Friday, April 16

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Our favorite hogul mogul was interviewed by on the 12th. As you can probably guess, she was her usual extra-classy self. But the video is seriously filled with lol, so let's watch.

First off, I don't know what this girl is on but fuck, I don't think it's ever been so obvious!

Secondly, I wonder why she's doing another TV show? Oh wait, she answered that. It's because people want to see train wrecks on TV.

Third, I can't believe she begins to say "I was just in an accident and it killed my baby." That's revolting. And she LAUGHED!

Fourth, she's horrible in an interview. When she begins to talk about people asking her "do you know how many women you're hurting by lying?" she COMPLETELY goes off on a different tangent because she has no answer for that.

Fifth, she says "You only get sued when you're lying. I'm not lying. Because if I get sued you would have to take me to court to prove that what I said is not true." LOL! Go on, Army idiots, ask Tila why she hasn't sued us yet even though she's threatened to a ton of times! HAHAHAHA oh Tila, sometimes you do the work for me and I love you for it. I really, truly do.

Okay so that's my favorite part of the video, but my second favorite has to be when she's talking about slapping Casa "some dude" on the plane, and she says "I'm not doing this for attention," but then admits that she yelled for everybody's attention while doing it. Nice.

Seriously, this video is so filled with hilarity, I would have to give you a play-by-play of every 10 seconds just to do it justice. Have fun, commenters.


Tilatakedown said...

ughhh.....this hooker needs to drown in her bathtub or something...
casey isn't hers an never was....disgusting.

she's batshit crazy so hense why her life is crazy cause she makes it up..end of story

Anonymous said...

Idk what bothers me the most about her ... her nails on chalkboard voice, the cheesy ass beat of her song playing in the background or how she looks like a fucking moron when she "blows kisses"

Terri said...

so drugged out. classy.

the whole interview is lulz, but one of the parts i got a kick out of, she said that once she had a (fake) miscarriage, she never talked about it again. LIES!!!! jesus.

was it casa that she hit on the plane? I missed that story. dammit.

Terri said...

ok.. I found the post here on the RotSpot about the plane drama. whew!

I missed all that while I was having a wonderful time in Vegas!!

Lisa said...

she looks so strung out and mumbles complete crap.. it's obvious she's on something.
1. where the hell is Onyx? hope someones feeding her whilst shes in NY... or it will be like Casey all over again!
2. The backing for fucked the DJ sounds a lot like the beginning of a N.E.R.D song, Lapdance.. lol how apt, and the little 'drop' in it sounds like the one in Pharrel's song Drop it like it's hot... maybe its just me?

Pops said...

^^ Someone should do some investigating and find out if she actually knows him? Is that the position shes deluded into thinking shes going to get?

jenn said...

yeah, it's obvious she's high. i would presume meth because of how she is always talking about "never sleeping" and her pupils look about as big as her eye balls half the time but who knows.

she can't even finish an entire sentence without mumbling or messing up. pretty obvious she is high out of her mind.

LOL at her now lying about being an ambassador. she just makes herself look so fucking stupid. someone who has videos of herself masturbating and stripping and has a song out called "i fucked a DJ" will never be an ambassador of anything. maybe whore-ville.

Fatty McFatterson said...

I have never seen someone so fucked up on drugs on camera. Seriously. She is on major drugs.

Also, she talks about how she doesn't understand why she's so controversial and how her life is so exciting and interesting. Well, the only controversy is that she blatently lies about EVERYTHING and people feel compelled to call her out on it. It's not controversial because she's interesting or because we're jealous, hell, controversy isn't even the right word. As for her being interesting, I think not. The only interest I have in her is for the lies she tells. If she didn't lie, there would be no interest.

Funny how she can't keep Perez's name out of her mouth. What's funnier is if she was the first to start a celebrity blog back in the day, and Perez was now trying his hand at a celebrity blog, Tila would be screaming from the rooftops how 'PIGGY PEREZ IS COPYING ME". I'd love if someone interviewed her and asked why she felt the need to copy Perez and start a blog, and why she feels the need to copy Angelina Jolie and adopt a mountain of kids and become an ambassador, why she copies Rianna's hairstyle (note every person I mention is someone Tila has proclaimed her hatred for). The reason Tila hates, is because she secretly admires these people and is jealous. That is why people like the bloggers here are accused of being 'jealous' of Tila, because in Tila's mind, if you hate someone, you must be jealous of them because that's the way Meth Tila, I mean, Miss Tila thinks.

Also, I've heard a couple of interviews she's had with the miscarriage question addressed, and I wonder if it bugs anyone else that the reason Tila says she didn't talk about it directly after the fact, is that she wondered if people expected her to say "oh boy, I just had a miscarriage, isn't that great?". That's not the response of someone who has actually had a miscarriage. Were I in the public eye and something so devastatingly sad happened, my concern and discomfort would be that people would feel sorry for me, and I'd be uncomfortable saying ' I have some really sad news, I lost my baby'. I know no one who would think that people expected me to be happy and proud of the situation.

Ugh. Tila is like a coke'd up onion, so many many layers.

Fatty McFatterson said...

Oh, and last observation, does anyone else think the song about fucking the dj, is Tila's attempt to butter up dj's everywhere so they'll play the song. Her intro to the reason behind the song is pretty much that they're the unsung heros of the music industry and this was her homeage to them, and therefore they should be grateful enough for her acknowledgement to share her 'gift' with their listeners.

Tila never does something just because, she manipulates situations to gain an emotional edge (look at her relationships for clues), and then pats herself on the back for her genius marketing. Problem is, her projects lacks conviction and sincerity, she does them for the wrong reasons, so there's no depth, nothing compelling, just fluff, that no amount of genius marketing can ever sell.

Anonymous said...

She's so fucked up she can't even keep her lies straight anymore. That't it. ENough said!.

deluwiel said...

This is hilarious - Tila on Fox Business and how she made herself a millionaire. Yes, she actually says that she makes 7 figures... sounding fairly coherent here, throwing out words like "monetize" and "monopolize" but that doesn't cover up the fact that she's a big, fat liar. I want to see a balance sheet. I want to see a tax return. LOL

Mystie said...

After all of her 'charity' alerts to the federal govt, wouldn't you LOVE the IRS to dig into her "I'M A MILLIONAIRE MOGUL" claim??

Ali said...

Wow - she truly is a master at convincing herself that her shit is believable. I just wonder if she is even going to have some sort of drug induced frenzy where she says - "Fuck y'all, I was never pregnant!" or "Yeah, I'm lying about __________" then try to backtrack coming down.
Drugs/crazy aside, she has a seeeeerious urge to make shit up for kicks. It's fucked.

Violet Morellet said...

What's amazing is, it's not even just Twitter or FB...Tila says she miscarried in February, before the shows in Australia, but she told the QVC interviewer at that pre-Oscar swag party whatever that she was pregnant. On camera. She posted pics of her at that event, saying that she looked like a 10 year old girl who's pregnant, that her bump was starting to show. So yeah, not only did she continue to talk about her pregnancy online, but she lied about it on camera.

She's obviously intoxicated in this interview, and I feel like she's become one of those people that lie so much that they just end up believing themselves. Everything she babbled on about, it's like a broken record, she's rehearsed it over and over, so it just comes stumbling out. She doesn't pause to think about what she's going to say, she doesn't offer any new information, she just lets the shit fall out of her mouth and doesn't care that she can't back any of it up.

Anonymous said...

this was really hard to watch.

not only because the backing music sounded like a bad porno flick, or because tilas voice made me want to inject acid into my ears, but because you could see in those dead hooker eyes of hers that she truly believes what she says.

tila is so far gone that anyone pleading for help for her is a lost cause. no one around her cares, and if she somehow manages to stay alive for another five years i bet we'll find her pushing a shopping cart down hollywood blvd, wearing her paper shredded lingerie and green crocs with five or six teeth missing.

deluwiel said...

here's another interview with Out Magazine - she really has no idea what the hell she's saying. She came out as a bisexual on Shot at Love before Ellen Degeneres came out? ookkkayyy.

Lisa said...

do you think it's meth though? I dont know much about it, admittedly, but I thought if it was she would be a lot more twitchy on it, fidgety, reactions similar to cocaine... her speech seems more slurred and mumbling like its prescriptive meds. Doesn't she claim to have ADD? which is often medicated with Adderall, side effects including
Loss of appetite - shes got more guant recently.
Dry mouth
Difficulty sleeping (insomnia) - well duh...
Abdominal pain (or stomach pain)
Temporary increases in blood pressure
Weight loss
Emotional changes
Nausea, upset stomach, or vomiting
Feeling of weakness (asthenia)
Increased heart rate (tachycardia)
Infection, including urinary tract infection (UTI)

plus if she's mixing other stuff too... What I dont get is, yeah a trainwreck is entertaining and sells more magazines or whatever, but these journalists must see what a state she is in, are none of them humane enough to stop encouraging her? Her friends don't seem to care either? It's actually pretty sad.

Lisa said...

Oh yes, plus I honestly think she is a pathlogical liar and a sociopath on top of all the drugs too.

Seagal said...

She is just demented. Her way of thinking is so messed up. Her obsession with Perez is sickening. I am so flad he is not responding to any of her bs. She is just making him look better and better everytime she opens her lying/meth mouth. Keep talking TT, you're making yourself a bigger ass than you have already. And did I hear her say she doesn't do anything to ger attention? I can't bring myself to watch that vid again as I already had enough trouble cleaning the blood from my ears and eyes off the keyboard. Anyhow, for her to say that she doesn't do anything to get attention is the biggest lie of all. She calls the paps, shops in grotesque lingerie, used Casey for publicity, pretends to cry on camera when the girls came to get the dogs and caseys belongings, her garbage sale, and on and on. SHe is, as I have said before, a waste of oxygen.

And if she gets another TV show I am sure that station will be deluged with complaints. I am so sick of people getting rewarded for bad behavior. It's gotten really out of hand.

Vanessa said...

Fatty McFatterson: Were I in the public eye and something so devastatingly sad happened, my concern and discomfort would be that people would feel sorry for me, and I'd be uncomfortable saying ' I have some really sad news, I lost my baby'. I know no one who would think that people expected me to be happy and proud of the situation.

Case in point - Celine Dion.

Ben said...

Somehow she needs to get on the witness stand in front of Daniel Kaffee.

Kaffee: Did you lie about the pregnancy?
Tila: You're god-damned right I did.


Monique said...

"And now her new publicist, Brad Taylor, has confirmed his client is no longer with child. He tells WENN, "She's not pregnant. There were medical complications."

"Her new publicist has refused to go into details about the "medical complications" that ended Tequila's pregnancy, but added, "She's very healthy and going out."

Anonymous said...

Most people in Hollywood are fake and only want the money and fame so I bet that is why no one helps her. People are to into themselves and don't give a shit about her. They want to sell magazines and make money so they prob hope she will keep on outdoing herself with her crazyness. Also she has probably pissed so many people off that they really did stop caring about her and don't give a shit about what happens. If her family doesn't care about her then why should others? (I'm not saying that's how it should be but I can see some people thinking that).

The POW BAM thing she always does. I bet she is hoping it will catch on just like Paris Hilton's "That's Hot".

Anonymous said...

this is what i think:

she seems very nervous at times, ashamed, almost about to cry (in the beginning) she talks about those who make fun of everything in her life (this site) it seems like she is saying she was forced to get an abortion because they want to capture the trainwreck tila on tv...and so she does crazy trainwreck tila things like slapping her guy on the plane etc...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not juicing the fuck out of this site and putting up annoying Ads on the site to get money like TilaTruth is doing.
I love your site and how everything is writen.
You rock <3

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not juicing the fuck out of this site and putting up annoying Ads to get money like TilaTruth is doing.
I love your site and how everything is writen.
You rock <3

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not juicing the fuck out of this site and putting up annoying Ads to get money like TilaTruth is doing.
I love your site and how everything is writen.
You rock <3

boytoy said...

to TilaTruth whoever u are the real TilaTruth would not do that.

Anonymous said...

i beg to differ, boytoy. i WOULD tell you to check it out for yourself, but that would be one more hit for that mockery called "TilaTruth."

Jacqueline said...

I bet her STD'S are driving her nuts again. She answer or ramble on stuff the Interviewer didn't ask her. I think her throat must be infected with too much Dicks, so that's why she can't talk sense.

RNB007 said...

I am thinking she does coke & meth, but I would bet my bank account on her being on mega high doses of Adderall!!

Dee said...

I take 20 mg adderall, I can honestly say I believe she's on something else. My Rx doesn't make me go on psychotic rants, slurred speech, dialated pupils, etc. She has to be on something else or taking something in conjunction with the adderall. Adderall and antidepressants DO intensify the effect of alcohol, and possibly other drugs. I bet that's what it is.