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Monday, February 1

postheadericon Hahaha, the hints for the abortion start!!!!

Tonight Tila is threatening to abort her baby if "the sextape" of her and the alleged "baby daddy" (aka the Game) gets "leaked". Oy vey!!! Yay to turning away even MORE fans that were telling her what an AWESOME mother she is going to be!!! #FAIL again dumbass!! Now, we ALL KNOW there IS NO SEX TAPE but she's going to use this as a "threat for abortion" for the next day or so :)


Kimberly said...

OMG!!!!! This gutterwhore needs more help then anyone can give shes def a peice of work. God lord this bitch is dumber than a pile of bricks

TilaGnome said...

hang on a goddamn minute....did anyone else hear this "rumor" from somewhere other than tilas own site? God I hate her soooo much!!! I'm pretty sure she would have been the one to say "you guys!!! did you hear I have a sex tape? POW!"
I hope she dies

Anonymous said...

She has a sex's just not with The Game lol.

junebug said...

the correct term for Tila is known as "Borderline Personality Disorder." nuff said.