Tuesday, April 20

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This is a good one for LOL's. VLADtv captured the things that we love to laugh about. Have you noticed that every single interview she's done is basically the same mother fuckin' thing? "Bla bla bla", "Snap", "This and That", "Smack", "Hogul Laugh", rinse and repeat. She smacks her lips a lot in this. Ah, the remnants of powder in your nose/throat and the drainage...YUM TILA!


vicky said...

hahahaha aside from the constant lip smacking...

1.) typical slurred, disjointed dialogue of a junkie

2.) those bags under her eyes

3.) subconsciously admitting she's fucked off her head by stating she "hasn't slept for days" cos she's so "busy" (with a crackpipe in your mouth? oh, that's right..you were "promoting" your single by getting your wonky ass tits out, my bad) otherwise she'd be "bouncing off the walls".

That looks like someone who's been up for days who's in a haze from sleep deprivation. More crackpipe disables the mental faculties even further.

A lot of people don't know this, but smoking A LOT of ice/meth/or very pure speed actually has the opposite effect on the brain and makes you doze off, like on the nod like a heroin addict. That's when you've been sucking on crackpipe on a huge ass meth/ice/speed binge.

BUT that's only if you *SMOKE* amphetamines. It DOESN'T have the sleepy effect when you *snort* or *shoot* it up (like, inject).

Sandy said...

She's also sucking a lollipop in this video. To moisten her throat, or to counteract the grinding of her jaw, during interviews? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mk_xKykkeyI

vicky said...

Back in my raver ecstasy days (many, many years ago), its was common law for everyone to have a chupa chup (lollipop) for that exact reason (moisten throat & grinding jaw)

Anonymous said...

That damn lipsmacking thing is annoying as fuck. And the babbling, she sounds so fucking stupid...

Megan said...

*smack* blah blah blah *smack*

Who the hell does this? Oh God, it's disgusting.

jenn said...

like vicky said, doing a lot of meth will cause the exhausted/tired effect. i really think she does meth because unfortunately i have had friends who got into that drug and at first, for like the first couple of days after getting high they would be up, with a ton of energy, nervous energy even but your body gets downright EXHAUSTED from not sleeping for days on end but you can't sleep you start to slur your words, make no sense, seems out of it and loopy, etc from pure exhaustion.

jenn said...

this girl needs some serious help but it's hard for me to have any kind of pity for her because she doesn't seem to WANT the help. she seems to have no problem being selfish, pathological liar, all around disgusting, vile human being.

if she were a nice person who just got into drugs and needed/wanted help it'd be a different story but i just feel she is genuinely a horrible person.

Nocturnity said...

Just watching that made me want to punch her in the face. Ugh.

Mystie said...

Just look at her face, her eyes. She's wasted.
Listen to her voice ( I KNOW!! It's hard as hell)
This chick hasn't been on planet earth in a few months.
Seriously, you can see the change in her face just over a year or so, but much much worse the past few months.

She either has no clue or doesn't care that it's so obvious she's on something(s).

BUT SURELY HER HANGERS ON AND "FRIENDS" have a clue?? Surely they do.
She can't possibly have enough money to keep paying (employing) them to not talk????

It's going to be just like when Anna Nicole died, we all saw how wasted she was in her final few months and after she died...her 'friends' came out grieving and mourning about how they wanted to help or had no idea.

Bullshit!! If all of America sees it, surely they see it too??
IF she was my friend, I would be cutting her out of my life harshly until she got help, otherwise the blood is on your hands for doing nothing.

Maybe, just maybe she will see herself like we see her and will come clean with all the lies and cover ups she does to deny her problems and actually get help.
So sad that her fans are so young and naive.

B_McBitcherson said...

jesus christ, she can't even complete one thought.

Monique said...

Not something I am proud of, but I've been a meth addict and Tila shows the classic signs of a tweaker. But I think she is probably abusing Adderall, not doing meth. She could easily get it prescribed for ADD. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adderall

Monique said...

Tila clearly also has histrionic personality disorder

"A mnemonic that can be used to remember the criteria for histrionic personality disorder is PRAISE ME:

* P - provocative (or seductive) behavior
* R - relationships, considered more intimate than they are
* A - attention, must be at center of
* I - influenced easily
* S - speech (style) - wants to impress, lacks detail
* E - emotional lability, shallowness

* M - make-up - physical appearance used to draw attention to self
* E - exaggerated emotions - theatrical"


jayden said...

Smacky mouthed frog is unwatchable.

Diem said...

Is it Just me or her eyes are werid???

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that smacking shit has GOT to go. So annoying, and the worst part is you can tell that she thinks she sounds so damn sophisticated, making that little noise and doing her "grownup" hand motions. I'd go nuts if I had to work or live with her.

Freya said...

100% Adderall. I was prescribed adderall for years for ADD beginning in highschool and it is one of the strangest and most powerful drugs out there. It will keep you up for days and make your mind go a mile a minute. It affects your vision, causes twitching and if you add alcohol, you will go insane. I complained to my Doctor and he prescriped my Ambien and ambien CR because he said it would help the insomnia. HELL NO! Ambien causes hallucinations, sleep eating, sleep sex, sleep walking, sleep calling, sleep emailing. I kept thinking it was just all because of my so-called ADD. The doctor upped the adderall to 20 mg three times a day and added something called klonopin to help with the sleep issues. All of this because I was acting like an ADD person. Whatever that is.

I switched doctors and this guy told me the entire combination of drugs I was on all have serious side affects and are addicting. Basically, uppers and downers playing off eachother. I had to go through a long and hard process of withdrawal which was hell on earth and now voila! I no longer have ADD nor am I grinding my teeth and feeling completely jacked up and out of it.

I also want to point out that when I gave my partier friends adderall, they took it a few times and said no way and they would rather do simple coke because of the mania side effects.

Just saying.

Tila's said...

The mouth thing and the slurred words UGH.. good luck with a tv show LMAO..

Isis said...

If your bi-polar disorder is severe enough, if you stop taking your meds you will wind up staying up for days with tons of energy. I know people who purposefully stop taking their meds because they miss being able to be up and about like that and getting so much accomplished so quickly.

Isis said...

Oh and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-MEN to the Ambien crazyness!!! People TO THIS DAY think I'm a fucking skitzo because of that fucking drug!!! I think it's hysterical but all I can say is honestly THANK GOD I don't drive because I really would have gotten behind the wheel on that drug,and that scares the ever loving shit out of me.

Anonymous said...

She likes to have songs with the word "Fuck" in the title. "Fuck Ya Man", "I Fucked the DJ". It's the only thing she knows how to do!

She loves to call herself a mogul.I doubt real moguls would call themselves one as much as she does!

Blah blah blah POW BAM