Monday, April 12

postheadericon Keep up with Tila

You wanna know where Tila's gonna be while she's in NYC? Here's her schedule:

We love you readers. For serious, we do! For those of you interested in sending your opinions via Twitter to those supporting Tila Tequila's New York press tour, please contact them at the following accounts...

(In order of her appearance)

Monday April 12th...
  • @BetterTVshow
  • @JillDobson
  • @FNstrategyroom
Tuesday April 13th...
  • @popeater
  • @ABC_News_NOW
  • @outmagazine
Wednesday April 14th...
  • @GlobalGrind
  • @BET
Friday April 16th...
  • @TheSourceMag

(Extra special thanks to markl17 for compiling these for us!)


Isis said...

I miss the old Tila, I really do.