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Thursday, February 11

postheadericon Yes, Thailand it was!!

Like blogged before, Tila is being evicted moving out of her house because she is broke claims to have stalkers and fears for her life. Anyhow, she posted a picture of her "new house" which she's so proud of. From the looks of it she's moving to Thailand!! Yay!!! Of course, she's not REALLY moving because the idiot broad didn't realize that it's easy as hell to trace her link. She's not used to having people with a brain being able to figure her manipulation tactics out.

Here's where Tila tells us about moving to her gorgeous new house. She posts a picture of her "new home" :

Now, here I find out where the link is from:

And followed it to the following houses for sale in Thailand link:

So which is it Tila? Are you FINALLY giving us Americans what we want and getting the fuck out of our country or are you regurgitating bullshit as usual?!?!