Saturday, April 17

postheadericon Whatever happened to ...

... the jog around Central Park in your bra and panties with your fans Tila?

All you EVER do is spew fuckin' bullshit to get some sort of attention. Well, it seems it got you some attention. Perhaps NOT the attention you intended, however it was YOU yourself that said "Any press is good press". On the 13th CBS gave you exactly what you wanted:


Well ... like you said ... press coverage is press coverage, no? Even if it does talk about the squawking we're all making fun of, right? It seems the only thing you're really good at is taking your clothes off and choking on sausage. Why don't you just suck it up already and go work at the bunny ranch. I think we'd all at least agree that's what your calling is in life.


Fatty McFatterson said...

I bet the rapists in Central Park had to draw straws to see who'd hit that bow-legged sewer hole, and the poor schmuck who drew the short straw killed himself.

Well we're only a half week into Tilas red hot single "I love my rancid Va-JJ". I was curious about the sales a newcomer to the music scene could expect to realize the first week of their single. Now, unfortunately, I couldn't find any moguels out there to compare, and admittedly, the gal I did find, who had a single in the last year, is really no beauty...kinda dowdy and nondescript, so Tila certainly has the edge there....Susan Boyle sold 701000 copies of her cover of Wild Horses in the first week, and it was on the Top 10 of that week. I checked itunes and Billboards top 500 and top 100, respectively, and I didn't see I Love My DJ, but hold your ponies folks, we still have another couple of days to go.

Joann said...

Evidently her new manager, Brad Taylor, is trying to create a new persona for Tila as a business person(there is no way she could of thought of that on her own) which has to be the reason she's doing all these TV interviews but she has so much bad past and present baggage I don't see how this new business persona is going to fly.

I mean, she's wearing conservative clothes on these TV interviews by day talking about how she is so intelligent and a mogul and by night she's hanging upside down on a stripper pole, wearing hooker dresses that slip down and showing her nipples and her crotch and talking about running through Central Park in her bra and panties.

I mean moguls just don't do things like this or act this way:

She has to decide who she's going to be but after reading everything about her, she been a slut since her teens so it's going to be hard for her pull away from her old behavior.

I wish him luck and he really needs to get her to stop lying 24/7.

boytoy said...

A source claims Tila Tequila is not bi, but actually straight. Page Six reports:

"Tila has and has had a boyfriend for over a year, and she’s not really bi. She’s made out with some girls in her past, as all girls have, but she is not bi at all." Our insider claims that MTV works hard to pretend she’s single and available because she refuses to break up with her boyfriend, "who’s like five years older than her. This is a massive scam . . . That’s why they are not continuing with the show [for a second season], because she won’t dump him." Tequila has also been acting like "a diva" and become a "nightmare to work with," said the source. "She arrives late and doesn’t talk to any of the contestants between takes.

"For anyone who doubts Tila’s claim she bi I found a very hardcore porn video that is very NSFW here".(yahoo,goggle,youtube)

(The pics of tila in the white shirt were taken in the summer of 2009, wonder if he's still with her? The BF is from sweden tila was introduced to him by her best freind daniel also from sweden dont know if there still friends)

A major turn in Tequila’s music career occurred during the April 24, 2006 taping of MTV’s Total Request Live. In an interview with the TRL VJs, announced that Tequila was signed to the Will.I.Am music group, a record label under A&M Records. Despite her major-label signing, Tequila independently released her first single "I Love U" through iTunes on February 27, 2007, justifying the independent release

boytoy said...

The guy in the pictures below with Tila his name is Daniel Johansson(however you spell the last name, he has mypace)is from sweden and when he first moved to L.A. years before A Shot A Love(when tila was still a car model) he lived on tila couch. On his myspace page in picture captions he calls tila his "best friend" dont know if they still are.

jayden said...

So I want to know why --- in all of these business press interviews with the big mogul --- not a single journalist has bothered to ask her the name of a SINGLE PERSON SIGNED TO HER "RECORD LABEL" OR "MANAGEMENT FIRM." Never once did they ask the name of a single or album produced or released by the big mogul's label. Her only "accomplishment" discussed was her branding as a Myspace Ho. Who the hell fact checks this shit for cable these networks? I know with dozens of channels and hours upon hours of empty airspace that the cable news networks are desperate for interviews, but the fact that these people so obviously just parroted information provided in the pitches sent by her lame PR firm is completely embarrassing.

RockitQueen said...

Fatty McFatterson: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

jayden (is that you, Chunks??): The "journalism" by these "reporters" that have been "interviewing" Tila all week is utterly appalling. No research done before the shows, softball questions probably handed to them by Tila's PR team (aka Bradshaw and that other guy) and not one question about her fake-ass charity. Worst of all, no one took the chance to corner her about her dating site or any of the other stuff involving kids and nail her ass to the wall--and possibly break that story to the general public. Why? The only people who seemed to have any background knowledge on her at all were those two radio hosts who hung up on her. All in all, a huge disappointment...I was hoping New York would annihilate her, but no such luck. Guess we'll have to wait for her to hang herself with her stupid gossip blog, if that ever happens.

RockitQueen said...

Also, that new hairdo makes her look like Gollum.

Joann said...

I agree jayden and Fatty.

I did read Andy and Opie passed on interviewing her because they were given a list of certain questions to ask Tila and they refused.

I'm pretty sure the TV hosts and the radio hosts, with the exception of Howard Stern and the other one who hung up on her, were given a list of questions to ask and they had to stick to that format.

If I'm not mistaken, I think all the interviews after Howard Stern, IMO were nondescript.

We know there is no one signed to her "record label" because she would have been running off at the mouth about them to the interviewers and the stupid gossip site is still not up and running, so her PR person probably didn't want them to ask her too much about that or her screwed up personal life.

Joann said...

I don't have Myspace, had never heard of Tila until A Shot Of Love and didn't really start paying attention to her until the Shawne Merriman thing, so can someone please tell me what she did to become so popular on Myspace?

Monique said...


Watch this interview from before "A Shot of Love". Tila Explains exactly how she became "famous". It is the most candid I think I have ever seen her and (dare I say) truthful.

The John Kerwin Show: "Tila Tequila" (interview starts around 9:25)

Sidenote: Might be interesting for others who have not seen this. The host asks her "what type of guy she likes", not once in her answer does she even mention woman. Also she is asked what her style of music is, notice in her answer she mentions that "Jane needs to come out".

Joann said...

Thanks Monique.

boytoy said...

jayden and Rockit Queen: maybe the these hard hitting journalist didnt ask tila the question we want answers to is maybe because these people have never heard of tila tequila before and that there too busy behind a desk reporting on real issues in the world to worry about a fucked up meth head.
Tila must be getting a kick out of this.

Joann said...

While watching the video I noticed Tila has the same blonde hair color now as she did in 2006 and she definitely speaks more coherently.

boytoy said...

yeah back in 2004-2007 tila had REAL good honest friends by herside now they dissappeared not wanting anything to do with her.
Sometime 3/2 yrs ago this was on tila's myspace page she secertly recorded a phone conversation between two of her male friends where one friend was talking shit about her saying how she changed, how fake tila is and that she's not the same person he once knew.

Sandy said...

No one in NY gives 2 shits about Tila. No one's even acknowledging her in that video and if she did go jogging in her bra and panties in Central Park, then I'd bet that she'd be ignored then too. Why? Because her shock tactics fail there. New Yorkers are not impressed.