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Wednesday, February 17

postheadericon Spike My Tequila and call me Tila!!!

Spikedtequila has been emailing back and forth with TT, resulting in a few rather boring exchanges based upon finding out whether the emails we posted were indeed, from Miss Tequila herself. TT does the SAME thing she always does, threatens with law suits. *yawn* Hey, it's content to post!?!? I won't kick a gift horse in the mouth! Thanks spikedtequila!

Anyone else wanna give TT a whirl via emai


Matt said...

Gotta love the third email from the top - "more people to send out depositions to"

REally? Does this fucktard realize that a deposition is something you go on to give your side of the story, not something you mail out to people. Is this little idiot serious?

Anonymous said...

LOL. Riight, someone hacked her email and begged for a cover of a magazine on her behalf. UH HUH I BET.

Anonymous said...

Last e-mail:

"It COULD have been someone I fired..."
"I KNOW who wrote those things..."

This is just too easy.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog!!

Never going to Radar again.

Anonymous said...

Haha I just stopped by Ninoskaxx's page... she actually did email TT and got another long deluded rant back. Too bad she didn't want the spider drawing :(

Anonymous said...

Ninoskaxx copied the spider drawing and a lot of her email's wording from another site, 27bslash6. He made that "spider attachment" infamous. I'm kind of disappointed Nino blantantly copied his idea without even crediting him, did she think no one would know?

Anonymous said...

What a legal genius, sending depositions? That's giving testimony under oath outside of a court room. For being sued constantly she should understand that concept well.

Radar is loser central between paying this toadwoman and Michael Lohan, they support trash and bottom feeders, Radar couldn't make it in print and this is why they will fail online too.

Great job with the blog.

D said...

Enjoyed the blog! Truely shows how this retarded crackhead whore deals with being DEBO ==> delusional erractic bitch onboard.