Thursday, April 15

postheadericon EXCLUSIVE: I fucked the DJ Premier

The other morning on FOX Miss Cunt herself stated that the haters were always be the first to buy her song to tell her how much it sucks. We all know that the whore throws her vag around ever so freebie frivolously so what's to keep her from doing that with her creating a mix-tape with some lame freebie computer program, er .. excuse me ... "music". We don't HAVE to go spendin' cash on your shitty voice over screeching when we can watch you lip sync'ing it up in soft core porno style. She always does some sort of "exclusive" launch on the same bullshit over and over again. It's nice to see she at least does the same performance that she did at her "real exclusive premier".

And the lyrics ... Girl, several other porn star wanna be rappers skanked it up years ago and they're not doin' much these days either are they? Just food for thought. You're talking about being a mogul, an ambassador, a mentor, a mother, a wife, a soldier of god, the virgin Mary yet you talk about popping your pussy and filling your middle up like an oreo?

Man, that shit is classy! I can feel myself being sucked into buying it as we speak. By the way, what the fuck is "scrill?" Can anybody explain that part to me? I guess I just don't speak hogul MOGUL. Anyway, it's obviously a masterpiece - it's the Mona Lisa of skank-rap - so let's see how it's doing over at iTunes! Gee, it seems that the reviews for it actually aren't very good.

LOL that shit is ROUGH. I'm sure Tila will just blame the haters for it, blah blah blah. The thing is, Tila, is that anybody with ears who isn't completely suckered by you can tell that the song is awful. Shouldn't your army be there backing you up in bigger numbers? Or won't their parents let them? Even TMZ called the song awful, and they're supposedly your friends, right Tila? Face it princess, that song is suck city.


boytoy said...

"popping your pussy and filling your middle up like an oreo"?


nobody has to buy the song to listen to it all anybody has to do is go to tila myspace page and listen to the song thier.

boytoy said...

i wonder what happened to Onxy?
Maybe she gave him up like the other dog she gave up.
A few yrs ago tila had a small dog named "dizzy" she could take care of him so gave the dog to a friend.

jayden said...

The best part of that video is Onyx, obsessively compulsively licking herself in the background and not paying a bit of attention to Tila. Even her dog is over this shit.

Kimberly said...

Scrill, according to either means money or my personal favorite:
Scrill: act of jacking other peoples hard work and using it to benefit yourself (something that Tila is known to do, but doesn't fit the context of the song).

Joann said...

I bet when Tila moved into her, she couldn't pay the pet fee in order to keep him.

Song is a piece of shit just like she is.

Tila's said...

The song sucks!

Erin said...

lol, I just finished listening to my local station's podcast. They interviewed her and then dumped her call within 3 minutes, then go on to call her a waste of time, "club rat" and pornstar. If anyone wants to listen it's the 9a show from 4/14 beginning at 23:50.

Also, Howard Stern had an on air debate with his producer and staff and decided almost unanamously that TT would not make their Best of the Week show tomorrow. :-)

Nicki Jane said...

listening to that crap made me want to cut my ears off so i would never have to hear it again.

Nicki Jane said...

Erin, thanks for the link to that podcast, that was hilarious!

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

Reading those lyrics made me feel like my brain was leaking out of my nose.

Anonymous said...

Makesme wanna rip out my eyeballs and plug my ears with them.

This is the worst song in the history!

Anonymous said...

This is a quote from Dylan Moran, a comedian talking about another song but I thought it was totally appropriate for Tila's:

"If you covered a broom handle with oil and shoved it up my arse, then put me on a trampoline, in a lift, I could write a better song on the walls."

PS: Think scrill means money, but it might mean something else too

Mystie said...

The lyrics to that song make me seriously sick to my stomach.

What is up with this gremlin trying to use her version of 'ghetto talk'?
It comes and goes with her too and it's annoying as fuck.
Scrill means money as far as the kids are concerned these days.

I stress "KIDS" as Tila is NOT a kid anymore.

And the pictures her 'fans' posted of her with them is just pitiful. THey are all so young. I guess some of them skipped school to see her, because it's OK!! Tila didn't need school either.

I'm so sick of what is considered 'celebrity' these days. All these 12,13,14 year olds quoting her 'song' and playing it. Are their parents in a coma??

And if something ever happens to TT, don't you know Mr. Bradshaw, Leo and Garry will be the first to go to the media about how they were 'trying to help her'. But for now, they are enabling and encouraging her. They say we don't know the real Tila, but I say bullshit.
No other person in "Hollywood" acts this way. Even Britney's spiral wasn't this pathetic. And she had people trying to get her help.
Same with L Lohan.

Has anyone ever found out who her manager is or her agent?? I know she's been dropped by a few PR firms, but just wondering if theres confirmation on manager or agent?

Anonymous said...

Mystie... I agree that L Lohan and Britney weren't even this bad. I think the difference is they actually have some talent (Britney doesn't have the best singing voice but at least she can dance and seems like a nice person). They never tried to get famous by fucking everything they see. Also they have family around them. Tila doesn't. She must have done something really bad to make her family angry. I am so glad she is not a relative of mine. I would be embarrassed.

Her lyrics are disgusting. I listen to rap and even most rap lyrics aren't this foul.

I hope Onyx is ok. Poor dog. Tila can't take even take care of herself.

Mystie said...

Speaking of Onyx...where's her 'new' dog Halo??

It disturbed me to no end about her chaining Onyx to a stripper pole and she talked about tethering Halo for being aggressive. WTF??

I know some people do chain their dogs, but I'm a 'no chain' advocate for all dogs.
I work with shelters and humane societies here in my area and I won't even start with some of the cases I've seen and heard of where the dogs were chained or 'tethered' for discipline.

And with her obvious bipolar/borderline personality disorders, I can see her punishing the dogs excessively for things that dogs just do!!
You don't want them chewing on your stripper heels?? PUT THEM UP IDIOT!!

Monique said...

@Mystie "Has anyone ever found out who her manager is or her agent?? I know she's been dropped by a few PR firms, but just wondering if theres confirmation on manager or agent?"

boytoy said...

Mona Scott was tila former manager.I think mona used/or still is manageing some big name artists.

I never heard of tila having a dog named HALO

Monique said...

Halo was Casa's dog.

Laust said...

Wait a minute...there's a video for this crap too? What, was it filmed in the strip club by a camera phone and she decided to use it?

And after reading the lyrics, I am absolutely disgusted by it! It is offensive!!! It makes eminem look like vanilla ice! She really has to sell her sex like a this is more of whore status because a prostitute at least gets paid! Maybe iTunes might want to listen to this!

Lisa said...

1. where the hell is Onyx? hope someones feeding her whilst shes in NY... or it will be like Casey all over again!
2. The backing for fucked the DJ sounds a lot like the beginning of a N.E.R.D song, Lapdance.. lol how apt, and the little 'drop' in it sounds like the one in Pharrel's song Drop it like it's hot... maybe its just me?

Anonymous said...

@ Lisa, no I hear it too. And she tried to do the whole "This DJ He Gets Down Mixing records While He Go Round" nursery rhyme sing-song bit on her damn song (fast forward to like 1:50 on the clip above) but she just fails at it.

Anonymous said...

in her lyrics..."I wanna get naked..." way to try to steal Ke$ha lyrics dumbass, too bad none of it fit with your "song"