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Wednesday, February 17

postheadericon Bitch, you're so two thousand and eight ..

Yea, you heard me. Of course the goblin randomly tweets about all of the "false info" out there on her. Bitch please. We already KNEW you were coming back with that response. That shit is so two thousand and eight!

And the LAST time that I checked NO ONE was using your name "Tila Tequila" for ANY domain names. TRUST ME HONEY, none of us want to even pretend to be in your shoes right now.


Anonymous said...

i feel sorry for her. she keeps calling "cease and desist" "CEAST and desist". unless it's the same typo in the same spot over and over?

i know she must be freaking out right now, especially being so far from home. she needs to mellow out and rest. she's probably jet lagged, and has 3 club dates in 3 nights.

her tweets sound erratic and jittery right know she's feeling the stress of not being able to control things.

Anonymous said...

Probably having withdrawals, after all she hasn't had her fix for at least 24 hrs ....Ceast & Desist, LMAO, goes to show how uneducated this trick is!