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Saturday, February 20

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What a class act for a "pregnant" woman, no!?! Her ass is lookin' a little granny along with her face I must say. Anyhow, according to Adelaide Now the "trainwreck" as described didn't impress them much with the following-like performance.

They confirm what we already know. "....where she found herself performing to literally tens of people." "...presumably to make it look like a paparazzi ambush." And talks about her arriving on her "budget JetStar flight" flanked with "five men".


Anonymous said...

important stuff starts around 4:30. All about how she can now drink alcohol. Interview is from 2007 I believe.

boytoy said...

Back in tila import days during the yrs of 2004-2008 that's when i started following tila and back them when her website was non-pay with nude pics and videos tila had a group of hot asian models called the "Fiesty Feline" that she was going to "help" them with thier "career". Below is a comment from one of the original Feisty Felines taken from tila myspace page.(P.S. Give credit where credit is do)

..Tila, this is The Original Babygirl...and I know you know who I am. To refresh you, I was chose to be one of your "Devil Dolls...later to be called Feisty Felines", on your original tila's hot spot website that had all your nude pics and I see you've turned it into a non adult pay site, so I'm guessing that it's all cleaned up. Anyway...remember a long time ago when you flipped out on me for no reason, and you told everyone on myspace that I was copying after you, when clearly I wasn't. Then your fans got all shitty with my fans and all hell broke loose. One of your fans hacked my original myspace page and deleted it. That was not nice or cool at all. I was one of your biggest fans, but after you did me like that for no reason...I lost all faith in you. I remember during all that drama you told me that I would never amount to anything in the entertainment or modeling industry. Well you're wrong girlie, because I'm a successful house music producer and dj now. After the way you burned me, I completely left modeling alone. You snaked me good by leading to believe that you were going to help my modeling career, and that was what YOU told me you were going to do. Why didn't you ever help me? I feel sorry for all the people that calls themselves wanting to join your "record label", because you're not going to help them at all. You're going to lie to them and leave them hanging like you did me. I can honestly thank you for teaching me how some people can fuck others over in this industry with lies and broken promises. I will not wish bad things on your career like you've done to me. I can only wish that you try to find that Tila that I once was a fan of. I know she's lost somewhere in this "new whore's or whoever you are's" body. I've been reading about all the wacked out stuff you've been doing and going though, and I can only see it as karma.

To anyone that's interested. My dj and producer name is Vinyl Bitchie and I'm here on myspace. If you're a lover of better music then Tila's, then you should take a listen to the music on my page. I produced every track and my 13 year old daughter helped me. All the music I produce proceeds goes to funding music departments in public schools, so if you like the music enough to purchase it on'll be actually donating to a great cause.

Posted by Vinyl Bitchie on Thursday, February 18, 2010 - 3:16 PM
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Anonymous said...

I knew her show/s were going to be a flop.

That's probably why she don't have too much to say about it on her twitter anymore which is why she started that lame crap about marrying her baby daddy when she gets back.

Tila want to divert everyone's mind off of her failed "concerts".

Budget flight and 5 bodyguards...LOL, LOL

I can't wait for this lying moron acting nitwit to be committed to a mental hospital.

Anonymous said...

Anybody else find it odd that she's "performing" the song she has with RazB (that "they don't need to know" song), when she's really only backup on it? And, you know, all that bullshit about how she's not trying to get fame for herself, but for the people she's signed. I mean really, that's RazB's song. And her 20 seconds of "singing" to it really sucked.


Anonymous said...

I actually like that they don't need to know song.

TNT said...

She's not even really singing. It sounds like they're just playing the cd, and she's singing along to it. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I liked the "the they don't have to know song. It has a good hook.

Where is RazB?