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Tuesday, February 9

postheadericon Depeche Mode Cover Tila?!?!

Remember when Tila claimed she wrote the "Blue Dress" song for Casey? Funny, Depeche Mode created it WAY before Tila could even think about ripping it off. I wonder if they know that you're releasing an Album covering their song? Do you have permission?

Tila's promoting her new album!

Depeche Mode's Original Blue Dress

Nice try idiot!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! I was just over at the hot spot. Seems all negative comments have been deleted, as well as the Nicole Ritchie and ep drop blogs. And now, you have to sign-up in order to leave a comment. There's nothing there but ass-kissing teenagers. I signed-up as WandaCal and left my usual "friendly" comment on the "roxpox" blog. Let's see how long till I get deleted!

Anonymous said...

it's ironic to me that the dirty bitch talks about "haters making her famous", yet she deletes all the truthful comments from us :(
i wanna skull fuck her with a chainsaw

Anonymous said...

OF COURSE you have to join to leave a comment! And OF COURSE she's deleting all negative comments. She's a complete fuckin' psycho trying to cover shit up :) By the way, her "Pop Rox" song is a rip off cover song of "I love rock and roll" by Joan Jett. :)

Anonymous said...

It cant be about Casey here she is in March 2009 singing it she needs help, she lies so much she cant even keep up with her own lies

Anonymous said...

i thought i saw somewhere that she was trying to claim she was filming this in some studio backlot.
it's actually the abandoned zoo in griffith park. you can get permission to photograph stills there for $75/day.