Wednesday, April 21

postheadericon New Stuporgirl!

Shit, why didn't you guys remind me it was Wednesday? Well it's still Wednesday here on the west coast, so it counts! Here's your new Stuporgirl!

LOL I got a shout out in this week's comic! OMG I must be famous! Now I need a stylist. Someone who's handy with a bedazzler. Somebody with a gigantic forehead and killer sharpie eyebrows.

Enjoy, bitches!

NOTE FROM GNOME: Bradshaw is seriously the John Wayne of Fagdom peeps....approach him with caution. I hear he's deadly with that bedazzling weapon, and likes to drink fruity cocktails. You too could be the next target for his rhinestone obsession. Just sayin.... ;)


alison m m said...

Stuporgirl has fallen under the karmic spell of Miss Stealer. Will the evil Miss Stealer possess and dominate Stuporgirl?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not juicing the fuck out of this site and putting up annoying Ads to get money like TilaTruth is doing.
I love your site and how everything is writen.
You rock <3

Jen said...

I second the comment above.... I love your site & visit it everyday to get my dirty Tila updates to know what that dumb attention grabbing whore is up to. Just a question.. do you guys ever listen to the messages that her fans leave for her? I listen to them once in awhile & OMG.. and I can see another drama building soon. She told all her fans a few weeks ago that she was falling in love with them. The messages on there are from guys (and girls) professing their love for her. This one guy left like 7 messages in a row (sounding REALLY desperate). Anyway, I can't guarantee in the next few weeks, she'll start bitching and moaning about how scared she is because she has stalkers. Believe that.
Anyway, keep up the great work. You have SO many supporters!!! GO RESISTANCE!!!!

Jen said...

DAMMIT! I'm re-reading my comment & see I made a bunch of typo's. Grrrr. Sorry about that folks! I'm still recovering from a 3 day celebration of 420 day!!! HA!

TRS (Superbitch) said...

We didn't make this site to have flashy pop up ads to make money off of Tila's shenanigans. We made it because we hate the fuckin' bitch.

Yes, I said it. No, I don't care about her well being or if she fuckin' gets help. I wish she was like the Ryan Jenkins fuck, found dead with a noose around her neck in a shady motel room.

Anonymous said...

I hate this girl more and more every day. Can't believe I was a huge fan of hers.

TRS (Superbitch) said...

I know, right?

Joann said...

Superbitch...don't be easy on her, tell us how you really feel. LOL.

Do you guys have any updated news on the Casa saga?

Joann said...

LOL..Tila looks like a hooker still trying desperately to stay in the game and when you enlarge the picture she looks like an OLD hooker still trying desperately to stay in the game.

It's ironic she's standing next to a sign that has the word "trash" in it.

Anonymous said... Not a good pic.

Since her stylist is gay you'd think he'd be wanting her to cover up down there a bit and not expose it all?

deluwiel said...

HA! Joann - I think you've found the inspiration for the next Stuporgirl cover...

Anonymous said... new to this site AND LOViNG iT!! what is STUPOR GIRL? Im sure u have a complete explanation somewhere..but bein that u have soo many posts i have NO idea where 2look..just wondering thanxx.

The Gnome said...

hey beauty
stuporgirl is our exclusive comic strip depicting the antics of "tila"

Fatty McFatterson said...

Here's how this is all going to go down with blog:

Tila will launch it. Her teasing her fans with it is moronic because she thinks that somehow develops more interest, which to Tila is a 'genius marketing'. Anyway, yeah she'll launch it in the next week and when she does she'll say 'SEE I DID LAUNCH MY BLOG, JUST LIKE I SAID I WOULD. I NEVER LIE".

I've been in marketing for over 10 years, and so I'd like to give the mogul some advice: Dear Tila Mogul. If you've changed your image and are now being known as Miss Tila, you need to stick with your new brand, so referencing your old brand, Tila Tequila, in your domain name, is a pretty dumb move.

Oh and I believe her initial threats of launching this blog were just to get feedback from her bff Perez. I don't think she ever intended to create a blog, but like much in Tila's world, her stupidity snowballed into idiocy and now she has to put it out there or shut the fuck up. We know the only way she'll ever shut the fuck up about anything is if a court of law smacks her down and I don't see any blogger police doing that anytime soon, so yeah, she'll have to launch a blog so we can't make her a liar.
Funny thing is, I think it's sites like this that have operated the puppet strings on this blog, because if it wasn't for Tila trying to prove the 'haters' wrong, she would never have done this for her fans' benefit.

Dance little moguel, dance. Show us your skanky little underpants!

Anonymous said...

kristen-->i too was a fan..until i started reading things the (haters)were saying and putting 2 n 2 together...noticing her lies and skanked out sloppiness.i couldnt take it no more once she started stayin up all night and just freakin being weird.shes nuts! i love rotspot..i would loove to have in on the comic tho!whats up!:)?

Joann said...

"I don't think she ever intended to create a blog, but like much in Tila's world, her stupidity snowballed into idiocy and now she has to put it out there or shut the fuck up"......oh Fatty you are so on point.

She used the same type of illogical thinking with her latest fake miscarriage. The falling off the chair, cracking and denting her head lie.

How can you fall off a chair, CRACK your head, be scared as hell, feeling sharp pains where you couldn't walk and tweet about it at the same time.

She would be so bent over in pain, tweeting would be the last thing on her mind.

She knew people were taking bets on her blog as to what date she would have a miscarriage and she didn't want the "haters" to be right about her never being pregnant but She HAD TO create a "miscarriage" soon because she was getting "too far along", still not showing and too many people were calling her out on it.

Her moronic ass was up against the wall. Since she knew she wasn't pregnant she had to do something quick and the "the falling off the chair and denting/cracking her head fiasco" and going to ER was the scheme she came up with.

ER sent her home a few hours later because nothing was wrong with her in the first place, but she set up the scenario, although it was an unbelievable one, for a miscarriage.

If she was truly pregnant and had a miscarriage ER would have admitted her to the hospital, given her a D&C and kept her in the hospital for a couple of days

There was no way she would have been in shape to catch a plane the next day AND perform in Australia.

She couldn't actually come out and say she had a miscarriage THEN because she knew about the betting pool and the lie she would be caught in.

That's why she never gave a date as to when she had the fake miscarriage, and only saying NOW "I had a miscarriage" and her manager chimed in with the "medical complications" lie. They're all a bunch of freaking liars.

Tila ignorance never ceases to amaze me and I hope you read this skank.

fata.morgana_101 said...

Yep, the dirty little turd is definitely dancing to the Rotspot tune. In her Bossip interview, she said, "You only get sued when you're lying. I'm not lying. Because if I get sued, you would have to take me to court to prove that what I said is not true."

When she said that, I thought it sounded familiar so I searched and, sure enough, in a March 8 entry, Gnome had written, "Tila... do you realize that in order to sue someone for slander or libel, the things that they are saying need to be proven false?"

TRS needs to start charging the little fool for legal advice[s].

alison m m said...

Anonymous said...

"She would be so bent over in pain, tweeting would be the last thing on her mind. "

Joann...I completely agree with you. I was really sick the other day and I didn't feel enough to go on the computer. A miscarriage is a million times worse. She definitely would not have been tweeting!

At first she claimed she hit her head and tweeted about that. I got hit in the head last month and suffered a concussion. I couldn't go on the computer for a few weeks because my eyes weren't focusing. What a liar she is!

Anonymous said...

Let me just say this..I've had 2miscarriages before. One happened 4yrs ago due to me slipping in my slippers [go figure] and falling down the stairs. I was only 10wks but the pain was so unbearable i just layed there screaming. She claimed she was first preg Feb?? and then she said she was 6wks. Soo she would of been way further along then I was and theres no fuckin way she could of been tweeted. I dont give a shit what kind of "ways to deal witht things" shes pulling thats bullshit. shes a dumb whore bitch and i pity whoever has 2 fuck her. yuccckk PS: i thought she was a lesbian?? wtf happened w.that??