Saturday, April 17

postheadericon Branding her Karma... more like it. You'll get it by the end of the post, I promise.

(I wonder if Tila registered her charity since she was standing RIGHT in front of the IRS building.)

It appears that FOX really has it's head up Tila's taco this week because boy have they held her hostage at the studios. More and more interviews keep coming up from this ever so popular TV Station. I'm starting to wonder if it's not the "TV deal" the mongrel has been spouting off about in recent past midnight blunders.

Oh wow! First I'd love to congratulate her on learning a few new words. The one that makes me laugh the MOST is "monetize". For ANYONE that writes on any sort of FREE blog on the internet the word "monetize" is everywhere. Hell, if you use google or gmail at ALL the word "monetize" is splattered across everything. And here bobble-head the hogul mogul thought she was soundin' all sorts of smart and stuff!

In the business world some very basic business words would be: utilizing, monopolizing, branding, brainstorming, marketing, and so forth. Someone gave the mongrel a heads up so she didn't sound so stupid on tv. It didn't much work for her seeing as though she sounded completely rehearsed when she says "I do it by being, utilizing the fame and monopolizing that and coming up (notice the light bulb go off here) !brainstorming! things that I can do with the fame and building a business around it to become a brand to make money off of that." Kids, these are BASIC words of business that we learn in Govt/Economics class in like grade 9, no? Boy is she proud of this interview!

In her head it appears she has hundreds of people that work for her and she makes seven figures a year. The only hundreds of people I could even possibly believe would be the John's she sucks off and seven figures in "hood rich" is $10,000.00. Oh, the grandiose world of Miss Tila gets more entertaining by the day.

Oh bitch and don't think I overlooked the Buddhist reference. I don't know how in the fuck the Virgin Mary who is no longer practicing Buddhism but who is a very spiritual pussy poppin', cum filled, anal queen can have ANY claim of ANY religion whatsoever. I'll admit, I don't know much about your "religious foundation" of Buddhism but I do know this ...

...karma is a bitch. And boy do you deserve what comes to you. Enjoy the delusions while you still can. With the way you have "branded" yourself, the shit you do will continue to haunt you.


David said...

you guys here at rotspot are fucking amazing. p.s. have you heard that they wouldnt replay tila ratface's interview with howard sten on friday and this weekend because so many people called in and complained that it was one of the worst interviews on the shows HISTORY. funny shit keep it up please!!!

Ben said...

BTW, why is she calling herself a real life Barbie Doll now? Barbie was 12 feet tall, not 3 apples high. I'd love to see Barbie slap her with a C&D for slander.

Fatty McFatterson said...

I have to hand it to Tila, she fooled that doofus Stuart Varney. I laughed out loud (literally) when he enunciated that stupid song title, obviously not realizing that it referred to her skank-ass, baracuda-infested creamy-filled snatch.

It seems foxbusiness took a huge hit from viewers because they stayed with the mongrel story when the much more newsworthy Goldman saga was unfolding. Of course, once the mongrel sees this mention here, you can be assured she'll advertise all over Facebook and Twitter that her interview was so compelling that they didn't want her to leave...actually, it was a bad call on their part (not quite as bad as the bad call to have her on in the first place), but I guess they didn't want to be totally rude.

I wonder who they have checking facts on that show. Within 1 minute of Googling the mongrel, they would have been aware of some serious allegations of misconduct on her part, and another 10 minutes would have netted a gold mine of lies and distortions. I guess they don't care about their credibility.

Darrin said...

Karma is a bitch and so is the threefold waye, what I have followed as a pagan and believed in my entire life. Everything you do will come back on you threefold in time. She and a few others have it coming. When it does come, it'll be sweet. Can't wait

TRS (Superbitch) said...


When are you going to start writing with us? I always love what you write <3

Monique said...

The Power 50: The Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America (Out Magazine April 15, 2010)

Perez Hilton is #26. Mini-mogul didn't even make the list. POW!

Fatty McFatterson said...

Gimme the word, and you can have me for a 7 figure salary. POW! TAKE THAT BITCHES!!

Give me an hour to update my Twitter and Facebook and call the media to announce a major world-famous blog, owned by CBS, God and Ticos Tacos, wants me to write for them. I would like to take this time to shout out my new song, lyrics are below, music supplied my none other than the mongrel Meth Tila, I mean, Miss Tila...

I F*d Tila's Va-Jay-Jay

I fucked Tila's va-jay-jay and it was real rank
spun me around with that god-awful stank
I took it like a champ fucking her rancid hairy coota'
found it a little tight until I removed a fucking barracuda

cream in my middle like a yeast infection
reached in and pulled out her semen collection
her brother, a soldier, a rapper or two
a white guy, a black guy and don't forget her boo

(chorus 2x) this mongrel is fucking blitz
she got her pupils dilated and the knife on her wrists
Facebook and Tweeting and stripping for kids
youtube is full of x-rated vids
she's tossing, she's turning, she's full on jerkin'
the kiddies delight in her rainbow merkin

yeah, i wanna burn out my eyes every time I see her
I got gonorhea, syphillis, clamidia, and some toenail infections
this is what i get when i don't use protections
everyone watch me fuck her va-jay-jay

Anonymous said...

Lmfaooooo that remake is to funny Fatty.

Anonymous said...

Fatty. you inspired me so much I wrote my own little poem.

Ahh, No I am not ready Tila....

Miss Tila Tequila, that fuckin wannabe
Fucked the rest of the world but I didn't let her near me
Miss bitch claims she can take it like a champ
I don't want to go near her puss cuz it's damp
And what the fuck is scrill bitch mutherfucka?
Swallow your dick whole, the bitch likes to suck ya

Comparing her cream to an oreo cookie
When it comes to sex that whore ain't no rookie
Hell no I don't want to see your portfolio
Pictures of your tits, stripper poles and fellatio
Dudes like where shorty go, she's gone and your lonely
Whore is out back screwing around with your homie
She fucked your friend

(Let's Go)
Tila Tequila is a fuckin mess
Screwing men and women is what she does best
So what you wanna do?
Stay away from her
What you gonna do?
Stay away for sure

Why the hell is she always in lingerie and thongs
Walking through NYC with nothing on
Every time I see her I wanna stab out my eyes
Can't stand Tila and her mother fuckin lies
Abortion after abortion cuz she uses no protection
She keeps on adding on to her chunks collection

Tila Tequila is a fuckin whore
Bitch needs to go away forevermore
So what you wanna do?
Stay away from her
What you gonna do?
Stay away for sure

Fatty McFatterson said...

'adding on to her chunks collection"

LLOLOLOLOL!! totally fucking genius line right there!

Kristin you and I need to approach itunes with this stuff. We'll use Tila's riff, hell she won't mind us stealing, she probably stole it from some back alley junk-yard dog porn flick!

Anonymous said...

I am glad you liked it! I had to laugh at the chunks thing too.

Not trying to make fun of miscarriage just Tila. So others please dont get offended.

I agree we do need to approach Itunes! We'll make millions and then become moguls ourselves lol.

Fatty McFatterson said...

I hardly think anyone would even consider 'chunks' a term to be used for a miscarriage...except a raggedy old bowlegged sewer hole like Tila.

Anonymous said...

wow it seems they are mocking her, like THEY KNOW she doesnt damn make a million a year! they laughed when she said it. i wonder if she is just being passed around there, notice how he apologized for being so "short" ha!!

who knows...

Joann said...

Wait, wait..the very first thing I want to know is HOW DID SHE EVEN GET ON FOX BUSINESS NEWS in the first place???? What business does she have that's newsworthy, none. way..7 way...lies and cheats...yes way...con artist...definitely.

Whoever is behind this press "tour" have fed the people who have interviewed her a boatload of bullshit to get her on their shows. Thank God this interview was only 2 minutes long. I think they wanted to get her off as quick as possible.

I can't wait to see her lies implode on her and the fake career she's trying to build.

In the first picture of her standing in front of the IRS building, the caption underneath starts out...."Bosslady in my business SUITE".

You mean "suit" Tila, a "suite" is a very large room in an office or hotel with bedrooms,kitchen, bathroom, etc..*sigh*

Adtastic said...

"cream in my middle like a yeast infection
reached in and pulled out her semen collection
her brother, a soldier, a rapper or two
a white guy, a black guy and don't forget her boo"

Fucking hilarious & brilliant Fatty!

goldenhum said...

i can tell you for an absolutely fact that what she practices is not Buddhism. perhaps her parents do. but not her. there is no way she can lie, speak down to people and treat others with the disrespect she does and call herself a Buddhist in the same sentence. the dalai lama would be sick.

Vanessa said...

What I want to know is why the heck Fox is having so much to do with a self proclaimed lesbian that only uses men for their sperm.

boytoy said...

The Gnome
Eduardo Retardo

Why aren't you guys writing about tila boyfriend???????

jayden said...

"cream in my middle like a yeast infection
reached in and pulled out her semen collection
her brother, a soldier, a rapper or two
a white guy, a black guy and don't forget her boo"


Fatty McFatterson said...

goldenhum, she said she was spiritual and not religious, but her family are buddhists.

jayden why *dead*? Is this some slick cool slang that the kiddies are throwing around that I'm not getting? Or were you referring to the fact that you, Tila's beloved Jayden, who has come back to her 4 or 8 times in the last year (it's getting to be that every time Tila has her period she names the remains "Jayden") is dead? Or is that 'chunks'?

jayden said...

It's a double meaning, Fatty. Dead as in I am dead from laughing. And dead as in I am the multiple resurrection of the Madonna's blended baby. (And by the way, my entire name is Jayden's Chunks, but for some reason only the Jayden part shows up on the comments here . . .)

Monique Lastname said...

@jayden Chunks

Log into Blogger before posting and you can adjust your posted name. You will need to set up a account. But if you have a gmail account you can just link to it.

Isis said...

And a "condom" has two bedrooms and a jacuzzi.