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Tuesday, February 16

postheadericon TMZ talks about Tila ... again!

She must feel so lucky! One minute she loves them, the next she hates them. All in all though, they think she's a trainwreck as well!

So much as to mention that SHE HERSELF brings the paparazzi to HER BEFORE the "accidents" or incidents happen!

Click on the actual link to THIS actual post. The video loads slow on main blog page :)


Anonymous said...

that was my evil laugh

Anonymous said...

Yea. DListed loves you!

Anonymous said...

We're happy everyone is lovin' us :) We're just lovin' the fact that we can help bust her!!

Anonymous said...

This is my favorite blog right now, great job, love yall!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks! Spread the word!! We're just tellin' it like it is, ya dig!? :)

adellett said...

Dude. I love how Tila's on her twitter right now praising the good lawd jesus and pretending that she "won" some case against Shawne Merriman. Weird, cause when I read TMZ, it just says that they agreed to drop the charges against each other. In other words, Tila thought "FUCK" and promised to drop the suit if Merriman dropped his.