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Wednesday, June 30

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A couple of weeks ago, on June 12, Tila posted an open letter to advertisers, offering free ad space on the Flog. It's obvious she was desperate for ad revenue, because totally legit celebrity gossip blogs like TMZ and Perez don't need to give the goods away, advertisers go to them and offer money in exchange for ad space.

Tila claimed she was waiting on her ad managers to make some decisions about ad placement with any one of numerous agencies vying for her attention. Yeah, right. Anyway, as I've highlighted below, Tila claims her readership is made up primarily of folks in the 15-34 year old age bracket:

Well, if I had a flog that attracted primarily kids and young adults, I might consider ads for clothing, music, snack foods, you know the kinds of thing kids are interested in. I don't think I would place ads for female orgasm-enhancement products:

Or male organ enhancement products:

Or growth hormones aimed at folks who want to feel "20 again", when most of the readers haven't even reached 16 yet:

And I guess poor Mittie and beyondbettyjean are worried about their flawed faces, so they'll be needing a ton of this wrinkle cream.

All she needs now is some ads for Metamucil and an AARP sign up sheet.

WTF? Who in their right mind would place ads like that on a site they KNOW is over-run by kids? Who does that? I guess that same 'who' who does that is also the one who strips online for those underage kids, and offers to fly them out to LA, and who promises them shopping trips and who bands them together to bully other kids who question Tila.

Tila doesn't know the first thing about advertising or ad placment. Miss Mogul is likely banking on her Army of Perverts and Molesters who often sit in the shadows taking notes on the skantily clad pictures and the desperate teens posting their phone-bone numbers on Tila's Facebook page.

Well, as she promised, she does have advertisers, but if you saw your kid hanging around a site with ads for female orgasm enhancement and penis enlargers, how comfortable would you feel with the 'legit' news your kid is absorbing? She calls Perez a pervert, yet you don't see those disgusting ads on his site. Probably because legit, mainstream advertisers see his blog as a money maker so he can pick and chose the advertisers.

In the name of fairness, Tila does have a few other ads on her site that are more appropriate for her readers: a banner for a Bay Area band, a facial cleaner, Tila's godawful album (with 2/3 of the songs stolen from other artists) and a clothing line, so only half of her ads are completely inappropriate for her site. I wonder if this ratio will change when the big time ad agencies and movie studios put in their bids for adspace.


boytoy said...

This newest blog and the other couple blogs have been boring, and shit i dont care about and i wanna know about bad shit going on in tilas life.

I think it was back in may there was talk of tila being an escort i wanna here of how tila making money that way. who cares if there is some legal problems in the way talk about it already give your readers what they want. And if there is no good shit to post about dont write anything at all.

Eduardo Retardo said...

Hey boytoy! Guess who doesn't have to fucking read this site? That's right, you. We don't cater to you. You're an obnoxious little fuck and you always have been. We can AND WILL write about whatever the fuck we want. Don't like it? Don't come back, douchebag.

Fatty McFatterson said...


This newest comment and the other couple comments have been boring, and shit I don't care about and I wanna know about the bad shit going on in your life.

Oh boo fucking hoo you don't like my blog posts. Well, I'm just going to have to kill myself. You think my posts are boring? Tough. I just report on the mogul, if there's boring shit to report, well that's all I have to go on. I ain't trying to drum up scintillating blogs for you where there are none.

You don't see me over at Tila's flog complaining that she's a boring piece of shit and ruining my game, do you?

Treva said...

Tell em'!!!!
You go girlies!!! Lol...

There is a simple explanation for these advertisements:
Bullshit flog = Bullshit ads.

No LEGIT company is gonna "sell" there product on a NON-LEGIT blog.

Again, thank you chicas for all you do!!! I luvums u!!! *kisses*

Treva said...

Sorry *blushing*
'their' not 'there'...

Treva said...

Btw.. Does anyone else think it's funny that the ONLY thing Tila knows how to sell is sex, and the only ads she has are ABOUT sex???

Ray said...

I thought she would've had some kinda of detox herbal ads, maybe some for herpes and a few other STD's. Defently a Ambien one.

The youth cream i can under stand, i reckon she's older then she says she is. And the boner pill she probably buys by the case for when she goes midnight shopping for dudes, so they can get it up while she eats pizza as she rides them. LOL

Joann said...

WTH...I have Adblock turned on for her piece of crap blog so her ads and pictures she post do not show on my screen when I go there.....but it's a damn shame the skank would put those type of ads on her blog when she has already said her readership is between the ages of 15-34.

It's further proof she could care less about her young fans or the impressions she leaves them with.

What I would like to know is why would a company selling female orgasm-enhancement products, male organ enhancement products and growth hormones even consider placing their ads on her site when her readers are mainly tweens, teens and young adults?

Smart businessmen would never consider making a move like that. They won't make any revenue with those type of ads on her site. Ads like that belong on an adult site. Mmmmm....something is rotten in Denmark guys.

IMO, she's got something else going on with the people who placed those ads on her site.

@ Treva....I did a search on Google about Tila and this skank has been using sex to get where she wants to go for a loooong time.

I saw plenty of videos and pictures of her "back in the day", before she got her boobs enhanced and after, posing naked, half naked and gyrating in sexual ways. It seems sex is all she knows.

Tila's said...

These ads are so not fitting for young teens. She is such a tool!

BKiddo said...

I'm just bummed that she's actually got advertisers. Since I don't need any of that stuff, I won't be able to boycot. (Ok, I need wrinkle cream, but I use Olay for that shit.)
There's now way in hell that I'd let my kid go to any site that had ad's for inappropiate products. And we'd tell him why.
RE: The comment by boytoy, I come here for alot of reasons, and one of those reasons is because I love the way the Ladies of Rotspot write. They could be writing about what they had for breakfast and I'd have the giggles all day.
I love their wit, and the wit of alot of other people who comment here.

Isis said...

Anybody who makes fun of MY poetry: read Tila's, then punch yourself in the face for speaking too soon. I mean, really. My toddler could pick out a few words via magnetic poetry and be a better writer than her.

Madame Toast said...

Just wanted to share this...

Tila lives in Tila's world, someone said it before I think on a post and it is the truth...
same shit different day.
I don't agree with what boytoy said but I think the fact is that yall have real lives that you live outside of this blog (unlike our favorite little hogul) and the fact is Tila is just playing the same song over and over and over again. Its understandable that there are not 5 posts a day and major drama going down to entertain the masses.
To be honest I've started to see Tila's world suffer some stress fractures and it seems like as the stories dwindle so does she and eventually the post we will see will be about her demise.

Its all kind of sad, but because she refuses to snap back to reality that is where it becomes a show. We all love a trainwreck right?

The Gnome said...

are you seriously here trying to start an e-fight?
give me a fucking break!!!
how about you pull the sand out of your vagina, and start your own fucking blog then.

you think we're boring?
do you honestly think we give 2 shits what you think?
feel free to move along before i mushroom stamp you in the face.
*smiles politely*

Rotty (TRS) said...

Good morning boytoy!!

*waves from poolside with my morning coffee*

First of all let me commend you by "saying what you feel" here on our blog :) Boy that sure took some major balls didn't it? I'm sure it did!!! *golf clap*

You see, just as Eddie said, you have always been an obnoxious little shit TRYING to TELL us WHAT to write. And obviously, that has never nor ever will work for you. I understand about "giving the readers what they want" but you can't squeeze blood from a turnip. Ya dig? Tila (or someone) has been doing damage control (dc). And for the rants that don't seem DC'd, well it's the same boring bullshit recycled and reused over and over again. IT is getting quite boring I will admit. Which is WHY we AREN'T writing on it.

As far as my escort story. You are correct, I am waiting on some legal and actually a few other things as well. I don't owe you an explanation but I figured you were sooo big boy brave that I'd give you one. "Who cares if there is some legal problems..." isn't exactly a very smart response. I'm going to assume you live in a rented trailer and catch the bus so therefore you don't understand having shit to lose. Enjoy that doublewide dear sir!!! Being as that seems to be the case I guess my idea of you wanting to buy Tila for 48 hours is out of the question. I can hook you up if you like (since you're so interested in it) but she requires 50k. And like I stated above, that doesn't look like it's even possible.

Go ahead and pat yourself on the back ... you sure showed me didn't you?

*points and laughs*

Claudia said...

OH MY, this post made me cry in laughter! TEARS ROLLING DOWN, one tear even made it inside my coffee cup! Another good post Fatty, LOVE IT! I can always count on rotspot for a good laugh!

Monique said...

One of the advertisers (WeTheUrban) has a "blog roll" & listed under the gossip catagory.


Priceless! @:-)

MsWonkyTits said...

Nice post Fatty!!! All the posts here are wonderful, and as was mentioned, you ladies could write about your morning dump and I would read it because your wording is what makes this site so enjoyable! I had been wondering about her advertisers, so thank you Fatty, for the follow up. As for you boytoy, go suck a wiener and STFU.

Prof. Chaos said...

Boytoy (or Tila, whoever you are):

The point you are so obviously missing (much like your punctuation) is that these people could be writing about the mating habits of the Adirondack squirrel and we'd still tune in. It's called "good writing."

Fatty, spot on as always!!

Drexel Spivey said...

@Madame thanks for that link. That explains why my adblock didn't auto block those I had to add them to my filter and when I did it also blocked all her music ads too. So basically she has just added affiliate banner ads to her site and the only way she can make money is if someone actually uses the link and makes a purchase.

That's a terrible way to try to generate money on a blog type of website, especially a "celebrity" blog. For her average user I would bet a better money generator would be the same type of porn ads.

jenn said...

I also, am interested in this escort story, but to be honest, I would rather wait for them to get confirmation and approval from the appropriate sources before they post anything. If they just said whatever they wanted, with no sources or proof to back it up, they would be just like Tila, Spewing out allegations with no merit. I come here and enjoy this blog because they always post proof to back up their points (unless the post is just a commentary piece, and then none is needed) I appreciate they take their time and verify things before posting them here. I also wouldn't want to see anyone get in any kind of legal trouble over Tila. She's not worth it. In any way, shape, or form. That would just be giving her what she wants.

Anonymous said...

the adds on her blog are the kind of adds that one would find in a porn website ..

kellymae said...

Hey tila er I mean boytoy GO FUCK YOURSELF!!

*waves at Rotty, Gnome, Fatty and Uncle Eddie.

Isis said...

Oh and:

Don't you just LOVE it when readers serve you ultimatums on your own blog? I know I do!


Just One of Many said...

Hahaha at blowtoy...I mean, boytoy. Here at the rotspot, if something is promised, it's delivered. I know you're so used to the lying ways of that all-over-the-map Miss Tila and her empty promises. Basically, everything out of her mouth is a broken promise.

Here, if they say it's going to happen, it'll happen. Now hop back over to Tila's blog and tell a hater they're "fat and jelllisss".

jayden said...

Hey boytoy, take your illiterate ass over to the kitchen and make me a sandwich after you suck my dick.

Not that I think the Rotbabes need any help defending themselves against your lameass post . . . touche, ladies!

Anonymous said...

Boy toy has been on here before Gnome asking if you all could help her write a letter to some place so she could SOUND SMART! Dont believe me check in the older post it is there, haha! Also she tried to start with me saying I was Starfish which is Lori all because we were talking to each other (Until I got her name else where and we went there- so it wasnt long convo) but she was like we were the same people which was totally out there and odd the same as THIS INSULT she posted here, she is just a very odd being, and with a name like BOYTOY I gather she really is or at least SHOULD be a fan of TILA and not the ROTSPOT (HA) and just like I told her before, Ill tell her AGAIN!!!!


Anonymous said...

Prof. Chaos said...

Boytoy (or Tila, whoever you are):

The point you are so obviously missing (much like your punctuation) is that these people could be writing about the mating habits of the Adirondack squirrel and we'd still tune in. It's called "good writing."

ROFLMAO so true!!!!!!!!!!

boytoy said...

Everybody thanks for the attention today i was just having an opnion but thanks for putting the spotlight on me.

What the fuck crawled up everybody ass today??

Sammi thank god your not writing in caps today. Why the hell would i be tila

I like what Madame Toast said it could be that im going through withdrawls

To the writers of this blog when have i been telling to write shit(your words not mine)?

I guess you didnt get my email i sent about tila chapter 3 blog on the Illumanti(whatever its called) and lady gaga being called the devil.

I'm still going to come here and comment.I have in the past praised the writers on here for thier wonderful writing(mostly Fatty)i guess everyone just wants to see the negative.

Rotty i live in a house in the suburbs and not a double wide trailer and i do have all my teeth

Sheriff Gauncent said...

The boytoy video is coming along nicely. I'm drunk. need to sleep.

jayden said...

You don't seem to understand, boytoy. No one fucking cares about you.