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Thursday, June 24

postheadericon UMA's say what?

Oh my god, Rotspotters, it's been such a busy week for Uncle Eddie. I've been fighting a vicious Yeti with Rotty, and Tila found out I'm really the "leader of the Resistance" and that I'm a 16 year old named Chandall (no, I'm not kidding, she really thinks that - that post will be up soon, I give it to Rotty). Ugh, it's a hard knock life for a 16 year old leader, especially when they're 27 and GODDAMMIT TILA THERE'S NO LEADER, THIS ISN'T YOUR RETARDED ARMY.

Anyway, I've been working on this post for days, making sure everything is nice and legally golden for me to post. Enjoy it, fuckers.

So let's start with the other day, when Tila was going on and on about her upcoming UK tour, where she's going to perform at the UMA's.

Heh, well okay Tila. Right. So immediately everybody starts pointing out that the UMA's aren't until September. This is, of course, more of Tila's famous embellishing, because what she really means is that she's performing at the launch party which is in July.

Anyway, soon after, I start getting emails and DMs on twitter that people have emailed the UMA's to voice their concern. I want to make very clear that nobody at the ROTSPOT sent them to email, they did this of their own accord and wanted me to know. Fine, right? I mean, I don't care if you email until the cows come home, especially when it was done out of genuine concern like this one I got:

Here's another one that was sent out and then sent to me:

Cool. So I decided the best thing would be to sit back and wait to see what happened. And boy, rotspotters, I didn't have to wait long. That second email there? That one quickly received this as a reply:

Okay, so it just seems to be a form letter. But note that it does say that if the UMA's don't say it, don't believe it. No big deal, right? Right. Until that top email got this reply:

OH SNAP. What's that you always say, Tila? Pow? Well yes, then POW YOU STUPID CUNT. I guess your shit is finally coming back to bite you? Oh yeah, and what happened to your guest appearance you were supposed to do on Wendy Williams when you were in NYC? Same thing? Oh.

I encourage any of you NOT to send out emails just to be nosy little busybodies and try to screw things for her. Then she's right about all of us. HOWEVER, let me make this fucking crystal clear. If you have a genuine concern - which many of you do - then by all means you fucking email. You email, you call, you do anything you can. Some people may fault you for this - and some may fault me for this post - but you can all choke on Uncle Eddie's huge cock. And if you want your email featured here, don't hesitate to send that shit to me or any of us here.

Thanks for the emails, guys, you know who you are. Keep on fighting the good fight.


Anonymous said...

WOW, that is so fucking funny. I just have nothing else to do but laugh and say great job you guys.

Mason McDuffie said...

Once again thank you soooooooooo much for making my day. I emailed too but never got a response. Awesome news. But what's up with those emails from tila to some person who was apart of your "staff" or "army"? I saw the twitpics but was lost about what they originated from. It's hard to believe those messages are actually from her cus they are semi legible haha.

Eduardo Retardo said...

It's a long, weird story Mason, and to tell you the truth I don't really understand it either. But yeah, all I know is that Tila is digging for our information REALLY HARD, even though she said she already had it and was filing a lolsuit with her lawyers of which she has. Rotty will be posting about it sometime - she's real busy fighting off the Yeti (really she has family in town). But yeah, I wish I could explain them to you better, but it all came to me in a weird, crazy jumble that I can't really piece together myself.

Ericka said...

Tila, perhaps if you would restrain yourself from flaunting your upcoming events like a gitty whore, us jelis bitches wouldn't be able to prevent your appearances. In conclusion, FAIL and triple POW!

Clementine said...

Someone should ask her what BBC station she is on.

She literally cannot stop herself from lying. She probably gets high and actually thinks she's telling the truth. Like she will hear something on the radio about UMA's and dream about performing on there and suddenly she thinks it's reality.

I love that she is just making shit up about us (the resistance) personally I'm 33 years old and live in Canada. Other than the comments on this blog I have no contact with the Rotspotters. Seriously she is mentally 14 and thinks that people start armies and spread rumours to be cool. WTF?

I went to her flog today, (I think she took down her Facebook so people would have to give her more hits.) she was in some music vid of some band. Of course the whole post is about how hot she is in the video. I'm actually not sure if she bothered to mention the band though. Nice. Then she asks directors to email her to direct videos for HER SONGS(her words) Blue Dress and I Fucked the DJ, someone in the comments said "Blue Dress is not your song" and Tila a actually responds that artists steal other songs all the time and look at Jay-Z. Obviously Jay-Z and her are of the same callibre in her mind. Also I'm pretty sure Jay-Z pays the artists rights for sampling their songs and gets permission. Something tells me Tila doesn't(you know that whole being broke thing.)

Drexel Spivey said...

I dont think her performance was not permitted, I dont believe she was ever supposed to perform. After she first stated crowing about the UMAs, I checked the website and nowhere on it was she ever mentioned. I mean how is she supposed to be in the UK and rehab at the same time anyway? I think by the time CR4 rolls around she will still be blogging and tweeting all day. Something tells me shes not going anywhere.

Madame Toast said...

She already made a brief post somewhere, or tweet about not knowing what to do...Tv or UK, which leads me to believe that when filming for CR4 starts she is going to say she has to cancel the whole UK tour and is doing it to make herself better and her whole army will fall at her feet and applaud her for being so brave and selfless, blah blah blah

Those That Do said...

She can't handle the truth in any form. She posted that idiotic video of herself today and went off on and on and was deleting lots of comments.

She had to of done a really weird ban on me as my post was automatically deleted today and no I did not curse or anything. Just called her a skank but everyone does now.

BKiddo said...

I love how the UMA PR people responded so fast to who e-mailed concerns.
It was like they were "Oh Hell No!! We don't want anytype of association with that nasty alien!".
I'm curious to know which BBC show she picks to pretend to be on too.
I'm with Clementine, I just post comments and read with great delight.
I'll be 43 soon, but it must be said, that I'd jump at the chance to have all the Rotspoters/Resistance over for a big ass BBQ. Hell even the Yeti can come, but has to behave.

Nothing much to see said...

What can I say?

Oh look, it has already been said. I love you Edmister, of too much sex, taped to my ass, being awesome.

Mason McDuffie said...

@Eduardo: thanks for the heads up. Haha, keep up the good work. You and your "gang of teens" rock and definitely make the day go quicker.

GhostofChunks said...


She literally cannot stop herself from lying. She probably gets high and actually thinks she's telling the truth. Like she will hear something on the radio about UMA's and dream about performing on there and suddenly she thinks it's reality.

I do believe that you've hit the nail squarely on the head. She hears things in her drug-addicted mind and believe that a message is being sent to her, and only her (being the Virgin Mary, her fake child will be born the Son of God, her recent forays into "The Others" - hmm... she must have been to some type of church lately). She takes these messages, applies them to herself and her situation, and pretty soon she honestly believes that someone has asked her to run a fashion line, that she'll be on a reality TV show, or she's hosting some award event.

She is very off-balance psychologically so much that it scares me. Not really, but you all know what I mean.. :)

Isis said...

I'm sorry, if you're 4'11, you're not kicking my ass. I may be a pacifist but I never once ever stated I can't fucking fight. The louder somebody gets about how much of a badass they are to me the more they are scared or the more desperate they are to think that gets them "street cred". Hard work and education gets you what you want in life, not who you "roll with". Anybody who honestly runs around insisting that you are to be judged by the company you keep needs to seriously shut the fuck up because we are only responsible for our own actions, period.

The only person I am obligated to speak for is myself and my daughter. Suffice it to say, if I found out my kid was involved with trash like Tila because she was desperate to belong, I'd just sit her down and tell her the story of how Mommy was blessed with the beautiful miracle that is her Mini Me and how it caused her to never be anybody's punching bag ever again. You do unto others as you would have them do unto you as much as you can, but she will never have to apologize to me for standing up for herself.

Nobody tells me how to run my life or who my friends should be, and if I honestly bother anybody that much when they talk to me online, then don't talk to me. They're to much in love with the smell of their own farts to even realize that how I act online and how I am IRL are two different things, anyway, so trust me when I say I won't miss you.

And I don't give a shit how annoying I can be online, nobody has ever seen me freely exploit minors or freely spew racial or homophobic slurs to the extent that Tila does. You can be a person of color and still be a fucking racist. I'm an equal opportunity offender, but dear God I never get nearly as butt hurt as this whiny trick does when I get a response to my love of bad taste.

Joann said...

I also looked up the UMA awards when the skank first said she was going to be performing there, which I think was around the first of the month, and saw a long list of names posted and hers was nowhere to be found.

Tila lies because she is a pathological liar. She lies about EVERYTHING or the 1% of truth she does tell is so blown out of proportion the truth has disappeared.

I hope Rotspot does a post on that god awful video she put up today.

Doing a video in a nasty gas station bathroom with Tila dressed up like an over the hill hooker, dressed in padded shorts and looking through the hole of the dirty bathroom wall with some weirdo is thoroughly disgusting.

kristi (myhrette) said...

Oh Uncle Chandall!

You make me so happy.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

I watched the video and I felt bad for the group since the troll didn't even mention them until the end of her blog post. I saw the comments on the band's YouTube page and some stated that the music is cool, but TT in the video was not cool.

Also, I noticed the trick was too lazy or too broke to get her damn nails fixed. She's missing two acrylic fingernails on her right hand and it's really obvious in that one scene she's pumping gas into that car. Nasty acrylic nails and chipped nail polish are some of my pet peeves.

Tyranny4U said...

For years now, I've likened myself as to being a gay boy/man trapped inside of a cute hetero girl/woman's body and by cute, I meant I'm cute in the J-girly, Harajuku sort of unconventional way. With that said, I would GLADLY suck on Uncle Eddie's fat cock.

/shank eyes

Yes'm bitches! Avert your eyes and cover your ears 'cos I just might swallow, too! (yup, I'm a slut... in my own mind)

And naturally I've forgotten exactly why I'm posting here other than to say, What the fuck is taking all this week for you bitches to post hot douchey news by Queen of all Fuckery?

During these lean times, I have to chain myself to a rubber tree in the forest and hope to abscond myself from the inturdwebz or self-flagellate until my TRS fix is satiated.

<<<333 you guys =)

tilas said...

in the pic she uses in her post of the video (only you would be flattered to be in a glory hole gas station bathroom you piss infected cum bubble) she is missing 2 of her acrylic french tip fingernails. Didnt she have to learn to do nails to enter our country in the first place??? WTF!?! TACKYYY

Jana said...

The BEST part of my day is my morning coffee, my morning cigarette and my daily dose of rotspot. I love each of your girls more and more. Thank you for everything you have done. Her demise is just right around the corner..mark my words.

Alabama Worley said...

@DrexelSpivey <-- you spelled Drexl wrong

:first eye roll:
Anyway, I'm glad to know I'm 17 again!:second eye roll:

I'm happy I'm in my mid 30's and too old to have a "gang" lol.

I can't wait to see that post on how this all came about.

Kitschy Kitten said...

I personally LOLed at how much she was responding to jelis hater comments on this post. If you guys haven't read them, you should. They're good for a laugh!

Fatty McFatterson said...

Isis, if you have a problem with Tila, I wish you'd just let it out! ;)

I wonder what kind of morally bankrupt children these kids have to be to overlook all the lies and shenanigans. These kids are our future, and damn, the future is full of crabs and deceptions. Now I know why all the 2012 end-of-world people jumped on that bandwagon so fast.

krissylu said...

@imoutofit- I noticed that about her nails too- how pathetic!

Terri said...

The way I see it, she will do CR4, NO MATTER WHAT! That will be the most exposure she will EVER get and on National TV. That is what attention whores do (especially ones, who are broke and have no morals). I am not saying that all the people that go on CR are attention whores or especially have no morals, but they are doing it for the money (and perhaps exposure). I still like the show. I have a crush on Dr. Drew, but people who are PAID to get off drugs, well the ending is not usually remaining sober. Dr Drew has co-written a book on celebrity narcissism, so I doubt she will pull the wool over his eyes, but it is really more about ratings in the eyes of VH1.

What is sick to me is how she plans her lies (and equally as sick is the army that believes her). It takes ALOT of energy to plan lies (Tila if you used that energy to do positive things, you could REALLY be something). I bet CR4 is scheduled to film 7/10 or 7/11 and like people are saying, she won't be able to go on her tour of strip clubs in the UK. So much energy wasted.

Any person with a brain knows that she is lying about the UMA's, but really would they have somebody on the show that refers to black people as "monkey face". I would hope not.

Terri said...

Dammit, I meant to say... THIS WAS AN AWESOME post Uncle Eddie.. it made me feel warm and fuzzy! and the lulz were amazing!

gillianthemad1013 said...

I'm curious about something, Rotspotters: it seems that we haven't had any comments from the Tila Army in a long time. I seem to remember that in the earlier stages of the blog there were still a few posters defending Tila. Are you filtering Army posts or have they given up commenting altogether seeing as, well, her actions these days are just indefensable?

Anna said...


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Tila ordered her army to ignore us and to not respond to any of our comments?

That, and the fact that I am betting they can't take the heat...

Eduardo Retardo said...

We post basically all of the comments we get, unless they specifically say "please delete this, I just wanted to tell you guys..." (I got one of those today re: something on my twitter). Any hate comments we TOTALLY post because they're hilarious. The Army seems to have just given up. They still attack (I use that term loosely) on twitter though.

Anna said...

Of course they attack on Twitter. The group think thing and there is always a sense of security when you'rein a group.

Also the fact that Tila is usually on Twitter probably has more to do with it that anything else. She can see who's defending her and saying what and throw them a bone...

Drexel Spivey said...

@Alabama Thanks for your concern hun but I assure you that it is spelled exactly how I intended.

Alabama Worley said...

Well thank the lawd then.

So her army has left comments here? I've yet to see them. I mean I've seen comments where I'm kinda like "soooo....why are you here?" but nothing like I'd expect out of her baby retards.

About her nails. She did a shoot (might of been when she was in NYC) where her nails were like this and I had said something somewhere. God I wish I could recall what. grrr. Who doesn't at least take all their nails off and throw a coat of paint on them so they all match? Or makeup people on the shoot quickly making a fix?

hot ass mess.

chey said...

First off, congrats to those of you who had legitimate concerns about her presence at this award show and took action.
Second, Uncle Eddie, I had a thought. Why don't you tell Tila that this Yeti you are having troubles with is the leader of the Resistance and she and her army can go after it. Kill 2 whores with one stone as it were.

Ima said...


OMFG - I freaken love you love you guys.

Isis said...


I'm a delicate lil' tulip!

B_McBitcherson said...

Love love love that Tila has yet again had one of her lies served right back to her on a shit platter. Delicious!

I've also wondered before if her army posted comments here and if they've been deleted cause I've never seen any. How dedicated could they really be if they're not even bothering to stand up for you here, Tila? Tsk, tsk, that's just sad.

Aaaah, thanks for making my lunch break so entertaining, Eduardo!

Nikky Raney said...

This is my favorite post. Ever. Pow Bam Boom. Boom Pow. Like that part in Boom Boom Pow by Fergie. Seriously. I don't know what more to say other than this is pure brilliance. I stand in awe and bow down to your highness.

Nikky Raney said...

Does your boyfriend know you're a 16 year old girl named Chantall?

Anonymous said...

tila already responded in one of her posts on her stupid site (yes i went there to read her 'apology' which was a total hypocrisy..someone had asked her about rehab. she said she was going to a private doctor concerning her drug use and that she is sober she is saying she is not going to be on CR4, which makes me wonder what the real reason is???

folksy nihilist said...

Everyone knows she's lying. Why continuously call her out/dedicate so much time to it? It's just a circle jerk. It's pointless. Just leave her alone and she'll fizzle out.