know you've gone too far.

You are a BLASPHEMOUS BITCH, and the lowest piece of scum that I have ever seen! It is despicable that you USE God/religion and fake charities to gain publicity and fans. You LIE about adopting children and you LIE about being an "angel" and the "Virgin Mary" just to get people who are dumb enough to follow you. You try to TRICK people into believing that you are a good person when really all you care about is gaining followers/fans to BUY your crap so that you and the people you are "managing can make money. You are so low to make a mockery of God/religion and pregnancy/children for your own gain and to gain followers. YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN CHARLES MANSON!!

Manson USED and MANIPULATED people with RELIGION to get them to do what he wanted. He never actually killed anyone, but was able to manipulate his followers into doing exactly what he wanted by spouting religious B.S., and his followers, like brainless puppets, followed his every word. You, the "Tila Army," are Tila's brainless puppets and she USES GOD and RELIGION to gain followers and to make them do whatever she wants. She rants about being an angel and the "Virgin Mary" so that you brainless followers will listen to her and do as she says. And what she wants is for you idiots to buy her CDs and support the "artists" that she's "managing." Manson used religion to gain followers, and he even had them call him "God" and "Jesus Christ." Earlier today, Tila tweeted, "I am the Virgin Mary" and she said she was going to give birth to Jesus Christ. A short while later, she told you to go to her websites so that she can make money. You get it now? She is no better than Manson when it comes to manipulation and ruthless tactics to get what she wants. For her to use religion and fake charities, fake adoptions, and fake pregnancies to get her way and to gain sympathy is CRUEL and RUTHLESS.

God truly is watching you, and He knows your intent and motives. It is clear that you are a selfish, lying, narcissistic whore who uses everybody and anybody to get what you want. You are a disgrace to humankind. God is watching YOU. He KNOWS that you LIED to intentionally get Shawne Merriman in trouble. He knows that you LIED about being pregnant and adopting from Haiti ONLY for publicity. He knows that you LIED about Casey and used Casey's death for self gain. God KNOWS, Tila. You are one ruthless bitch.

Click here for Tila Truth!!!!

If you believe this stupid, evil, little girl, then you must be just as dumb as she is. I used to think that she was really mentally ill and just needed psychiatric help, so I actually felt sorry for her. But now, I'm starting to think that she is just EVIL and RUTHLESS and knows exactly what she is doing! She pretends to use God/religion, adoption/children, domestic violence, etc. to TRICK people into siding with her so that when the right time comes for her to PROMOTE a cd or project, she can get all of those STUPID people who believe her to buy her stuff. She is EVIL for USING people to get what she wants. She is so shameless and despicable as to even bring innocent people and God into her twisted plan to make money. SHE IS EVIL, PEOPLE! STOP BEING SO IGNORANT AND STUPID! STOP SUPPORTING HER BEHAVIOR! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! STOP HER BEFORE SHE HARMS ANYONE ELSE!!


embarrassed4asians said...

Hello, TilasRotSpot! I'm actually the person who wrote that post above on Tila's website. :) Thanks for acknowledging my post and agreeing with me. As you can probably tell, at the time I wrote that I was pretty pissed off. I am just so disgusted at how someone can be so manipulative, shameless, greedy, selfish, and ruthless without feeling any remorse whatsoever. It's not like she is just telling little white lies. She actually messes with other people's lives here, and she clearly doesn't care! Not only does she use people for her own gain, but she then puts herself on a pedestal and brags about how she is "helping" people and "saving" children when she clearly KNOWS that she's lying. I am beyond disgusted with this piece of trash and hope she goes away soon.

Thanks for writing this blog and shedding light on the truth. Keep up the good work!